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  1. welcome,it looks like it's healing fine to me,and I don't see any blow out.
  2. right on,remember that this black mostly thin lined tattoo will heal relatively fast,tattoos take months to fully heal. so sit and relax,enjoy your new tattoo,and start planning the next one.
  3. actually it looks normal, a little heavy on the lotion is what is causing that cracked look, try lighter coats of lotion. otherwise it looks good IMO.
  4. I'm not familiar with that product,I use Palmers Cocoa butter the week or 2 after the application of the tattoo,Maybe that stuff you are using does have too much perfume/alcohol in it.try using a different lotion then,like I said,I like fragrance free Aveeno or the cocoa butter. we all heal differently,maybe you could post a pic of it ? some cracking and scabbing is going to happen to some. maybe you are applying too much ? that can cause cracking too.you have to find that lotion that works for you and the amount that you use as well,I just use a very light coat of the butter or aveeno,VERY light.
  5. it's not really that big of a deal,using fragrance free lotion is just one more small step to take in healing,the perfume in the lotion has a small amount of alcohol in it which dries out the skin and tattoo a tiny bit,I use Aveeno fragrance free all year long and post healing as well,again though ,it's not a huge deal.
  6. it's a cool design,and the best thing I could say about getting that tattoo is that it would have to be pretty large to even work and stay looking good down the road.If you're going to get that,"go big or go home".So IMO get it big. get it bigger than you think you want it when getting tattooed, has always been a good rule for me.
  7. yep,this is the thing,blow-out can happen to anybody anywhere by any artist. I have some too.
  8. I love you too!!!!
  9. too many beers rant LOL
  10. drunk post LOL
  11. Honest Opinions !?!?!?!? ok,well,I don't really like it,maybe when it's finished it might look better,but again,you asked for Honest Opinions,mine is that it looks pretty badly done.
  12. very cool,nice one ! and that Oliver is the fastest tattooer I have ever seen,I have 3 from him and he hauls ass.
  13. thanks,I had not seen that. @gtrjunior
  14. interesting,I have not seen that,I will check that out. I use Saniderm,it doesn't state that on their site,
  15. I don't think that would work,.it's made to use in hot showers,and it works great for that. that stuff sticks pretty good. LOL that's the one thing about that stuff,it does hurt coming off, and it has never taken any of my skin off.