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  • Forearm "Life changing" ?
      I said a similar thing on here about a year ago when my boss at the time made some comment about me being 'pretty heavily tattooed'. Sure, compared to him and other people in the office I had a lot of tattoos. But compared to people here or people I hung out with I was still pretty green.  Now I've gotten something on my ribs and that was a personal landmark. May sound weird but now I feel like I've graduated a level in being tattooed. Soon  I too will go below the elbows. For some reason I felt that I needed to have some torso work done before I did that though.   


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    New tattoo looks faded
    Hey hows it going, its my first post and i specifically joined this forum in order to ask the tattoo community what they think of my situation. So exactly a week ago, whilst on vacation in canada, i decided to get another tatto, i already have two but they are very small, this one was my first larger and more intricate piece. Once i got the tattoo, the artist told me to wash it with unscented soap, and to not put anything on it until three days after, something that seemed kind of weird to me as it appeared to be a long time, after the three days he told me i should put on coconut oil. So i did as he said, however, when i got back to my country two days later, as i couldnt find any coconut oil i put on some cream which had been recomended to me by my other artists and worked fine before, its a moisturizing cream called dermaglos, it has vitamin a, vitamin e, and allantoin.  Ive been doing as he said, the lines seem to be healing perfectly, the problem is that the solid black sky looks faded and milky, i know its only still healing but i dont think that will really change anything. Ive added a photo of one of my other tattoos, it has a black filling and i thought it would be useful to compare two tattoos that are under the same light. Unfortunately, as i said, i was on a trip therefore i cant go back to the artist, im almost certain im going to get a touch up in july however im kinda pissed because its going to cost me more money as its a different atist and i doubt theyll do charity work. I just wanted your thoughts and opinions on the matter, and wanted to see if you had any tips or recomendations. 3
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    Hi all, So this is my first color tattoo, my 5th total, but the largest of them all on my thigh. I've been using  Aquaphor and properly washing it twice daily.  But it's still warm to the touch at times  and sore. It also sometimes stings, like I can feel my leg hair growing in and smells like a sour towel.  Should I be concerned and is it because of where it's at? I don't think it's infected but the warmth and the occasional sting has me scratching my head.  Helpful answers are appreciated  3
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    Hi! I went to a friend who is a tattooer( I know I know) and got a rather small tat on my wrist. A semicolon. At first it was healing normally. Then I noticed that I had hard large scabs and then started to notice the scabs have a yellowish color to them. Are there any home remedies before I make an appt with my PCP? Thank you and once again I know I know I should of went to a reputable shop and not a friend. I am so upset over this. I dont know if its something I did or my friend, but this is the first tattoo I got in a very long time and it has such sentimental meaning and Im so worried about what the outcome is going to be .Thank you in advace for your feedback ❤️ * you cant really tell by the pic but when you hold up a light to the tattoo the middle of both circles is yellow. I cant see any black at all.  3
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