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  1. Just my opinion, but it's pretty busy now. If you add much more it's going to be really hard to read. Just my opinion, but I don't like tattoos that you have to look at for 10 minutes to figure out what the hell they are.
  2. Tattoo Photography

    I would look for tattoo conventions in your area. I'm sure you'd find lots of people who would like to have their tattoos photographed. You might also consider just asking people you see with interesting tattoos. Make sure you have a consent form with you in case you want to take a pic on the spot.
  3. What to do with this tattoo?

    I meant laser removal. Damn spellcheck!
  4. Exactly. If you are going to put it on your ribs, will you be comfortable dressing so that people will see it (assuming you ever want people to see it)? Also, I like big pieces, as you can see from my avatar, so I would be reluctant to put a small piece where I might want to put a big piece later.
  5. What to do with this tattoo?

    I would not do anything else with that until you get a qualified tattoo artist to work out a plan to fix it. Take your time, get lots of referrals. That is not going to be easy or cheap to fix. I think any fix is going to require lazer removal. Good Luck
  6. Blow out or white ink healing!!?

    Everybody heals differently, but I wouldn't worry about what a tattoo looks like (unless obviously infected) for at least a month. You can't do anything about it anyway while it's healing, so you might as well relax and let it heal.
  7. Blow out or white ink healing!!?

    In my experience, the most common cause of the bumps is over moisturizing. As @Gingerninja asked, how old is it? Regardless, if you are moisturizing it, stop for a couple of days and see how it looks.
  8. What's your longest tattoo session?

    My artist always says, "Just because it's gonna hurt is no reason not to get one." By then end of the session I'm usually thinking it's a pretty good reason.
  9. What's your longest tattoo session?

    Funny, I didn't have any issues on my calf either, but ribs? Holy shit! First time I had my ribs worked on was the only time I've ever had to say stop so I could get my shit together. Second time, it was nothing. Third time I had to tap out after 3 1/2 hours. All in the same general area. I have another appointment in March and hopefully we'll finish that piece.
  10. What's your longest tattoo session?

    3 hours on the ribs = 6 hours on the back. The back is nothing. I almost fell asleep many times, except when he got too close to the love handles.
  11. Hello

    Nice work!
  12. blowout and new tattoo

    A couple of things. First, you don't know what a tattoo will look like until it heals, so I wouldn't be too worried yet. Second, why do you think you have a higher chance of getting a blowout? Blowouts happen and they aren't always the artists fault. I would probably help to post a pic. In general, the thinner the skin the higher the chance of a blowout, but it can happen anywhere.
  13. Tattoo Advice!!

    Google is your friend!
  14. Tattoo Advice!!

    Lots of people have different style tattoos. I don't see any issues.
  15. Need advice on healing tattoo

    I've never had scabbing like that, but I understand that if you leave it alone, you'll probably be OK. I'd go over the aftercare instructions with the artist, in person, in detail. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but that is some pretty heavy scabbing.