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    Extended healing?
    So my question for the old timers.  I got my tattoo, a band around my calf, 12 weeks ago and followed my artists advice.  Kept it under the tape for a week and kept it moisturized(still do).  It seemed to heal normally except for the back of my leg. It feels rough and raised almost like it's still peeling.  If this is the way that it's going to be, I'm okay with it, I mean I still love it and I'm not deterred from getting more tattoos. Is this still healing, is it normal but just on the lon3
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    First post!
    Hey everybody, new tattoo enthusiast here looking for a place to chat, post pics and compare and get feedback on potential ideas for new pieces etc. Churs Hmm are you only allowed one post daily or something? After this first post its not allowing me to create any new posts at all rn? 3
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    Tattoo pimple or something else?
    Tattoo is 3 weeks old, i got this pimple (or something worse) this is my first time i experienced this, thank you for your help. 3
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    Hey! New here but not new to tattoos. I've never bruised after a tattoo but most of my tats are on non sensitive areas of my body like my arms and thighs. I got a sternum/rib tattoo and seriously the MOST painful tattoo I've had. I don't know if the artist was heavy-handed, if it was the nature of the type of tattoo I got (super thick lined ornamental piece), or if my skin is sensitive but I am still SO SORE. I feel like I got punched in the gut. Anyways, I got this tattoo 6 days ago. I am 3

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