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    Newbies mostly, come on all the time asking if something is infected. It's true, we aren't doctors, and even if we were, we shouldn't be dispensing medical advice over the internet, BUT some of us have been around long enough to know what to look for. If it's not hot, oozing, smelling, extremely painful, it's not likely to be an infection. That's just a fact. I'd be the last one to discourage someone from seeking medical advice if they were concerned, but there are indicators. Same with hea3
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    Hey guys,    Ok, so I got a new tattoo on my forearm about 5 days ago today.  On day it started bubbling, and almost scabbing over already.  Now it's looking worse.  It looks like its missing spots and some line work that was initially there on day 1.  I have 6 other tattoos and have NEVER had this issue.  This is a tattoo that was already there, but it was awful, so 5 months later decided to have it redone, could that be why its doing this?  The artist who did is supposed to be unbeli3
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    Is this tattoo healing properly?
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    I got a cover up on my forearm. The artist went really heavy and packed in a crap ton of ink within the blue rose. It was insanely sore for the first couple days, and the pain is starting to go away. The rest of the tattoo is fine. It’s just the blue portion and maybe a few of the green leaves that look dug out like he carved my skin out. At first it was super dry because I thought maybe I was putting too much moisturizer on so I let it dry out a little and it had these thick scabs and I took a 3

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