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  1. oboogie


    Ignore the other people. It looks like a hedgehog. The end. Just go and get more tattoos.
  2. A couple of months. I went back after six weeks, and the needle just went straight through my skin. It was bizarre. After three or four more weeks, it was fine, and he was able to tattoo over it. You'll be OK. It's a pain, but your artist will sort it out, I'm sure.
  3. Yes, and I find it hard to read. It's just a bit ... blank and open. But I wouldn't rush to add anything. It needs to be someone who is expert and can do something with it.
  4. There's not much there. I think I'd leave it for a while, and maybe you can find someone great who can do something with it at a later date.
  5. All of the color fell out of one of my tattoos that got infected. It was months before he could go back to it because it wasn't fully healed. Just leave it for a while. Your artist can fix it up for you when you are fully healed.
  6. That is an abomination. I feel sorry for the person who is stuck with that forever. YIKES.
  7. oboogie

    Am I botched?

    Because she'll spend the rest of her life explaining what it says. That's not fun.
  8. oboogie

    Am I botched?

    Not at all. (Also, don't call it a "tattoo gun.") 😉 If you get another tattoo, think about being less literal and go more figurative. 🙂
  9. oboogie

    Am I botched?

    It does look like an autograph! It looks fine. Just not very readable.
  10. oboogie

    Am I botched?

    I thought it looked like an autograph. It is unreadable. Not the end of the world, however. Follow Hogrider's excellent advice. Let it heal. Then see someone—an expert—about a coverup.
  11. Just let it heal.
  12. I don't know you can connect them, really. The subject matter is too disparate. Just get more black and grey tattoos as @SStu said.
  13. You do see the difference between the two, right? Your inspiration tattoo is much finer and more detailed. That doesn't have anything to do with the flash.