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    Piercings on children/babies
    Would you let your child, of course being old enough to willingly decide, get a tattoo/piercing before the age of 18?  3
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    This post is just for fun. I would like to complete my initiation and hang around so I'm posting whatever comes to mind. What are your thoughts on eyeball tattoos and blackout tattoos? I personally wouldn't get my eyes tattooed, they come with extremely high risks and are extremely dangerous. But I have seen them compliment some badass tattoos. Black out tattoos on the other hand, I know of them but I have never seen a finished project. My boyfriend's artist is in the process of doing his whole 3
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    I need some feedback guys. recently got a tattoo done that initially turned out great. I followed the aftercare procedure recommended to me - washing it 2 times a day with anti bacterial soap and applying a non scented moisturiser/coconut oil. However, after a few days the dark areas of the tattoo became heavily scabbed..I didn’t pick or scratch these tattoos and they fell off naturally. But now they’ve left pinkish skin beneath which I’m terrified is artist told me it’s still h3
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    Surgery and tattoos
    *If this isn't the best place to post this, feel free to move it!* Question: If you have a tattoo over a part of your body and you need surgery where the tattoo is, how will the tattoo look post incision scarring? I know the skin will be slightly raised/bumpy from the scar tissue that will form around where the incision was, but how will the rest of the tattoo look?  I ask because I'm going to be getting a tattoo over where they put my port in for my cancer. I'm worried if I'll ev3

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