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Joke of the day(ish) Thead

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To get the ball rolling and make an opportunity for a cheer up..if you are experiencing some miserable sh.t or otherwise... or have some material to help another member cheer up! 

The first joke is.. 

My favorite invention of the age of electricity is an escalator...

drum roll please......, 

because when it inevitably breaks, it is still stairs! :1_grinning:

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So a guy walks into a tattoo shop and says "I want the tattoo diet",

the tattooer says "what is that",

the guy says "I want a full body photorealistic tattoo of me only 50 pounds lighter

and maybe this time it will last...."

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    • I’ve had the same artist complete all four of my tattoos. All are fairly large works. I love her work and it suits me perfectly. The most recent piece was done last week. We collaborated on a design and I approved the final piece. When I got home from the session, however, I noticed that an element of the design was missing – a perfectly innocent mistake, and something that could just be added at another session. I emailed the artist to tell her this and offered to pay for another session. I’ve gotten the silent treatment (no response) and cannot escape the feeling that I’ve somehow upset or offended her. My email to her had no criticism or accusation of any kind – I missed something in the original design and she missed it when doing the tattoo. I’ll happily pay to have it remedied but now she’s not responding. Did I trip up here? Should I have approached it another way? Is there a protocol for asking an artist to make some changes/additions to her own work? Like I said, I’ve worked with her many times before, paid promptly, tipped generously, recommended her to others – I’m a good client. But it feels like I messed up somehow. I want to make it right. Suggestions?
    • Has anyone had a tingly sensation years later to white tattoo ink? Just recently (been 3 years) since my tattoo have I started to have tingling sensation on the white part of it. So odd. I read online that people can have allergic reaction to titanium dioxide years later and that can be a symptom (looked into dental implants which were made of it and leg implants) Anyone encounter this? Also sometimes the ink gets raised as well. Thank you. 
    • Thanks for the replies. Cheers.
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