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    Hello from Ontario Canada
    Hey guys, new to the forum, Im a tattoo artists in ontario canada specializing in black and grey realism and color realism. Hope to be a valued part of the community!   3
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    Hi everyone my name is Ben. It wont let me post this question to the AFter Care section. So I'm posting it to the only place it will let me post it, the initiation thread. I just have an aftercare question and would REALLY appreciate some insights from the experts on this forum. So here goes ...   Ok, so let me start by saying, I am incredibly sorry that I did this. I did not mean to spread my germs to others. I got a tattoo exactly one week ago and it was mostly done healing (a few sm3
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    Ink Stain on Skin
    Hello, I got my first tattoo of my recently deceased pet two weeks ago and was wondering how long the ink staining the surface of my skin will stick for? I've gently washed the tattoo with un-fragranced soap twice a day and it seems to be coming off very slowly and ever so slightly. it's not that visible with flash but it's basically little bits of ink stuck in the surface crevices/lines of my skin. Thanks! edit: i typed two weeks ago instead of two days ago oops 3
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    Tattoo for male to cover around the waist scar
    Hi, posting here since the advice forum was blocked. I'm seeking advice on a tattoo for males to cover a scar going around my entire waist. It's very hard to find anything suitable for males. The best I found was this image. I can't even tell if it goes all around the waist but it's absolutely beautiful.  If anyone can tell me if this is some specific style of tattooing.  The images are so vivid,  I would honestly like to replicate it but don't even know what to search for. Can't quite find the 3

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