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  1. https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/f/17-initiation/
  2. hi and welcome, read here https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/guidelines/ it is 10 posts
  3. looks normal to me, put a little Aveeno on it.
  4. ya well,IMO he is full of shit, both my elbows are done,like 15 & 18 years ago,with no touch ups on either and they still look great ! and the same with both my knees ! they look just as good as any of the many other tattoos I have. I agree with @oboogie , go somewhere else.
  5. Hi, so the 2 pieces are related in a way,so that's cool,it looks like good work,was it all from the same tattooer ? best thing to do is talk to the tattooer that did one or more of those pieces,and tell them your budget too.
  6. find a good artist that is good at that style,tell them your budget, and ask them .
  7. Dan


    it's totally normal
  8. what is it suppose to be ? have you been keeping it clean ? shit ! that tiny F***ing thing should heal in a few days. did you do it yourself ? wash it with soap and water,put some neosporin on it and put a band-aid on if for a couple days.
  9. it all sounds normal to me,it's not healed yet,let it heal for 6 or more weeks, remember the tattoo will NEVER again look like it did the day you had it done and using aveeno is what I do,the steps you described is also just about what I do too. so relax and don't scratch the flaky stuff off,let it fall off and keep using aveeno a couple time s a day.
  10. our skin varies a whole lot on different parts of our bodies,a shoulder will heal totally different than a inner thigh will,etc,etc
  11. saniderm is a great product,I like it and use it all the time, but it can leave bruising,redness,and rash,that's all normal and will go away. overuse of aquafor will cause bumps too.
  12. I will be going Sunday 10/20 anyone else going ? in the meantime,here is some RHCP
  13. WTF ?! what is that even suppose to be ? is that a garage tattoo ? first thing to do is to NEVER go back to that scratcher again. 2nd thing to do is start researching a good cover-up artist to go to.,
  14. Dan

    I Need Advice

    it will NEVER again look like it did the first 2 days it was done.
  15. what lotion did you put on it ? alot of color will ooze more than B&G, and like I said,try a light coat of aveeno twice a day, and like @oboogie said,keep it clean, maybe wash it with a anti-microbial soap OTC from CVS or Walgreen, use the palm of your hand to scrub the tattoo with the soap, dry it with a clean paper towel and then apply a light coat of aveeno,do this 2 or 3 times a day.