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  1. That is a healing tattoo. Just keep it clean and let it heal.
  2. Doesn't look like any squid I've ever seen.
  3. oboogie


    It will not go away. It will stay there. That's what blowouts do.
  4. oboogie


    It's a blowout.
  5. If you have severe anxiety, don't get anymore tattoos. They all heal differently, and you can't stare at it waiting for it to heal.
  6. It's healing. Just let it heal. Quit examining it with a magnifying glass.
  7. Everyone has to start on the initiation page. It's nothing to do with karma. It prevents spammers, and this place gets a lot of spam. Make an appointment. He will finalize your design if he knows he is going to get paid. If you don't have an appointment, you could just walk away, so why waste his time?
  8. Just enjoy it. It doesn't change the meaning. And yes, stencils are always reversed.
  9. I love all of my tattoos. But I think the one by Richard Stell is extra special since he is no longer with us.
  10. Slap it if it is itchy. Looks totally normal.
  11. it doesn't look great. If it is warm to the touch and oozing, I'd really go see a doctor immediately. I've had an infected tattoo, and it isn't something you want to mess around with.
  12. I think he's kind of awesome, @Hogrider. 🤣
  13. As @SStu said, read the forum rules. I have reported your post.