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    Started my back with Marius Meyer yesterday.
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    Got this tribute to my hometown (this gazebo sits prominently in the town square) from Dave Wah at the Austin Convention this weekend.
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    Got some fun ones over the last 6 months or so: Finished up my rib piece with Theo at Spider Murphy's: Scored a walk in with Chris Wielk at Ocean Ave Tattoo: Another walk in with Cody Miller at Blackheart: And got this scropion from Alex Matus when she was guesting at Idle Hand back in September: Took all the images from the respective artists' Instagram page. Have an appointment with Jay Watkins at Spider Murphy's tomorrow, so I'll post that one soon too
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    Got my somewhat spontaneous dragon tattoo today. Wes Garvick did it and I'm so stoked on it. His shop is literally the only one in town I'd ever go to, if you ever find yourself in York, PA. And what's that you guys always say about everyone needs a panther and dragon? Now I have both and they're friends.
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    Tigress by Chris O'Donnell. There's no way that this photo does it justice! It wraps all the way around my thigh both front and back then up to my butt (and OMG, I love the tiger tail on my butt!). The photo looks a little distorted due to my inability to take a photo of it myself. Way up high, he tied in my existing peony with rocks and fngerwaves. It looks sweet.
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    because who doesn't need a snake and rose! Black Heart Tattoo Scott Sylvia's the best, can't wait to see him again :)
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    Healed lady I got from Ivan Antonyshev while he was guesting in Leeds last month. Spotted this design on the Mainstay T-shirt and fell in love with it. So stoked to get a piece from him at last.
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    Some great tattoos posted on this page! Got this one yesterday from Jan Willem (@janwillemtattoo) at Bont en Blauw tattoo Rotterdam. Asked for a octopus filler and this is what he drew up. immediately said yes to his idea and this is the end result. Edit: all other work except the partially visible black skull is done by Jan Willem as well
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    Here's a little party shark I got from Scott Sylvia recently. I meant to post healed pictures but it's a difficult area of my arm to photograph. Thanks for looking! starting the left sleeve next.
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    Went last night to have a peony recolored. It was done by a different artist a few years ago and everything else sort of grew up around it. Now it feels more like a part of the whole shebang and I love the purple. Husband had more work done on his tiger. We were supposed to go before Christmas and ended up w/another blizzard so we had to reschedule..just like last winter argh! Also spent some discussion time w/my artist about continuing the wind/water theme elsewhere so I'm kinda excited about that.
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    @suburbanxcore White Rose is pretty new, the guys at the shop said they just opened about 4 months ago. They specialize in traditional and there's SO MUCH good flash on the walls, I had a hard time deciding. http://instagram.com/whiterosetattooparlour Wes didn't do the panther, that was done by Chad Koeplinger when he came through DC a couple years ago. Took him about an hour and a half to do. This is a better picture I took of it when it was freshly healed.
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    Got this frog on Sunday from Jay Watkins at Spider Murphys. I won my work's fantasy football league this year so I figured putting the pot towards a relevant tattoo would be fun. Super stoked on how this one turned out, Jay's great and always fun to talk to:
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    let's go Dietzel snake head by Todd Tattooer (Merci Bonsoir - Lyon / France) from last year (fresh on the picture!) Hard to take the whole tattoo on the picture but it has a tongue!
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    Put some work into the 2nd layer last nite and ran over some old tattoo with new. It was an awesome time. Trevor is an old pal from our teenage punk years. We teased him when he was the first of our friends to get some tattoo. And now he's tattooing us 2 decades later. It's really funny. 3 swallows blasted over the background of my 13 year old St. Francis tattoo. All draw on. Used spearmint, lipstick red inks and some old National Yellow pigment for extra cool points. Cheers
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    Well, speaking of Scott, here is my shin/almost entire lower leg. It wraps in a way that makes it really hard to get a good shot. Done in one shot at the Pagoda City Convention in 2015. I'm posting from work and Photobucket is blocked, so hopefully these pics work out. Also, it should be noted that @embers and @graybones TOTM winning snakes are two of my favorite snake tattoos. They're incredible.
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    Yes! Best tattoo subject matter ever! 1) Winged snake drawn-on by Jeff Rassier, Blackheart tattoo finished Jan 2015 2) Snake and torch by El Monga, guesting at Spider Murphy's summer 2013.
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    Polls are closed, and the winner of Tattoo of the month January is @Gingerninja with this bad ass dagger by Grez (Kings Avenue Tattoo). Congrats!! I managed to screw up, and close the poll late this month too. Sorry about that guys. I'll try to get it together next time. Big thanks to everyone who contributed!!
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    I'm not great with photos but here are a few progress pictures from this last month with Lehi.
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    Made another Oslo trip last week to start a cover up on my lower stomach. While i was there i picked up a namakubi from Nicholas at Blue Arms. The cover up is ongoing and i don't mind admitting i'm very apprehensive about the next session! This was not a fun tattoo to get although Marius did his best to keep my spirits up and a visit from LST's own Mr @Iwar definitely kept me distracted from the significant pain!
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    Got this kitsune from Matt Arriola yesterday.
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    Finished up my tiger with Chris O'Donnell on Friday. We added chrysanthemums, rocks and fingerwaves. I'm over the moon with the way it looks (healed photos to come) and thrilled that I never have to have the back of my thigh tattooed again! Oh, and all while having a full on vertigo.
