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  1. Hogrider

    Taking a step into "visible" tattoos

    Long sleeve shirts, even rolled up to the elbow will cover it. Not a big deal. Full sleeve is more of a big deal because even though a long sleeve shirt will cover it most of the time, every time you reach for something, the shirt rides up and your wrists are visible.
  2. problems healing w inner thigh tattoo?

    recently got a tattoo in the lower abdomen and sprawls across to my side and hip...

    the thigh crease is giving me so much trouble healing...it’s risen and kind of ridgey...

    any feedback would be helpful.



    1. Hogrider


      That is a really tough spot to heal. I've had that done too, so I feel your pain. All I can offer is to wear loose clothes, keep it clean and very lightly moisturized. Too much moisturizer is worse than too little, in my opinion. I'm lucky, I work from home so I was able to keep it uncovered pretty often. Unfortunately that's not in a spot where you can run around uncovered in public.

      Just keep thinking about how great it will look when it's healed!

    2. mumblerooskie


      thank you! 

      yah definitely learned the hard way on the moisturizer part

  3. Hogrider

    Relationships and tattoos

    I was having breakfast the other morning and this lady kept giving me the stink eye. I got tired of it so finally I just confronted her. I said, "OK mom, that's enough; I know you don't like my tattoos." :-)
  4. Hogrider

    Tattoo blowout??

    Blow-outs happen and there is nothing you can do to fix them. Tattoos take 4 - 6 weeks to fully heal; you'll know what it's going to look like then. No tattoo is perfect. Enjoy the big picture, don't sweat the details.
  5. It's not a touch up, it's new work and it's not literally five minutes of work. They have to set up, clean up, tear down, and sterilize whether they tattoo for five minutes or five hours. It's a well done, nicely designed tattoo. Live with it for a few months before you make any decisions.
  6. You don't know what it looks like for 4-6 weeks. That looks pretty fresh. Did you get that done in a shop??
  7. Hogrider

    I don’t like my tattoo.. opinions?

    When did you get it? You won't know what it is going to look like for 4-6 weeks.
  8. Hogrider


    Actually it will. ;-) When you've had 50-100 hours in 'the chair' getting tattooed, you know what to expect. Refusing to tattoo face, neck or hands on someone with no tattoos is not punishment, it's protecting them from themselves. It's a big step and not a good idea for a first tattoo. I don't think a lot of people understand the permanence of tattoos. Yea, you can laser them off, but there will still be something there. Most of the time your skin doesn't look perfectly normal, at least I've never seen it. And when you are young, it's hard to imagine that you could someday want to get into an industry that isn't accepting of face, hand or neck tattoos. If you continue to get tattoos, some day you'll understand.
  9. Hogrider

    Possible infection

    That doesn't look infected to me, but if you are worried, better safe than sorry. You might want to swing by the tattooer first.
  10. Hogrider

    Family tribute - opinions wanted

    Script is really unforgiving. It's hard to make it uniform and lined up perfectly. You'll see every tiny mistake. Make sure you have someone really good do it.
  11. Hogrider


    I would suggest doing a lot of research on how tattooing works and the healing process and blow outs. First, I haven't seen a lot of tattoos that didn't heal 'right.' It might take longer if you screw up the aftercare, but it's really tough to screw one up permanently. Second, after care does not effect a blow-out. Third, there is no such thing as peeling 'prematurely' there is no set schedule. Also, I don't see how you can 'edit' the size of a text tattoo. Do your homework so that you have realistic expectations regarding what can and can't be done. Tattoo shows have done a huge disservice in setting unrealistic expectations about the tattoo process. You're putting ink under your skin. Even with the best tattooers, shit happens. With bad tattooers bad shit happens.
  12. Hogrider


    From what I've seen, more people cause problems by too much care than by too little care.
  13. Hogrider

    Tattoo Peel

    Every tattoo doesn't heal the same, even on the same person in the same spot. 4 -6 weeks to know what it's going to look like, but where you got it, blow-outs are very common. As @Dan wrote, you can't fix a blow-out.
  14. It takes 4 - 6 weeks for a tattoo to heal. I had one tattoo that had some purple in it and the purple didn't look right for much longer. 8 days in, you can use sunscreen.
  15. Hogrider

    Tattoo Size Advice

    I like big bold tattoos, just look at my avatar. The main thing is to find a good tattooer that you can trust, and go with their recommendations.