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  • Your favorite tattoo?
    No, not even a member of any tattoo FB groups. Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. For myself, I guess it would be the cameo of my wife. It came out just perfect.
  • Your favorite tattoo?
    I don't know how to answer this without lying, sounding like a douche, or both. I have several I could choose.  I'll narrow it down to the first one I got that my wife also got that is a stick figure faimly portrait I drew her for mother's day or the dragon I got at Three Tides in Tokyo- both for obvious and different reasons. 


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    Hi, so as the title says, this is my first tattoo, so I don't really have any idea if what I'm experiencing is normal or not. I've tried to capture the tattoo in as best detail as I can. As you can see, the point towards the bottom seems to be a bit patchy (and so some extent the one on the right of the image too), and the point on the left is more of a solid black. I have only had the tattoo for a few days, and know that it takes up to a few months for it to heal entirely, but I was just w3
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    I've been healing my tattoo for 17 days now, but the black is still looking pretty blotchy/patchy.  As this is my first tattoo I don't know if this is normal or not. Any advics and input would be greatly appreciated!  3
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    So, long story short, I've been going to the same artist since 18. I love my sleeve, I just got this part done last Thursday and I've noticed some black parts turning blueish. Is this normal and will it turn black once the healing process is over?    I cant seem to upload a picture.  3
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    New to LST and New Tattoo
    Hi guys, I've been reading LST for awhile and decided to de-lurk upon receiving my second tattoo. Here it is, I'm very pleased with it:   3

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