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    Done at Mondial du Tatouage (Paris) by Valerie Vargas.
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    Tigress by Chris O'Donnell. There's no way that this photo does it justice! It wraps all the way around my thigh both front and back then up to my butt (and OMG, I love the tiger tail on my butt!). The photo looks a little distorted due to my inability to take a photo of it myself. Way up high, he tied in my existing peony with rocks and fngerwaves. It looks sweet.
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    The missus (@TrixieFaux) & I got tattooed today for our tenth wedding anniversary. Peonies by Horisuzu at Unbreakable in beautiful Studio City, CA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I too was in SF but missed @gingerninja but failed to link up. I did however I did stop in to see Kahlil at tattoo city. First and foremost what a great dude and great experience. The shop has so much energy. Kahlil's booth has seen some great tattooers adding to the mojo. I left with this bad larry. On another note I can say that I stand behind tegaderm as a healing method. Ill go into it more in the tegaderm thread.
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    My first session with Theo was great! We got the basic outline done of a full mermaid that runs down my left leg from my hip to my knee. We'll finish it up somewhere, sometime this year (maybe at Pagoda). I'll post a photo when I'm all healed up. Spider Murphys is a magical place.
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    Went last night to have a peony recolored. It was done by a different artist a few years ago and everything else sort of grew up around it. Now it feels more like a part of the whole shebang and I love the purple. Husband had more work done on his tiger. We were supposed to go before Christmas and ended up w/another blizzard so we had to reschedule..just like last winter argh! Also spent some discussion time w/my artist about continuing the wind/water theme elsewhere so I'm kinda excited about that.
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    I got tatt-toad by Scott Rusnak / Lucky Strike Tattoo Edmonton a few days ago. Coins are the size of an actual coin for reference ;)
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    It's been some time since I've posted in here. Just dropping by to show of a cool little something I got today. Done by Tato Toby at Thank You Tattoo in Copenhagen. I've been in love with this design since he posted it as part of a flashsheet on Instagram some months ago. Today I finally got around to getting it done. He also did a really cool fly filler on me, that I don't have a photo of right now.. Photo borrowed from Toby's Instagram (@tatotoby).
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    So this wasn't a "latest tattoo" but it was a recent experience in a tattoo shop.... Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a very informal, intimate get-together in Shanghai Kate's backyard. Kate had Lyle Tuttle and Jacci Gresham spending the day with her. It was absolutely unreal to sit and chat with these folks. As someone who is very into the history of tattooing, it was like stepping into a time machine.
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    the heart with the key and banner was my first tattoo,I got it in 1985,(I was 26)it was for an ex-wife with her name in the banner.it was flash off the wall,that's the way it was back then. and a couple other stupid choices from a while ago. .but now it's all nicely covered up ! :)
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    Alice by Jennifer Lawes at Pearl Harbor - this may have been my easiest tattoo ever.
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    how about returning this thread to latest tattoos....?
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    A few day after photos. Sorry for the poor quality.
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    Probably my favorite right now is Steve Byrne, I'm always amazed at his creativity, crazy colors, and super bold lines. I have nothing by him...yet. And I guess I can post this here too. I got this Cap Coleman dragon design last night by Wes Garvick in York, PA. I've wanted a dragon for a while now and Cap does some of my favorites.
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    Just got this guy on friday from Chris Marchetto. It's my first one from him and I'm pretty stoked about it. Got another appointment for next month. Also, not sure why the picture is coming out sideways.
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    @Cameron Jose Cute frog. Had this done today by Grant Gebbie, owner of Cuba Street Tattoo in Wellington NZ - @ggtattooer on IG. Very stoked. Bought my girlfriend a birthday present too... a Cheeky Thigh-Leopard she fell in love with last time we were at the shop together, rarely seen this side of the Pacific. Done by Joe @jj_doom. Shame you can't see his other paw here 'cause it looks like he's 'holding' her kneecap on both sides, cool placement.
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    under saniderm,here is my latest AM/TR,it's on my upper thigh about 9x8",it was done by Oliver Peck 10/22/16
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    by Alix Ge https://www.facebook.com/alixgp
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    Billy Hill @IamBillyHill https://envyskingallery.com Colored in the dragon. After my wallet heals, he'll start blending in the background.
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    Ok, the last one in my whirlwind of 3 appointments in 3 weeks. Finished up this one from Chauncey "CK" Kochel.
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    Just got the Hannya done yesterday by Myke Chambers! I love it.
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    Yesterday, I started my full back piece with Rei from Inkrat, Tokyo. Three-and-a-half hours of lining was pretty prickly in places - but some good blues music, a howling spring wind outside and the stoke got me through it unscathed. And there's something mindboggling about a Japanese tattooer doing an American old school interpretation of how a Japanese tattoo should look. Colours are coming in a few weeks and I'll update then, j
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    Here are selection of my traditional tattoos. Some i've shared before, some new: Peacock by Luke Jinks (Cloak and Dagger) Elbow rose by Marcos Attwood (Broad Street Tattoo) Dietzel Girl by Tony Hundahl (Rock of Ages) Panther and snake by Valerie Vargas (Modern Classic Tattoo)
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    this nice big one wasn't too bad, way better than ribs...
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    I did a search but didn't see anything more than "getting/just got my first tattoo" type threads. Wondered about everyone's first ever tattoos. Do you still have it? Do you still like it? Do you feel attached to it? Etc. I got my first two days after I turned 18, on Halloween, 1992. My best friend and I got matching tattoos-a rose off the wall. Hers is teal, mine is purple. We were the only tattooed students in high school, and were considered huge bad asses. People remarked about how large it was and I thought, really? It didn't seem large to me, but, yanno, then party dots became like the "cool thing" to do, so if you put my rose next to a party dot it looked like I had a full bodysuit to those people I guess. As I've gone along in my tattoo adventures, I had one of mine covered, which ended up turning into this big Japanese wind/water deal, and now I'm looking at my first few from my 18-21 year old self and wondering if I want to keep them like they are, rework them, incorporating them into something new either way..or remove/cover them w/something else that fits me now.
