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  1. Nope. Not at all.
  2. Outside thigh isn't too bad. You'll manage!
  3. LOVE those! Gorgeous.
  4. Welcome, @Grimy!
  5. Glad you are happy with how it turned out. That's the main thing. It is well executed to be sure. Exactly what you asked for.
  6. I'm not NOT being nice. I didn't know what it was! I've reported your repeat posts. Admin will delete them for you. :-)
  7. It's hilarious to see ignored posts in this thread. Bless his/her/its heart.
  8. It was more whinging from a newbie. They were angry because we thought their tattoo was bad.
  9. I really enjoyed reading this again. So spot on. :-)
  10. Exactly. What Mark said .^^^ :-)
  11. It’s fine! I do think you should find a different artist for your next tattoo, though. You can get something really great to compliment what you have started there.
  12. Ah! I knew that top one looked familiar for some reason. :-)
  13. Welcome, Ken! I think if you start researching artists in your area, you'll find the right artist for you. They will come up with something that conveys what you want for your tattoo. If you tell us where you are, we can certainly try to help with artist suggestions. There are great resources here! Glad you have joined us!
  14. I lived in the UK during the mad cow thing, so I can't give blood. Sucks. I signed up for a blood marrow registry, though.
  15. @Dan, the best part is that he/she apparently doesn't know several people have his/her posts blocked (including me). Can't even see what he posts. Only thing it doesn't block is when someone quotes. We need to get that fixed. Big love to you, Dan! ?