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    Well, I feel like we finally jumped the shark from "casual fans of tattoos" to "oh god I'm spending all my money on tattoos". My wife and I flew from Austin to Los Angeles this past week to get tattooed by Freddy Negrete at Shamrock Social Club. He knocked out this St Michael in about 4 hours, all single-needle. He also did a portrait of my daughter on my wife. Freddy was very cool and the entire shop was awesome. As a side note, Mark Mahoney is probably the nicest tattoo artist I've ever met. He has me convinced to make a return trip out there to get tattooed by him too.
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    Started my back with Marius Meyer yesterday. This is as far as we got.
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    Got the suggestion to 'work up' to the chest piece I'm getting (gnarling scarring I want to get covered) so I went back to Brittany at Hot Copper for something else I saw and fell in love with. Think I'm going to have to keep adding to the leg, carry on with the outdoors theme I seem to have got going on It's completely round irl, the angle I'm standing at just makes it look a bit thin at the bottom end in the pic.
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    Lots of great advice here...all saying the same thing. Love your tattoo - each one is personal and it is the little quirks that make them so. The issue isn't the tattoo, it's your OCD. In the famous words from the movie Frozen.....Let it go.
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    @Cameron Jose Cute frog. Had this done today by Grant Gebbie, owner of Cuba Street Tattoo in Wellington NZ - @ggtattooer on IG. Very stoked. Bought my girlfriend a birthday present too... a Cheeky Thigh-Leopard she fell in love with last time we were at the shop together, rarely seen this side of the Pacific. Done by Joe @jj_doom. Shame you can't see his other paw here 'cause it looks like he's 'holding' her kneecap on both sides, cool placement.
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    Hey, sure. Cattoos are awesome :3
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    Well, I finally took the plunge and got a forearm tattoo, and I'm glad I did! Here's my Rock of Ages done by Brian Tiger at Screamin Ink Tattoo in N.J. I've gotta say, this is definitely my favorite tattoo. P.S. I'm sorry if it looks crooked, it's almost impossible to get a good pic of my arm.
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    Returned last week from two weeks in South India. In one of the villages that I visited, a young man approached me with a photo. He said "My name is Paul - you named me." In the photo taken in 2002 I am praying for a baby. The mother had brought the baby to me and asked me to give her son a "Christian name". Pretty awesome to meet him 15 years later. Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
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    A few day after photos. Sorry for the poor quality.
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    Session number seven rolled around this Saturday. @bongsau You were definitely right, "in for a whooping" to say the least. Only made it through 2 and a half hours, but still managed to tear up an insane amount of skin. It's sessions like this that definitely teach you about your body and ability to tolerate pain. Felt pretty discouraged immediately after the session, but I'm still stoked on the level of progress. Can't wait to see the patterning brighten up as the blue settles over top. 28.5 hours here.
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    Just got the Hannya done yesterday by Myke Chambers! I love it.
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    I've come to learn, if you're a perfectionist then tattooing may not be the hobby for you :D
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    Yesterday, I started my full back piece with Rei from Inkrat, Tokyo. Three-and-a-half hours of lining was pretty prickly in places - but some good blues music, a howling spring wind outside and the stoke got me through it unscathed. And there's something mindboggling about a Japanese tattooer doing an American old school interpretation of how a Japanese tattoo should look. Colours are coming in a few weeks and I'll update then, j
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    Here are pics of the first session. Only went about 3 hours. Got a late start because of icy road. One more session of outline and then on to color and sharing. I'm very happy. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
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    It was great seing you again Gareth! Although I have to admit I felt like a sadist at times too, haha. You're tougher than most!
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    Are you just going to keep asking until you get the answer you want or do you want the truth? The truth is that you are more likely to fuck it up worse than fix it. Stay away from tattoos until your OCD is cured. If you look hard enough and long enough, you'll find a mistake in every tattoo.
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    Here is Alien's Ripley, all healed up :) Done by Zaed at Radical Ink Tattoo, Bucharest. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.
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    Sorry for your loss. It appears to be a well placed and well executed tattoo. Is it the design you hate, or does it have something deep to do with making your mom's passing really real?
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    welcome to the forums ! that symbol actually means "naked fat man dancing on lily pad"
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    Scott Sylvia is making the first Sunday of the month a walkin-only day, starting this weekend, February 5th. Go get a snake for the contest!
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    So far 2017 is rewarding me for the challenges of 2016... - Finally driving the turbo race car I've been dreaming about - Slayed another Dragon Dance with my kung fu group and took our routine to a new level. - Won an engineering contract to develop a major high voltage distribution system - Working on the succession plan for me and my partners to takeover our engineering firm this year - Reconnected with my tattoo sensei with my idea for a 2nd layer tattoo this season. - Still thinking my armpit tattoo idea is not a bad idea lol - Got tickets to DRI in April ...and who said tattooed people won't amount to anything ? thats what I thought! f*ck the status-quo GET TATTOO & BE AWESOME :cool:
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    Ok, the last one in my whirlwind of 3 appointments in 3 weeks. Finished up this one from Chauncey "CK" Kochel.
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    Got this little guy friday. This is my favorite "person" Hurley. Done by Greg Ross.http://
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    exactly. a full sleeve would likely be cheaper and less painful, but definitely look way better than laser removal. think thru this next decision carefully and learn from your past. maybe get something positive that balances the negative energy you're feeling and make it BIG! that'll make your current tattoo relatively smaller and it'll be allllll goooooood. best of luck and welcome to LST!
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    freshie sssssnake bite on the hand by Scott Rusnak, Lucky Strike Tattoo (Edmonton, AB) flip side inside of the wrisssst
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    bloody eyes on my butterfly gal. by herb auerbach last year. just after he added the white.