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    Done at Mondial du Tatouage (Paris) by Valerie Vargas.
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    I have a new little friend! Snake and cherry blossoms by Chris Garver. My homage to spring. She fits the space so perfectly. He drew it on, made the stencil and we were tattooing in less than 40 minutes. Boom. (I'm swollen AF but whatever).
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    The missus (@TrixieFaux) & I got tattooed today for our tenth wedding anniversary. Peonies by Horisuzu at Unbreakable in beautiful Studio City, CA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tigress by Chris O'Donnell. There's no way that this photo does it justice! It wraps all the way around my thigh both front and back then up to my butt (and OMG, I love the tiger tail on my butt!). The photo looks a little distorted due to my inability to take a photo of it myself. Way up high, he tied in my existing peony with rocks and fngerwaves. It looks sweet.
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    James Cumberland made me this Kirtland warbler sitting on a rowan branch:
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    The Edmonton tattoo convention was this weekend. Popped in on Sunday afternoon and won the "neo traditional" contest for my OllieXXX tiger head LOL #maketattoofunagain
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    Mr. Oliver Peck was visiting in Asheville yesterday at Hotstuff and i was able to get in for a quick oneshot.
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    I haven't posted in a while, but I got this done by Topper in Philly earlier today. So happy with it. This is my first highly visible tattoo on my forearm, too.
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    Started my back yesterday by Steve Byrne at rock of ages Austin picture from his IG stories
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    Since it's Tattoo Tuesday, here's a sneak peek at a WIP by Grez. The outline is done for the entire piece but only got to finish the dragon kite. In June, we'll finish the rabbit, her kimono, the moon and the background. I know that everyone thinks that their tattoos are cool but I really do think this is super amazing! Grez took my random concept and executed it to perfection. The kite is so freakin' awesome. Love this guy!
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    I got tatt-toad by Scott Rusnak / Lucky Strike Tattoo Edmonton a few days ago. Coins are the size of an actual coin for reference ;)
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    because who doesn't need a snake and rose! Black Heart Tattoo Scott Sylvia's the best, can't wait to see him again :)
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    I grabbed this just before my flight home on Monday morning, Steve was great and came in early to get it done
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    Scored a walkin and got my knees framed by Jay Watkins at Spider Murphy's. Stole the photo from his Instagram
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    A crazy old dude came up to me in the street a few weeks ago, he was pointing out his wrist to me. He had a tattoo on the top of his arm and so do I, so I started showing mine thinking he was looking to talk tattoos. Turns out he was just trying to do the universal signifier for 'do you have the time'. I guess Decoratedskins say the darndest things too. Haha.
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    I snagged this from Benny Haft over at Allied last week. I finally finished my torso after five years, done by Ian Dana Camp (formerly of Good Faith in Boston) currently at Adventure Tattoo in Nashville. He was all booked up in Boston before his move, but I luckily caught him doing a guest spot in Philly right after he moved.
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    Got back from a holiday in Jamaica and upgraded my tan. Dragon Ball by Scott Rusnak at Lucky Strike Tattoo, Edmonton, AB. FYAH BUN came pretty close to passing out on this one, stressful spot for both me and Scott, but we did it !
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    I am by no stretch of the imagination even half as tattooed as most of the people here, but even my personal experience has taught me that all of these things are really individual and there just aren't any rules about it. Examples: The tops of my thighs didn't hurt, really, but the outside, over the IT band, hurt like a sonofabitch. All of them healed REALLY well, though -- no scabbing, not really any pain, and they barely even peeled. Contrarily, most people's complaints about where they've been tattooed on their backs, the worst spots, were not the worst spot for me; mine was in a weird spot between my shoulderblades -- not even the bit in the crease of my butt/thigh could compare with it, and that was no picnic either! My back has also taken a shockingly long time to get to a 'settled' heal state, where the lines aren't super raised, too...it's all just depends on the person. Trying to predict what anybody else is gonna feel seems like a fool's game to me. Plus, some people just do not feel pain like other people do, and that is science fact. Anyway, this thread is about thigh tattoos, so here are mine! I'm including a healed pic of the one that @cltattooing did on me, too, since I don't think I ever sent her one! It's very difficult to take pictures of your own thigh tattoos without warping them.
