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  • Absolutely hate my 1 month old tattoo

    Any ideas on how to improve on it , it looks so thin, Shading i was thinking?
  • Post awesome things you have been doing recently
    Testing for my 2nd permanent brown belt in TKD tomorrow. My kids are both done now w/the tests in our dojang under our instructor and will be testing in June for their temporary black belts w/Grand Master Jung. I will test for mine next February. We were able to attend our instructor's test this past December when she tested and achieved 6th Dan, and then a couple weeks ago we attended the temporary black belt test of one of our students, and he promoted Monday so that was exciting. His son will be testing with my kids in June.     


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    Please rate my tattoo!
    Hi. I want to do a tattoo. Came across on this tattoo on the Internet (photo attached) and she's really like it! I would like to ask should I do it? Beautiful she looks on the teenagers? Do you like she's?  And how many points would you estimate 0-10 ? 
    P. S. Sorry for the mistakes,I use translator)  3
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    I'm a radiation therapist and I'm just here to ask a question. 3
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    Ballpark price of a tattoo i wish to get?
    Hi, i understand that there is no way of really telling how much a tattoos gonna cost, but just estimates based on experience and knowledge would be amazing. i will post the photo or photos of a reference tattoo to show you what I'm looking to get. The tattoo i want would be nearly same size, colour and location (forearm) 3
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    Tattoo thoughts
    I know there are many answers possible to this query and it is a personal choice... blah blah... but my brain is fried thinking about next steps.  Gimme some thoughts please! I want to continue down the arm, probably full sleeve but not necessarily in neo trad style.  My general leaning is towards wildlife, snake, flowers, maybe a bit of a horned god cernunnos thrown in... Would you go for something that has a full flow or just join individual things up.  It could be japanese I reckon but could it look cool with realism or black & grey for instance?  This was a cover up and although happy enough with it I really feel it isn't a finished piece.  But I don't need to tell you guys that  ;-) What would you do? 3

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