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  1. well I wouldn't worry about it then, and maybe don't use that same gel on fresh tattoos.
  2. I only use a anti-microbial soap on my fresh tattoo, any drug store has it over the counter, https://www.buyemp.com/product/dial-gold-liquid-antimicrobial-soap what color was the ink that got the rash ? and IMO it was the shower gel that cause it, since it was 3 days after
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    Hello from Aust.

    so 11 hours was too long to wait for a reply ?
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    New here

    it's a little of both, it's skin with a little ink in it that's peeling off, looks 100% normal to me.
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    sounds 100% normal. let it heal ! it will be fine, mother nature made our bodies pretty smart. now, take a deep breath, breath, take a breath, now breath, relax,trust me, it will be ok.
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    so ya, if someone wants to join here and become part of the community and contribute in a positive way, then they are welcome, but if someone comes here just looking to get help winning a contest online, then they won't get a real warm welcome here.
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    I agree, it looks great, and stop looking at it with this
  8. IMO large tattoos,like full back or full leg or arm sleeve are a sign of the times, large tattoos are a part of the new tattoo world we live in, social media has also changed the tattoo world, when I started getting tattooed in the early 80's, it was all small pieces, back when I started you walked into a shop on a Friday night,picked a flash off the wall,and waited for your turn, I have one large tattoo,but all the rest I have are small to medium size, to each his own, but personally I like the traditional look of many small tattoos,
  9. is that how it looks right now ? because I think it looks good like that.
  10. it looks normal IMO for a 13 day old tattoo, and the area where the film was will look different until fully healed,don't forget a tattoo takes 6 weeks or more to heal. when I use saniderm it is red where the film was for a week.
  11. I have been following Tine DeFiore for a long time, I totally love her work and I would love to get something from her.
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    Help calm my head

    yep ! totally normal, I use Saniderm all the time and I get that redness too, it goes away. especially tender areas like your rib area.
  13. nope, I just pull it off ! at least you know you had it on correctly.
  14. I had a problem keeping still when I had my ankles done, he had to put all his weight on my legs to keep them from jerking.it didn't hurt that bad,it was just the reflex thing.
  15. 100% and it varies from different parts of the body too.
  16. I used lubriderm for years until I realized it's crap compared to Aveeno.
  17. I prefer Aveeno daily moisturizer, I don't like the stickiness of aquafor., but no,aquafor will not hurt the tattoo as long as you put it on VERY lightly.
  18. no,it doesn't look infected to me, but if you are concerned go check with your doctor.
  19. try some Aveeno daily moisturizing ,I use it all the time.great stuff.
  20. yep,I agree with @Hogrider , I like Palmer's cocoa butter, and I also like aveeno "daily moisturizer"
  21. nope ! I wouldn't put anything on the skin under the dermal film,that would be defeating the purpose of the film.
  22. no,the dermal film needs dry skin to stick to, the redness is normal, sticking good to all areas of the tattoo is normal,and the pain when removing the film is normal. and yes, black outlines and shading and color all heal differently. everything you described sounds normal to me for the dermal film use, and BTW,I love that shit, I have used Saniderm a lot, many many times.