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    Just got back from my holiday in New York. Lucked out and managed to get two tattoos at Smith Street.
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    Got tattooed by Scott Sylvia at Black Heart yesterday. Don't know if there's anybody who does better snakes and roses than Scott. Excuse the crappy shiny photo I took at home And here's my side by Theo at Spider Murphy's all healed up. Took the photo off the shop's Instagram. Also got my foot done by Bryan Randolph at Spider Murphy's a couple weeks ago, will post it when it's healed and past the scabby/scaly phase
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    Just got this finished up today by Chris O'Donnell! So happy with how it came out. I will post healed photos once it fully heals
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    The latest, from Jeff P. at Art Work Rebels. Nestled between another Jeff (rose/dagger) and one from Gordon Combs (rooster head), also from AWR. Can't recommend that shop highly enough!
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    Because this thread needs to be bumped. If thy hate thy first tattoo, thou shall not freak out. Thou shall wait at least three months before making any decisions on cover-ups, laser or additional tattoos.
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    Here's part two of my hare tattoo by Grez that we finished a couple of week's ago. Kinda in love with it... Still healing as you can see!
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    Here are the pics. Both are from fresh. I'll try to snap some healed ones soon!
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    Two recent bits, one from around 3 weeks ago and the second a day old. Lighthouse by Kitty Dearest, and the crawling Thylacine by Jovic, both in Melbourne, AU.
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    Second session all finished. Hopefully only a couple more to go!
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    Had my second session a couple of days ago. I was in horrible shape going into this session, with stiches in my head, a concussion and generally fatigued. But "the stoke" pulled med through.
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    Managed to steal a cancellation to add some colour.
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    Got it at Ace's High West Palm. I didn't realize he was on Ink Master until after I made the first appointment. I'm in love.
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    @Gingerninja Here you go! Hard area of my arm to photograph, but I hope this is good enough.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
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    that first cold beer after a tattoo is the best one ! and............ LOL
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    Thou shalt not give advice on tattoos when ye have none.
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    On the countdown for Pagoda. Getting my mermaid finished by Theo, a Dobleman lady head and a skull bead by Kiku.
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    Okay then...I was only trying to be nice and find out more about you based on exactly what you said - what you put out in the forum! That's it. Good luck to you.
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    On Friday, I had one of those "positive affirmation" moments that don't come along too often. I was volunteering at Warped with my charity, Love Hope Strength. At the end of the night, I had the deep honor of meeting the man who started the charity, Mike Peters of The Alarm. He was so incredibly genuine and sincere in his thanks to me for helping with his charity. And his wife was so amazing in her own right. Thet say that you should never meet your hero's but in this case, I am thrilled that I did! They both inspired me on a deep level....
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    Bless. He really thinks anyone gives a damn what he posts? How precious. ?
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    Had my 3rd session yesterday. Turns out 2,5h/session is what I can bear until I tap out. So overall 7,5h so far. We did some linings on the lower back, over my butt down to the left thigh and some shading in the lower back area. I'm stocked with the progress so far, wouldn't have expected so much ink on my back in that short time. Hell, but the pain was so intense, especially around the kidneys and tailbone. Holy crap, that hurt! And I'm pretty aware that there is still a lot of work in those nasty areas. Scales, probably some shadings, colors... Hopefully next session we'll just add details to the tail and maybe start the Koi on the right thight/butt cheek...
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    There is a great deal of knowledge to be found here by people who are experienced in planning and getting tattoos. There are also some people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Keep that in mind, Missyblue, and enjoy your weekend! :-)
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    If it helps, here's one of the first LST threads I ran across when researching tattoo culture, reading will help new folks understand some in-jokes of the forum, and why some terms are preferred: https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/t/674-slang-terms-that-make-you-cringe/ Also, if anyone happens to be interested in general tattoo vocabulary, here's one of the ones I like: http://www.inkedmag.com/tattoo-lingo/ Welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NICE! I will be there with my charity, Love Hope Strength. We're a rock and roll cancer organization that primarily goes on tour with bands (lots of punk...think a lot folks on Fat Wreck, Flogging, Dropkick, Social D, Bosstones, Frank Turner, etc.) and at most festivals. We educate fans on blood cancers and get people registered on the National Bone Marrow Registry! Stop by my table...I'll be there all weekend! If I'm not getting tattooed, I should be at the table. :) @Boiled Dove
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    I will be there!! Just booked time with Marina Inoue to do my other calf. That is Sat evening, might have to do something else as well. We should have some LST meetup times, even though I've not been on here much lately.
