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  • Post shitty things you have been doing recently
    OMG...I am so sorry to read your post and feel like sh1t that I didn't respond sooner. My thoughts are with you! Our little Boston was given a year with two different cancer's LAST year and he's still going strong. Thinking of you. @Synesthesia
  • Post shitty things you have been doing recently
    Shazbot! Took the Hunley out for a Sunday ride. Started blowing headlight fuses, so headed back home after only 20 miles. Coming down our steep, concrete, tree shaded drive, all traction decided to leave and I stuck her in the woods near the bottom. Pulled her out with the winch on the wife's mule and soft straps. Looks like I get to touch up the barbeque paint on the headers and re-polish the right valve cover and belt cover. And, find the short in the headlight circuit. Ok, only a little shitty. But, Knoxville Tattoo Convention is this coming weekend, and I show the Hunley at WingDing the next week!


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    Image ideas for text.
    Hey. First of all I'm new to this forum. So, hello! 🙂 

    Ok så I'm getting a new tattoo (9.9.2018 booked) 
    And i have a specific tattoo base i know, but now i thought i want some advice/hints what would fit in  (my head is totally jammed) 

    So im getting these texts: Honor, Compassion, Truth, Wisdom, Courage, Loyalty, Respect.
    That is 100% sure, swells text fonts are locked in.
    But.. the tattoo will be dull if there is only text, and id like some ideas of what kind of image/ (s) would fit in with that.. 
    Size of tattoo is about Shoulder tattoo that reaches towards the elbow and to upper back and front. (hope you get the picture of location, my hand is swinging ike crazy here trying to show you)

    Will add a picture of the text fonts here aswell, where i got the idea from. (the text "seven virtues" might not include in tattoo, depends a lot of what filler / image(s ) i eventually will do.. 
    Hopefully i can get at least som kind of hints or maybe pictures of same stylish tattoos.. 🙂

    Thanks you in advance. 
    Oh im a Guy, and theme of the tattoo could be more symbolic, not just tribals and stuff 🙂 3
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    Inked - Tattooed in my own blood
    This video just popped up in my Youtube feed.  Take a look and see what you think. Link to Inked Youtube video 3
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    Advice on existing tattoo
    Hello everyone.  I’d like your opinions on this please. I’m booked in to continue with my arm, at the end of September. He’s a great artists, and works at a high profile shop. It’s recently been pointed out to me that part of a rose, I’ve already got, is a bit “penis like!” If you can’t see it, then great! It’s in the center and It is bugging me a little. Funny though, I’d never noticed it before and it’s 3-4 years old!  Basically, shall I live with it, or ask if there’s anything that can be done at my next appointment? What do you all think?   3
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    Price estimation
    How much on average will this painting cost to be tattooed on my upper back? Thanks  3

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