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    Hello, my name is Chris and I'm addicted to tattoos. "Hi, Chris." I started getting tattoos relatively late in my life (25), but got the bug immediately. I was spoiled, since my first tattoo was from Jill Bonny at State of Grace and my first tattoo related book was Tattooing from Japan to the West by Horitaka. Not only was I dumbfounded by all the pictures, but I was mesmerized by all of the interviews and I got hooked. I started to read and watch everything I could to learn and soak it all up, but I found the best shit to be the interviews of the artists speaking their minds and telling their stories... dropping all kinds of knowledge that can't be found anywhere else aside from speaking with the tattooers in person. I found books like Underway is the Only Way, We Are Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, TAM mags, and videos from Needled.com, TAM videos, Tattoo the World, Horismoku, Tattoo Age, Stoney Knows How, Gypsy Gentleman, and of course here at LST. This bug has brought me to get an apprenticeship in 2010 and I come into this trade/business/industry/craft with the utmost respect for all those who have come before me. My goal is continue this passion without offending any of those people along the way. Like Kore Flatmo said in his interview, I know I'm one of those dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants. I try to get tattooed as often as possible, not only to keep collecting and feed my addiction, but to keep learning and building the relationships that make this community what it is. If you're interested, I'll post a list in the "Who HAS tattooed you?" blog comments. Thanks again for creating this great site! Peace!!
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    Tattoos, Basketball, Music, Food

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  1. Hands On

    Hi there I have some questions

    Isn't Timothy Hoyer traveling around in an RV or something like that? But, i mean... he would basically get his pick of shops anywhere he parks it.
  2. Hands On

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    You won't forget. You'll never forget it. The thought of it will make you shudder for years to come. But you'll still go. You'll dread every moment up to the session and despise every moment the needle is on skin. But that dread and despise will be mixed with excitement and stoke. Then, when you're getting that last wipe down of the session and checking it out in the mirror, all the dread will be gone and the stoke will increase exponentially. Enjoy it! But then healing. 😐
  3. my buddy's confirmed with Luxiano for Friday at 9pm. his appointment was initially at 7:oo, but he got bumped back. Initially, he seemed a little bummed, but i listed a few pros about getting tattooed a little later in the evening and he appreciated it. I'm also hitting up the opening party at ATAK SF on the Thursday before. Anyone else checking that out? DM me and let's connect.
  4. just gotta go back and get another!
  5. looking at the S02 eps on my Xfinity menu, it seems like this season doesn't include all the folks on the commercial or prior posts from Chris Grosso's IG (e.g. no DETH or Treviño). i guess the good news is, we should be getting another season?! bad news is, we gotta wait for the eps on these tattoo legends.
  6. Hands On

    Price estimation

  7. Hands On

    Advice on existing tattoo

    my bad. the blackout suggestion was a joke in reference to another recent thread. ignore me and leave the rose alone. it looks fine.
  8. Hands On

    Advice on existing tattoo

    the only two options i like are to 1) leave it as is or 2) blackout the part that looks like a penis 😉
  9. Hands On

    New To The LST Forum

    Welcome to LST. i don't see why your real name couldn't be Wolf. there are at least a few well known Wolfs, so probably a good many lesser-known Wolfs out there. you should just go ahead and have your name legally changed, to make things easier for us all. 😉 as far as tattooing goes, if something tells you that you're not done, then you've lost 7yrs of practice. have you been painting or drawing? getting tattooed at least?
  10. Hands On

    Price estimation

    get all the cherubs with blacked out penises. or is it peni? (pronounced peen-eye)
  11. Hands On

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Runs4fun ... who's the pupper in the pic?! FYI.. ;)
  12. Hands On


    Add that to the list...
  13. Hands On

    Penis tattoo advice

    whether he's trolling or not, this is the best chuckle i've had on LST for a little while. 😄 maybe i'm just a simple being
  14. Hands On


    nothing to be afraid of. Welcome to LST!
  15. I'll definitely be there at least one day, but likely more. No tattoos planned yet. The last couple conventions, I've helped set up and breakdown with Andrew at Raking Lights Projects. It's cool to see and feel the different vibe and atmosphere at those times. I end up spending a lot of time chatting with him at his booth, so come by and say hi and check out some amazing art from some top-notch tattooers. Aside from art, they also put out some great books! If you don't have the 50 States book from Chad yet, you're missing out. Pick one up and go get it signed by Chad at the convention!! I also have a buddy who might come down from Seattle to attend... he's hoping to get another tattoo from Luxiano. I'm trying to convince him to get more from other artists as well since he's never been to such a convention of heavy hitters and he has plenty more space than I do.