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  1. Do a search on bumps. There have been multiple threads on the same thing. Have you tried dry healing it? Sometimes too much moisturizer can case issues.
  2. You need to see a tattoo artist to answer all those questions. Prices very widely, but good tattoos are NOT cheap. How long it takes depends on what you get and how much detail you put into it. Only you can judge "good enough." Do some research, find a good shop and book a consultation. Expect to drop a couple of grand for a really good tattoo.
  3. This is not a forum for scratchers.
  4. Looks like it’s healing fine to me. I don’t take white at all. Probably because I look like Casper. I had all the white disappear out of my samurai’s kimono. The longer it has to heal, the better.
  5. They don't just take an eraser to your skin and rub the tattoo off. Getting that much ink off would probably take a year or more and I can't even imagine the cost and the pain. And it never really comes off. I've seen tons of tattoo that were lasered "off" and you can still see them. $2,000 for that much work is a bargain, particularly since it's good work. Finish the sleeve and do better on the next one. You only think you're unhappy now. By the time you get through mucking with that arm, you'll probably have $10,000 in it and be REALLY unhappy with the way it looks. Not to beat up on you, but this is why you think BEFORE you get a tattoo.
  6. But if I ask in a different way, won't I get a different answer???
  7. We need to stick together during these crazy times.
  8. Welcome to the internet. You sometimes hear things you don't want to. 😉
  9. It's an open wound. Do you not get that?
  10. You don’t want to hear this but, YOU CAN’T. If anyone says you can run like a rabbit. They will take your money and ruin your tattoo. This is why people should educate themselves BEFORE they get a tattoo.
  11. You have to wait until it heals to know what it's going to look like. At two weeks, it's not even healed yet. Hyper fixating is a recipe for disaster hen getting tattoos. You're more likely to make things worse than better by acting without thinking. Patience is your best friend.
  12. Yes, but find someone that does a lot of coverups.
  13. Yea, my artist's shop isn't closing but he's asking people not to come in if they are sick.
  14. He's lying. That's not how it works. I would never go back to someone like that.