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  1. Your tattoo takes 4 -6 weeks to heal. You won't know what damage you did or did not do until it's healed. I'd be very surprised if, after a week of healing, it had any affect at all ... not that I'd suggest doing it again.
  2. Just go see a good tattoo artist. There isn't a specific style for getting a tattoo around your waist. See what ideas they can come up with. Be prepared to gird you loins, there is nothing fun about getting a tattoo there.
  3. You just have to wait until it heals to see. There is nothing you can do about it anyway.
  4. It looks like it's drowning. The purpose of lotion is only so it doesn't dry out, you put AS LITTLE as possible on, not as much as possible.
  5. +1 Don't try to fix it. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
  6. Absolutely nothing. Your chances of making it worse trying to fix it are about 99%.
  7. I wouldn't go back to that tattoo "artist." Wait until it heals (4 -6 weeks) and then find someone that specializes in coverups. People think that simple tattoos are easy. They aren't; it takes a really good tattoo artist to draw a simple design that works and lay down all the lines evenly. Good tattoos (and coverups) aren't cheap.
  8. Hogrider

    Advice Needed

    All tattoos don't heal exactly the same. Put away the microscope and just let it heal. There is NOTHING you can do until it heals anyway. 4-6 weeks.
  9. Not at all, especially considering how many shit tattoos people walk around with. It's hard to think of everything, that's why really good tattooers are so rare, expensive, and necessary. Just some things to think about next time.
  10. Find an artist whose work you really like and consult with them. My best tattoos are the ones where I just said, "Do whatever you're feeling."
  11. Lines don't "get" crooked. It's not a bad tattoo, but the design could be better. The script is too close to whatever plant that is. The 1 in Psalm 91, the 5 in Her 13:5, the "I' in the quote is too close and looks like a 1 and the spacing is all over the place. Having said all that, most people wouldn't even notice. The only reason I bring it up is so you do your homework next time you get a tattoo. Script is NOT easy to do, you need to find someone that does a lot of it and is really, really good.
  12. DON'T CHEAP OUT. Script is not easy, you can't go to just anybody to have then done right. If it's not done perfectly it looks terrible. The lines all have to be even, the spacing has to be right, letter high has to be consistent. Having said that, don't do it. Do you really think this is something you'll be happy to have in 20 years?
  13. That's a shitload of lines. Looks good!
  14. It will take more than three days to heal. You won't know until then what the problem is. And please, don't ever do that to yourself again. Sorry, but that's just awful.