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    So, I'm in Atlanta for a software conference and it let out earlier than I expected and I found myself with an afternoon with nothing to do. Browsed the interwebs for shops close by and didn't see anything promising. Just as I was about to give up and found one that looked good and ran over and got this done. It is a really bad pic but you get the idea. It wraps a bit so I doubt I will ever rally get a good shot. Tattoo by Stenvik Moström @stenviking_libertytat2
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    I also picked up these two from Steve Byrne and my girlfriend got the rose
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    Here is a Fudo/Dragon sleeve I started on April first with Scott Sylvia. Still need to line the scales on the dragon and line the inside of the arm. This took roughly two and a half hours. I go back in early June. Biggest project I've started so far (my right arm I pieced together).
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    So this wasn't a "latest tattoo" but it was a recent experience in a tattoo shop.... Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a very informal, intimate get-together in Shanghai Kate's backyard. Kate had Lyle Tuttle and Jacci Gresham spending the day with her. It was absolutely unreal to sit and chat with these folks. As someone who is very into the history of tattooing, it was like stepping into a time machine.
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    So for April Fools Day I made a facebook post "looking for laser removal recommendations. I have enough business to put somebody's kid through college. I'm tired of looking like Walt Disney threw up on me. Time to grow up and look more professional." My father texts me 10 minutes later saying if you are looking for a laser removal specialist to get in touch with him asap and he will connect me with someone who does that. LIKE, TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL DAD LOL ...aaand the next day I win a contest at the tattoo convention. oh geez
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    let's go Dietzel snake head by Todd Tattooer (Merci Bonsoir - Lyon / France) from last year (fresh on the picture!) Hard to take the whole tattoo on the picture but it has a tongue!
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    so how about these four to start us off the first two classics were done by Shannon Pagliarini at Crown and Anchor in Pt. Pleasant NJ. Great tattooer and super cool person. Pharoah's Horses was done by Sheila Marcello at Electric Tattoo in Asbury Park NJ. Sheila is an amazing tattooer and also a real nice person too. Rock of Ages is my most recent tattoo (until Friday hahaha). Anyway this was done by Robert Ryan at Electric as well. Rob is the man - it's not lost on me how awesome it is that Electric is so close to me. I'm lucky. Anyway - lets see what y'all got.
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    Does anyone else find that you're one of the few of your peers who can spot a good tattoo from a bad one? Because I only know a few people who are really interested in tattoos, and I get the idea that most of the people I hang out with have almost zero concept of what makes a good tattoo a good tattoo. This is also slightly annoying because I feel like I'm the only one who really appreciates my tattoos, other than a few select friends and random people on the internet, it doesn't seem like people get it. Which is fine really, because I get stoked on them every time I catch a glance of them in the mirror, but still...
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    Hi all. I'm Patti. For at least 20 years I've wanted a tattoo. Between worrying about the pain and not knowing how to find a good artist, I never got any ink. A couple of months ago I met a guy who had two awesome colorful sleeves. I asked him who and where his artist was, and he gave me her name and the LOCAL shop where she works. I sent her an email telling her my idea and asking if she'd be willing to consult with me. I figured if i never heard from her, it would mean the universe was telling me I wasn't supposed to get a tattoo. Surprisingly, she contacted me and we set up a consultation appointment. Once I got the nerve to walk into a tattoo shop for the very first time, we had a good discussion and agreed on a design and placement. I knew she typically had a 5 or 6 month wait list, so I knew I had several months to work up my nerve. But, she had had a cancellation for a slot THE FOLLOWING WEEK! I probably turned pale, but I decided to put on my big girl panties and accept the appointment. Getting my first tattoo was the best thing I've done in years! I sat for 2 1/2 hours. The pain was a lot less than I expected. I did say "Ow" inside my head a couple of times, but I stayed perfectly still. I love my first tattoo, and I got the first part of my second tattoo two days ago. The first tattoo represents a panda that I took care of on a volunteer trip to China. He actually sat cross-legged when he ate so that he could recover any crumbs that fell on his lap.
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    Well, it's still a bit shiny, but I heal so slowly in my old age that it'll likely be another month of more before it finally settles down. Very pleased to have had Henry Lewis fill in a very weirdly shaped knee gap with this deconstructed, decomposing alligator skeleton -
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    So, I got to spend a few hours yesterday with Jack freakin Rudy at Shanghai Kate's shop. Such a wonderful experience. Jack's a very cool guy and we talked throughout most of the tattoo. At the end we all agreed that it looks like an old-school Jack Rudy tattoo.
