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    Got my first tattoo at the ripe old age of 54.
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  1. Hogrider

    Please improve my new tattoo!!

    Do your research, find someone whose work you like and go see them. You've got a good, solid start there. Think of how much area you want to cover and approach it as a piece, don't think of adding this or the.
  2. Hogrider

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    I would do a lot of research before you start removal so that you have realistic expectations. That's some really delicate skin where you have that tattoo and I'm sure that factors in. I would also do a lot of research on coverups. Coverups are darker and heavier than what they are covering. You aren't going to cover up what you have with a light, wispy tattoo. Even with a ton of laser removal, I'm not sure you'll be able to do that. It's your body and your tattoo, but when I read, "I got bulky, realistic, mass that has some weird watercolor added to the edges as an afterthought and doesn't fit my body at all" I'm thinking you are just really determined to hate this tattoo. No one else would describe that tattoo like that. Good luck. Most of us have a tattoo or two that we aren't crazy about. It comes with the territory.
  3. Hogrider

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    You can't do anything until it heals, so wait it out and see how you feel in a month or two. It's a nice looking tattoo and looks well done. You've got a better chance of turning it into a mess than improving it, IMHO. What exactly don't you like about it?
  4. Hogrider

    Blowout? Or still healing?

    No, No, No. You'll turn it into a hot mess. Blowouts can happen in any circumstances, but on small, thin lines on thin skin, the chances of having one is exponentially increased.
  5. Hogrider

    Bump under my tattoo!?

    If it doesn't hurt, itch or feel irritated, I'd leave it for now. If it's still there in a couple of weeks, maybe see a dermatologist then.
  6. Hogrider

    Apprentice Needs Advice

    What does "refuses to let me grow as an artist" mean? He won't let you tattoo customers? Unfortunately it's his shop and his rules. If your teacher really feels you are ready, they should talk to the shop owner. Can you bring in friends to work on? It would seem that if you bring in business and show that you can do quality tattoos, he'd have no reason not to let you work on walk-ins.
  7. Hogrider

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    For me the back, except for the love handles, wasn't bad at all. At one point I almost fell asleep. The stomach though ieeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm not looking forward to the ass either.
  8. Hogrider

    Is it just me or is this sloppy line work?

    Sadly, many people spend more time picking out what socks they'll wear to work than they do picking out the person that is going to ink them for life.
  9. Hogrider

    Is it just me or is this sloppy line work?

    Way too inconsistent. Also, keep in mind, most artists only post their BEST work.
  10. Hogrider

    Saying quick hello and advise on aftercare

    You know the ink goes UNDER the skin right? I wouldn't even worry about it, go and have fun.
  11. Hogrider

    Newbie with extreme tattoo regret

    Don't do anything. Of your original 5 tattoos, you've had two covered up and now you are looking to do even more coverups. This is just a recipe for disaster. Your skin isn't a piece of paper, you can't just keep erasing and starting over. Every time you tattoo, laser or cover up, you are traumatizing your skin and creating more scar tissue. I have two sleeves, back, chest panel and a piece that goes up my right leg to connect with my back/chest. Not a single tattoo has any meaning other than I like the imagery. Just my opinion, but a lot of that 'meaning' nonsense comes from watching too much LA ink and these other tattoo shows where people claim this big long sob story about why they are getting the tattoo. Take some time, a lot of time, before you do anything; otherwise you're just going to make it worse.
  12. Hogrider

    New with tattoo regret

    Step away from the tattoo!
  13. Hogrider

    New with tattoo regret

    You don't just cover over a tattoo with more ink. It doesn't work like that. In my experience you've got a better chance of making it worse than improving it. I guess you're just stuck with a great tattoo. Get your kid a coloring book. ;-)
  14. Hogrider

    Blowout or just healing

    It itches, am I having an allergic reaction? We could make up little sayings to help them remember: If you get it in a kitchen, it won't be bitchin'
  15. Hogrider

    Quick Hello and a Question

    It doesn't change a thing. Look up blowouts. Those thin lines of flesh color that look so nice and crisp on day one, may not look so hot down the line, especially if there are blowouts.