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  • Help ! Weird peeling on new tattoo
    I've had dropout on tattoos and it usually had to do with location - my knee for instance - i'm not a huge fan of the touch up thing so my advice would be to accept the dropout as a part of this particular tattoos 'personality'  of course you could also visit the artist and see what they advise - they might want to touch it up but like i said i wouldnt sweat it - particularly if the rest of the piece is to your liking - most often we look at our tattoos much closer than anyone else would ever care to
  • Healing time depends on the area?
    @Deepayso i dont think the lightness or darkness is what is effecting the readability of your tattoo - i was zooming in on it and i still have a tough time getting a sense for what it is - part of that is the placement but also design and application are factors - i'm not saying its a bad tattoo - not every tattoo needs to be readable from across the room - anyway - the idea of intentionally trying to lighten the tattoo is a crazy one - just live with it - enjoy it - and if you want future tattoos more readable go with bold traditional styles instead of black and grey

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    Hi guys, Got my hand / forearm tattoo'd last Thursday ( 5 days ago) it has just started peeling but lots of big chunks are coming off and there appears to be no ink underneath. i have had numerous other tattoos but never have seen this !  Anything to be worried about or nothing that cant be sorted in a touch up session? Cheers for any replies !
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    Hello all! I have found these forums just recently and am excited to be here. I am looking to get a tattoo on my back of a fox, and so far, I am loving this dude's illustrative style (plus his lines and color look really consistent/clean to me): Unfortunately he may not take on my project, so I was wondering if anyone else might know some badass artists around the southwest Ontario (Canada) area? Thanks for looking! :)
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    NY Times on tattoo removal
    The piece seems rather superficial, but FYI...
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    New tattoo and concerns with healing...
    Good morning everyone! I recently had a tattoo placed on the top of my foot and it seems as though most of it is now going to be gone or very very blotchy/faded.  My tattoo was done a week ago Friday... Photo from that day is attached and then photos of this morning too... The body of the moth looks like it's going to be gone and the feelers will remain, and the sides of the moth appear to either be gone or very very fuzzy.  Is this stage "normal"?!  I've read they can go through a cloudy phase and I'm hoping that's all this is? I have 2 other tattoos (shoulder and back) who never went through this phase so I'm very unsure. Thanks for any help! (PS - Yes I've been following the after care requirements to a T, and purchased the recommended lotion from the shop too).  

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