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  1. Dan

    What do you moisturize with?

    when I go on vacation to the islands or know I will be in the sun for a while, I slather on the 50spf and sit under a cover when I go to the islands, otherwise I just use Aveeno all year every day(no sun block), like this
  2. don't do that,it will NOT stick to your skin, like was said,your skin needs to be clean and dry , and shaved on the entire area that the saniderm will be on. what I do is keep cocoa butter and saran on the tattoo for the first 24 hours(washing every few hours with anti-microbial soap,and pat dry with clean paper towels) then after 24 hours I apply the saniderm to clean dry shaved skin and leave it on for 5 or 6 days.
  3. ya,I agree on both, and IMO it was mildly entertaining at best.
  4. Dan

    Bottom of Toe Tattoos

    LOL what did she steal ? all she said was it's a cute tattoo, and besides,that was 6 years ago , I'm sure your toe tattoo fell out long ago. LOL
  5. × Ride With Norman Reedus Lone Star State With Sean Patrick Flanery SEASON 3, EPISODE 5 • NEW 03/10/2019 ....12:02 AM ON AMCPHD 798 • TV-14 • CC Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery saddle up and ride through the heart Texas to hang out with influential tattoo artist Oliver Peck in Dallas.
  6. yep ! that's why I love that stuff !
  7. Dan


    I edited my reply, maybe I was too harsh on him . :(
  8. Dan


    why stress over it ? if it is blowout(which is common) then there is not a lot you can do about it ,so don't stress and worry, stop looking at it with a magnifying glass and be happy with your tattoo, relax,let it heal,and move on to the next amazing tattoo.
  9. Dan

    New here

    looks like normal healing IMO
  10. Dan

    Hello. New here.

    welcome ! sit and stay a while.
  11. Dan


    that's exactly what I said, perfectly acceptable IMO
  12. Dan


    I don't think it's disrespectful to tell an artist your budget and/or ask if you can get a particular design for that amount.
  13. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I got this butterfly/dragonfly start today. will finish in April. tattoo by https://www.instagram.com/tanyatattoos/ she still needs to add a bee and some background,it's based on the song "Dragonfly" by Ziggy Marley
  14. it's all casino property(native american),the casino is a couple hundred yards away.