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    Tattoo infected?
    Hey everyone. First post! I recently got my 10th tattoo. It’s right below my knee on the back of my calf. Today, 2-19-19 is day 10. As you can see the tail is healing really rough. It stared getting scabbed up on day 3. I’m doing what I’ve always done- wash 2-3 x a day. Then lotion with aveeno after. I’m worried it may be infected. It’s itchig/ kind of hurts which is probably normal but that redness is worrisome. What do you guys think? Any advice is appreciated. The last pic is what it looked like on Thursday (day 4)  3
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    Anyone else going? I’ll be there Friday and Saturday at least. 3
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    Tattoo Opinions/Advice
    Hello guys I'm new to forums. I just need some advice on how will I improve or enhance my tattoo. The idea came from me but im not happy on how the artist executed it. This is my very first tattoo so I got all excited when i saw the stencil on my skin so i didn't notice that the tattoo is messy and unsymmetrical. Hope someone can give me an advice on what to do. Thank you!    3
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    What's happenin everyone.
    I'm looking to network with tenured artists and pick their brains about the industry, techniques, tips, etc. I've worked through an apprenticeship, but the artist I was under was not nearly as knowledgeable as I thought at the time. I've done dozens of pieces over the years and my work has increased tenfold since I've started. I've done tattoos in studios as well as at a renovated home studio. However, I'm looking at turning to tattooing as a full time profession. I've had so many types of jobs and I always go back to tattooing. So before I decide to dive in head first, i'd like to gather more information and shoot the shit with artists in general. My portfolio primarily consists of neo traditional designs, but I also have done multiple custom pieces that very by subject. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your responses. Later 3

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