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    helloooo, need some advice
    i got my first tattoo 2 weeks ago and the colour looks patchy on the rose petals, was just wondering if its part of the healing or if i need to get a touch up. Sorry if it’s hard to see. Thank you 😄 3
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    How is this tattoo going to age?
    I posted this tattoo in reddit. And got people telling me its just going to turn in to a black blob.... I know this particular tattoo might not age well but its still going to look like a typewriter no?  Stressing out as i just got this done a few days ago. Artist didn't express any concern with the aging of this tattoo.  PS I could only post in this forum section. I'm not sure why. Maybe because i have to post here before i can post anywhere else?  3
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    Did my tattoo artist go too deep?
    I just recently got my first tattoo last week, and the minute I left the shop I noticed the lettering and heart on my tattoo looked kind of carved into my skin rather than tattooed. Now that I have had this tattoo for about a week I can notice alot of the ink is fading away and the lettering is looking patchy. I feel like the tattoo artist went abit too deep, deep enough to carve into my skin. What should I do???? I've been caring for it (washing and moisturizing 4x a day) like I was told to and3
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    Shinji Horizakura Whereabouts
    I'm trying to find shinji horizakura, who supposedly works at a private studio in NYC. I can't find any way of contacting him or locating his studio. Any clues? 3

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