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  1. Hello! I'm a web developer and I've been looking for ideas for projects. I noticed that a lot of tattoo artists I follow complain that clients aren't really specific when they ask for the cost of a tattoo, asking for it to be 'small' or 'big' without any kind of reference, and how that could be annoying. So I came up with a concept, which is essentially a form that you can send to your client in a link, takes just 2 minutes to complete, and gives you every piece of information you need to price your work correctly. By setting the parameters yourself, you save time otherwise spent in reiterating to your awesome client that small is not an universal concept. The result of this form is then sent to your personal dashboard, where you can manage your reservations, communicate to your clients, present them to your designs and schedule sessions, with the end goal being to improve your workflow and organization. I would love to expand this concept into a full web application, but it will be very time consuming and I figured out I should ask the target audience if the idea is worth it. So, as a tattoo artist and/or client, would you use something like this? Do you think it can improve your workflow? Thanks! I've attached some screenshots for a demo I've been working on
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