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  1. Hi! Conflicted after first tattoo

    Are you SURE? I don't want you to regret anything again. Hahaha.
  2. New here & to tattoos

    This is what I came to say. No. Way. Jo. Se.
  3. Sending all the love in the world. @Gingerninja. <3
  4. The place where my artist works doesn't allow anyone to come back with you anymore. I live in a college town, and sorority girls come in in packs to get a tiny tattoo and fourteen girls want to come back with them. So they just had to say no one could come back. My Mom and I got Mother-Daughter tattoos this past Saturday, and she had to be back there by herself. I know my artist well, and they had a good chat, but I still would have liked to be there. Sorority girls and frat boys ruin everything.
  5. Hello, a new ink freak

  6. Hi Everyone

  7. Hello - Looking for Advice!

    Not a lot can be done about it now. Just enjoy it for what it is and get more tattoos!
  8. Introduction!

  9. What’s wrong with my tattoo?

    Huh? You sound like a bot. Where did this person say they liked it?
  10. Hello, + a quick question about motives

    I have numerous skills, numerous eyes, numerous birds. Just get what you like.
  11. Another question about foot tattoo experience

    I have both feet done. It was brutal at the time, but they healed pretty easily. Love them now.
  12. Is it time to use lotion

    Don't over moisturize. You can smother it and prevent it from healing, as @Gingerninja said.
  13. How's it goin?