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  1. We are not doctors. If you are on antibiotics, you should start feeling better soon. You may be imagining a lot of it. Just quit worrying and take your meds.
  2. We aren’t doctors. If you don’t want to take our word for it, go to the doctor. You are futzing with it too much. Just leave it alone. And please don’t get any more tattoos.
  3. Same. They both leave read rashes.
  4. I just snorted so loudly at my desk. 😂
  5. What @SStu said. That's not going to work. Sorry.
  6. It doesn't look great. I'd strongly suggest you let it heal then go see someone who can do a good coverup. And not just anyone can do good coverups.. Do your research.
  7. oboogie

    Advice Needed

    Fair enough. I really advise you just leave it alone. It will be fine. Even if you have to get a touchup. 👍
  8. oboogie

    Advice Needed

    If you aren't going to listen, why come here? Just stop messing with it. Keep it clean and let it heal. It will be fine. I've had an infected tattoo. That is not infected.
  9. oboogie

    Advice Needed

    Just let it heal. Don't futz around with it.
  10. WHY? Why do they delete their posts and photos? I don't understand.
  11. I've had an allergic reaction to tattoo ink. It didn't cause any ache. It caused an infection and all the color fell out.
  12. Yeah. It's nothing to do with lotion.
  13. That doesn't really compute.