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    I love seeing settled in and healed tattoos. I appreciate the warmth of a good, lived-in tattoo. Is that a rooster in the corner? That looks pretty awesome, too. Great idea for a thread! @el twe
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    Latest addition is this rose I got yesterday. Pain was crazy, not too sure why. And the leg twitching was insane...like Riverdance going on with my feet! Note too sore or majorly swollen today though, which is great! I'll take that ?
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    Friend....it's way too early to start thinking about adding or covering up. Enjoy it as is for at least three months. Breathe. :) It's cool! Maybe think about another, different tattoo in a different place OR not getting another tattoo until you've processed how you feel. Give yourself some time. Do not, I repeat, do NOT make any decisions for at least a few months. Please. :)
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    This is about trust.... Find your artist. Explain your ideas. Most likely you will not see a drawing before hand but that doesn't mean that you don't have input. You have to trust your artist with your concepts. Be very clear in your consult what you like and don't like. The vast majority of artists want you to be happy and are willing to collaborate but you have to trust them.
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    Think it's time to show you a pic of my back too. Had my second session yesterday, overall around 5h under the needle so far and still many more ahead... When it's done, it will be a full back dragon which goes down over my butt to my right thigh. The left thigh / butt cheek will include a koi swimming upwards. Planning to go for half or 3/4 sleeves and expand to the chest later too. Tattoo is done by Thomas Schehr @ Koerperkunst-Tattoo, Karlsruhe, Germany. Here is a pic he posted on his IG yesterday after the session:
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    I had a real close brush with death last October... take THAT you F***ing heart attack...
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    It's looking fine. Don't worry about peeling or scabbing, but stop re-wrapping it. Let it breathe.
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    It's so good! There was such a good vibe in the old shop - it was on the second floor of an old building, sort of nestled away so you had to want to be in a tattoo shop to get there. They lost a ton of flash, paintings, taxidermy, and other tangible things in the explosion, but managed to keep the same feeling and begin accumulating new cool shit to look at in the new space. It's much more open, and right on the street in downtown. Jason Kundell clearly worked his ass off getting the new spot up and running. Definitely worth a visit!
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    $1000 ...or $100 if you were going to get a car that you would be stuck driving for the rest of your life...would you just go with a used Kia or save your allowance and get a BMW ? the choice is yours.
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    That's so great that you love it, I know it was a complicated design, so glad your artist was able to do it well for you! Planning your next one yet? :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks man, it's always nice to hear that, it's not for everyone but I didn't get it to please anyone else but me :D I'm travelling Vietnam right now and get a lot of nice comments from people when I hit the beach so that's nice, locals here are big on tattoos! I think it's healed really nicely, the saniderm is the mutts nuts and worked really well for me, it's only been 2 and a bit months but it's settled down really well and I'm still happy, I'll get a photo of it later :D
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    Super dig that shark, @jnin! I was going to post in here this morning that I was off to see Jeff P. at Art Work Rebels about filling some space on my leg, but I didn't and got tattooed anyway! Forgot to snap a pic before he wrapped it all up, but keep your eyes peeled in the Lowdown tomorrow...
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    @Dan, the best part is that he/she apparently doesn't know several people have his/her posts blocked (including me). Can't even see what he posts. Only thing it doesn't block is when someone quotes. We need to get that fixed. Big love to you, Dan! ?
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    LOL , I don't see anyone bullying anyone here. remember you only get back what you put out. Maybe if you had started out here with a more friendly vibe,you would have gotten that back in return.
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    Hey there, Welcome! Do you have any tattoos? Let's see 'em. :)
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    Thou shalt not offer advice to people about getting tattoos or aftercare unless thou haveth at least one of your own.
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    It's your arm. It won't be straight when you move your arm. It looks fine.
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    I just got an appointment with Sarah Hurst @ Vivid Tattoo in Knoxville for a celebration tattoo on September 29th. It will be my final day of work, starting the next chapter (retirement)! Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
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    I passed a beast of an exam today (VCP6 in Datacenter Virtualization). I am so relieved that it's over and that I passed. Huzzah!
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    Hi there and welcome! AFAIK it's rather unusual to see a design in advance. Depends on the artist though, I guess it's worth asking if they'd do it for money. But, isn't the whole point of checking out shops and artists' portfolios to find out who you'd really want the tattoo from? As in, trust them enough that it'll be great? Which also defies the point of asking someone else from the shop to do it because you don't want to wait. Just because they work in the same shop doesn't mean they are equally good or have similar styles...there are of course always things that most decent tattooist can do. But those don't usually need too much of advance design work anyway... What's the hurry? The tattoo is for life, if you think you've found the right tattoo artist, just enjoy the wait. Look at it like waiting for xmas as a child ;-) Good luck!
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    It looks good. At six days, mine are unwrapped, getting plain lotion, and starting to peel. Lines peel differently than fields of color for me. You may not notice it if you are keeping the area clean, it may just peel off in the shower.