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    Hello fellow tattoo junkies
    I’m Mike and like all of you, I love body art. I’m joining this forum to get some ideas on how to build on what I already have and help you guys out too :) 3
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    Cartridge Grip Conundrum
    I'm a professional tattooer, work in a shop, licensed, etc. and Im seeing so many tattooers, many with years more experience than I, using metal cartridge grips and simply wiping them down with Cavicide between clients. Am I missing something or is this totally unacceptable? How far do Cavicide wipes actually go?  3
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    Tiny tattoo
    Hi all this is my first little baby tattoo of many, it’s located on my side, the guy who did it made the straight edges very wobbly, so i had it touched up a few months later... there are dark red areas i’ve noticed seem to not blend with the rest of the ink, so you think as the tattoo sets it will adjust? it’s been about three weeks since my touch up, still a shitty little tat after my touch up but i love it lol. i plan to get a much bigger tattoo on my back soon, but want to wait till thi3
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    Advice on finger tattoo.
    I've got tattoos, but this tattoo I've had done 5 days ago looks weird in comparison to nearly all the others I've had.  It looks blotchy, faded and generally weird.  The ring finger is the one I've just had done and the corona is one i had done a year ago.  I've had the corona touched up multiple times, but has always ended up looking the same.  I do live in a very hot and humid climate, if that helps determine an awnser.  3

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