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  1. that looks normal,the redness looks like bruising from removing and reapplying the saniderm,that happens to me too,especially on my legs. the white part is probably your skin looking funny from under the saniderm with the liquid,that should go away, now the rash & the pain I'm not sure about,I have not gotten a rash, go see your doctor ?!?! and I have found that the plazma will ooze out more on color tattoos than B&G, try removing it and cleaning and reapplying it one more time,if it keeps oozing then leave the saniderm off at that point and use cocoa butter or aquafor very lightly.
  2. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    ya ! the stomach is fun !
  3. Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    yes, maybe a little over the years, why worry about it ? there is nothing to be done about it, don't obsess over it. it's a nice tattoo, enjoy it ,love it, show it off, and plan your next one.
  4. yep ! sounds & looks totally normal to me, peeling lightly like that is a normal part of the healing process, like I said, put some aveeno on it lightly a couple times a day, enjoy your new tattoo and start planning your next one !
  5. looks great ! I love the dermal film,I use Saniderm,and yes I get the wrinkly thing too, if I have to overlap it I overlap by a couple inches,but I really don't have to much, Saniderm comes in a 2 yard x 10.2 inch roll for $16.95. nice knee piece btw. :)
  6. don't put anymore saniderm on, just use something like Aveeno now, lightly a couple times a day. pretty easy heal !?!?!? I love that shit.
  7. Upcoming Tattoos

    just trying to prevent a future laser removal or cover-up. you would be surprised how many people come here asking for help on a horrible tattoo mistake they made.
  8. Upcoming Tattoos

    hopefully your mom's boyfriend is an experienced professional tattooer that works in a reputable shop.
  9. I use Saniderm a lot,the red for me is around the edge of the saniderm because it's irritating and pulling the skin causing the redness,it goes away and it's normal IMO. but I have never had an odor associated with using saniderm ,ever. and yes,you need to use a good anti-microbial soap to get the skin oils off your skin and make sure it's really really dry by using clean paper towels.works for me just fine,I have never had a saniderm piece come off or peel at all. also the trick is to wait for 24 hours after getting the tattoo applied before putting on the saniderm,this ensures that there is no more fluids oozing out of the tattoo.for that first 24 hours I wash the tattoo every 3 or 4 hours with warm water and anti-microbial soap,always pat dry with clean paper towels,and after each washing in that first 24hrs I apply a very light coat of Palmers Cocoa Butter and a sheet of saran wrap.THEN after all that and hours I apply the saniderm for about 5 or 6 days and it works perfect.It also helps to shave the area surrounding the saniderm patch,hairless skin will hold the saniderm better.
  10. not at all. I have used Saniderm on many tattoos and most of them overlapped on other healed tattoos,never an issue,a properly applied fully healed tattoo is pretty tough and will hold up.
  11. I have both my hands tattooed and my hands swell a lot ! the pain level in my hands was not bad at all,but they puff up pretty good.so don't worry about the swelling, pretty normal IMO and it will go away,just try and keep your feet elevated as much as possible and take some OTC anti-inflammatory. and IMO up the entire leg would look pretty fuckin' nice.
  12. I think it's a beautiful tattoo,it fits your leg just right,very nice ! from my experience the skin on that part of your leg will heal nicely,it's an easy heal area IMO. and welcome to the forum AND the addiction !
  13. Upcoming Tattoos

    I have a appointment set with @cltattooing on May 12th at her shop in Oakland, "FTW Tattoo Parlor",some of you should remember her. anyway,I am getting a B&G death moth on my upper chest and some lettering on my fingers. I am super excited to finally get some work from her,I have been following her for a while now.she is awesome IMO. the bay area has a ton of great artists and it's only 90min from me.
  14. New tattoo - is this normal healing?

    it looks totally normal for 3 weeks IMO,tattoos take months to fully heal.