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    Glad I found this forum
    Hey everyone, have been looking for somewhere to bounce ideas around as I’m designing my full sleeve. Partial coverup of a horrible 20+ year old upper arm piece.    Have found my artist and have design session scheduled in mid November, first actual session just before Xmas. Have a pretty solid idea of what I want but have some specific questions on some design things.  Can anyone let me know when I’ll be able to post to the other forums? 3
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    Hello! Joining for Design Help
    Not sure how this group works but here goes: I just got the lion tattoo and now think my compass needs something more but have no idea what. The whole arm is family oriented, with my two daughter’s names and my wedding vows. Compass because my family gives me direction and lion because I am my girls protector. Any thoughts on things to add to supplement the compass area? I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and have been thinking of getting something of that somewhere, but not sure if 3
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    Tattoo Peeling, Need Opinioms
    I got this tattoo last Wednesday and it was healing well. However, yesterday it started to peel and some of it came off while in other areas of the tattoo it came off more aggressively by accident. This all happened o my hw shades triangle you can see below. Now it looks strange and it seems that in the area affected, the ink has been ripped off or something. I also need to say that it’s a bit brown around that area, i’m not sure if it’s an infection or something. Please help tell me what is goi3
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    Looking for advice on elbow tattoo
    Would appreciate any help I can get. I have 12 traditional tattoos on my arm and have been trying to think of a filler tat to go on my elbow. My artist tells me he doesn’t like doing them because they usually don’t heal well and it has to be a design that will work. But when I asked him what designs will work he kind of shrugged his shoulders. What designs do you guys think would fit well here? 3

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