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  • Initiation - myself and my awful tattoo
    ^^^ yeah, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that tattoo. I don't know what you're seeing in it that you would want hide it. It looks fine. As oboogie said....tattoos are imperfect by nature, made by imperfect humans.
    Whatever you're seeing in that tattoo is all in you're own mind.
  • What are tattoo appointment essentials?

    I do something similar. I'll text my artist and ask if he wants a coffee or a sandwich from the sho next door. I'll grab it on the way in and we have lunch and talk about the next steps in the tattoo or just bullshit about whatever subject comes up.
    I actually have a lot in common with my artist, so we have great conversation and a lot of laughs.


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    The Burning Question. Death's been on my mind a bit lately, due to the recent passing of a good family friend, uncle, Ninong (Godfather, in Tagalog). But it's always near to the front of my mind, and not in a morbid sense. I think this has a lot to do with getting involved with tattooing. Skulls are all around us and I happen to have four on my body, including my back piece. And even aside from skulls, I have various other tattoos that are reminders of the transience of this life. Of course, the thought of death is a reminder to enjoy the short life that we have on this earth. At the age of 34, I've already started a list for my wife of shit to sell if I die and songs to play at my wake/viewing. I was also joking with my buddies about wearing Golden State Warriors gear in the casket, but probably not coz they'll likely suck again by the time I pass (fingers crossed i live that long). Then I joked about being buried shirtless so folks can finally stare at my tattoos without being too intrusive. This might be good inspiration to get my torso done, lest I get buried face down so folks can peep the back piece. Is that bad luck or something? Facing hell, if you believe in such things? I really don't even know if I'm planning to get buried or cremated and if there's a viewing prior to cremation. I guess I have more death thinking to do. Before starting this thread, I checked to see if a prior one existed and, to my surprise, i couldn't find one! When I searched, there were many tattoos related to death, but no dedicated thread. So here we are. I'll start with my the tattoo on my wrist from Jondix's 108 Marks book that means "death is an illusion" paired with my current favorite song track off my aforementioned Death Spotify playlist, "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison. I'm hoping this thread becomes an interesting one.   3
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    hello all, i can see a 10 post rule however would like some urgent advice before a tattoo booked on saturday im not the spamming sort so wont get to 10 posts that quick.  thanks 3
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    So I got my memorial piece for my Grandpa that I've been planning and wanting for years. However, I'm a little concerned about the tree. Other people said it looks fine so maybe I'm freaking out and over-analyzing it since it's my first one? Also, I know tattoos aren't perfect and trees aren't perfect but I just think it looks a bit off.. or poorly done or something. I also paid $200 for it so I'm wondering if I paid too much if I end up having to get it fixed by someone else (if it would even be fixable). It's fairly small (a little bigger than palm - a little smaller than hand) so I get that it was hard to get a lot of little details in there.

    Just wanted to get some opinions! 

    Here's the link to the album in case the uploads don't work:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Sorry the pics aren't the best - very difficult to take a picture of your calf! 3
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    New tattoo looks faded
    Hey hows it going, its my first post and i specifically joined this forum in order to ask the tattoo community what they think of my situation. So exactly a week ago, whilst on vacation in canada, i decided to get another tatto, i already have two but they are very small, this one was my first larger and more intricate piece. Once i got the tattoo, the artist told me to wash it with unscented soap, and to not put anything on it until three days after, something that seemed kind of weird to me as it appeared to be a long time, after the three days he told me i should put on coconut oil. So i did as he said, however, when i got back to my country two days later, as i couldnt find any coconut oil i put on some cream which had been recomended to me by my other artists and worked fine before, its a moisturizing cream called dermaglos, it has vitamin a, vitamin e, and allantoin.  Ive been doing as he said, the lines seem to be healing perfectly, the problem is that the solid black sky looks faded and milky, i know its only still healing but i dont think that will really change anything. Ive added a photo of one of my other tattoos, it has a black filling and i thought it would be useful to compare two tattoos that are under the same light. Unfortunately, as i said, i was on a trip therefore i cant go back to the artist, im almost certain im going to get a touch up in july however im kinda pissed because its going to cost me more money as its a different atist and i doubt theyll do charity work. I just wanted your thoughts and opinions on the matter, and wanted to see if you had any tips or recomendations. 3

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