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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    My artist let him have it. That was good enough. He was MASSIVE, and I guess the he just thought he could push people around. It didn't work, and he got a dressing down that I enjoyed overhearing. :-) I am going on Friday to finish up my right arm. Cannot wait. WOOOOO!
  2. Hello all!

    Whatever works for you. I thought the original tiger was poorly done, hence the blob. I like your rework. If you like colored blobs, then by all means, you should keep on getting them! :-) They are very popular at the moment.
  3. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I got shoved by some fat F*** last year on Friday the 13th, so the shop I frequent isn't doing them anymore. I can't say I blame them. A lot of unpleasant people around on those days. They are planning out that Friday the 13th only tattoo sleeve.
  4. Hello all!

    Welcome! Are you a fan of the watercolor-ish style? No outline = eventually blob. But maybe you're OK with that. :-)
  5. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    I've never had an artist have "variations" ready for me. I trust my artist, and he often freehands part of the work. Sounds like you need to look for a new artist if you didn't get along with him. But as someone else said, if you have expectations, best vocalize them. Even if you really like them, they can't read minds.
  6. Tattoo advice

    Leave it.
  7. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks, lovely. I’m so happy with it. The ditch and elbow were brutal, though. Worse than the top of my feet. 😭
  8. Cover Up Advice

    I have daggers, devils, skulls, and shit like that all over me. I also have flowers and more feminine stuff. You may learn to love it. Try not to worry so much. You can laser it if you want to, but as @Gingerninja said, just own your inner badass and own it!
  9. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Getting my right arm finished this week ... TOMORROW! Baby O'Boogie's first full sleeve. :-) Aw. Really excited about it! Haven't seen the design yet, but I'm sure I will love it. Josh never lets me down.
  10. Would this work?

    You'll be able to see straight through the rose. That won't work as a cover-up.
  11. Hey

    Also, when you get it touched up, don't wash and lotion it so much. Just keep it clean and let it heal.
  12. Cover Up Advice

    I can't stop looking at the scribbles around the side. Why did you do that?
  13. Unrelated: This reminds me of that woman who got upset that a really good tattoo artist refused to tattoo her kid's name on her neck in an ugly font. She had one or two other tiny tattoos, and she wrote a whole article about how awful he was and how she got some hack to tattoo the name on her anyway.
  14. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Boiled Dove! That is brilliant!
  15. Help with new tattoo design

    Take out the word Family. I like the stripes on the board, too.