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    Hello, my name is Chris and I'm addicted to tattoos. "Hi, Chris." I started getting tattoos relatively late in my life (25), but got the bug immediately. I was spoiled, since my first tattoo was from Jill Bonny at State of Grace and my first tattoo related book was Tattooing from Japan to the West by Horitaka. Not only was I dumbfounded by all the pictures, but I was mesmerized by all of the interviews and I got hooked. I started to read and watch everything I could to learn and soak it all up, but I found the best shit to be the interviews of the artists speaking their minds and telling their stories... dropping all kinds of knowledge that can't be found anywhere else aside from speaking with the tattooers in person. I found books like Underway is the Only Way, We Are Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, TAM mags, and videos from Needled.com, TAM videos, Tattoo the World, Horismoku, Tattoo Age, Stoney Knows How, Gypsy Gentleman, and of course here at LST. This bug has brought me to get an apprenticeship in 2010 and I come into this trade/business/industry/craft with the utmost respect for all those who have come before me. My goal is continue this passion without offending any of those people along the way. Like Kore Flatmo said in his interview, I know I'm one of those dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants. I try to get tattooed as often as possible, not only to keep collecting and feed my addiction, but to keep learning and building the relationships that make this community what it is. If you're interested, I'll post a list in the "Who HAS tattooed you?" blog comments. Thanks again for creating this great site! Peace!!
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    Bay Area
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    Tattoos, Basketball, Music, Food
  1. as promised... 7 pics failed to upload. i may or may not try to figure out which ones failed and see if they're worth another shot. ENJOY!
  2. i was there Friday, a chunk of Saturday and just at the end of Sunday. i'll post some pics later today. did anyone get anything!?
  3. live and learn! and you already a perfect cover up idea.
  4. welcome! you'll find that there are plenty of dorks who get tattooed. how about some pics?
  5. i'll likely be there at least one day. no real plans as of yet.
  6. Tattoo Advice!!

    did a quick google search and found this collector with a few different styles. https://www.iamnotatattooblog.com/federico-italian-tattoo-collector/#
  7. Ross Nagle comes to mind, for Ireland. I'm not really familiar tattooers in the other destinations, but i'm sure some googling searches can get you some good thoughts. best of luck and safe travels! i can't wait to see how it all turns out!
  8. as i watched, it wasn't fully a reincarnation. he did use some footage from his original vlogs, but he added plenty of insight, interviews, and different perspectives from his own clients. it's a great video and i'm glad you shared! many of us do the same thing... looking for as much tattoo related media that we can get our eyes and ears on!
  9. thanks for sharing @JAC1961 ! i remember watching these when he originally posted them. he took a bunch of them down and i was kinda bummed. glad he compiled the experience into this new video!
  10. ideas for existing tattoo

    keep surrounding it with more, amazing tattoos!
  11. No Lies Just Bullshit

    Thanks for sharing! I'm taking a listen to the first episode and you're quite right about the completely different vibe. But it's definitely good stuff.
  12. If listening to tattooers talk about tattoos, tattoo history, and other random stuff tickles your fancy, then you might enjoy this podcast: http://www.noliesjustbullshit.com/ The first one i listened to was for the Everence discussion where Tim Hendricks, Mike Rubendall, and Scott Sylvia were clarifying their side of the story. Since then, I've gone back to listen to a couple episodes with Brian Bruno and Chris O'Donnell and I'm itchin to listen to more. A few episodes also have a segment called "Shop Talk" at the end, where each person picks a tattoo from IG and they critique it. I might be a late-comer since this podcast has been around since Oct 2016, but hey... at least i found it! If you knew about it before, why didn't you share?! If i'm introducing it to you for the firs time... i hope you enjoy. Cheers!
  13. Hello, friends

    welcome to LST!
  14. seems like this ship has sailed, but i tend to agree with @Synesthesia on his feedback. I've also been tattooed by Chad K a few times, who is known to work hella fast and I've never been disappointed in his work. He and Jondix finished my entire back in probably around 12hrs. Walter McDonald did a palm-sized piece on my chest and he just ripped right thru it. It hurts like hell while the needle's on skin, but the pain is fleeting. not to mention, slow tattoos hurt too! when you're past 3hrs into a session and working an already sensitive area, each touch of the needle is hell. Oh and btw, I've never been tattooed by THE Ed motherfuckin Hardy, but all accounts i've heard says he works fast as F***. I'm sure a buncha LSTers would take anything he could put out in 20-30mins. Advantages - you get done faster, pain doesn't last as long, more instant gratification Disadvantages - hurts more, probably less detailed
  15. good lordy... he is going OFF!! just completely tweaking out on the details. i hadn't seen his IG before today, but he's done some AMAZING pieces and yours right up there among his best work. maybe to keep up the excitement, you can just walk around shirtless all day and harness the excitement of tattoo lovers ogling over your back.