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    Not sure what to do next?
    Hi everyone, i did my 2nd tattoo few months ago and now it kinda feels unfinished/unfull,so i wanted to add another one in the backround. I have few options,like compass,world map,just shading or just to do another one near this one...? so i wanted to ask u guys for an opinion what should i do?   3
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    Hi! Stumbled across the site when looking for a place to discuss everything tattoo related, thanks for having me!   I was wondering what you people think about having more than one tattoo with the same motive? Two completly different tattoos of course, but picturing the same thing. For instance, I already have an owl tattooed from my shoulder to just above the elbow, but I always loved tattoos of owls across the chest. Do you think this is too much? What are your views on this? :) 3
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    Hi guys! I work in a tattoo studio in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Body piercer and laser technician! Hoping to be able to get some good advice and opinions 👍🏻 Caz 3
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    Hello, Finally Joined
    Hello, I have always been a big fan of the interviews. Decided to join the forum and keep this thing alive! 3

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