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  1. A tattoo I had that was infected had every bit of color fall out. Like ALLLL of it. It was a few months before he could touch it up.
  2. oboogie

    Hello from Aust.

    We didn't say what you wanted us to say so you deleted it?
  3. Why on earth would you wait a year? That has happened in spots here and there on both of my sleeves, but a few months is more than enough time to wait before a touchup.
  4. Looks fine to me. Like a healing tattoo.
  5. oboogie


    It's fine. As they said upthread, you're putting too much lotion/Bepanthen on it.
  6. Also? That shit is all ugly, no matter the age.
  7. I'd take it off and reapply. Once the corner lifts like that on a tattooed area, I consider it breached. I never use the stuff on high movement areas. It doesn't stay put for me.
  8. Yes. It will go away.
  9. You're most welcome!
  10. When my tattoo was infected, every bit of the color fell out. It was months before it could be touched up. We waited a few weeks and tried, and the needle just went straight through the flesh. It was bizarre. Just give it a few months and with a touchup, it will be good as new. Were you wearing shoes while it healed? I had my feet tattooed (much more heavily than yours) in the winter, but I still rocked flip flops until they healed. Might try that, even if your feet get cold. Or maybe wait until summer to get it touched up.
  11. oboogie

    Ink Recall HELP

    No idea. Nothing you an do about it now. 🤷‍♀️
  12. I had an infected tattoo. It looked a lot like yours. I had to get a shot of antibiotics, and it took a few days for them to kick in. All the color fell out, and the skin was sensitive and took quite a long while to heal. Just be careful with it and follow the instructions your doctor gave you. You'll be OK. No need to panic.