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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to post up a quick review of who we are and where to find the account of the person writing this status.

    The Tattoo POS is a Windows Based Software designed for management of Appointments, Orders, Customer Data, Payments and much more.

    We are currently suitable for smaller shops and individuals, but our system will also handle multiple employees and massive order input.

    As we grow the company, we plan on investing more time into creating a perfect platform that is suitable for large and small tattooing & piercing shops.

    This April we hit a milestone by crossing our platform over from Beta to Beta II. We found it necessary to go through Beta II as a way to fully work out anything that might need tweaking or added to the software.

    Beta II is currently very young and we anticipate great things moving forward. If you are interested in Beta II, head on over to our website for more information.

    We are currently new to and I will be creating an account shortly after writing this. I will leave another status with a link to that account, so you can put a face to the company.


    Thank You All For Taking The Time To Read Up On The Tattoo POS Beta II!