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    HELP how would you FIX this?
    I had this tattoo done this summer and the artist decide to add "swooshes" which I was unaware of - but it looks horrible - I have to cover it up with makeup - how do you think you would fix / add to this to hide them? Thanks :) 3
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    Opinion on my new tattoo This is my new tattoo that I just got done yesterday.  It's not complete yet.  I still need another 30 minutes to finish the top left corner.  What do you guys think about this piece overall? Anything I could suggest to my artist when I finish it up next month?  3
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    What's your impression of this artist?
    I'm thinking of booking an appointment with her for a floral piece on my bicep. What do you think of her work?     3
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    Hi guys!
    Hi guys! I'm a 29yo tattoo enthusiast from San Marino. Here in Southern Europe we have plenty of awesome tattoo artists, but unfortunately there aren't dedicated forums and communities so I've been lurking here and there during these months. I had piercings in my teens but after my ph.d I focused only on tattoo art so now I'm at 30+ but planning to do much more and get more and more ideas here, and maybe give some advice since even if I'm still young, I've got some experience (some bad ones too, I'm a little bit of a stray so for two or three years I liked to try many different places.. almost 10 tattoo artists, maybe more I think, now I found my three studios :) ) Hope to see everyone around! 3

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