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    elk park 009

    scott sylvia
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    I have an appointment with Chad Koeplinger on Sunday. Pretty stoked.
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    Where did the latest tattoo lowdown thread go? Anyway, this past weekend was Ocktoberfest at Old Soul in Canonsburg, PA. It's a cool event where the shop invites a whole bunch of artists (like 60'ish) for the weekend. Some by appointment, some by walk-in. The trick is that everyone is queued up for a table/space to work since the shop has maybe 12 stations. The Old Souls guys have it running like clockwork...superiorly organized. You still have to wait but with the festival outside in the street and karaoke going on inside, the time flies by in no time. Nate Hudak made this for me on Saturday. He has a super light hand and is fast. Back of the left thigh.
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    Before on the left (obviously!); after on the right.
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    This one of Highway 61 is inspired, in part, by music. Dylan; blues highway ect... although it's also inspired by road trips and the connection between northern MN and the Mississippi River. I also have a guitar with roses that Mario Desa made one me and a steal your face (grateful dead symbol) that I got in Vegas. My tattoo of red hot chili peppers is not inspired by music- that one is inspired by my love of hot peppers.
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    Unfortunately, there's still a lot of bias against tattoos out there, especially in certain fields and professions. There are a good number of folks who work at my college with visible tattoos. I interview every full-time employee before they are hired - some came to the interview with exposed tattoos, some not. And many of them work in my IT department. For me it isn't an issue at all. I also don't hide the fact that I have tattoos - although I have not made the jump to a below-the short-sleeve shirt level....yet. I find it funny when I'm out somewhere with folks of my age and hear them comment about tattoos. Generally, I don't say anything but, if I'm wearing short sleeves I'll casually make like I have an itch on my upper arm and expose part of a tattoo. The reactions are priceless. I also make a point of wearing sleeveless shirts in the warmer months and my social media pages have pictures of me with my tattoos exposed. Call it my campaign to help eliminate tattoo bias. Of course, I'm 62, have an Army retirement check coming each month and I'm the president of the College. There's not much people can do to me at this point. Still, I will probably wait until I retire in a few years to move to an exposed area. That's my long way of supporting what people have said about focusing on the importance of your job. It's unfortunate, but unless you are willing to wear long-sleeve shirts for work I'd probably forgo an exposed tattoo for now.
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    so I had this done yesterday. This time the pain was quite strong. My first tattoo was on the opposite side of this tattoo, but then the pain wasn't strong. Could it be because of lack of sleep? Because there were moments, when I tought that I will not handle this:D
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    My latest addition to my leg sleeve. Sacred Heart by Jon West.
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    And I got this over the weekend from Henry Big. OH.MY.GOD. how I love it! Lots of hidden images. :)
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    Well, I abandoned that idea. Pretty much all together, after more thought. Ended up going get one yesterday on my lower leg. I think it came out well. Photo is a little bit of a bloody mess, but ya get the picture
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    the main reason we get tattoo is for OURSELVES. we don't get them for other people and we don't care what other people think. the bad vibes some of the mainstream people carry towards tattooing is their problem. the difference between tattooed peoples and the non-tattooed (plainskins) is that tattoo people don't care that others are plainskin ! your first tattoos so I hope that in time they bring you as much happiness and confidence that tattoos gave me and many of the people on this forum. tattoo has made my life experience that much richer. cheers
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    Portraits are incredibly hard to do well and very few people do them really good. I would NOT go back to the same artist to try to get it fixed. I think your only hope is to find someone that specializes in portraits and coverups and see what they can do.
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    Looks like a little blowout to me but give it time to heal (like months). Blowout can happen to anyone and any artist. Don't stress over it! It's hardly noticeable and there's not much to be done now. I know that's not what you most likely want to hear but it happens. I have a little blowout, too. :)
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    hayyy! Just had my first 7 hour session about 4 days ago on my back. Man, the butt cheek HURT! I could do the back all day though. I'd have to say the itching right now is definitely the hardest part of getting this large piece. Still have a few more long day ahead before this baby is complete.
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    My whole left leg is music inspired.
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    Spent another 2 days with Chris Crooks, he lined and shaded the back of my right leg on day1 and colored 2 lotus flowers on day 2. Going back in January to finish color and start the back of the left leg. Video of day1 on his instagram.
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    i can't get a good photo with my left hand.I got this done almost 2 weeks ago.
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    I had the back of my upper thigh done yesterday about an inch below the butt crease and didn't even feel it. So thankful!
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    Hey @tjb...welcome to the forum. On the flip side, you are now part of a great community that's generally incredibly compassionate, open minded, and less judgmental than most people. The freakout will pass and you'll be planning your next one soon. :)
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    Finished my back with Alex Binnie a little over a year ago.. probably 7 sittings that were roughly 3hrs each. The second photo is George Bone tattooing me about a month after my back was finished. I'll post some proper, healed photos sometime.
