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  1. As @Danand @Hogridermentioned, the quality of these tattoos is subpar. They look like they are by an apprentice, i.e., someone very new to tattooing. Just look for a better artist to get more work. Let us know where you are and maybe we can help. As for your original question—no, they don't look particularly cohesive. But I'm covered in lots of tattoos that don't really go together, but my artist (the guy who has done 99% of my work) finds ways to tie them all together. Just work on getting better work done. Good luck!
  2. It doesn't look like it was very solid black to begin with. Looks to me like you'll need to get a lot of it touched up.
  3. How new are the tattoos? You can always get color filled in and touched up.
  4. It's fine. It was never going to be perfectly straight because it is on a curved body, and it is made my hand by a human. Just enjoy it and go get more (bigger) tattoos.
  5. Doesn't look infected to me, but like @Hogrider, I'm not a doctor. Just look after it.
  6. It can always be retouched, but it may be fine.
  7. If you have OCD, do not get any other tattoos. You are going to drive yourself crazy. Tattoos are made by humans, and humans aren't perfect. There will always be things you see as "imperfections," and obsessing over them is not healthy.
  8. I have dogs. I've been there. Try not to worry about it. It can always be touched up.
  9. Just a heads-up, man: It's still going to age badly. The font is too small, and it won't look clean in a couple of years. But you should get what you want ... just know that going in.
  10. Go away. We have actual tattoos here, not play pretend tattoos. FFS. Talk about the wrong audience. 😆
  11. You need to talk to an artist who specializes in coverups. We are mostly collectors here. It will have to be large and a lot of black to cover that up. A black panther maybe? 😉
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