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  1. Vinnie Stone's Sinsin Tattoo shop in Antwerp . https://instagram.com/sinsintattoo/
  2. Well it's criminal that Alex Binnie isn't here ! Alex Binnie | Heartbeatink Tattoo Magazine There's so many great artists in this country check out some of my favourites Ian Flower https://instagram.com/ianflowernst/?hl=en Duncan X https://instagram.com/duncanxtattoos/ Tomas Tomas https://instagram.com/tomastomas108/?hl=en Valerie Vargas https://instagram.com/valeriemodernclassic/ Stewart Robson https://instagram.com/stewart_modernclassic/?hl=en Bradley Tompkins https://instagram.com/bradleytompkins/?hl=en Curly Moore https://instagram.com/curlytattoo/ Alex Reinke https://instagram.com/horikitsune/?hl=en Jimmie Tatts https://instagram.com/jimmiebss/?hl=en Lee Knight https://instagram.com/lmknight/?hl=en I'm also a fan of Claudia De Sabe's , Richie Clark and Jordan Teear but they have been mentioned already .
  3. Here's a great old picture of Dangerous Dan , Randy Adams , Jumbo , Gil Montie and Freddie Negrete guarding the shop during the L.A. riots . Freddie Negrete is the man but until recently I didn't know he is in one of my favourite movies " Blood In Blood out " looking hench no less as well . Freddies at 5 .28 if you're in a hurry .
  4. These amazing photographs illustrate members of New Zealand's Mongrel Mob . These Stunning Photos of New Zealand's Largest Gang Will Give You Sleepless Nights | VICE | Australia / NZ
  5. Jack Rudy on Tattoos' Stigma and Why It's Good They Hurt | OC Weekly
  6. @Rad Kelham Invalid link is all I'm getting .
  7. Hi @Beans yes I had Fibromyalga from around 2000 to 2012 / 13 . As far as getting tattooed I found the tattooing process probably a little easier as I was so used to feeling uncomfortable most of the time with the condition . Mentally tattoos also helped me because looking at them and finding out about the history etc gave my brain a break from Fibro and allowed me to focus on something each and every day that I really enjoyed which didn't wipe me out totally like most of the other activities I had previously loved . Particulary I think this site helped me a lot too so stick around and I hope you get out of it what I have .
  8. @ThatGuy I just spotted Martin Robson on the Living Art instagram page if you like traditional you should definitely get tattooed by him . He's English but for many years lived in the states working for people like Cliff Raven , Henry Goldfield , Good Time Charlie and Bob Roberts at Spotlight and in the words of Ed Hardy " Nobody tattoos Bob Roberts style better than Martin Robson , not even Bob Roberts " When he tattooed me I was completely blown away by his portfolio if you scroll down to the black & white sketchbook drawings on the insta page you will see what I mean .
  9. The awesome Theo Jak is at Infamous Tattoo Rudy Fritsch guests there too I believe Infamous Studio https://instagram.com/infamousstudiotattoo/ Drew Horner's Living Art Tattoo https://instagram.com/drewhorner/
  10. Voted and it was worth it just to see Graeme's face :)
  11. 45 years ago today Black Sabbath released their eponymous debut album .
  12. Pretty sure that ^ belongs to @asradin who has lots of stuff from Stewart .
  13. So much this ^ . All my new stuff is from recommendations in the metalheads thread so thanks to all of you who post in there ! Here's my very short list . YOB Clearing the path to ascend EYEHATEGOD Eyehategod Electric Wizard Time to die
  14. @9Years That's blatantly a @Stewart Robson tattoo I muttered to myself before I'd even scrolled to your description .
  15. Have a look at this thread also http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/4046-walk-berlin.html
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