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    ideas for existing tattoo
    hello guys ! i have a tattoo on my left hand. i need to improve that tattoo with a better look.. can u guys tell me about your ideas..... this is my existing tattoo.... 3
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    Hi Everyone
    What's up everybody? I'm an assistant to a a tattooer, and new to the site. I'm here to promote my artist, look at KILLER tattoos, and maybe learn some new stuff too! I Anyone else doing some PA work also? 3
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    No Lies Just Bullshit
    If listening to tattooers talk about tattoos, tattoo history, and other random stuff tickles your fancy, then you might enjoy this podcast:  The first one i listened to was for the Everence discussion where Tim Hendricks, Mike Rubendall, and Scott Sylvia were clarifying their side of the story. Since then, I've gone back to listen to a couple episodes with Brian Bruno and Chris O'Donnell and I'm itchin to listen to more. A few episodes also have a segment called "Shop Talk" at the end, where each person picks a tattoo from IG and they critique it. I might be a late-comer since this podcast has been around since Oct 2016, but hey... at least i found it! If you knew about it before, why didn't you share?! If i'm introducing it to you for the firs time... i hope you enjoy. Cheers! 3
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    It’ll be a week tomorrow that I’ve had my first, & big tattoo.. Since then, I’ve been reading into tattoos lately, & I came across an article about tattoo “blow outs”; now, I’m concerned if mine had a few in certain areas.. I am now in the peeling & itching stage.. can someone please confirm if I had blow outs or not? (Pics uploaded) 3

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