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    Crossing International Borders for a Tattoo
    I’m considering a Canadian artist for my tattoo (I’m in the USA). It will be a large piece, so would require many trips across the border over a few years.  It occurred to me that I may have to pay duty on a tattoo!  Since it will be large and I will be doing multi-day sessions, it will exceed the $200 limit for purchases in a 48 hour period. I know one answer is “don’t declare it.” That would be fine if it was a one shot visit for a tattoo. However I will be making regular trips across the border for a couple of years (which I understand is a red flag in itself), and I will have to come up with a credible answer to “what was your reason for being in Canada?” Stating that I am going to Toronto as a tourist will look flimsy if i go every three months like clockwork. I’m concerned that after a few trips they may flag me and pull me aside and really quiz me. I’m not a good liar, and if they really press me it will be hard to account for my two days without saying that I spent my time getting tattooed. I could just bite the bullet and declare the tattoo, and pay the duty, but then that opens the door to proving the cost (tattoo artists don’t give receipts), and possibly identifying the artist that didn’t provide a receipt, and risking getting them in trouble. Does anyone here have any experience on this that they can share? 3
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    Mystery tattoo machine??
    Ive aquired this what was claed to be a vintage tattoo machine i cant find any proof or info on it anyone have any ideas??? If so any help would be greatly appreciatted. 3
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    Hey guys, i just got this new tattoo on my inner bicep to my forearm, it’s a Phoenix (Chinese/Japanese style). What are your opinions? I feel it lacks detail. Should I ask the artist to add more detail? If so, where do you think?   Thanks 3
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    What to do with this tattoo?
    Hi all,  Any ideas/advice you could provide on this would be a major help as I’m at a loss with what to do with this tat.  The upper half is a cover of an old black tribal that is just too dark. The red in the flowers has black ink seeping through them and, after a couple of lasering sessions, I’ve made it worse by making parts patchy.  I mostly like the bottom half but I want to do something with the top that would make it look better. I would also like to do something to improve the patchy bits on the inner arm (above the purple flower). Any ideas?  I would be willing to do some more lasering, if necessary, or could white ink be the savior?  Let me know if anyone has any ideas, thanks.  Steve 3

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