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  1. What are you going to research? Either you want to pay the money or you don't. Better to pay more than you want than less than you should. It sounds like you want to use this artist, you just need to talk yourself into it. Go for it; I've never gone first class and wished I hadn't, but every single time I cheap out I'm sorry. One thing I won't cheap out on is my tattoos. I learned that from other people's mistakes.
  2. Does this person who said the rose will blow out know anything about tattoos? That's a really odd statement. Simple tattoos are easier to read. The more you add, the harder it will be to read, but you should really get what you want. Listen to your artist, what makes a good image doesn't necessarily make a good tattoo.
  3. Run Forrest, Run!! Just my opinion, but I would let that heal for a couple of months and start looking for someone experienced in coverups. It's going to take time, laser and money, but I think you can save that.
  4. No. I think you should leave the artist out of this. Tattoos are a commodity like any other. You want one from this person, you pay; just like if you want a Mercedes S Class, you pay more than for a Toyota. We can't always afford the things we want when we want them.
  5. You're not sure? How did you find them?
  6. How do you "go behind" a tattoo? If you have an artist, a design and a plan, why are you asking for more opinions here? Do you have a sketch of what the artist is trying to do? Any links to his work? You said this was a coverup that went wrong. It doesn't sound like it's done so what went wrong?
  7. You can't cover over that big black tattoo with a water color tattoo. As @SStu suggests, start some laser treatments. This isn't going to be fast or cheap to fix. DON'T hurry, find someone really good at coverups and be prepared to spend some serious money. If you don't, you'll make an even bigger mess. That is a big honking black tattoo on some really delicate skin in a really public spot, so it's going to take someone really good to do something with it. Good aint cheap and cheap aint good.
  8. Just my opinion, but two weeks in I'd leave it totally alone. It takes 4-6 weeks to heal and there is NOTHING you can do until then so I'd just relax and wait to see what it looks like when it's healed.
  9. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal. You won't know what it's going to look like until then.
  10. Hogrider


    Ideas? Quit stressing. There is NOTHING you can do about a blowout. Enjoy your tattoo. That is fine line work on thin skin, the most likely scenario for a blowout.
  11. It looks like it's still healing. Try leaving it alone, no lotion. Those bumps look like you over moisturized it. I'm very fortunate that I don't have much itching, but when I do it's usually one or two weeks after I get the tattoo.
  12. Hogrider

    Small blowouts

    Yes, blowouts can happen no matter how skilled the artist. The thinner and more delicate the skin, the greater the chance of a blowout.
  13. Re-read the response. You don't know what it's going to look like until it heals. 4-6 weeks. There is no point in worrying until then. There is NOTHING you can do. EVERYONE'S tattoo looks like shit while it's healing and peeling. Tattoos are not perfect. There is NO tattoo that you can't find something wrong with if you look hard enough. If you can't get past the perfectionist, I wouldn't get any more tattoos because you'll A) make yourself miserable obsessing over the tattoo or B) completely ruin the tattoo trying to "fix" it. You have a nice tattoo there, quit ruining it for yourself and just enjoy it.
  14. A full sleeve would be twice as much as a half sleeve. ;-) Don't cheap out, don't rush or you'll wind up even more unhappy. I always get anxious when people start asking "how much." It's usually followed by "how do I fix this."
  15. They look good. What did you want to touch up?