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  • Acne Tattooing
    A lot of people walk in to shops with different kinds of baggage relating to their body. Some people are conscious about scars, some don’t want a little fat showing when getting tattooed, some are self-conscious about their skin color and others are feel that they’re too skinny, among other things. You may find that going to an artist to have an area on your body that you feel vulnerable about worked on may boost your self-confidence. It may, and probably will, change your perspective on that body part. Artists have seen an array of people with a variety of vulnerabilities and issues. Many have “seen it all”, as they saying goes. I have personally had scars tattooed over, on my chest. They are from surgeries due to skin cancer, and I had always felt self-conscious of them since I got them, For me, it was important that my scars were camouflaged within the tattoo. My artist did just that, and now it’s a part of my body that I absolutely LOVE showing off. What’s the worst that can happen from going and chatting with someone? You may end up with a piece that you can’t wait to show off, or you may decide to not go through with it. At the very least, you can express your fears and desires to someone, which could hopefully lead to some healing.
  • Acne Tattooing
    They probably have something they put up for tattooing "exposed areas" that would require taking off an uncomfortable amount of clothing - most often drapes or a movable screen. A whole lot of the tattoo community is SUPER non-judgmental. I don't think you're going to run into an actual problem. You're in your head about it. The tattoo is going to be cool, and you're going to have a good time getting it and maybe some day you'll enjoy taking your shirt off!


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    Blowout or scabbing?
    Is my tattoo starting to blowout or scab? Got it done 3 days ago. Please help! 3
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    This is my first tattoo. When the tattoo artist placed the outline on me it looked straight but now when I look at it, it clearly goes downhill depending on how I am standing. I was wondering if there was something I could add under it to either make an illusion or make it look straighter.  Thanks.  3
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    How to finish - collection vs. sleeve?
    I have most of my upper arm done with tattoos that have the same theme, but not much to do with each other stylistically. I have the Tomas Garcia dots (color tribalism?) topping off my shoulder, but I still have gaps, and I still want to "finish" it into a "half sleeve" even though it isn't composed as one. There is one more spot that's palm sized on my inner bicep, and a lot of fill in stuff. Should I have one artist do the last spot plus the fill in? How does this usually go?  3
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    I am Back
    When I joined Last Sparrow years back I was an Apprentice at a shop. I survived that lol but my Mentor did not he passed away, after that I opened my own shop. It is doing really well. Why I have not be login it is that I have been redirected to spam sights when trying to find Last Sparrow. I thought the sight was dead. The main reason I am back is because I have beed painting a lot lately and was wondering what you guys use on and what works for you - paper, paint, markers, ect. Tommy Phillips Noble Street Tattoo 3

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