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  1. OUCH. True, but OUCH. In all seriousness, don't do death by a thousand pin pricks. Get it lasered and find someone else to fix it right. Putting a big splotch of black on your leg is not how a coverup is supposed to work. That thing is like a panther in a cave eating a chocolate bar. Good luck, the idea is actually kind of cool, just not well executed.
  2. Yup. A crappy outline is something to worry about. Color not being solid, not so much. Did you know this tattooer before the expo? The last three or four expos I went to, I wouldn't let 90% of the 'artists' near me. I finally just stopped going. It's all about filling booths and getting the shitty Ink Master rejects to show up and mug for the camera. Expos stopped being about quality tattoos a while back.
  3. i am worried that : people will disapprove - definitely, but who cares people will laugh at me - see above I have damaged my body - you changed your body I won't be able to wear half my clothes now - why? if you don't want anyone to see the tattoo, get new clothes that cover it. the arm one is much bigger than i should have got it - go big or go home (see my avatar) I will suddenly become a different person in other people's eye - you will, but once again, who cares my kids might think they are embarrassing when they are older - good, payback for all the times they embarrassed you people at work will disapprove - good way to figure out who your real friends are they will get infected - very unlikely if you do proper aftercare. If you think of anything else, let me know. :-)
  4. What are you worried about? If you like the tattoo you can always have someone else fix it.
  5. I had some purple that looked a little funny for about a year. A little vitamin E spread on every day finally fixed it. Kind of funny, my red heals like a champ, which is a good thing as you can see from my back!
  6. I'm not sure what deal this is breaking and what you think you can do about it. You are much more liable to make it worse than make it better if you start screwing around with it trying to fix it. OCD and tattoos can be a bad combination. As everyone else said, tattoos aren't perfect. I had some purple that took a long time to heal, so be patient. Also, you could try some liquid vitamin E on it once a day (light application, more is NOT better) for a few weeks and see if that helps. Good luck
  7. She doesn't remember???? Was she black-out drunk when she got it? Sorry, but that's really hard to believe.
  8. Yup, no matter what anyone says, size matters. hahahahaha
  9. The smaller you go, the more you lose detail and the more it will all run together visually.
  10. What went wrong was the the tattooer was in WAY over his head on this tattoo and tried to do it anyway. It doesn't look unfixable, it's just going to take some time, money and maybe the aid of a laser. Where do you live, maybe someone on here could give you a recommendation?
  11. Portraits are incredibly hard to do well and very few people do them really good. I would NOT go back to the same artist to try to get it fixed. I think your only hope is to find someone that specializes in portraits and coverups and see what they can do.
  12. You can stop worrying. If it is blowout you can't do anything about it anyway. Blowouts are much more common on really thin skin. No tattoo is 100% perfect. Look at the forest, not the trees.
  13. +1 If you start screwing around with it before it's completely healed, you'll probably do more harm than good. Also, if you aren't happy with the tattoo, don't go back to the same artist. Maybe it's me, but I don't get that. If I'm not happy with someone's work the first time, why would I give them a second shot at my skin?
  14. Burning is never normal. I don't use lotion until it starts to peel. Usually A&D ointment for four days, then start with coco butter.
  15. I never said it makes anyone evil to buy instead of adopt. Most of the people I know who have bought just don't know about the problem. As far as knowing what you get from a breeder, where do you think the 'problem' pure bred dogs sitting in shelters come from? I encourage everyone to do their own research. We've been sold a bill of goods by the AKC about the 'superiority' of pure bred dogs. Research shows that purebreds have more behavioral and health issues than mutts.