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  1. What to do with this tattoo?

    We are mostly collectors, not artists. I tend to agree with Hogrider. Start with some laser.
  2. New tattoo 😁

    I like it. Nice tattoo.
  3. Never had a stencil ready a day or two in advance. I see it when I arrive. That's totally normal.
  4. How can I avoid tattoo peeling?

    That wasn't done in a shop, was it?
  5. Coverup advice

    I'd talk to an artist about how to cover it up. We're just tattoo fans, not artists.
  6. New tattoo all black...not gradient...

    Way too early to worry about all that. Just let it heal then figure out what to do next.
  7. Question about kneedle and thickness.

    Ask him. We are tattoo fans here, not tattoo artists (for the most part). Just ask him to explain.
  8. New Tattoo Swelling?

  9. New and seeking advice

    It looks good to me. Just let it heal.
  10. New and looking for some advice

    You're over-doing the after care. Just leave it alone and let it heal.
  11. Tattoo Ink Question - Can't post elsewhere yet

    Some artists will say they use what they use, but you may find someone who uses the kind of ink you want. Welcome.
  12. New to this,...

    It is 10 posts, not 5. Welcome.
  13. Tattoo advise from native speakers

    This. It won't be there long enough for it to matter.
  14. New here & to tattoos

    You aren't. I'm 45.
  15. Hi! Conflicted after first tattoo

    Are you SURE? I don't want you to regret anything again. Hahaha.