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  1. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    I took a long time doing research before I got my first tattoo (years), and after I decided on an artist talked to several people he'd worked on, had to wait three months for my first appointment. I decided to get a sleeve and told him, Japanese style, everything else is up to you. Same with my back, it was originally going to be a Kapala skull, but I showed up the morning of the appointment and he said, "I'm not feeling a Kapala skull, how about an Oni?" The results are in my avatar. I brought him a pic for second sleeve, but he just used some of the elements and for my leg I just said I want a Samuri and Tiger - all the details were left up to him. I'll occasionally make a suggestion, but for the most part, my input is very high level, just the image, all details left up to him.
  2. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    Being in a hurry is the cause of a lot of bad and regretted tattoos. What's the hurry? Why couldn't you wait a few months? He even said you could come back; it doesn't sound like he was pressuring you. It is wrong to assume the artist would have some variations ready. If you expect something, you should confirm it with your artist; they don't read minds. My artist sometimes has a stencil ready, sometimes draws freehand and sometimes does both. I'm not sure why you would consider going back to this guy. He sounds like a Richard Cranium. There are lots of talented AND nice tattoo artist, take your time and find one. Just my two cents, but I'd step back, take a deep breath and think this through. You are putting something on your skin that will either be there for ever, or will be costly and painful to remove and cover up. Don't rush, do it right the first time. Your skin isn't going anywhere.
  3. Day 5

    My first couple of tattoos I had a very strict and detailed schedule of aftercare. Now with 200+ hours under the needle I am more of a minimalist. I can't help you with the bra strap dilemma, but I just avoid wearing skin tight clothes for the first week. In day 5 I only shower/wash the tattoo once a day and moisturize it with cocoa butter when I get up and when I go to bed. Your body will heal itself unless you really screw up badly.
  4. Help!!!

    The ink goes UNDER the skin. Four days in, you're not going to screw it up by clothing rubbing on it.
  5. Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't finish what you've got. I wouldn't add water over the lighthouse just for the sake of symmetry. It will limit your choices if you decide to finish the rest of your leg. If your goal is to keep getting tattooed, I'd suggest enjoying each piece as you get it. You'll always be a little 'out of balance' but who cares? You're getting good, solid work and that's the main thing.
  6. Ditch Healing

    Did you dry heal?
  7. Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    Just my opinion but I think you have as good a chance of making it worse as you do of improving it. It's a nice, solid tattoo. I'd finish it and live with it a while before thing about what to do next.
  8. Interesting, but after a while they start to look alike. Waaaay to detailed for a tattoo.
  9. When you have more tattoos than your artist (I'm not there yet).
  10. Tattoo advice

    I think you are as likely to make it worse than better. That's a nice tattoo. As @Synesthesia pointed out, that's in a tough spot, really delicate skin. NO tattoo is perfect, if you look hard enough and long enough, you'll always find something wrong. You have a really good, strong tattoo. Enjoy it!
  11. One day old foot tattoo concern

    +1 You don't know what it looks like until it heals.
  12. Would this work as a half sleeve tattoo?

    I don't know about the symmetrical issue, but it's waaaaay to much detail for an arm tattoo. That would have to be huge, like a full back.
  13. Cover Up Advice

    Sounds like good advice. You've already done one thing you regret. This is a recipe for disaster. I've seen a lot of God-awful tattoos on people who couldn't wait to cover them. If you rush into this, you are more likely to make it worse than better. Take a deep breath, calm down and just accept that it's going to take time to fix. If you are old enough to get a tattoo, then you are old enough to get your own money. Get a job , earn money , fix it .
  14. Would Laser Work On Me?

    I recommend you do some research on laser so you have realistic expectations. I watched the TV show Prison Break. The star got his entire torso, back and sleeves lasered off in one session. Completely gone, no trace. If that's what you are expecting (or anything remotely similar), you'll be extremely disappointed.
  15. Cover Up Advice

    +1 When I hear, "I just want it gone" it makes me think they are in a hurry. Desperation for a quick coverup is a recipe for disaster. Every coverup is harder than the last, so take your time and get it right.