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    Hello everyone, I have a question to ask you all. I have a tattoo on my right wrist and I am now on day 3 of getting it done. The skin is still a little sore, occasionally itchy, and occasionally oozing yellow fluid. is this normal? If normal, can my tattoo area come in contact with water? Can I scratch when it's itchy? 3
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    Is this something to worry about?
    Hi, had this tattoo for just over 3 weeks now. The scabs have been and gone, and I've noticed there are some white ish bits in some places. I'm aware of the 'milky' stage after scabbing, but the two white bits toward the bottom are lower than the rest of the tattoo like it's missing skin. These were also the last bits to scab, just wondering if this is normal or will need touching up? 3
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    Peeling or Scabbing?
    Hi all, I've got a fresh tattoo (5 days old) now. I can start to see areas of the tattoo flaking and peeling which seems normal, however I have areas of the tattoo which doesn't exactly look like peeling...it seems like it has peeled too early and I can see bright ink. Is this what is referred to as "scabbing"? or is this something else? It isn't full of puss or wet, its pretty dry which makes me think its not infected. It seems like the top layer of skin in these areas has just come of.  3
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    Coloured tattoo advice
    Hi All, was wondering if I could have a bit of advice on the following please... I recently had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago (photo attached in black) and I am thinking of getting another tattoo at some point, except this time in colour around 1.5/2 inches below the initial one. My questions are; 1. Why do I see things regarding the chemicals in colours not being safe, is there any truth to that? (I live in the UK if that makes any difference) 2. I don't plan on rushing into it, but 3

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