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    Just got to his done today by Chris O'Donnell. Pumped with how it came out so far
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    Hello all. New to the forum. Figured I would add my two cents. I have three quarter sleeves on both arms. My first tattoo ever was a half sleeve Kintaro done by Jason Lambert of Black Cat Tattoo in Pittsburgh. The sleeve was finished on the one side and the other side was done by Robert Atkinson here in LA. Robert is an overall awesome guy and a great artist. I consider him a friend and am glad to know him. Granted I just have an n of 2, but Robert IMHO is one the best tattoo artists around. I decided to bite the bullet and Robert just started lining my back. I'm doing one of the Horiyoshi 108 heroes, Kaosho Roshishin. Compared to my arms the discomfort at times was more intense, particularly around the love handles, shoulder blades, and top of the buttock. But nothing too bad. To be honestly I thought my elbows were the worst, so the flank wasn't as bad as that for me. Robert is pretty fast, we lined this in about 3 hours. Will go back to add a snake and some peonies to finish the lines and then move to shading. I'm stoked so far. Robert's sleeve is on the right, and Jason's is on the left. Once we do the background we'll even those out and I'll ask Robert to shade the negative space under my pit on the left
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    Well, speaking of Scott, here is my shin/almost entire lower leg. It wraps in a way that makes it really hard to get a good shot. Done in one shot at the Pagoda City Convention in 2015. I'm posting from work and Photobucket is blocked, so hopefully these pics work out. Also, it should be noted that @embers and @graybones TOTM winning snakes are two of my favorite snake tattoos. They're incredible.
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    Yes! Best tattoo subject matter ever! 1) Winged snake drawn-on by Jeff Rassier, Blackheart tattoo finished Jan 2015 2) Snake and torch by El Monga, guesting at Spider Murphy's summer 2013.
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    Right foot nearly superficially healed. Ready for more tattoos, but it'll be a while. Had to replace my vehicle since it was totaled. Oh, surprise life expenses, how I dislike you!
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    New one today. By Will Lollie at Hotstuff. Drawn on.
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    Husband went back to get more work done Wednesday. His artist is now transitioning to doing mainly nipple tattoos in a medical center for breast cancer survivors. He will not be in the shop full time now, it will be more a part time (sounded *very* part time) side job, so my husband was frantic, wondering how he'd get his leg finished and what he would do for continued work in other areas and the artist was like Nah, now I just get to pick and choose what I want to do-and I want to do this, so you'll never have a problem getting in to see me! The dragon will go on the calf and he's going to run it over the front of his leg, like his knee and bottom of his thigh there...I burst out laughing when he came home and told me that.
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    Howdy. First post here! Just got a blackwork floral shoulder cap yesterday that I'm thrilled with (my third tattoo). It's flowers from my wedding bouquet (dahlia, roses, calla lilies, succulent, ginkgo leaves, and more), done with dotwork and whip shading (which I'm obsessed with rn). Done by Jacob Kearney at Metamorph Tattoo in Chicago, in about four hours. He was a total pro and I'm in love with this piece!
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    There is no doubt that this is the 1st time I've ever heard those words uttered, verbally or in writing! Awesome tribute.
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    This was done late last night, still needs a little finish work. The reaper is clutching a human heart, homage to my close call last October.
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    Billy Hill @IamBillyHill https://envyskingallery.com Colored in the dragon. After my wallet heals, he'll start blending in the background.
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    this nice big one wasn't too bad, way better than ribs...
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    From @monmoncats a couple weeks ago... https://instagram.com/p/1BJPmbxR2g/
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    Yeah... went through something similar. I was embarrassing myself all the time. Had to give it up- 10 years sober last July...
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    New to the site. Here is my latest. It took 6 hours and 45 minutes but got it all done in one. I think the artist did a great job and initially I was very positive about the piece. I really like some of the shaded area in the middle but am trying to warm up to the wings as they contrast a lot with my arm tattoos. I may even go back eventually to have less blank space between the feathers on the wings.
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    Holy shit I just came up with a great Halloween costume. If you do have full sleeves, you could just put sheer stockings over them and pretend to have the fake sleeve things on.