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    Is this scabbing normal?
    Hey guys - just got my first tattoo a week ago and not experienced here on what to expect in the healing process. Got a little bit of funky scabbing (I think?) and wanted to know if this is normal or a concern. First image is 24 hours after I got it (6 days ago). Second image is today. The scabbing above the head stings a bit from time to time but nothing serious, not hot the touch, but there is a bit of deep red color around the edges of it.    Thoughts?       3
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    Apologies in advance if this is more common of a thing than I know, I just couldn't find anything in my research.  I got a calf tattoo a few weeks ago. Black & grey with large amounts of solid black shading. 2 days after I took my saniderm off, I went to take a shower and saw big streaks of blood flowing down my leg. Even though I moisturized before bed, I must've stuck my leg out in front of the fan while sleeping and it dried out & cracked once I got up. The spots this happened in3
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    Hi everybody, i got a tattoo 2 weeks ago, at day 2 it did look like raw skin on some spots as you can see here:   Overworked? Bad after care? I dont know, but never happened to me on previous tattoos. As expected a big ugly scab showed up a few days later, and by now (day 14) its still there:   When i showed it to my artist he told me to dry heal the thing so i am doing. What could i expect if the scab finally goes off? It will be fine with just a touch up?  3
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    Hi everyone. This is my second tattoo. My first tattoo was a hand poke tattoo and it went so well, I was completely fine when it was done which was about 10 days ago. It's in the flaking stage and I am not touching it. It's healing a treat Saturday, 20 Nov, I got a large colour flower piece done on my right lower arm. It goes from just above the wrist to a few inches below the elbow. The experience has been so much worse. The pain was quite something when it was being done but I manage3

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