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    Need urgent help
    I am worried about my tattoo. I got a tattoo two weeks ago exactly. And I can feel there is little bump on the tattoo under the red pigment. I have been going out and the tattoo was exposed to sun, no seafood, nothing else. I just apply the TATWAX during this course of healing. Need a advice.

    There is no itching at all but I feel like the skin is little tender or a small sensation when I touch it.

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    Hello I am very concerned about my first tattoo I just recently got 5 days ago from today here is a picture of the tattoo. Just wanted to know if this is normal my skin is popping out around and it looks a bit bubbly the skin itself is not mushy or watery or anything but just looks bubbly when I wash my tattoo the skin feels tender. Also have some yellowing around and oozes a little bit of fluid and it is tiny dots not a lot of oozing or anything it doesn't seem to have any color but my skin on some parts looks yellow under my phones light. Right now I have the tattoo drying I haven't put any aquaphor since this morning I have washed my tattoo out 3 times today since 10 am it is 4pm. Not sure if I should keep applying the aquaphor? Or let it dry?? Somebody out there willing to help me out? Thank you!  3
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    Hey, I'm new to LST forums, and couldn't find a way to post under "Tattoo Aftercare" as the only option was "Initiation." Anyways, I've got a few questions about my first tattoo. I got it done ten days ago at a certified parlor (sterilized needles, clean environment, etc.) Since 10 days have passed, I have not noticed any redness, plasma leakage, or bumps around my tattoo. But I still have some significant scabbing in different areas on the tattoo. I'll have a picture below (not a very good camera angle since it's on my upper back). The dark parts of the tattoo on the picture are scabs. Does the scabbing look normal? Does it look too raised? Also, as you can see, there are already faded areas on my tattoo. Is this normal as well, and is it because the ink used wasn't permanent enough? If it helps, my artist was a vegan who used vegan only inks. Also, I have NOT picked or touched my tattoo after the first two days of getting it (in those two days I was gently washing, applying Aquaphor and bandaging the area). Thanks for reading, and sorry for all the questions!    3
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    Tattoo Advice for Me
    Hey guys,  I just turned eighteen and my family and I are going to get a tattoo together. We were going to get a simple V but we decided against that and need some ideas on what to get. We would like to keep it simple and for the tattoo to be something that my parents and my two older sisters can all get that would be meaningful to all five of us. I plan on getting it on either the inside of my bicep, side of my body, or on the back of my shoulder. Thanks for the help! 3

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