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  1. Either people aren't listening or tattooers are doing a poor job educating their clients on the healing process.
  2. What's your hurry? When you have a tattoo, you create scar tissue, it's not going to heal any faster second time around. "The whole thing?" What did it take, like 5 minutes?
  3. Hogrider

    Weird tattoo

    What's wrong is that your tattoo artist didn't educate you about the healing process.
  4. Tattoo take 4-6 weeks to heal. You won't know what it looks like until then. Sit back, relax, there is nothing you can (or should) do until it heals.
  5. Yes, it's a VERY bad thing. There is no such thing as a perfect tattoo and if you go over your tattoo with a magnifying glass you'll find all kinds of things "wrong" with it. Better to just love it from a distance.
  6. "I tend to be super observant"
  7. Hogrider

    Initiation Post

    Millions of people are walking around with a lot of ink. If this was a pervasive issue, I think we'd know by now. I believe that the reason for the perception is that when 10 million people get white ink and don't have a problem, none of them post. 10 people have a problem and 9 of them post. All of a sudden people think there is some widespread issue.
  8. I've never seen that, but the skin looks over moisturized. I'd stop putting anything on it and just let it dry out.
  9. It depends on what it looks like when it heals. 😉
  10. You can't "fix" a wobbly line, you can only make them thicker and I've never seen that turn out well. The artist you linked to is exponentially better than the one you previously used. Good luck
  11. Very nice. Now you're ready for your back piece!
  12. What exactly do you think someone can touch up? Don't ever use that artist again if your goal is to get good tattoos.
  13. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal. Put away the microscope and wait.
  14. You won't know what it's going to look like until it's healed. Who told you it was infected? Is it oozing puss? Does it smell? If neither of those, it's unlikely that it's infected. If it IS infected, you need to see a doctor to get antibiotics. You have way too much lotion on that, it looks like it's drowning. The idea is to use just enough to keep the skin from drying out. Did you get that done in a shop? Whoever did that really mauled your skin.