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    exactly what @el twe said... keep getting tattooed! aside from the interviews here, there is a lot of great knowledge if you sift thru the right threads. also, feel free to share the tattoos, stories, and experience that you've gained so far!
  • Full Back Piece Experience Thread
    thanks for sharing your backs, everyone! @GraceAnnne, @scottyg, @Colored Guy and @Stephanie . can't wait to see the continued progress! hang in there!!! @breakthischain nice work! that picture looks fuckin cold tho! hahahahhaha. @cfmartin67... the main piece is amazing, but that smaller lady parts swastika is somethin' else!


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    Question about kneedle and thickness.
    I asked a favourite tattoo artist on what kneedles and thicknes he will do my tattoo   and he answered back in me with a 35/8. what does that mean?    The tattoo is a minimal line tattoo black.   thanks in advnace 3
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    New Tattoo Swelling?
    Hey guys, I'll add a pic later in the thread but I recently got a bicep tattoo, 3 days ago, decent size (a cover-up) and my bi-cep is the size of a ham. I had a similar experience with my forearm. Anyone else experience this? 3
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    Tattooing over blue
    Hi guys does anyone know how feasible it is to tattoo red or orange over blue?   That artist who started my sleeve went rogue with the colour originally and I'm getting the whole thing finished/reworked in the UK I asked for orange to get a bit more of a traditional vibe going but this is what I've ended with so advice appreciated. 3
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    Keeping the excitement on very long tattoo
    Anyone have any tips for remaining excited and positive about tattoos that take a long time?  I’m getting a full neck to knee and I feel like I’m getting burnt out. Over a year and 130+ hours in. Help 3

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