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  1. I love Sailor Jerry stuff. I have a lot of American traditional tattoos, so I think that is a great idea.
  2. It looks like a healing tattoo.
  3. oboogie

    New tattoo

    We need to see some of his coverups. Just because he says he can do it doesn't mean he actually can.
  4. Good to know. After my brutal knee heal, it'll be a few months before I get tattooed again, but it does need to be touched up, and we're supposed to be adding fillers and stars and dots. I'm going to get a fresh bottle of cocoa butter and start using it! Thanks, @Hogrider!
  5. Same. If I trust the artist (and I do trust the guy who has done 99% of my tattoos), tell him roughly what you want and let them do their thing. Micromanaging a talented artist is gross, and you will end up annoying the artist like you did this person. Hope you can find someone else to tattoo you. Good luck.
  6. oboogie

    New tattoo

    You have to wait for it to heal. Just wait and find someone who won't f*ck it up more. You think you hate it now? Rush into "fixing it," and you will REALLY hate it. P.S. It's not perfect, but it isn't THAT bad. We've seen so much worse—SO MUCH worse.
  7. Post a photo. But as @Hogrider said, do not start futzing with it now. Just let it heal, then go to a good coverup artist later. You'll be OK. I promise.
  8. What he said. Those photos look altered and very curated. They must not look so great if they have to edit them that much. Look somewhere else.
  9. There is no such thing as a tattoo reduction. What are you even talking about? This appears to be pure spam. Go away.
  10. Thanks, @Hogrider. Yeah. Both sinus and tattoo infected. On two antibiotics now. Ugh. I was so careful about keeping it clean. Ah, well. You live and you learn.
  11. I'm going to the doctor today to make sure it isn't infected (I also have a sinus infection so two birds/one stone.). This one has been such a nightmare to heal. 😭
  12. My elbows healed fine. The knee is a different matter. It's better today. Yeah, I drove three hours each way. I've been walking on it, too.
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