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  • Hey from Minneapolis!
    Great insight, thank you. I have an email into the artist to get his design thoughts. It seems like American Traditional typically has color but I think black/gray or black/gray/blue would really look good. Especially given the size of the piece. Bailing on the olive branch idea as well. I think some subtle clouds/wind will be fill it out.
  • Hi Everyone
    Hi, I just joined to get tattoo ideas and also feedback on my current tattoo cover-up. Thanks ūüôā


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    Hi Everyone
    Hi, I just joined to get tattoo ideas and also feedback on my current tattoo cover-up. Thanks ūüôā 3
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    Hi everyone... sorry, I thought I'd posted here earlier. I've found this site a few times over the last year searching various topics. I've never traveled and tattooed... so I would like to.  I feel like I'm still practicing right now... I feel like I'm getting close to figuring out my own styles. I kind of just try to do my best at tattooing whatever people want.  I just want to get better at it.   3
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    Tattoo looks faded and milky is it ok?
    The lines within look kinda faded also. 3
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    Tattoo is raised and itchy
    It's been a while since I have gotten tattooed. Probably over a decade now but I recently got a tattoo on my forearm 2 weeks ago. I now have bumps all around my tattoo and they started appearing a week and a half after the session and after 95 percent of my tattoo peeled. I used Saniderm for the first 5 days then switched to Lubiderm fragrance free since. The bumps are most noticeable on the outline since the shading is in black but there are bumps on the shading as well. Its pretty itchy but I 3

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