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    @Elerrina_7 Wow!!! That turned out stunning!! Congrats!!
  • Latest tattoo lowdown.....
    Figure I'd hop in this thread at some point! A sweet goblin by Kirk Shandro outta Easy Tiger in Edmonton AB. We were originally set to do a Dietzel masquerade girl but decided against it due to the weird wrap on the placement--half in ditch, half around the top of the elbow kinda deal. From an Oliver Bach repaint in the shop, but neither of us could figure out the original flash or artist it came from. I've seen Koeplinger and Bert Krak do ones as well.


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    Japanese Style Sleeve Denver
    Hey everyone! Trying to get some help on my first tattoo. I really want to get a Japanese style Dragon themed black/grey sleeve. I just recently moved to the Colorado Springs area and im not exactly sure who's the best around here. A few friends of mine have recommended people in Denver but none of them really seem to specialize in Japanese style. This guy has awesome black/grey pieces but most of his stuff seems to be American Traditional. This guy actually does have some nice japanese stuff (I like the orange koi a lot), but he doesnt seem to have much black/grey work . Does anyone know of anyone who specializes in Japanese style stuff in the Denver area? I've been searching for about a month and the 2 above seem like the best. Thank in advance! 3
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    Opinion healing
    My tatto look poorly healed, artists are normal as lines stay in this shape   Some places seems thick and faint

        Forgive my English 3
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    Hi there - I live in Chicago and have a mere three tattoos. I've gotten them all in the past six months; once I decided to start, I got the bug! Just posted my most recent one in the latest tattoo lowdown. My other two are below. The bird, my 2nd, is by DJ Pearson at Awaken Tattoo in Chicago (fresh pic); the hibiscus/clover is by Ashley Wollaston at Speakeasy in Chicago (one month healed pic). I'm pretty committed to black and black-and-grey pieces; no color on this skin!  3
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    Tattoo help!!
    So I want to start a sleeve and I've already have some skull and roses on my outter arm and I just want some ideas on what else I can get to fill in the blank spots like the inside of my bicep but really I need ideas on what I can get done on my front shoulder and shoulder... I'll attach some pics of what I already have done and show you where the spots that need to be filled in. Any ideas will help! Thank you so much 3

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