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  1. Either leave it or get it lasered off and start all over. Nothing is going to make it not look like a giant spot of black ink.
  2. I've had an enormous half sleeve done in six hours, so there is no way on earth that will take that long unless you have the world's slowest tattoo artist. I'd think less than two hours.
  3. Any reputable artist will do this. If you aren't sure about her, I wouldn't go back.
  4. You need to let it go, as @Gingerninja and @Alicia said. This obsessing is unhealthy and unproductive. Just enjoy your tattoo and start planning your next one.
  5. That's way too much. I don't like that at all. It's up to you, of course, but I'd give your ideas to your tattoo artist, and let him/her take care of it. I don't think many artists are going to replicate that.
  6. It looks like two fishhooks. Two Js I don't know that it "means" anything. Why?
  7. I have all kinds of stuff all over the place. It's totally fine.
  8. Looks fine. Let it dry. I wouldn't put anything on it.
  9. I don't know who the blogger is or if they have tattoos, but I think you need to remove the stuff and let it heal. If it is sticking to the material, that means air has gotten in, and you should have taken it off days ago. It can always be retouched. I would take it off as soon as possible and let it get some air.
  10. I'd take it off and dry heal.
  11. It feels like they are setting up Cleen to win. Ugh. He's so dopey.
  12. @Endoh, it looks totally normal. Quit worrying.
  13. You need to find someone who does portraits. They will have to fix it/cover it up.
  14. What they said. Yes, it's a probably a blowout. It happens sometimes. If you're going to get tattoos, you can't expect them to be perfect or you'll drive yourself insane.