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    Japanese font in tattoo design
    Hi! So I’m planning to tattoo this design I made on my forearm(as in the attached image-about 18x6 cm) But something that I was wondering about was the font to use with the Japanese letters, as they are going to be quite small my tattoo artist advised me that we should find a font that’s less like brush strokes so my question is if somebody has an idea for a font which would fit the overall theme but will not fade badly and will be more easily tattooed  Thanks  P.S I kno3
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    How to design a tat?
    I am fairly new to tattoos in general and am very new to trying to design one myself.  First thing, I have zero artistic ability, I probably couldn't draw a straight line with a ruler!  I have an idea what I want to have added to one of the few tattoos I do have, but I don't know how to adequately describe it to an tattoo artist, which will lead to them becoming frustrated and charging extra or me getting something I REALLY didn't want...forever.  I assume I can always hire somebody to do it for3
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    I have witnessed a tattoo artist soliciting business from a group of middle school age ( 11, 12, 13) children in the state of florida. I feel this is morally repugnant, but need to know if it is illegal, can that be prosecuted, or grounds for revocation of her license?  3
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    New tattoo darkness
    Hello I got a new tattoo it will be about 2 weeks tomorrow since I've gotten it. It still looks a bit dark for my liking. It's black and gray. Will it fade a bit more given more time or is what I see now what I will be getting in terms of color?  3

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