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    New tattoo and design ideas to fix blowout
    Hi everyone! I’m new here! I’ve had this flower tattoo for exactly a week. I am concerned about it’s appearance (dark and cloudy in the petals). This is probably the most posted concern/subject - I know it’s not fully healed yet but I think I have a blow out.  I am am also wondering if my skin blowouts out naturally. Unfortunately my first tattoo (ankh, 2 years old) has a blowout also.  Does the flower look normal ? Do you all have any ideas for an add on? 3
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    Tattoo artist design
    Can anyone complete this design? I need some ideas. This was a coverup that went wrong. Any ideas on where to go with this tattoo? I am okay with color and love the watercolor designs.  3
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    I just got this tattoo a day ago and I noticed some lines getting blurry and I'm not sure if this could be a blowout. This is my first tattoo. It's probably too early to know but it's stressing me out and I would like thoughts on this. Any idea? 3
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    Hi! So before I begin, the idea behind my tattoo is probably one that would be laughed at because it's "cliche" or something a lot of people get. But I liked the look of it, and that's what matters most. So now that's out of the way, I just wanted to ask a few questions.. Is it normal for a tattoo to look horrible while it's healing? When I got home the first night and took off the wrap it actually looked good, even though it's unfinished and needs lots more work done. But days later now th3

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