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    • I teaching myself basic stone carving lately and tried making a small tree the other day. After a couple hours I looked at it from another perspective, giggled insanely and without saying anything showed it to my husband. He laughed and said "yeah did you mean to make a penis?"

      Moral: My poor tree looked way more like a penis than your geometric dotwork, which is actually quite nice. Maybe if you tilt your head and squint it maybe kinda could look like something if you're looking for it. If anyone is looking for that on your arm, there's other issues probably

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    • Couldn't click on this thread fast enough...
    • Just peeled some Tegaderm off for the first time a couple minutes ago, some initial thoughts: 1. Got tattooed Monday afternoon.  Kept the original bandage on overnight (as I like to do), then washed it well Tuesday AM and left it bare (under my jeans) until that evening (didn't order it in time to arrive before Tuesday). 2. The tattoo wept a lot of plasma into the 2 sheets of 4x4" Tegaderm I applied, so much so that I sprung a minor leak at the bottom and had to patch a new piece under it.  I should mention that most of that built up plasma worked its way out before the patch.  This tattoo is on my shin, so gravity was really working against me.  I later added another piece at the top to wrap around my knee - not a super friendly area as far as movement is concerned.  These two pieces were added on Wednesday. 3. With the Tegaderm, I hardly even noticed I had a brand new tattoo while at work.  There was no irritation from rubbing on clothing, and I could ride my bike in no problem. 4. Kept it on for 4 days (Tuesday-Saturday), so that the 2 edge pieces had been on for the minimum 3 - I was a little worried about ripping my remaining leg hairs out if the adhesive hadn't weakened some... It all peeled off fine, didn't even need water to help it off, so I just hopped in the shower after to wash it all off.   All in all, the tattoo looks and feels great.  Time will only tell how the rest of the heal goes, but I have a feeling that I'm past the worst of it.  To me, just having the freedom to move without worrying about rubbing/irritation is worth the price of admission.  In the future, I'll definitely order larger sheets to make coverage a little simpler (tattoo is about 4.5 x 7", a little tricky to get that extra 1" border around), but I think I'm a convert!  Thanks to everyone who posted here, I definitely read through this whole thread at least once while making the choice...
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