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  1. so, keep it clean, put a little Aveeno on it a couple times a day, and look at it again when it's healed in 6 weeks. It looks fine, don't scratch it or pick scabs.
  2. how long ago did you get the tattoo done ?
  3. WTF are you even talking about !? are you just posting non sensical posts to be able to post spam ? or what ? because your post makes no sense to me. if I am wrong then explain it to me.
  4. it looks fine, leave it alone, doing anything to it will F*** it up for sure.
  5. WTF ? what is a copy and what are you talking about here ? "with mahogany oil."
  6. yes it is,let it heal for a couple months, the scabbing and milky look will go away. don't pick at it, put on a light coat of Aveeno a couple times a day. it will be fine.
  7. this is a question for her doctor to answer.
  8. I got my conceal carry permit in 2021, yes, we need a permit in California, we can have 3 on our permit, I carry one of these everyday,
  9. tattoos settle more and more over the years, like I said it looks fine, now stop worrying about it and stop looking at it with a magnifying glass ,enjoy it ,and start planning your next tattoo.
  10. Hi, and welcome, it will never look like it did when you first got it done, it looks like it is settling in normally, it looks good IMO doesn't look like blowout to me.
  11. Dan


    Hello ! what cha doin ? OH ya ! I am completely naked right now, in this warm weather I stick a little to my leather office chair but that's what happens, ya know what I mean ?
  12. I can't believe you posted this crap ! so I highly recommend you just go away with your relaxing spam $HIT and earn some extra money at some other online site.
  13. so why would that offend anybody ?
  14. what does it mean or say ?
  15. I have both my elbows and knees done, honestly they were not that bad, my knee ditches were bad, I don't have any good pics of my elbows
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