Sid’s Tattoo Parlor

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13912 Ponderosa St. Ste. C, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Sid, Jon, Bill, Losey, Beam, Mark

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  1. I dont facebook or participate at all on the internet except for looking at nice tattoos and ass. So when I say Sid is a true badass tattooer I say that with all respect for the man and craft. If ya don’t know Sid; know ya know!! Thanks Sid!

    Tattoo Artist Name: sid

  2. I’ve got quite a few tats,but the last one I got at this shithole is just crap!!! If it wasn’t on the back of my calf and I could have seen how bad this jerk was messing up a simple flag I never would of even let him near me… I thought it was just stinging like normal but he grinded so much it’s scared already and it’s only been two weeks!!! If you see this place run!

    Tattoo Artist Name: Toon town Bryan Tx

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