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  1. oboogie

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Incredible work! LOVE it. Absolutely beautiful work.
  2. oboogie

    Advice on existing tattoo

    IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A PENIS. Oh, my god. IT DOES NOT. Your wife might need glasses, or you have one weird-looking penis, man. 😂
  3. oboogie

    Penis tattoo advice

    This is the same dude who wants an entire renaissance painting on his back. We're being trolled.
  4. oboogie

    Price estimation

    Yeah, no. Those aren't tattoos you can get in a short time or on the cheap. They will also look absolutely nothing like those paintings.
  5. oboogie

    Help with Cover ups and reworks!

    I don't really get what it is, and I don't like it much. I'd cover it or just tattoo all around it.
  6. oboogie

    Will this eventually heal okay?

    He's right, harsh or not. You could have asked the same question on your other thread. But again, there's nothing wrong with it. I highly suggest you never get another tattoo. Someone this obsessed with over-examining a tiny, perfectly decent tattoo does not need other tattoos. I beg of you. Just don't.
  7. oboogie

    Advice on existing tattoo

    It doesn't remotely look like a penis. Maybe it's her way of telling you she's not getting enough?
  8. oboogie

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I'm not sure she's ever looked that great in real life. 😂 Nice tattoo.
  9. oboogie

    Penis tattoo advice

    If you don't have many other tattoos, why on earth would you even consider this? It makes me concerned for your mental health. This is a terrible idea, and I would run in the other direction if I were your partner or your potential partner. No. Just no. I think you are a troll, but I answered you seriously. Because good lord, what if you are not?
  10. Looks fine. Just quit putting stuff on it and let it heal.
  11. oboogie

    Tattoo healing process

    Just leave it. Let it heal.
  12. oboogie

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks! I think he's pretty damn cute. 🙂
  13. oboogie

    Dr. Martens Tattoo Collection

    I like the Grez boots!
  14. oboogie

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this little Keith Haring fella today from an artist named Erik at a shop near me. He was the victim of a hate crime, and I wanted to support his return to work (His wrist was badly injured, and he couldn't work for over a month.) It's tiny. I like him.
  15. oboogie

    Upcoming Tattoos

    OUCH! Good plan. I didn't take time off, and I should have. I think elevating is a good idea.