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    Need tatoo advice
    Good morning everyone. Here is my situation, recently i did a cover up tatoo of a lion on my left pec. Currently i have a full sleeve on my right arm. Even the the tatoo was done very well, i feel like it looks bad because its on the opposite side of my sleeve and its just sitting there with nothing to complement it. Currently Im trying to figure out what i can add or do to it to make it look like it belongs. I have thought of adding a clock or maybe roman numerals around it. My concern is that I dont want to have to do another sleeve on that arm. Honestly i dont want to go too far down in my shoulder. Please see attachment and any advise will really help. Thank you 3
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    Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts (May 2018)
    be there or be square , I'll be there Saturday, PM me if anyone else is going. 3
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    Help with new tattoo design
    Hi guys, I am about to make a tattoo and i want your opinion. Should i keep the word 'family' or should i remove it? Or maybe do you have another word about family and bonds. I like the style but not so much the sound of the word. 3
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