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  1. so, you HAVE to wash it, a shower will not harm the tattoo, without seeing a pic of it we can't be sure, but a shower will not hurt a tattoo, it is usually something else, like scabbing or a poorly applied tattoo that causes issues.
  2. Dan

    Never heal well

    try https://saniderm.com/ I use the https://saniderm.com/product/personal-size-10-2-in-x-2-yd-roll/ I have been using it for several years now on many tattoos, and this shit works great ! put it on 24 hours after the tattoo and leave it on for 4 or 5 days, take it off and it's healed. you can sleep, wear any clothing, shower, whatever with it on. the first 24 hrs after the tattoo I use cocoa butter and saran wrap,wash it with anti-microbial soap every few hours, wash it once more, dry it with clean paper towels, apply the saniderm on clean dry skin. BAM be sure and carefully shave the area to be tattooed and for several inches around it so the saniderm sticks good. that's my method, I have been getting tattooed for many many years and have tried EVERYTHING over the years,and IMO this is the best way.
  3. yep, I feel bad for these tattooers. they are all closed here too. plus all the ones we all follow & know around the planet. I am very fortunate to have an "essential" job here in probation, and my wife is retired so she is good at home.
  4. it's a badass tattoo, looks great ! enjoy it, show it off, and wear it with pride. the tattoo remorse will go away.
  5. I get bruising with most of my tattoos as I have gotten older, no big deal, I have not had them last as long as yours, but they always go away on me.
  6. it's a badass tattoo,very nice,wear it with pride.
  7. so get it touched up after it heals, most artists will give free touch-ups,(don't forget to tip for their time & supplies) no big deal.
  8. yes, it could totally be covered up.
  9. LOL I would not go back to that guy.
  10. hi and welcome, yes for sure,if the artist says that she would do the cover-up and what you want,I would definitely have her do it, the flowers she did look really nice. where is that birdcage at on your body ?
  11. stop looking at it with this
  12. no fluid is fine and the wrinkles from the film will just go away.
  13. hi, I would just keep the original Saniderm on for 4 or 5 days,that should be fine, you can workout as much as you want,the only thing that could possibly be bad is pain,if you don't have that or don't mind then do it, the only other thing that could effect the Saniderm is sweating, you can workout til you fall over after the saniderm is off, and after the first 4 or 5 days have passed and you remove the Saniderm there is not much chance of infection, I start using Aveeno daily moisturizer everyday right after I take off the Saniderm
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    welcome ! sit and stay a while, and I think it would be totally ok to ask the artist to do that,all they can say is not now, and as long as you trust that artist to do a good job on lettering. and I have a few crappy tattoos too.
  15. so me and my wife met with Oliver at the Feather Falls Tattoo expo and I got the horseshoe on my left knee ditch and she got the turtle on her left leg to go with a mermaid and octopus that he did a couple years ago.
  16. so stop having anxiety over it,the tattoo looks very legible to me,and tell your colleague to shut the hell up, that's a pretty cool tattoo IMO. love it,embrace it,wear it with pride, and don't worry about what other people think of it.
  17. LOL not sure, I meant that it's ok for a little single outline,,,,,,,,,,, thing
  18. so take it off right now, wash it with anti-microbial soap, re-apply a new piece, then leave that on for 4 days
  19. yes, all of it will settle and fade.
  20. I would just leave it alone, it looks fine for what it is.
  21. please don't ever do that again,go to a reputable professional tattoo shop if you want a real tattoo.