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  1. My comment did not challenge Rudy's contribution to tattooing, or in any way question the longevity of his tattoos or his skill. It had to do with his observation of today's youth which I found interesting when compared to his own youth. Older generations frequently criticise younger generations for acting the way they themselves acted in their youth. My other point had to do with the way the endurance of pain is seen as a measure of worth - this seems a very masculine form of evaluation - and the choice of language 'pussy' for one who can't endure pain, supports my observation.
  2. it's funny that a community of tattoo enthusiasts would either have authorities who were beyond question or else hierarchical rules about who could question what - i.e. a 'place' for new comers who are expected to be deferent under all circumstances. Or perhaps not - perhaps this all falls under the umbrella of "traditional".
  3. Isn't it great when one's ideas are met with enthusiasm? The artist I saw was also stoked with my idea - but he only had an appointment available in a year and really, I will probably change my mind two dozen times before then! I'm thinking 6 weeks though is a pretty good waiting period - as well as the date being so significant to you.
  4. Oh! i was considering a swan so that where my tummy sticks out it might look like the breast of the bird pushing forward. ( and then getting the swan wings to fold over my back.) I was thinking my sticking-out tummy might never bother me again :D
  5. It's certainly interesting to see how they do age and I love how shapely the lines of her arms, and figure is, generally! I'm a relative newbie - still inspecting different styles and trying to decide what to put on my own skin so I'm curious about how different things last and what can be altered and what can't. You are obviously a long-time connoisseur with a deeper appreciation. Perhaps I will get there; perhaps I won't. :)
  6. @Dan I prefer the first picture here - the swirls over each breast looks more 'stylish' to me - but I think I also just prefer the work on the more golden oriental skin tone than on the pink-hued caucasian one.
  7. Possibly not! But here to learn? I'v been cautious of excess detail, fine lines etc just because I would prefer minimal smudging over time... Obviously I understand that this particular tattoo would represent a very particular experience and time for the person concerned and that he would therefore most likely not want to alter it for any reason. My question is therefore more general. Any input appreciated.
  8. Presumably the details of eyes, eyebrows, etc have run together so that there are now two large dark smudges for eyes - which themselves run into the hair. Also the nose and mouth have run together. It no longer looks like a face - well, not a human face. All art deteriorates - the Mona Lisa is dull and faded today, etc etc, but that doesn't mean I have to pretend that today's dull and faded Mona Lisa is better than the way it looked after Da Vinci painted it. Modern reconstructions of the original are quite something.
  9. If he wanted to (which I doubt he would) would he be able to do anything about the face of the pin-up, to redefine it?
  10. I love Dr Woo's ornamental dagger. Incredibly delicate and fine line work. No idea about longevity though...
  11. I shed plenty as my hair is long - but it's also black and so my shedding can be easily distinguished from that of Rufous!
  12. I'm wondering what people think of lettering that is done with negative space? I'm thinking of taking a six word phrase out of a larger quote that I like. Negative space lettering needs quite a large area but I'm thinking of having it go around my left arm (like an upper arm cuff) but angled to move down so that the lettering then spans across my left side, stomach, over my right hip and then around the back of my right thigh and then ending in the front of my right thigh. One idea is a large black band with the letters being negative space in it. However, bold block letters would not sui
  13. I have a caramel-coloured boerbull and I'v kind of given up on my black canvas sneakers...
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