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  1. Refusing to talk about other topics that isnt tattoo related
  2. 2 birds sitting on a branch. Bird 1 goes: tjiep tjiep. Bird 2: expensive, expensive
  3. tattoos are for people, Lotion is for skin. Do what we will tell you, Or else it gets the hose again.
  4. cover it with a full sleeve by a good artist.
  5. dang thats mice. Makes me want to get a cat tattoo aswell
  6. Dont know how and where exactly i found this instagram, maybe on this site. Theres an english man who finds scrolls and paintings and i dont know what for reference for tattoo artist. why am i still babbling? .
  7. Hehehe some drunk girl got a harry potter lightning bolt on her forhead
  8. Jazeker. Nice to have some fellow dutchies here
  9. Last session 2 weeks ago. Might add something in the far future but done for now.
  10. There is a 3th option. Not covering it. However, try to wash it atleast every 10 hours
  11. Gum. Its nice to chew on something during the intense moments.
  12. It took 20 years?! Darn, i need to start right now
  13. What everyone else said. Let the addiction begin
  14. Funny rereading this thread. I figure there are alot of artist asking each other the same question. 'how much should i charge?'. One of the best feelings is when a artist is very enthustiastic about your idea. You can feel the magic. And it seems they charge you less
  15. Bumping my own thread. First of all, thank you everyone contrubiting in my thread. Special thanks to @Graeme who's advice never fails. Also special thanks to my mentor @Joe Shit (yes you are a mentor now, deal with it) with who i had alot of back and forth pm's about artists. Without you guy's i dont know with what monstrosity i would have ended up with. I know sometimes it seems people just come, asking for advice and dont listen but i want you to know sometimes people do listen. Allmost finished now.