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    Hi I got my first tattoo about a week ago. Today is actually day 7 and one side looks darker than the one side looks like it’s healing good but the other where the scab feel off is pink 🥺. Will the ink be patchy there. I was super careful didn’t even stretch my arm or sleep on it    the bottom was before the scab fell off  3
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    just got my second bigger tattoo on my arm and i’m already in love with it!! 3
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    Hey everyone! Sorry for using this part of the forum but I'm really in need of competent advice. About 5 weeks ago I got my first tattoo which is mostly healed now. While it looked okay-ish to me in the beginning, many people pointed out that the quality of the linework is awful. And while many of the flaws are not as prominent when I look at the tattoo in the mirror, I can see plenty of them when viewing pictures of it. Here you can see the current state of the tattoo. I'm debati3
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    cool tattoo shop grand opening party
    I am going to today,looks like a good one, maybe I can pickup a little souvenir piece. " chucomoreno95237 "The date has been set and I’m cordially inviting you all to come out and enjoy with us a night of celebration as we officially reopen the doors of the revamped @sacredskintattoovs to the public. My partner @mike_chavez77 and I have taken our time and put together a very special place that holds the magic of ‘Tattoo’ it has been hand blessed by ‘El Padrino’ our3

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