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  1. hi and welcome,grab your martini and sit and stay a while
  2. does the lotion you are using have lidocaine or some type of topical pain reliever ?
  3. https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/f/17-initiation/
  4. hi and welcome, read here https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/guidelines/ it is 10 posts
  5. looks normal to me, put a little Aveeno on it.
  6. ya well,IMO he is full of shit, both my elbows are done,like 15 & 18 years ago,with no touch ups on either and they still look great ! and the same with both my knees ! they look just as good as any of the many other tattoos I have. I agree with @oboogie , go somewhere else.
  7. Hi, so the 2 pieces are related in a way,so that's cool,it looks like good work,was it all from the same tattooer ? best thing to do is talk to the tattooer that did one or more of those pieces,and tell them your budget too.
  8. find a good artist that is good at that style,tell them your budget, and ask them .
  9. Dan


    it's totally normal
  10. what is it suppose to be ? have you been keeping it clean ? shit ! that tiny F***ing thing should heal in a few days. did you do it yourself ? wash it with soap and water,put some neosporin on it and put a band-aid on if for a couple days.
  11. it all sounds normal to me,it's not healed yet,let it heal for 6 or more weeks, remember the tattoo will NEVER again look like it did the day you had it done and using aveeno is what I do,the steps you described is also just about what I do too. so relax and don't scratch the flaky stuff off,let it fall off and keep using aveeno a couple time s a day.
  12. our skin varies a whole lot on different parts of our bodies,a shoulder will heal totally different than a inner thigh will,etc,etc
  13. saniderm is a great product,I like it and use it all the time, but it can leave bruising,redness,and rash,that's all normal and will go away. overuse of aquafor will cause bumps too.
  14. I will be going Sunday 10/20 anyone else going ? in the meantime,here is some RHCP
  15. WTF ?! what is that even suppose to be ? is that a garage tattoo ? first thing to do is to NEVER go back to that scratcher again. 2nd thing to do is start researching a good cover-up artist to go to.,
  16. Dan

    I Need Advice

    it will NEVER again look like it did the first 2 days it was done.
  17. what lotion did you put on it ? alot of color will ooze more than B&G, and like I said,try a light coat of aveeno twice a day, and like @oboogie said,keep it clean, maybe wash it with a anti-microbial soap OTC from CVS or Walgreen, use the palm of your hand to scrub the tattoo with the soap, dry it with a clean paper towel and then apply a light coat of aveeno,do this 2 or 3 times a day.
  18. so skip the fun and the state fair and relax for a week or 2, get it healed good, missing the fair and a little fun is short lived, the tattoo is forever. keep a little aveeno on it a couple times a day.
  19. you know,I have both elbows,both knees,both shins,and all my fingers tattooed, and honestly they were all not too bad. bony areas were ok for me,I have trouble with soft fleshy spots.
  20. YOU'LL BE FINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Dan


    it's not as bold in the linework and saturation as I would want,but it's not a bad tattoo.
  22. no,it won't harm it in that short time while moving,the sun really won't hurt the tattoo at all, the main thing is it hurts to be in the sun is all. but it doesn't really damage the tattoo,I wouldn't sit and sun tan for hours LOL you'll be fine with shorts on.
  23. well yes,you do need to get creative with the saniderm pieces, and like @Gingerninja and the saniderm instructions say it's ok and good to overlap the pieces, and any clothing that blocks the sun is fine,not sure about sweats in august,but whatever I would just stay out of the sun for any long periods,
  24. did you use the sheets or the personal roll ? I use the "personal roll",works pretty good on larger pieces,