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    25, living in Wisconsin, military vet (military intelligence from 3rd Infantry Division) My G.I. Bill payments are late so I am 8 grand in the hole financially. I want to fucking decapitate everybody at the local VA. Just quit drinking alcohol. Saving up for my squidpants, yo. Also a doctor told me it'll contribute to a second heart attack if I don't stop considering vermouth and whiskey parts of the Food Pyramid.
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    Geeky stuff, playing Magic: The Gathering and things like that. I'm WTU on MTGO.
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    Currently a student, trying to get this SWEET GIG at the local gas station.

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    Great tattoo and excellent subject matter! :)
  2. I kinda like Bar Rescue. John Tapper cuts a promo like Paul Heyman.
  3. That movie is horrendous. It is the worst Adam Sandler movie since the last Adam Sandler movie.
  4. This is something I SHOULDN'T participate in, but I fell off the non-drinking wagon when my air conditioner broke on the 4th of July... Shit. I like that scorpion tattoo. You in Wisconsin?
  5. Okay. Have fun with your hate speech crap and your draconian gun laws. Why would you want privacy when you could have a spy camera on every street light? :rolleyes:
  6. Good, a 59 year old guy complaining about something. Who cares? Sounds like a guy who'd shake his fists at a cloud.
  7. I don't like Elvis that much. The movies are corny and he stole wholesale from Blacks. He's Led Zeppelin with a pompadour. The Song Remains The Same (Because We Stole It) Anyhow, this isn't that creepy, tattoo wise, is it? I still remember showing with a guy in basic training who had a full rib piece of a naked Green Alien in a purple vagina with the razor thingy from Se7en. Compared to that, this Miley stuff is like a 4 out of a 10.
  8. The proposed laws for "criminal association" are really vague. If somebody meets with 2 people, 2 times and receives money once they are a "criminal associate." So two people from a motorcycle club come in and get a consultation for tattooing. They come back the next day and get the tattoos. If you were that tattoo artist then New South Wales would consider you to be a "known criminal associate materially benefiting from association" and have the power to take your shop and license. Sometimes as an American I forget that lots of countries don't have things like the 1st Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech and association.
  9. I was thinking more of a Aniston/Meatloaf-When-He-Was-Skinnier. Still though, if this were Elvis I don't think people would have such a problem.
  10. I'd like to know at what point does "my bad" not work anymore? "I stuck a revolver in your face. My bad."
  11. Ah...Jumpin' Junkie. How are the knees? :p Great looking tattoo!
  12. I didn't really know how the golfer fit in with Abbie Hoffman and Elijah Muhammed, myself.
  13. My experiences on MARTA in Atlanta might have caused an overreaction? I just remember being told not to use BART. I know it is a tourist trap but I always liked going to Fisherman's Wharf.
  14. I thought Dan S was a Republican and that we "shared a moment" when we were complaining about welfare recipients about a month ago in a thread. Shows what I know. He traded stories during Happy Hour with every influential non-White since 1962. Did you ever share some rum with Vijay Singh while Elijah Muhammed smoked a briar pipe and told you who REALLY killed Malcolm X? What a turn of events! I'm just kidding. Those are some cool stories. I was only breakin' balls.
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