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  1. So, the problem with this is that the concept of small or big can be more useful than specific centimeters. Complaining about how clients describe their ideal tattoo is kind of a joke - The clients don't know any better, and the tattoo artist has no real frame of reference because the perception of wether something is small or not varies from person to person. We are used to it. Clients do it in person and they do it on-line. It's just that in person you can ask them to show you and the problem is resolved immediately. The most useful thing that potential clients can do online to give an idea of size is to take a photo of the location on their body where they want the tattoo and circle it with the edit feature on their phone. The problem with specifying specific dimensions via e-mail is that more often than not asking the client to go through the trouble of figuring out this type of specification ends in frustration because it sets up the client for disappointment.. most of the time the client wants the tattoo too small for the design they have picked out... So a circled area on a photo is more helpful... because it's highly specific and it gives you an idea of what the tattoo should cost without agreeing to something that is highly specific and could change when the customer comes to get the tattoo design sized in person. It happens a lot that clients are overly concerned with price and they believe size has something to do with it. They don't understand that certain designs can be done a large range of sizes and still be the same price. More often than not, it's clients that are cheap asking this type of question... so they aren't really the ideal clients anyway. They want house party prices... most people who ask how much a small or large tattoo is are not worth the time. They are just trying to find someone to do what they want for the cheapest price. It's cheap and ignorant, like the question "How much for a half-sleeve?". They just don't know any better. Doing things digitally is pretty frustrating... but truthfully most of us have learned to work around this issue... so if you're trying to make a program for tattoo artists and make money off of it... most of us don't really need it. We have our own websites for leads and can edit the forms if we want additional pictures, references or specifications.
  2. I think it looks pretty and it will heal fine. Once it heals and the ink settles it will always look newer than the original, but it looks like they did a good job matching the style of the leaves. Let it heal... I don't think it would look as good if you tried to connect it now.
  3. Bargain hunters definitely suck... what's worse is when they are friends and acquaintances who you aren't nessicarily trying to tattoo but you're trying to give honest advice to. I think that has to be the most frustrating for me. When you give real honest advice and people wrinkle their nose at it like they don't understand. I have had quite a few people ask me for tattoos... then deals knowing full well I don't think they should be talking about tattoos at all if price is a factor for them. Look at portfolios, pick the artist you want for a reason and pay them well if you're not willing to do this, you don't need a tattoo. I guess the pricing issue has a lot to do with scratchers these days... posting basic pricing on instagram and facebook making people think that it's a realistic thing to expect from an artist. What's worse though is when you get people asking for bad work on purpose... some people can't tell the difference between a child's scrawl and Rembrandt. I don't know how people's brains can function like this... but if the picture they are holding looks the same to them as the black scribble the scratcher did I guess it makes sense how they would be confused about pricing.
  4. I'm interested in the story from both sides... I am getting acclimated to the forum, looks like not many people have been active for a while.
  5. Is there any chance of getting a separate database to manage each month's submissions so they can be viewable all at once on a single page or in a feed? - requiring entries be entered by the 2nd day of the following month... - polling takes place between the 5th and the 10th of every month for the previous month - entries can be browsed, but not voted on or liked until the voting opens... There could be different types of submissions too... maybe close to that of conventions? Where all the sizes and subject matter are covered... and then each individual poll / contest could have it's own landing page, follow option and winner of the month.
  6. © Monica Palacios @syntheticfish

  7. © Monica Palacios @syntheticfish

  8. Hi Everyone, I've been thinking about doing guest spots for a while. How do they work? What's the best experience you've had? And the worst? Do you have any advice for me, as someone who's never guest spotted before? Thanks! Monica IG@syntheticfish
  9. It doesn't look finished... a few more hours at least detailing with opaques might help.
  10. It's a good concept... involve him in the conversation, he's doing the piece and he did the wolf for you... I wouldn't limit him by showing only one design you like, but tell him which you like best... next to the others... you'll get a better, more original piece that way.
  11. Hey... from what i can see it's not raised, so you should be able to get a touch up. You can stop using A n D Give it a few weeks... then post new pics so we can see
  12. He's a good artist... your concepts are all in the same vein... except the dryad girl which is a different direction. They aren't anything like what he was suggesting though. These also aren't what I'd think of initially when thinking of woman portraits... they are more surreal than what people commonly ask for. Makes me wonder if you showed them to him yet? I'd give them to the artist, tell them a few things that you like and things you don't like about them... and put down a deposit so that he can start drawing.
  13. I love painting, but it's time consuming for me. for lines Microns 5 and 8 for colors fw and tube water colors for blues and sometimes yellows... bristol, I hate watercolor paper, it's too messy. This is probably my favorite sheet so far
  14. Thank you Pop's Tattoo in Silver Spring, MD www.popstattoo.net
  15. Japanese Tattooing Now: Was a nice history of how neo-japanese came about, including the correspondance between Sailor Jerry and the Horis This is my current favorite Japanese Design Reference Content: Horimouja https://www.bing.com/search?q=horimouja+tattoo+books&cvid=aec709be406141b8a193dff0e51a8d37&pglt=43&FORM=ANNTA1&PC=U531
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