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  1. Yeah, Hogrider is right. Just enjoy your tattoo. Quit staring at it with a microscope. You will hate it more if you have the artist start futzing with it. I have NEVER looked at any of my many, many tattoos with such scrutiny. It is an art form, FFS. Enjoy your art. Stop obsessing.
  2. This forum is not for scratchers. Read the rules.
  3. Just let it dry heal. Keep it clean and don't put anything on it. Slap it if it itches.
  4. Not judging you. Nurse or not, people pick at tattoos all the time.
  5. Did you remove the scab, or did it actually fall off?
  6. It looks like you are putting way too much cream/Aquaphor/whatever on it. You are smothering it. If there is no pus and it isn't hot to the touch, it probably isn't infected. Just keep it clean and let it heal. Stop putting so much stuff on it.
  7. Keep it clean, but don't keep futzing with it and putting too much stuff on it. I'd just wash it a couple times of day and maybe use a dab of lotion once a day. I dry heal—I just keep it clean with Dial Gold (maybe wash it twice a day), and let it heal. I don't put anything on it.
  8. I'd just keep it clean and stop putting anything on it. Looks like you might be putting too much stuff on it.
  9. I don't think so. It will be difficult to correct. Maybe just live with it for a while and get it covered up by someone who specializes in coverups? That seems the best bet. I'm sorry that happened.
  10. I am so sorry. We have an 11.5 year old Great Dane who is getting close. It's so hard.
  11. She. But I'm glad we agree. 🙂
  12. Just keep it clean and let it heal. And please quit staring at it. 😉
  13. Remove it. Once it is breached, it isn't effective anymore.
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