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    Hello All!
    Hello everyone! I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy as a photographer. I have decided to get my first tattoo right before this deployment and now I have the tattoo fever. I already have several tattoos planned and some of them I have even designed myself. I have TONS of questions, so hopefully some of you guys would be willing to help me out with my new journey.
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    Tattoo Fix Up Advice
    I’m a bit of a tattoo novice so sorry for the amateur question(s).   I have a tattoo of a star on my arm, which I am looking to get touched up. Some of the lines are a bit shaky so I’d love to get them straightened and to have the whole tattoo look sharper. I also want to add some shading to the inside of the star. Would this be something tattoo artist would be happy doing and could they get it looking great?   I live in London so there isn’t a lack of tattoo shops around me. I just need to find one that is credible and are also open Sundays (I work a lot). The shop I had in mind was Black Garden Tattoo ( Does this shop look good?   Would I also need to ask for a specific artist in the shop? Or as it’s not a complex job, would any of the artists be able to do it?   I don’t feel comfortable going back to the original shop that did it. Sorry again if this is a bit of a stupid question. I’ve had bad experiences with tattoos in the past and not getting the best outcome, so I’m really worried that it will be a repeat of that.   I really appreciate any help at all.
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    Help ! Weird peeling on new tattoo
    Hi guys, Got my hand / forearm tattoo'd last Thursday ( 5 days ago) it has just started peeling but lots of big chunks are coming off and there appears to be no ink underneath. i have had numerous other tattoos but never have seen this !  Anything to be worried about or nothing that cant be sorted in a touch up session? Cheers for any replies !
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    New here, looking for artist advice!
    Hello all! I have found these forums just recently and am excited to be here. I am looking to get a tattoo on my back of a fox, and so far, I am loving this dude's illustrative style (plus his lines and color look really consistent/clean to me): Unfortunately he may not take on my project, so I was wondering if anyone else might know some badass artists around the southwest Ontario (Canada) area? Thanks for looking! :)

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