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  1. just a thought, could this be bacteria / germs getting in? as it only happens around the edge and not all over could be some evil things getting under the sandierm?
  2. hey people, i have been reading through all the posts, people seem to only put the tegaderm / saniderm on the next morning or 4-5 hours after the tattoo which makes sense to let some of the plasma come out first....... has anyone just put it on straight after the tattoo by the artist? i am having a full sleeve done and then flying home the next day, i will be by myself and i know it will be tricky to cover a full sleeve without any help so i was just hoping i can ask my artist to put it on and it will last around 48 hours until i get home? if thats a no no i guess i can always go back to the s
  3. Thank you everyone for all the advice.....most appreciated.
  4. Haha..... Yes but my flight is not direct , changing planes in Dubai too zzzzzzzzzz welll I used to live in the UK and booked in with Chris who had a 2 year waiting list at the time, was only a short 40 mins flight to see him, I then moved to SA and thought after waiting so long I might as well follow it through......zero even half decent artists out here unfortunately, But it's also a good excuse to go catch up with friends again so will nip over to the uk first and everyone's happy.... Apart from my bank account, still only going to be a week in total. i wish my artist was based i
  5. Cheers Sstu, I did think about that but thought your meant to apply it the day after the tattoo, Not straight away? I have one night to recover before flying home. That's good to know polliwog, don't want to travel all that way then mess it up, I'll go for the derm then, I am sure I'll manage to put it on somehow..... Or I just need to make a friend in Belfast :) thanks for all the help guys and guys, friendly forum.
  6. yep I overlapped last time, ..... I still don't think its the easiest to do by yourself though trying to put it on nicely with one hand..... its probably going to be the easiest option though for my flight so might give it another shot.
  7. yay, what do i win? :) I used Tegaderm the last time, number one it is really hard to cover a full sleeve, cutting it to the correct length and wrapping it around your arm, especially when your by yourself, i imagine it would work better for smaller pieces..... and number two i got a small infection near my wrist, maybe i left it on for too long, around 4 - 5 days which is what i was told to do, i washed it really well before putting it on and avoided touching it but somehow that germ got in there somehow..... I also thought my other arm healed better with just using bepanthol, maybe i'll
  8. Hey there, it depends the style your after? i am sitting with Chris Crooks at white dragon Belfast, the other one i would recommend is Remis in Dublin, hope that helps :)
  9. Hey people, Maybe someone could help me out with a bit of advice please, i have a day sitting in Ireland and then flying back to south africa the next day, from the time i leave my hotel to getting home will be around 30 hours with two long flights and a train ride, normally i wash my tattoos 3 times a day then just put bepanthol on, with flying i am sure it is better to keep it covered up, I am sure it will not be so hygienic washing it in airport toilets so will it be ok wrapped up for that amount of time do you think? or anyone have any other ideas? i have tried Tegaderm before and did
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