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  1. It looks like it's still healing. Too soon to tell Also, quit putting so much stuff on it. It is waaaaay too shiny. That means you are over-applying.
  2. Why? I don't understand what you need. Have an artist draw it up.
  3. There is nothing wrong with how it healed. It just needs a touchup. A lot of tattoos need touchups. They aren't perfect. After getting this touched up, I strongly suggest you do not get any more tattoos. This is all part of the process, and you don't appear to like or understand the process.
  4. There is nothing that is going to unify a paw and moons. They are incongruous. Just get more tattoos.
  5. We really do need an auto reply.
  6. Too soon to tell. Still healing. Just stop looking so closely at it.
  7. Laser. Or cover it up.That's it.
  8. Me, too. Dial Gold liquid soap. Every tattoo artist I've used has told me to use it. So I do.
  9. oboogie

    Weird tattoo

    It's a new tattoo. Let it heal.
  10. I use Dial Gold. I wouldn't use Dove Body Wash.
  11. I have two full sleeves. Mine works fine.
  12. I have a John R. Cash tattoo, too. I had the pleasure to meet him. Just let it heal.
  13. Just get tattoos you want. Seriously. You are overthinking this.
  14. I can't even really see what you are talking about. I'm sure it is fine. Just let it heal!