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    So I have several tattoos. My most recent one was 6 weeks ago. I used Aquaphor for the first 5 days and switched to Lubriderm. I just realized that the Lubriderm I've been using for the last 5 weeks was scented. I was always under the impression that all Lubridem was unscented, but I guess I was wrong. Did I cause any harm to my tattoo? It does look a bit faded overall, but I figured that was just part of the healing process.  The first pic is my tattoo a day after I got it. The 2nd pic is 3
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    Possible infection ?
    Hello I need some help here. If you look closely, some parts of her face is ripped open and you can see the red flesh. It’s not hot to the touch, no fever no chills, but it was dry at some point and feel as if I ripped the skin apart. Could this also be dried blood that’s scabbing ?  3
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    Heavy scabbing
    So this isn't my first time getting a tattoo, this is the smallest one I've gotten so far though. I'm pretty familiar with the healing process and this ones about 5 days old now, it doesn't really hurt although it is sore here and there. It's not red or actively leaking thick opaque pus. It is very itchy and it feels like it stretches the scabs on it when I bend my arm. But the super heavy scabbing does concern me a little bit, I've never had one scab over this much. I'm also concerned about the3
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    Hi all, Was just really looking for some sleeve opinions. I have already started my sleeve. The full outline was completed in one sitting around 6 and a half hours. My artist reckons it will take 4 more full day sessions to complete. Forearm, back of forearm, bicep/should and under arm/ arm pit. My next session is in Feb. I dont have any of the other sessions booked at the moment. My artist is fully booked until the end of March. At that time he will re open his diary but appointm3

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