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    New tattoo and concerns with healing...
    Good morning everyone! I recently had a tattoo placed on the top of my foot and it seems as though most of it is now going to be gone or very very blotchy/faded.  My tattoo was done a week ago Friday... Photo from that day is attached and then photos of this morning too... The body of the moth looks like it's going to be gone and the feelers will remain, and the sides of the moth appear to either be gone or very very fuzzy.  Is this stage "normal"?!  I've read they can go through a cloudy phase and I'm hoping that's all this is? I have 2 other tattoos (shoulder and back) who never went through this phase so I'm very unsure. Thanks for any help! (PS - Yes I've been following the after care requirements to a T, and purchased the recommended lotion from the shop too).  
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    State of the last sparrow tattoo Forum union
    State of the last sparrow tattoo Forum union! I think there are some great people on here who selflessly plug great info into this forum, constantly. Some have been around for years, through various fazes and transitions, some are new. I takes something from you to give to everyone else, so thank you. I am honored to now participate, while and when I have time and hope to be an asset to the group.  My 4 part question to all Forum users, veterans, and   (1) What is your perception of what last sparrow tattoo Forum is today? 
    (2) why do you participate?
    (3) what have you gained from it?
    (4) what do you think will make it better? 
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    Another Mixing Styles Question
    The picture attached is my half sleeve snow lion. I really, really want something and I'm ready for something new. I'm saving my right arm for a sleeve that will probably be many hours and $$ so i want to start doing things under this snow lion. I really like American traditional roses but I feel like the contrast of color and style would look strange right beneath this. Would it be better to do the rose somewhere else and keep with the japanese style smaller pieces below this? Or do I do the trad rose beneath this but no color? Pretty new to this...
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    Tattoo from thigh to ribs
    I want a new tattoo. I already have 5 but they are all small. Im ready to go big. Im really struggling to figure out what i want. Im not into skulls and flowers. Im just a Maryland country girl. I was thinking about the american, maryland, and rebel flags all flowing down my side but i feel like it will be awkward. My skin DOES NOT take color. Ive tried 3 different artists and no one can seem to figure it out. Anyone have any ideas? I dont want to go to the artist with a blank slate but im drawing a blank. 

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