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  • Cool stuff you've learned/gotten into/etc. thanks to getting tattooed
    I started getting my tattoos as part of a conscious choice to acknowledge my life changing drastically from an employed member of the work force who occasionally had health issues to a mostly unemployed life where I need to find myself and on days when I'm not sick in bed, re engage with my hobbies to keep me interested in life. In the last six months I've worked on knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, beaded bracelets, rock painting, wood painting, and as of yesterday, rock carving and wood carving. It's fascinating how all those art forms overlap, especially with placement and design. I studied a lot of Instagram tattoo accounts including the design and execution. I always felt like I wasn't as good at drawing as I should be to really be an "artist", but for whatever reason watching the tattoo artists sketch and plan their art has given me more confidence and hopefully skill :) Plus I love my tattoos and being able to see them on my arm is really inspirational to me, helping me feel better about myself, having something about myself that I think is beautiful and won't be gone in the morning like a good hair day!

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  • Take The Pain?
    I had a reaper done on my rib area 2 months ago. The 1st session, I was fine for it. I sat like the dead for it. I took 2 prescription percocets and I was good. Same formula for the 2nd session, only this one was painful as heck, good thing it only took an hour. Funny how 2 sessions with about the same conditions and I had different reactions.


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    voting for the unofficial June 2017 rose tattoo contest 3
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    New tattoo
    Hey guys I got my first tattoo five days ago and I don't see any sing of peeling or scale on it is that normal or something wrong and how much night I must wrap before going to bed please someone help me out please please reply and should I rub any lotion on it while wrapping it during the sleep    This is my six days old tattoo without any lotion    3
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    hello from the GTA
    Hey I'm from the greater Toronto area. Only got 1 tattoo, it's on my calf and done by Franz Stefanik. Looking to get a neo traditional peice in the future but I'm still looking around for an artist. So far I've been looking at Tegan rush at chronic ink, David Glantz at archive tattoo, and Evan Dowdell who seems pretty amazing but I'm pretty shit at comparing artists. Any input on who you guys would go to even if it's someone I didn't list would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be a ton of artists around and it's pretty overwhelming to narrow it down to the best.   Thanks. 3
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    Need reassurance lol
    Hey people am new to this but jist would love some honest opinions, I got this tattoo (pics below) last Thursday and was just wandering if the faded bits are normal, prob being over worried and should give it time to heal, but there bothering me as it's like some bits have faded and fucked off out of the tattoo lol please be honest I can take it 🙈 The first pic is when it was first done, the rest r jist now  just looks like on the 3rd pic it's jist ah to F*** lol     3

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