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  • Mixing styles?
    Hi again,  So I found and put some kind of second skin on the tattoo.. it is oozing like crazy, and leaks out from film - should I take the film off? I was told to leave it for 5 days, but it looks a bit terrifying with all that ink and plasma dripping.. 
  • Hi im new here
    Here are all my tattoos. Most on my upper left arm. The kitsune tattoo on the other arm. 


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    RIP Bill Salmon :(    another legend gone 😞  3
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    Hi im new here
    Im just another tattoo lover. I stumbled upon last sparrow tattoo today and thought id join.  3
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    Whats going on with my tattoo?
    So my tattoo is a week old. And i hate it! Im booked in to see my artist next week but need some advice in the mean time. Are these areas blow outs or normal healing? 3
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    I have had this tattoo for five months now, and it just started acting up with really itchy bumps lately. Not the bumps that look like little pimples, but little-swollen bumps that itch and seem to kind of implode and start peeling (I use the term implode because they look like they popped, the way they dry and hollow lie an emptied pimple, but there is never any pus). I got the tattoo done at a reputable shop, and I watched the artist use new fresh needles, so I don't understand what this is or where it came from. Should I go to a dermatologist? (itchy, but not painful) 3

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