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    that's a bummer! i second everything @cyoonit123 said. do some research and find a great artist. with the right effort, you'll find that there's more than enough great tattooers who are also great people. you should be able to rebuild some faith in tattooing pretty quickly!
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    Welcome! We don't judge here, regardless of your tattoos. You have a lot of different people here in different locations with preferences in different styles. Feel free to ask around for artist recommendations. There are a lot of great and trustworthy artists out there so don't lose  hope!


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    Hi All, I'm pretty new.  I have 2 tats.  (and had a 3rd that was removed)  One of my tattoos is pretty bad and gave me an extremely poor opinion of tattoo artists and the industry in general.  I know it's not right to blame the industry.  But I just don't know who I can trust.  So I'm working up the courage to let someone look at it and possibly fix it. That's me in a nutshell.  I'll be poking around here and reading posts to learn a bit more. 3
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    Hi from Southern California
    Hey everyone.  Brian here.  Just starting on a chest/shoulder/sleeve tattoo.  Here for community and advice. 3
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    Hey my name is derek so im new here i came here to post stuff and get some ideas 3
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    In the early stages of brain storming a Japanese traditional leg sleeve in color. The images/creatures that I wish to including are a Turtle Dragon, Foo-Dog(s), Oni and Hannya mask. I understand some of these may not jive well with each other and obviously would not include all of the above in the same sleeve. I know what they each represent and what they mean to me, but I am looking for some advice/ideas as to some combinations, scenes, or concepts involving atleast a couple of these creatures/3

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