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    Hello.  Over a very long period of time, like ten years, will scented products gradually fade a tattoo more than if I went unscented 100% for ever? I'm contimplating using scent free lotion, scent free sunscreen, and scent free body wash to maintain my sleeve tattoo.  3
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    Dr. Martens Tattoo Collection
    I hate advertising, so don't take this that way.... I just bought OT's new dragon tattoo Dr. Martens with a muewari split on the toe. So. F***ing. Rad. I haven't had a pair Doc Martens in like over a decade. All through high school I wanted a pair; it wasn't till grad school that I bought a pair; they died a decade ago. And soon I'll have another pair. They also have shoes by Grez and Chris Lambert: 3
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    Hi friends! Question for ya..
    Hey all, Thanks for having me! A few years back I got this tattoo and feel like people have trouble seeing a waterfall since it's not in color. I wanted to finish the backside of this arm with the scene connecting and adding a few wolf pups and some rocks n trees. I think it might look better in color but I can't keep the front black/gray and have other side in color. So do I add some color to the black/gray and then get new idea color OR do black/gray to match the already finished front? 3
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    Hi just wanted to introduce myself   My name is Jessica, I'm in Sacramento California. So far I have 1 tattoo on my right arm and plan to start a back piece by the beginning of August.   I look forward to being a part of the community and learning from the knowledgeable people here   Tattoo by Guy Jones at Lucky Buddah Tattoo  3

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