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    Hello everyone,so for the past few weeks i have been thinking about getting my first tattoo on and i have some questions. I wanted to get a small tattoo on my finger,little below my knuckles or in between my thumb and index finger on a hand. The tattoo would be a kanji sign for "three"(ill attach it below) and it would represent a person who saved me from suicide some time back (long story to explain in what way). I personally think that this is a good enough reason to get one and i also find it3
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    So as some of you may already know from posts of mine on the forum lately, im planning on getting a new tattoo.  The last time i got a tattoo, the tattoo artist applied the stencil but a part of it didnt transfer to my skin so there was a gap in it. What the tattoo artist did was used a pen to fill in the gap in the part of the stencil that didnt transfer onto my skin. In the end after being tattooed, the part he filled in with the pen was misshapen and didnt come out exactly right. Im not 3
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    Hello! I'm Luz, I'm 28 and I'm from Spain. I've known this forum for a long time and I've been reading your posts. I am a big fan of tattoos (I have several on myself) and I am currently looking forward to get an apprenticeship here in Barcelona (I am still trying to build a strong portfolio). I studied Fine Arts and I lived in Japan for almost a year. I've been there six times already! I hope this makes as a presentation for now, hehe. If I may ask for your wisdom😗... My tattooer didn't kn3
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    New tattoo - need advise...
    Hi there,  I am new to the site and I am hoping someone can give me some advise or to just tell me to chill out-lol!  I got the tattoo about a week ago;  I waited over a year to get this piece, mainly to research artists and to be sure about the piece itself.   Well I found an artist, his work that I saw was wonderful, and he has a 5 star rating, so I talked with him and made an appointment.  Well, I am not happy with the outcome.  To some, the errors might not be that visible, but to me it's br3

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    I think that everything is cool and correctly said, just one more important point, everyone has different fantasies and ideas.  And only a good specialist can give useful advice!  Some people want a kingpin tattoo supply for themselves, but at the same time they do not understand and do not know some of the nuances.  I believe that a good specialist is the one who can give advice and recommendations to the client.  Then you will definitely be satisfied with the result.
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