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Tim Hendricks Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Tim Hendricks is a world renowned bad ass. He lives a life most of us could only dream of having, and somehow pulls it off. From pro skateboarder, to surfer, to incredible tattooer, to TV notoriety, he has encompassed all things cool in his life.

Tim and I have a good friend in common who's responsible for our introduction, Demian Cane. Demian has a body suit that I believe Tim has redone three times or something absurd like that, Tim finally had to cut him off. His tattoos are like that, they can make a collector act like a dope fiend.

I respect Tim Hendricks so much because he puts all the work into the tattoo and it seems effortless. If you've ever been fortunate enough to see this dude execute a portrait, you know what I mean. Most tattooers peck at them like chickens, where Tim is hauling ass, dumbfounding speed and ability rock his tattooing. Tim Hendricks produces line drawing books for tattooers, but he's also made power supplies, tattoo machines, his own needles, his own gloves and motorcycle grips, and god damn ball point pens just for tattooing. Yeah, they write on paper, but they really show their stuff on skin. If he thinks of it, he just does it, that simple. Tim has tattooed me three times, and my wife two times, one of which is a portrait of me that is so good it weirds me out. It's strange to see yourself on someone else's body. My wife didn't tell me she was getting it done, so when I first saw it, she said that I stared at it so long, speechless, that she started to think I was angry. Truth is, that's just my face, it makes me look angry even when I'm just thinking about a sandwich.

I have had the pleasure to travel across the globe with this man, and in addition to being a great person, Tim is also a great traveler. How well someone travels, in my opinion, tells a lot about a person's character. Tim has a great sense of humor and can tell a story like no other. This interview takes place at Danny Dringenburg's place, I drove down to catch him before he headed out to NY to start filming New York Ink. I am glad and grateful that he shared this time with me. I find this interview to be a lot of fun, I hope you do as well.


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...and that is one of the reasons i buy needles from this guy instead of some import supply company that sells $20 tattoo machines to any johnny come lately that can work a computer.

support the good guys.

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i'm only half way through the interview and my face is just glued to the screen. Tim is so interesting and the way he talks is kind of mesmirizing. haha. i really related to what he said about how tattooing at one point was a way to release stress and then it became the the stresser. wow that seems to be where im at right now with my cake decorating! i laughed so hard at what scott said when his customer asked if he wanted to hear his story of why hes getting the tattoo!!! ahahaha great interview so far!

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yes, a good interview. Tim seems like a grounded cat. " the fish has been filleted" and i'm sure its hard for younger people in this biz to understand or admit ( because we're all so tough and cool) that it is easier,that their is so much access. Its OK, It is what It Is. So, my advice to some is, instead of being tough or cool, Be Great,Be Good,Be Beautiful. Tim seems to be another beautiful dude that should inspire the smart ones.

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man that was a great interview!! made my day after coming home from a bitter ass day at work...."the longer i tattoo the more i owe tattooing"...super rad!! thanks for putting that one together

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great heart to heart style interview, for all this easy access talk, down here in europe it's still 6 months earning respect before i'm allowed to get my teach a cup o coffee or get the artists' their lunch while stealing with eyes and ears for every scrap of knowledge they care to drop and then watch me devour it and hey wouldn't have it any other way since growing takes time right

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I have heard his name a few times thanks to you guys but after watching this video I googled him and realized i have 8-9 tattoos in my ideas folder done by him. He seems like like a straight up dude. I must be tattooed by him

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I think Tim is an amazing guy, and amazing artist, with such a cool vibe! Everything he talked about and he's views are respectful to others and he has respect and is just worried about respecting the art. IF this world was filled with more Tims..it would be a much nicer place...and I have to add a much handsomer world...He is one hot ass man! Great story teller also! Best Wishes and peace! ;-) Heather

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his style is unique to him! no appointments sit down get tattoo first come first serve, i love using his saltwatertattoo pen

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Loving these interviews. Tim just rocks - he's my favorite tattooist, so talented, yet so humble - really admire that guy, super cool.

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Guest Juan Regalado


Nice interview after watching this i went straight to his website to check out his machines. One of the best interviews by far.

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