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  1. Dan

    new tattoo

    looks normal to me, it will take at least 6 weeks to heal and longer to settle in.
  2. putting white over solid black is not going to be as vivid as you are thinking,it will be very lightly subtle at best. it will never look like that reference picture you posted.
  3. Dan

    Pet memorial tattoo

    Hi and welcome, and your idea sounds like a great idea, I have my dog's paw prints on me already(she is alive and well), and whoever the person was that told you a rose would blowout has no idea what they are talking about, makes no sense, I have a few roses on me with no blowout LOL
  4. Dan


    looks fine to me,in 6 weeks when it heals more it should look great.
  5. Dan

    Small blowouts

    well that was just my thoughts on it, that's what you asked for right ?
  6. keep a very light coat of aveeno or something on it and more importantly, let it heal, look at it again in 6 weeks,it will settle in and look fine IMO.
  7. Dan

    Small blowouts

    I am F***ing chill, you're posting pics taken at 1 inch away. LOL and so I will say it again, you're looking at it to closely, it's a god dam tattoo. you're going to find issues with ANY tattoo looking that closely.
  8. Dan

    Small blowouts

    LOL so stop looking at your tattoo with a magnifying glass . if that is blowout,don't worry about it now, and like was said,it happens to the best of artists on soft thin skin.
  9. very nice, who did them ? what shop ? I don't see it needing any touchups. was that done in Hanapepe ?
  10. I have different styles on the same body parts.I have different styles right next to each other all over my body. IMO it works just fine, it's your body,do what ever the hell you want to do ! who cares what anyone else thinks anyway !
  11. no, probably not age, I'm 59 and still getting tattooed, no problems here healing, like @Gingerninja said, take care of your body, happy body/happy mind. and I agree, maybe it's time to see your doctor.
  12. Dan


    Hi and welcome, do you have any tattoos ?
  13. we added some more to it,the bee and a little shading
  14. Hi and welcome, why do you think you are going to die from getting the tattoo ?
  15. welcome ! do you have tattoos ?
  16. right ! a shop could be busy because they run $40 tattoo specials.
  17. yes ! I call it "tattoo remorse " ! I am heavily tattooed and I still get it after getting a tattoo.totally normal IMO and it will go away as you continue to fall in love with your tattoo.
  18. this was the inspiration for this piece. this is a beautiful song,sit down and take a good listen to it.
  19. I like Aveeno products a lot. https://www.aveeno.com/products/protect-hydrate-lotion-sunscreen-spf-70
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyle_Tuttle
  21. let it heal for 3 months before you take too close a look at it, THEN maybe you could get a touch-up if needed. for now,keep Aveeno on it daily, enjoy it, and start planning your next bad ass tattoo. and stop looking at it with a microscope ! it looks fine.