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  1. thanks for the replies guys 😐 This makes me kind of nervous about it. so the images i posted are correct then according to those rules right?
  2. So im planning out my next tattoo and there are three places im thinking i could possibly get it. lower stomach, inner forearm, and shoulder. Could you guys tell me if the orientation im planning is correct? here is what id like to get Here are the placements i was thinking of
  3. thou shalt look up "which way should wrist tattoos face?" before getting one. i wish i had done this before i got mine facing me. 🙃
  4. I only have three but my favorite is probably my first because its the only one i have that i dont really have a problem with.
  5. ive had to get a touch up before but it was with dark blue ink. after it healed it just looked like parts of the tattoo were faded. the guy at the tattoo shop told me my skin would hold on to black or dark ink better than lighter colors.
  6. Im not sure if its exactly what you are saying but after my first tattoo i got healed, there was a time when i thought i felt some sort of tinglyness in that area of my arm and actually thought to myself maybe it was an allergic reaction to the ink. i havnt really felt anything like that since then though.
  7. i only have three tattoos but the one that hurt the most was one i got on my inner wrist right below my hand.
  8. Hope everything works out for the OP. i have two tattoos i dont really like the placement of. i got them on my wrist facing me instead of the other way. when my arms are to my side they appear upside down to others. from the stuff ive read on the internet and this thread it seems like its not a guarantee that it can be fully removed. Also one of mine is in blue ink which i think is harder to remove. they are both kind of small, maybe about 2 square inches. one is shaped in a way that i think i can maybe get a black tetris block tattoo to cover it perfectly. im not sure about a cover
  9. do you think you can point out where the shaky lines are in the picture i posted? and maybe post pictures of tattoos where the plain lines are cleaner quality? also i was wondering is plain lines the name of the style of that type of tattoo? if i was looking for a tattoo artist who specialized in that type of style what would it be called?
  10. thanks for the help. im not sure if im going to use that artist.
  11. here is what id like to get but without the red or yellow sort of like this here are a few cartoon type tattoos done by the artist i was thinking about using.
  12. Are you sure there is no rule about placement? it seems like theres a lot of stuff on the internet that says that if its facing you than its considered upside down. Can others comment on this? I was thinking of getting the guy who gave me my first tattoo to do my next one. Hes been tattoing for 15 years. the guy who gave me my last two that didnt come out exactly right has only been tattoing for two. do you think this is a bad idea?
  13. Hi im new to the forum. i have three tattoos i got from the same shop. not all of mine are that great. heres how my experiences have been so far... first tattoo - a person i knew died and i got their name on my arm. it came out good. the only thing i sort of wish i did differently was not get the entire name in capital letters but that doesnt really bother me. second tattoo - got another lettering tattoo on my right wrist in dark blue ink. the placement didnt come out as straight as i wanted it but i kind of blame myself for misjudging the stencil and being worried i was goi
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