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    Darkened Tattoo
    So I got this done back in April/March of this yr and it turned dark. At first I thought sun exposure but my thigh did the same thing in parts. Does anyone know what I can do to help? I’m hoping in time it’ll heal better  the first image is what it look like the day after and the second is now.  3
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    Is this normal?
    Had my tattoo for 2 months now and a lot of it is still shiny and streaky in the light, is this normal I thought by now the skin would have settled and there are some raised parts      3
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    Hello guys how are you Great to find a nice forum about same interests Not to make this topic a question but I'm joining to seek opinion on a new tattoo. I know its fresh but i thought if its visible to know before than after On my new tattoo the eyes seem to be different size shape and expression https://imgur.com/a/2AemvoK https://imgur.com/a/2s2iqcU I couldn't post in advice section but since this is the reason to join to look for any experienced opinion if possi3
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    Looking at learning more about tattooing
    Hi, I'm NewDecrypter just looking at learning more about getting Tattoos and Tattooing in general! I have some tattoo ink that I'm looking at using at some stage to stick and poke myself from an online site but it has no expiry date. How will I know if it is safe to use or not? I purchased in 2021. I read most tattoo inks have shelf life of about 2 years but need more clarity.   Thanks! 3

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    Hi; we are invited to watch these videos; and certainly there is something rather special about calligraphy tattoos with wording - often in simple black - in various, ornate possibilities, as Katie S. speaks of, here.
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    I think that everything is cool and correctly said, just one more important point, everyone has different fantasies and ideas.  And only a good specialist can give useful advice!  Some people want a kingpin tattoo supply for themselves, but at the same time they do not understand and do not know some of the nuances.  I believe that a good specialist is the one who can give advice and recommendations to the client.  Then you will definitely be satisfied with the result.
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