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  1. oboogie


    Oh. Well, it may be a blowout, but it is too soon to tell for sure.
  2. oboogie


    None of this could cause a blowout. Anyway, I don't even see what you are talking about. Just get more tattoos.
  3. Yeah, no. You still don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, but don't make generalizations. They aren't helpful, and they are baseless.
  4. oboogie

    Longivity ?

    But it is not really a "'style." It is just a muddy temporary tattoo. Go to a real tattoo artist and talk to them.
  5. oboogie


    Glasgow. Edinburgh is practically England. 😉
  6. This. That was completely absurd advice. 😂
  7. oboogie

    Longivity ?

    Well, it looks blurry and unreadable on that guy's arm already. I'd go for something with more open skin. But it'll be up to the artist.
  8. Yeah, you'll need a touch up. It happens sometimes.
  9. That's not true of "most" tattoo artists. I'm sorry you had a bad experience or two, but that's not remotely true. To the OP, that is shitty and uncool. I'd be so effing pissed.
  10. Too early to say. Let it heal. Also, if it is a blow out, you can't do anything about it. Don't worry about it.
  11. How are we supposed to know what it says?