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  1. oboogie

    Tattoo infected?

    It isn't infected. Quit putting anything on it and just keep it clean.
  2. oboogie

    Tattoo blowout advice

    Just leave it. It happens sometimes.
  3. oboogie

    What's happenin everyone.

    We are collectors here, not artists. You are barking up the wrong tree.
  4. oboogie

    Cover up advice

    You are STILL posting about this? Jesus H. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. oboogie

    Thick scabs in concrete areas (mostly dark/filled).

    I have had an infected tattoo (bad reaction to a particular color), and they'll just give you some antibiotics, and you'll be fine. Glad you are going to the doctor. That tattoo "artist" really did a number on you. That's awful.
  6. oboogie

    Cover up advice

    It is too soon to be worrying about coverups. Just leave your life. You say you know how tattoos work, but you are talking about adding on this and that and trying to make it look better. It is going to look worse, not better. Just please stop asking the same thing over and over. We will tell you the same thing. Let it heal, save up a shit-ton of money, and find someone who is actually talented at coverups.
  7. oboogie

    Got my first tattoo! But..

    Just leave it for now. Give it time to heal.
  8. oboogie

    Upside down mistake

    I like your ampersand. It is upside down, but most people won’t notice. Don’t worry about it and get more tattoos. 🙂
  9. oboogie

    Hustle Butter?

    I use Hustle Butter during healing. But I don't use it every day. I didn't pay that much for it, though. 🙂
  10. oboogie

    Scaring or still healing?

    Too early to tell. Just wait.
  11. oboogie

    Thick scabs in concrete areas (mostly dark/filled).

    It is absolutely not expected. I have only had that happen once, and that was due to an allergy to a particular color or something. I had to get an antibiotic shot, and most of the color fell out. What is happening to yours isn't normal, and I'm not convinced it isn't infected.
  12. oboogie

    Thick scabs in concrete areas (mostly dark/filled).

    You're just going to have to get it touched up.
  13. @bongsau, I'm sorry, man.
  14. oboogie

    Cover up advice

    For the love of all that is holy, always look CLOSELY at stencils. Also, please listen to @Hogrider. You have got to CALM DOWN. Let the damn thing HEAL. PLEASE. It's going to look like hot ass if you start messing with it already. Jesus H. Please, please, please just chill out.
  15. oboogie

    Opinions and advice

    Yes. My legs are covered in a lot of American traditional, and I just keep adding in the little spaces. You still have a lot of room to add.