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  1. pretty cool !?!?! right !?!? and yes,I had to control my little boy excitement !
  2. So I met an interesting person recently at my work, I work at a max security juvenile county jail and there is a full school there and a classroom and teacher in every housing unit. So there is a full faculty and a principal. I just met the principal, and she is very nice, we hit it off right away, she asked me for some help on something and we were walking together and I noticed a little edge of a tattoo peeking out from her conservative clothing, she said she keeps it covered at work, so I asked her about it and when we got to her office she pulled up one sleeve and there is this beautiful tattoo sleeve, she said she has both arms and a full back piece done. So of course I asked her about them, she said she had them done by a longtime friend of hers, a childhood friend, she said he has a shop in Oakland, so now I am really interested, she said it was called Temple tattoo, it’s the only place she goes, she said one artist there has done all her work, she asked if I have heard of Freddy Corbin ! Totally cool !
  3. LST Animal Lovers

    I love the wrinkles. :)
  4. New here & to tattoos

    you're gonna need reading glasses now ! LOL
  5. Weird Healing

    relax,looks perfectly normal to me,3 months is NOT healed 100%,put on Aveeno fragrance free everyday and keep it out of the sun,stop looking at it with a microscope,and plan your next one.
  6. I have never had that with Saniderm either.
  7. Forearm "Life changing" ?

    ALL my first tattoos were on both my lower arms, I started my sleeves from the wrists up ! LOL I wouldn't say it was "life changing", but it certainly cemented my addiction. if anything has changed, tattoos have made my life better through the experiences I have had and the people I have met on my tattoo adventure over 25 years of getting tattooed, it's been a great ride and I look forward to the future, I love the tattoo world and the people in it.
  8. Hi! Conflicted after first tattoo

    I like all your thoughts, but this one sentence is perfect, I couldn't agree more.
  9. New here & to tattoos

    welcome fellow old guy ! LOL I'm 58 and have been getting tattooed since the 80's and still getting work done and I am as addicted as ever ! I will say I have gotten more tattoos in the last 10 years than ever as well. welcome to the addiction.
  10. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    looks great so far !
  11. This is my saniderm method,I have used it for several years now and several tattoos. 1)in the first 24 hours,I leave the artist applied saran on for about 4 hours,then wash it with warm water and anti-microbial soap scrubbing with the clean palm of my hand,pat dry with a clean paper towel,then add a very light coat of palmers cocoa butter,then cover with fresh saran. I repeat this every 3 or 4 hours for that 24 hour period.waiting 24 hours is enough time IMO for all the fluids to come out. 2) wash one more time,pat dry with clean paper towel,apply saniderm being careful to not have any bubbles.Make sure there is about a 2" overlap around the tattoo.leave it on for 4 to 6 days. BAM ! done ! here is a pic of that method on my last one a few weeks ago. (of course my wife helped with this one) I buy the 10.2" X 2 yd roll ($16.95 directly from Saniderm.com) and I like lots of overlap.
  12. Slightly nervous

    don't worry,I have both elbows tattooed and it was low on my pain scale,don't let it build up in your head. Actually my knees,elbows,hands,fingers,were all ok,my inner thighs were way tender though.
  13. Please help

    well, if your arm is down at your side, it's not upside down, you don't walk around with your arm up in the air do you ?