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    Are blow outs preventable ?
    Had some tattoos on my inside wrist 3 weeks ago and they are just what I wanted. However I do have some tiny tiny signs of blow outs but they're barely noticable , I heard some areas are more prone to them especially where the skin is very thin ( such as inner wrists ) Is there anything I can do in future to prevent it ? 3
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    How not to heal. 😂
    Saw this on Monday Malarky on Instagram. Reminded me of newbie posts.  3
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    What color?
    So, I have chosen my artist and what tattoo to get. Now ... color or black and grey? Can't seem to decide. The tattoo is American Traditional ... thoughts anyone? 3
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    Is this normal? First tattoo 6 days in
    Hi just a quick one I have quite a bit of scabbing by my inside elbow joint, just wondering if you guys could tell me if it’s normal?    also a bit of cracking and bleeding is this ok?  thanks      3

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    Hi; we are invited to watch these videos; and certainly there is something rather special about calligraphy tattoos with wording - often in simple black - in various, ornate possibilities, as Katie S. speaks of, here.
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    I think that everything is cool and correctly said, just one more important point, everyone has different fantasies and ideas.  And only a good specialist can give useful advice!  Some people want a kingpin tattoo supply for themselves, but at the same time they do not understand and do not know some of the nuances.  I believe that a good specialist is the one who can give advice and recommendations to the client.  Then you will definitely be satisfied with the result.
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