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  1. My pup is still alive, but I have a woodcut portrait of him on my thigh. I love my doggies! Maybe something simpler is in order? It sounds unnecessarily complicated and incongruous. Also, reddit tattoo guy is full of shit.
  2. That isn't going to work in a space that small. As everyone has told you, live with it as it is or laser it until it can be properly covered.
  3. Behind it with white? What the what?
  4. Quit putting anything on it. Just let it heal dry.
  5. Did you get that done in a reputable shop?
  6. oboogie

    Small blowouts

    Just let it heal. Quit staring at it.
  7. oboogie


    You cannot tell yet.. Wait. And touchups aren't going to fix a blowout. You just have to live with it. Just let it heal and stop obsessing.
  8. Too soon to judge, and stop putting so much lotion/Aquaphor/whatever on there. You're smothering it.
  9. If you like it, that's all that matters. 🙂
  10. it looked like he slathered the whole thing in Vaseline. What the hell?
  11. We can't answer about prices. You have to speak to each individual tattoo artist.
  12. Well, that was a thrilling read.