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    Done today at Dead Presidents lounge in Albany NY
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    Gonna book an appointment with Chris Trevino next week. Not sure of the exact date as I have to book it still but we briefly spoke on the phone about it and I couldn't be more excited. This will be my first time traveling out of state for a tattoo and I think I'll make a nice trip out of it. Just gotta wait until pay day and I'm gonna put the deposit down.
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    We all heal at different rates...but it takes months for us all to heal fully. Give it time and don't over saturate it with lotion - your skin needs air to heal.
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    Just let it heal. Don't mess with it any more. Don't put anything on it, except maybe some unscented lotion.
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    Just give it time a let it heal. It's not going anywhere.
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    I have one old music inspired tattoo.
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    Had my 4th session last saturday. Another 2,5h on the clock. Mainly added the scales, some minor details and a few shadings. Next appointment will be in 2 weeks.
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    My tattoo artist sent me the pic she took, and this one I managed to upload. So what do you guys think of it? :)
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    I booked today with a local artist for a softball size Friday the 13th piece on my upper chest on my birthday this october 13th in this style.
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    Thou shalt not take ye self so seriously, they are just F***ing tattoos, maan.
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    Thou shalt not offer advice to people about getting tattoos or aftercare unless thou haveth at least one of your own.
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    Don't over clean it, either. Twice a day should be fine - I like to use Dial Gold - and pat it dry with a clean paper towel each time you wash it. I then use just a very small amount of Aveno.
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    i'd say NO, there's just as much hair post-tattoo. it's just visually less noticeable against a backdrop of black and coloured ink.
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    Yes you're totally right and I'm gradually getting used to them. I did get them for me!
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    I disapprove of your worry. Now you won't ever be able to sleep again!!
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    I dunno about mountains - but vines, a couple more roses and a setting sun in the middle would be cool.
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    Step 2 of my cover up/re-work journey done today: Before is the red/pink flowers and after is the (slightly angry and a little bloody still) black/grey. I'm really happy with how it's looking Still got some more shading and finishing off to do, plus the first rose needs going over again as a lot of the original red has popped back out as it's healed. I'm back in another 3 weeks for another 2 hours and hopefully that should be it done then.
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    It'll largely depend on the abilities of the particular artist. I'd think that most would want to start at least half again as big as what I'm seeing here.
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    What went wrong was the the tattooer was in WAY over his head on this tattoo and tried to do it anyway. It doesn't look unfixable, it's just going to take some time, money and maybe the aid of a laser. Where do you live, maybe someone on here could give you a recommendation?
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    Hey there! Tattoos take some time to heal and it's normal for them to look dull and faded for a few weeks. Your case may be a bit extreme but give it another week or so for the skin to rejuvenate. I'd also check back in the with artist after a couple of weeks to get their assessment.
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    Getting my 1st tattoo done Tuesday, Sept 6th. Im getting a Black and Grey sugar skull and a pocket watch with a floral background. Booked for 4hrs but may go longer depending on how i tolerate it haha. The floral element will be Violets and Primrose.
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    I have seen reactions to red ink,not too much from black though, and after this long ? maybe you irritated the skin ,like scraped it or the hot summer sun ? or mosquito bites ? a link to a pic of it would help.
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    and it doesn't need any ointment or lotion, either. You could just leave it alone and it'll heal just fine. If the redness persists and/or gets hot then you'll need to see a doctor.
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    it looks fine to me,pretty normal, just use some Aveeno lightly a few times a day and see if it might need a touchup in a few months, my guess is it will heal just fine.
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    Just booked an appointment with Phil DeAngulo for December!
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    Yeah, if that starts feeling warm you very well might have an infection. At that point quit waiting and see a doctor.
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    don't let your thoughts get out of control from reading here, everyone told me my ribs,knees,elbows,wrists,hands,fingers were going to be brutal,and to be honest none of these spots I have had done were as bad as I had built them up to be in my head, I still preach that pain is mostly in your head,as humans we have a really good ability to overcome pain through mental focus, it works for me,and I find it a welcome challenge to work on when getting tattooed,I have come to embrace it. it starts with what you are doing now,mental preparation ,to preparing the day and night before,and through the morning of the tattoo up to and during the tattoo,it's an entire experience that I embrace and practice. here is my "pre-tattoo agenda" mentally prepare yourself in the weeks leading up to the tattoo sleep good and don't drink alcohol the night before (or the day of), pre-hydrate the day before and day of and while being tattooed,(water or Gatorade) eat a good non greasy healthy meal right before getting tattooed, bring candy (I bring M&M's and Skittles) to eat during the tattoo(the sugar will keep you from passing out),I also bring a banana,beef jerky, and a few cold bottles of water in a little ice chest(no artist has ever minded me doing this,as a matter of fact they have liked it). bring your phone for pics but mute the ringer and all sounds, keeping up body sugars,potassium,and electrolytes will help to keep you from passing out , get yourself mentally in a good place.in the days leading up to and during the tattoo. ask for a few 5 min breaks to stand up ,stretch,and get the kinks out. this all helps me have a better overall tattoo experience,and the artist will appreciate it too.
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    I. Absolutely. Love. The. Hot. Weather!!! Looking forward to basking by the pool Sunday afternoon after I get the grass cut.