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    Snake and Celtic cover up
    Just had some line work done in the sunny Highlands of Scotland to cover up a 20yr old snake and some random Celtic flashes.  It's a big raven that's going to have a good bit of leaf and flower colour surrounding her in neo trad fashion  I note that four days in, the lines in my upper shoulder neck area have blown a bit.  May heal a little better but I'm trying not to stress and think that the colouring will sort it out... The area was a bit nippy and maybe my skin, maybe the depth, who knows.  I think it can be remedied in the completion - she is a big black bird after all.  Fun and games.  Colour going in on the 19th.  Quite excited about having this large raven shoulder with me!   Stephen 3
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    Tattoo of the Month December 2016 - SKULLS
    Another month, another contest :) RULES: The tattoo photos posted in this thread will be submitted for polling of Last Sparrow's Best SKULL tattoo. This is all in good spirit and fun of course. The submission process opens on the 1st of the month and ends on the 20th of the month. After that there will be an open poll for one week, which will close on the 27th, and the tattoo with the most votes wins. Your tattoo picture must be posted in this thread (both tattooers and tattoo customers can win) in order to qualify. Include tattoo artist name & tattoo shop with your photo/post. You MUST be the one who has the tattoo or did the tattoo. It MUST be a finished tattoo It MUST fit the theme of the contest   The theme of December is: SKULLS(Does NOT include reapers) 3
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    Hello from Milwaukee
    Hello everyone!  I've lurked here a bit & decided to sign up & post a quick hello.  I've gotten a few tattoos recently after not getting any for a few years, and I've definitely caught the bug big time.  My most recent piece is this Kappa head by Zach Black @ Riverwest Tattoo.  I'm really happy with it & thinking about seeing if he can expand on it & turn it into a half sleeve. 3
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    Lyric tattoos
    Hey guys, so I've started an american traditional arm, which will hopefully have a lot of music related pieces. Wondering if anyone wants to share so g lyrics they've gotten to compliment their art?  I'm thinking about getting a zippo lighter with the words 'long as I can see the light' after the creedence song. Although I'm concerned people may mistake that for a religious deal, but ah well its not and its for me. Also planning a guitar with 'simple man' and a 'sympathy for the devil' tat.  Also can anyone tell me how to post outside the initiation forum? All of my other forum options are greyed out?       3

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