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    Inked - Tattooed in my own blood
    This video just popped up in my Youtube feed.  Take a look and see what you think. Link to Inked Youtube video 3
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    Advice on existing tattoo
    Hello everyone.  I’d like your opinions on this please. I’m booked in to continue with my arm, at the end of September. He’s a great artists, and works at a high profile shop. It’s recently been pointed out to me that part of a rose, I’ve already got, is a bit “penis like!” If you can’t see it, then great! It’s in the center and It is bugging me a little. Funny though, I’d never noticed it before and it’s 3-4 years old!  Basically, shall I live with it, or ask if there’s anything that can be done at my next appointment? What do you all think?   3
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    Price estimation
    How much on average will this painting cost to be tattooed on my upper back? Thanks  3
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    So I wanna get a hand tattoo...
    So I've only been getting tattoos for the last 3 years or so, and in that time I've managed to pretty much completely fill both of my arms. I got my first tattoo in sorta a spur of the moment thing. I had tried to get it done numerous times before, but would constantly cancel my appointment due to nerves. However one day I finally said that this was enough, and just walked in to my local tattoo shop and got it done. At the time I never thought I'd even get another tattoo let alone a full sleeve or anything revealing. But as I'd imagine most people have felt, immediately after getting my first done I was hooked and just started getting more and more in more revealing places each time. And then I got stuck. At this point I had never gone more than a few months without getting a new adition. But I'm now running on 6 months since my last tattoo. It happened when I had just gotten my most revealing tattoo yet, "a couple of flowers on my wrist" and my artist asked me if I was planning on going any lower. I would have never even imagined doing something so crazy on my own, but after he mentioned it the ideas been haunting me ever since. As silly as this sounds, I have nights where I'm sleepless thinking of getting a tattoo on my hand. I've scrolled through thousands of photos of hand tattoos and with each one the urge has gotten stronger and stronger. It even got to the point where I broke and told my usual artist that I wanted it and booked an appointment and everything. But then once he put the stencil on it looked so beautiful, but before he started he took a break to smoke for a moment, and in that time I managed to psych myself out of it... After that. I didn't think of it for a number of weeks, but then eventually the thought has managed to pop back up in my head to the point where I'm obsessed about it now. It's to the point where almost everyday I pull out my pen and draw the stencil he had on myself. It looked so amazing, and it managed to tie all my other tattoos together in a way that just made everything look amazing. However the big thing drawing my back are my parents... My parents by all means do not like tattoos. And while living with them I managed to get a ton without them noticing. However getting one of the hand is kinda hard to hide from them, so it would make it kinda rough whenever I wanted to visit them. I guess I could always wear gloves or try and cover it with make-up whenever I plan on doing things with them, or at least until I feel comfortable revealing to them that I have tattoos. But that's pretty much the only thing holding me back, I have a pretty stable career in an environment that is completely fine with tattoos to whatever extent. And I don't even live with my parents anymore. It's kinda just that I'm scared of the day that they'll learn of my tattoos and how they'll react espeacialy to one thats so revealing. I don't even know what I'm really looking for here, possibly just someone to say "Yeah go do it!" or someone to somehow snap me out of my fanaticism. 3

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