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  1. I don't even think it is a good film about a rock band. it's soooooo bad.
  2. Yeah. Sadly, it's almost entirely fictional and has nothing to do with Freddie. It's also poorly written and shockingly badly edited. I can recommend some books if you want to know more about Freddie and the real story.
  3. Did you get it for yourself or for other people? Doesn't matter what anyone thinks. It's a nice tattoo. Enjoy it and get more tattoos.
  4. I hated the film, and back when it came out, I spent ages outlining everything that was wrong with it because so many people who know nothing about Freddie and Queen loved it. In simple terms, it was shite. It didn't deserve a single Oscar. Most people have terrible taste in films for the most part, so I shouldn't have been surprised.
  5. Don't get anymore tattoos for a while. You can't obsess over details and worry about what people think. Seriously. Just wait a while before you do anything else. I love Freddie Mercury, and the records they created when he was still around. I am not a fan of the other three guys and their botching of his memory, but I love Freddie.
  6. No, you can't "erase" tattoos. That's not how it works.
  7. Blowouts happen. Try not to let it upset you. It's just a tattoo, and it is part of you now.
  8. It looks like the album cover. Just enjoy it.
  9. oboogie

    Tatt advice

    Agree. It's a little alarming how little thought people put into getting something permanent etched into their skin.
  10. oboogie

    Tatt advice

    You can't fix it. It happens.
  11. I'm alway getting in trouble with my big mouth, so no worries. 😉 I feel you. I hope you get another job soon. That's got to be tough.
  12. Sorry you were laid off, but the "COVID shit" is real. A couple of my friends had it, and it was dreadful. They were both very, very ill and lucky to have recovered well. You're right, though—it is a good time to get tattooed if you can afford it!
  13. Don't do words. Far too literal for my taste. Think about the things that brought you two together, things you enjoy as a family, and have something designed around that. It's a sweet idea, but images make for much better tattoos.
  14. Looks good! On both of my sleeves, my arm was SO swollen. It looked insane and hurt like a fucker. But I did both arms, so obviously it didn't put me off. Hahaha.
  15. My ditch and elbow on both sleeves took a while to heal just because of the constant motion. If it isn't hot in the area, I can't imagine its an infection, but we aren't doctors. Maybe go see a doctor?