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  1. Dan

    Upcoming Tattoos

    LOL that's what we all say ! but the addiction is strong
  2. Dan

    Upcoming Tattoos

    sounds good ! don't forget to pre-hydrate tonight(water) ,and also before the tattoo be sure and eat a full healthy meal.The sweets and bananas are perfect ! bring a few bottles of water to drink during the tattoo.remember to relax and you will do fine.
  3. Dan

    New to this site

    getting tattooed as I have gotten older hurts more for sure.
  4. Dan

    Got my first tattoo! But..

    LOL it's called "tattoo remorse",and we all get it,but you need to relax and let it settle and heal. Take a deep breath,have a beer,and go on with your life. take a another look in a few months and maybe discuss it with the artist that did it or another.
  5. Dan

    Hustle Butter?

    no, not at all
  6. Dan

    Hustle Butter?

    well,I do like palmers too, great stuff, I usually use palmers right after getting a tattoo for the first week,then I switch to aveeno.
  7. Dan

    Hustle Butter?

    18 ounce for $11.99
  8. Dan

    Scaring or still healing?

    look at it again in 6 weeks, looks ok to me. keep some lightly applied Aveeno on it a couple times a day.
  9. Dan

    Cover up advice

    "Was the text on the stencil?" Yeah but didn't notice at the time so double check your stencils before getting tattooed.
  10. Dan


    right, don't bother with chinese ebay or amazon machines,
  11. Dan


    LOL stop looking at it with a magnifying glass. it looks fine.
  12. Dan

    Opinions and advice

    so stop bending your arm !! ?? LOL honestly ,who cares what it does when you bend your arm. enjoy it and start planning your next tattoo.
  13. Dan

    Opinions and advice

    lol ! right !?!?!?
  14. Dan

    RIP Bill Salmon :(

    http://diamondclubtattoo.com/artists/bill-salmon/ another legend gone 😞
  15. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    ya,I got the mom/heart/banner while she was still alive but very sick with cancer,so she saw it and loved it, I got the RIP & date after she passed of course.
  16. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    sorry for your loss, here is mine from 24 years ago.
  17. Dan

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    I don't need you or anyone to speak for me,I said exactly what I F***ing meant.
  18. Dan


    what the F*** are you talking about ? and why are you trolling me ?
  19. Dan

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    LOL let it F***ing heal for a couple months first before you HATE it ! you can't tell any F***ing thing in a week !
  20. every time I quote someone I get these huge buttons in the quote, is it this stupid work computer or is anyone else getting it ? I forgot to check at home,I will look tonight.
  21. I am not seeing it anymore, thanks for taking care of that Steve,
  22. I love the person you are @oboogie !!!!
  23. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I totally agree, I think this is a big issue, I love stopping strangers and starting a conversation about tattoos, but I don't always get a friendly response. oh well, I will always keep trying.