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    Hello, my name is Chris and I'm addicted to tattoos. "Hi, Chris." I started getting tattoos relatively late in my life (25), but got the bug immediately. I was spoiled, since my first tattoo was from Jill Bonny at State of Grace and my first tattoo related book was Tattooing from Japan to the West by Horitaka. Not only was I dumbfounded by all the pictures, but I was mesmerized by all of the interviews and I got hooked. I started to read and watch everything I could to learn and soak it all up, but I found the best shit to be the interviews of the artists speaking their minds and telling their stories... dropping all kinds of knowledge that can't be found anywhere else aside from speaking with the tattooers in person. I found books like Underway is the Only Way, We Are Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, TAM mags, and videos from Needled.com, TAM videos, Tattoo the World, Horismoku, Tattoo Age, Stoney Knows How, Gypsy Gentleman, and of course here at LST. This bug has brought me to get an apprenticeship in 2010 and I come into this trade/business/industry/craft with the utmost respect for all those who have come before me. My goal is continue this passion without offending any of those people along the way. Like Kore Flatmo said in his interview, I know I'm one of those dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants. I try to get tattooed as often as possible, not only to keep collecting and feed my addiction, but to keep learning and building the relationships that make this community what it is. If you're interested, I'll post a list in the "Who HAS tattooed you?" blog comments. Thanks again for creating this great site! Peace!!
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    Bay Area
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    Tattoos, Basketball, Music, Food
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  1. @littlefox1970 that looks like it was painful as hell... you must've been in quite the meditative state! i'm interested to see how it heals.
  2. welcome to LST!
  3. Nice response @cavies. does the start of this full sleeve have photos you're ready to share, or are you waiting for the right moment? ;)
  4. i'm thinking your other thread re: this same tattoo trumps this thread.
  5. hey @Youngjason... seems like your mind is made up, so our opinions on the situation aren't really changing much. but all is not lost! there are plenty of threads on LST that can help you out. search around and find some answers. here's a few threads you can start to pull. use the search function. keep pullin the sweater. best of luck!
  6. welcome to LST! looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  7. best thing to do is find an artist whose work achieves what you're looking to get, preferably in your area. then all they have to do is do what they do! bring in a reference picture of the style you want and tell them what you're looking to get. where are you located?
  8. exactly. a full sleeve would likely be cheaper and less painful, but definitely look way better than laser removal. think thru this next decision carefully and learn from your past. maybe get something positive that balances the negative energy you're feeling and make it BIG! that'll make your current tattoo relatively smaller and it'll be allllll goooooood. best of luck and welcome to LST!
  9. anyone going and want to meet up? i'll likely be there Sunday.
  10. welcome to LST!
  11. received my copy today!.. can't wait to dive in!!
  12. @Oiocha woulda been cool if you coulda made it during the Bay Area Convention Feb 17-19th! What are you planning to get?
  13. nice shot, @Iwar ! @ItsNewport this is awesome. i go with the ol' hat over the face when it's bad enough to grimace.
  14. I was going thru some old photos and I came across this album from the "Beware! the Yokai" show back in Oct 2014 at Empire Seven Studios in SJ, put on by Chris Brand and State of Grace. Thought I'd share. FYI... These are completely unedited. Sorry. Not sorry. Enjoi
  15. Mike Wilson did this dagger, snake, and roses on me at the SFO convention in 2012. included a #livedintattoos comparison of the day of vs today (wth poor lighting).