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  • Issue with tattoo, can it be fixed?
    I had to learn this as well. I'm a perfectionist and I always look for flaws in everything and it drives me nuts. It's a good quality for my work since I'm in construction and my work is mint because of this. It's different with tattoos. little imperfections is what makes a tattoo a tattoo and not a sticker on your body. I had to let go of certain things and eventually your forget about little (mistakes) and you learn to love your tattoos  
  • Japanese traditional sleeve ??
    That's gonna look so awesome. Keep us posted on the progress


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    I'm dominique <3
    Idk what else to put     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 3
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    I'm so fucking stupid 4 real
    I wanted to get a star that looked like it was doodled on my skin and it looks like a big F***ing pentagram I didn't even know how bad it was till now!!! I need to make it look more like a star or just cover it up I'm so upset helpppp I know I'm an idiot the last picture is what I thought it would be but since my life is a fail     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk     3
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    Hello Everyone :)
    Hi LST people! I'm Alex from Quebec. Looking to get my first tattoo done and looking everywhere for the best one! Hope to have more info here! Cheers everyone! 3

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