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    got this little banger yesterday(st patrick's day) on my rt leg.(yes the outline looks off,but it's not,the saniderm makes it look that way)
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    Just finished up my half sleeve last week. Took 3 sessions, about 12-15 hours total. What do you think? And yes, I chose black and gray for a specific reason, which is why there is no color. :)
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    Just got a spiderweb from Garver. Always a great experience, quick as hell and conversation is always cool. Spoke about finishing my sleeve. So damn excited. (Sorry about large crappy pic)
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    Hello all. New to the forum. Figured I would add my two cents. I have three quarter sleeves on both arms. My first tattoo ever was a half sleeve Kintaro done by Jason Lambert of Black Cat Tattoo in Pittsburgh. The sleeve was finished on the one side and the other side was done by Robert Atkinson here in LA. Robert is an overall awesome guy and a great artist. I consider him a friend and am glad to know him. Granted I just have an n of 2, but Robert IMHO is one the best tattoo artists around. I decided to bite the bullet and Robert just started lining my back. I'm doing one of the Horiyoshi 108 heroes, Kaosho Roshishin. Compared to my arms the discomfort at times was more intense, particularly around the love handles, shoulder blades, and top of the buttock. But nothing too bad. To be honestly I thought my elbows were the worst, so the flank wasn't as bad as that for me. Robert is pretty fast, we lined this in about 3 hours. Will go back to add a snake and some peonies to finish the lines and then move to shading. I'm stoked so far. Robert's sleeve is on the right, and Jason's is on the left. Once we do the background we'll even those out and I'll ask Robert to shade the negative space under my pit on the left
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    Went to Sarah @ Vivid in Knoxville yesterday for color on the correction of a faked line tattoo. I'm very happy with this, now! Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
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    Here's a great shot of Lynn and me while we were at Epcot last week. During our time at Disney Studios there were several Star Wars characters there that you could have pictures taken with. My son and his family wanted to see Chewbacca so Lynn and I sat outside for a few minutes since there was a 25 minute wait to get through the line. As we sat there, we saw that the wait time for Kylo Ren was only 10 minutes....so Lynn said let's go get our picture taken. They bring you into a room with the person who is totally in character. Kylo Ren, one of the key villains in The Force Awakens, watched as we walked into the room and immediately confronted Lynn leaning into her and telling her he could sense her thoughts and that she was supportive of the rebellion. Lynn played right along and stood toe to toe with him. We got a bunch of great pics of the two of them - here are two.
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    Here is Alien's Ripley, all healed up :) Done by Zaed at Radical Ink Tattoo, Bucharest. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.
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    I booked my flight and my stay in San Jose, I have the consultation date, I have the deposit; I'm coming for you Horitomo. March better get here fast so I can get this process started! I will probably say something similar after the consultation when I set my appointment to start.
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    I've decided I want a la-la-lady head from Nikki Lugo at Tattoo Paradise. I feel like my arms are too puny to put one there, though that's kind of where I want it. Lady heads are one thing I would consider getting in color because they look so awesome in color, but I think I'll keep sticking with all black & gray for now. Nikki has done some pretty black & gray ones -- I really like this one: Nikki at Tattoo Paradise
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    Met Horitomo, I had a list of things I thought I might want and I ended up with only kind of getting something on that list. Definitely a MonMonCat, definitely going to be my favorite tattoo, definitely a Nekomata with Kitsune inside. I had this stupid kid in a candy store smile on my face the whole time I was watching the sketch form. Then I had to take a picture with my undies at my ankles, I didn't smile as much at that, or when I had to hand over my deposit. I will be back on the west coast in ~3 months and I'm so excited.
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    Outline done. Shading happening now. Also, OUCH.
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    Long time no see 😉 Got a little one yesterday after a few months' tattoo break (well not counting a smallish walk-in-day thingy from December) I'm totally hyped about! Going back to the insanely talented and super nice Mr. Romeo next month for some more work on that arm, AND getting something else done by one of the other guys at the studio on the other one at the same time. Should be quite interesting Edit: photo pinched from my tattooer's instagram
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    I've got a tattoo scheduled in about three weeks. Woohooooooo!
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    Polls are closed, and the winner of Tattoo of the month February is @9Years with this awesome snake tattoo by El Monga. Congrats!!
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    Meh, messy tattoo I'd rather look at a tattoo than read a paragraph. Too much text. A picture is worth 1000 words.
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    Going in this Saturday for a traditional kraken vs clipper ship on the ol' shoulder from the same artist who did a great biker girl head on my other shoulder! Can't wait!
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    not really what I did,but what my wife did,she surprised me with this rare collectible surfboard for xmas,she's pretty awesome.our home has a "island/tattoo" theme. (front & back)
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    Great thread! My first tattoo was a Chicago Bears logo on my butt, in 2007. At the time I wasn't into the Bears or tattoo's, but I was watching the game with some friends and for no good reason exclaimed "if they win at this point, I'll get their logo tattooed on me". My friend made me shake on it. Sure enough, some last minute miracles happened and they won. The first shop denied me. I didn't get another tattoo for another 6 years. Horitomo is in the process of covering the tattoo.
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    i think this one wins the prize for "someone who doesn't actually want tattoos" tattoo.
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    if it looks like piss, smells like piss and tastes like piss it probably is indeed piss.