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  • Everence...your opinions?
    Not quite sure what to think about Everence, other than it's definitely not for me.   I'd rather get a soundwave tattoo:   
  • is tattoo to dark?
    hello all I have an update on my tattoo. I had an artist do a rework on my tattoo and in my opinion has done a fantastic job. she has Ellie done and some of Joel's beard but still has finish him and the giraffe,so for now ill just have a picture of Ellie and when i get time to go back and get it finished ill post a full on picture! This artist has added so much more life and detail into the tattoo I believe


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    Tattooing over blue
    Hi guys does anyone know how feasible it is to tattoo red or orange over blue?   That artist who started my sleeve went rogue with the colour originally and I'm getting the whole thing finished/reworked in the UK I asked for orange to get a bit more of a traditional vibe going but this is what I've ended with so advice appreciated. 3
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    Keeping the excitement on very long tattoo
    Anyone have any tips for remaining excited and positive about tattoos that take a long time?  I’m getting a full neck to knee and I feel like I’m getting burnt out. Over a year and 130+ hours in. Help 3
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    Everence...your opinions?
    For all of you who have seen the recent fiasco about Everence on Instagram, what are your opinions on the product?  3
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    New to the community
    Hello from Canada!  First of all, just want to say that I am very very glad I have found your sight. A tattoo artist in my area told me about the LST interviews after I asked him what it takes to get an apprenticeship. Unfortunately for me, apprenticeships are few and very rare to come by no matter how many shops I bother. That is why I am glad I found this site! The interviews I find are very humble and it seems that there is a lot of support out there for aspiring artists who want to do things as right as they can to get their foot in the door.  Anyways,  Here are some of my drawings. I will keep looking at the amazing gallery and binge on the interviews until I think of a question or something worthy to post.    Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Josh D 3

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