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  1. I agree with wait, a tattoo takes months to heal.
  2. so I am into guns and 2nd amendment support, going to the range, getting ongoing training, etc, etc the awesome thing is I have had my conceal carry permit for a year now, I love carrying.
  3. Dan

    Hey guys!

    what is it anyway ? I can't even tell what it's supposed to be.
  4. a spider web on an elbow is just a very cool traditional tattoo. keep it.
  5. it was great meeting you, will have to do again, and that tattoo you got is real nice.
  6. cool ! I have always loved going to cons and getting work done, or even just hangin out and mingling, such a great atmosphere. what time and what artist are going to on Saturday ? I will stop by and say hello.
  7. I am going to mingle and look and meet some poeple I know there, and maybe if Tim or Greg can squeeze in a banger. 😁 I'll be there all day Saturday the artist list is amazing https://capcitytatcon.com/
  8. I have had to have my knuckle/finger tattoos touched up a couple times because of fallout, but I knew that going in, but the top of my hands have held the outlines and color pretty well.
  9. the second pic looks like simple bruising, and regarding the first pic, put the microscope away
  10. here is an example of what a good artist can do to rework/freshenup a tattoo, I follow this guy and IMO he is very good, this is one he freshened up for somebody.
  11. both of those tattoos could definetly be freshened up and added to, by the right artist it could look new and awsome.
  12. IMO a 7 hour drive is not a big deal for the right tattoo, just sayin.
  13. no, that's not necessarily true, there are many tattooers that like doing and are good at cover ups. this is one I had done, with no laser before.
  14. what the hell is the problem ? it looks sexy and nice, leave it alone, can we see the entire piece ?
  15. they're cool if you're 7 !
  16. Dan

    Visible tattoos

    I just jumped in with both feet, my first tattoos were all from my wrists to my beceps, I started about 37 years ago, I am heavily tattooed now, and it has been a fun ride for sure, I have been to many cool shops, met a lot of amazing people, and haved loved going, mingling, and getting tattooed at many conventions. I have always loved showing my tattoos off and talking about them, weather permiting I wear tank tops and shorts when I can, I have had jobs that allowed visible tattoos fortunetly. so either embrace visible tattoos or don't get them.
  17. if you're that concerned, you should definetly meet with the artist in person
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