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  1. Dan


    a fragrance free lotion is good for a tattoo when it's healing because fragrance has a small amount of alcohol products in it and can dry out a fresh tattoo a tiny bit, but a scented lotion will have no affect on a healed tattoo,or ANY lotion. and yes,a good 30 or 50 SPF sunblock is a good idea when in a lot of sun, only time and the sun will fade a tattoo.
  2. Dan


    Hi Jessica,and welcome ! we might be neighbors ,I live in Orangevale. I am in citrus heights a lot.I have seen that shop but have not stopped in to say hi yet. I eat at that Jimboy's sometimes LOL
  3. Dan

    4 week old red finger tattoo-help!

    I have tattoos on all my upper and lower sections of my fingers,and finger tattoos just suck ,and they ALWAYS need a touch up and maybe a second touch up, and they ALWAYS can blow out a little,small parts of the finger tattoo can fall out too,if there is any scar tissue on fingers(like i have from small cuts over the years) can cause trouble too. IMO it looks like that's what happened,similar happened to me and a touch up helped a lot. it is what it is.
  4. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    thanks ! both my lower arms are mostly from the 80's & 90's, my upper arms/shoulders are newer, my right arm is still bright,I think the lighting and mix of styles make it look different, both arms were done in the same time frames alternating back and forth.
  5. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    got this little palm tree Friday the 13th banger today, Haiku Tattoo-Tattoos by Yasmine Anderson Maui https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1023120837/haiku-tattoo-tattoos-by-yasmine-anderson/
  6. Dan

    Tattoo regret

    the regret will pass,it's quite normal, it's a cool looking tattoo.
  7. so we landed on Maui yesterday for 2 weeks. fun on the flight, views from our condo , and a few little green friends at the tiki lounge. Aloha !
  8. season 2 is starting on 07/11/2018, Ep1 looks like a good one, I get it on VICELAND on COMCAST "The Mastrer of all tattoos:Chris Garver"
  9. Dan

    Need Help!!!

    you mean
  10. starting this Tuesday (07/03),my wife and myself will be on Maui for 2 weeks. doing this>>>>>
  11. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    that's easy, skip a couple days of workouts.
  12. looks real nice,is that a GL1000 ? a buddy of mine had one and that thing hauled ass. it looks good with all the plastic off of it.
  13. Dan

    Upcoming Tattoos

    so here it is,I love the placement so it can be seen good with a tank. it has a little blowout at the top,that's just due to my old soft skin on my neck 😧
  14. yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary, we went to see Ziggy Marley at a small venue here in Sacramento last night, it was an amazing show.