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  • Hi there I have some questions
    This is definitely not a joke but shortly after I  posted this I contacted a shop near the shop he used to work at and found out he does amazing work and just don't have the ability to be in an actual shop yet due to where he lives  I do appreciate all the advice  yall rock if I don't see a sketch of the tatoo I am wanting I won't he going  
  • Hi there I have some questions
    Best thing you could hope for in that scenario is that you'd get to meet Walter White. You only use RVs for cooking meth.  


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    This is great news! Although it still amazes me that while they have some of the most beautiful tattoo artwork they frown upon it's practice as a society. 3
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    "Ohio mother charged after allegedly allowing 10-year-old to be tattooed by teen" "BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio - A mother is facing charges after she allegedly allowed a teen to give her 10-year-old son a tattoo inside a home in Bellefontaine, located in Logan County. Nikki J. Dickinson, 34, was charged with misdemeanor child endangering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to ABC affiliate WSYX in Columbus. In a video that went viral on Facebook and sparked outrage online, a 10-year-old boy is seen getting a tattoo by another teen inside a home. Officers told WSYX that the mom said she got "tired" of her son asking, so she allowed him to get a tattoo. Dickinson endangered her son by allowing him to get a tattoo in unsafe, unsanitary conditions, according to court documents. The 16-year-old teen in the video gives tattoos at home, according to a witness. Investigators said it's believed the teen gave a tattoo to another individual that turned into a MRSA infection, WSYX reports. The 16-year-old teen was charged with two delinquency counts of tattooing prohibitions, according to WSYX." 3
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    Hi there I have some questions
    Hi there I'm getting ready to get my first tatoo of many and I I have some concerns about the person doing the job at the moment the guy I'm getting the tattoo from doesn't have his own shop so he's doing it out of an RV is there anything I should look out for ? 3
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    Don't haggle with your artist
    One of the truest statements in life, "you get what you pay for"   3

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