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    hi I am new to the forum. this is the only forum I can post in. I am guessing that its ment to be that way for whatever reason. So hello. 3
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    This is the only thing it would let me click... 3
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    New Member with an Appointment Q
    Hi all, longtime reader, first time poster. Happy to be actually taking part in the forum! Had a question about appointment protocol. I managed to get on the list of a well known artist who I’ve been dying to get work from for years. I’ve been working with the shop manager (who is wonderful), but for some reason I’m not able to discuss the piece with the artist before paying for and traveling for my first appointment. I made it clear that I didn’t want to guide the process or throw in a laundry 3
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    Hello, newest ink, and query
    Hi all, happy to join! Got third tat, largest yet, that is 1/3 done. All going well there.  HOWEVER, I woke up today, 2 days after my tat, with a sore throat. Doc noticed some white spots on my throat and thinks it might be strep. Would taking antibiotics so soon into after care be a problem?  This isn't life or death. I don't have a fever or any pain. Just irritation when I swallow.  3

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