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  1. obessive stuff we think about our tattoos,that happens to me too,as soon as the machine is off,I am thinking of the next one, lol pics yet ?
  2. here is a good pov from a prominent artist. http://timhendricks.com/?p=5944
  3. hands,knees,elbows,neck,ribs,ankles,no big deal for me,but I agree with the butt,and it's the inner thigh for me too.
  4. very nice ! you're lucky to get in with chris ! how long did you wait ?
  5. looks great,I would leave it alone for a while, rethink adding around it in 6 months,IMO it looks good by itself. and it will look like your other tattoos in time too,it just looks like that now because it's new. I'm sure your other tattoos looked bold and dark when they were new too.
  6. I get redness and bruising from Saniderm every time on any spot on my body,it goes away in a week or so,or longer depending on where it is on my body..
  7. this forum is full of a lot of very experienced and knowledgeable tattooed people,there is good advice here. I do agree with you,that tattoo needs some help,a good coverup artist could make that go away.
  8. take it off,wash the tattoo,dry it with a new paper towel, and reapply another sheet of it,the oozing of liquid is totally normal.I usually wait about 20 hours or so to apply the dermal film so all the oozing is done by then.
  9. that is totally normal IMO,I have a lot of tattoos and that happens to me everytime.
  10. it's self adhesive,there is a peel off layer and trust me,it sticks really well,and I already had referenced a thread here at LST in my previous post in this thread,
  11. well,yes,wrapping it will help,put on something like Aquafor or cocoa butter under saran. next time ,something like these dermal films below will solve that problem if you buy it before,I get mine online, unless you can find it locally. like Saniderm or tegaderm , you should be able to find Tegaderm at walgreens,target,or CVS these products are great stuff for healing tattoos IMO,I have used them for a few years now with great success. you leave it on a tattoo for a few days,you can shower and sleep with it on and no hassle. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/nexcare-tegaderm-waterproof-transparent-dressing/ID=prod361001-product http://www.target.com/s/tegaderm sizes?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google&fndsrc=tgtao&CPNG=Health%2BBeauty_First+Aid&adgroup=Bandage+Wraps&LID=700000001170703p18867092695&LNM=tegaderm+sizes&MT=b&network=g&device=c&location=9032467&gclid=Cj0KEQjwzpfHBRC1iIaL78Ol-eIBEiQAdZPVKoOE6pWGkfIszCWeBFK5SaZhszGKVAlJmV2aNwkWtccaAuF28P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds here is some reading here on it. https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/t/4431-tegadermsanidermtatuderm-healing-process/ and remember to keep it clean. this is my thigh with Saniderm on it
  12. welcome to the forums AND the addiction Alicia. glad to have you here. that rib piece rocks !
  13. I like getting the first appointment of the day,I like a big healthy breakfast then a 11 am or 12 ish appointment time. that way I'm refreshed with a good night's sleep and good meal and ready to go. then yes @el twe ,it's beers directly after and relax out of the sun the rest of the day. LOL and like @el twe also said,good idea to get it the day before your days off from work.
  14. cool tattoos for sure,who is the artist and shop ?