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  1. LOL sorry, but you asked reddit ? LOL if it's a tattoo that you want and you like this tattooer, then pay the money, remember one thing.
  2. it looks normal for a 6 day old tattoo, look at it again in a month, keep it clean and put a little aveeno on it a couple times a day
  3. I am so sorry, that is such a hard thing to go through.
  4. Dan

    Tattoo Help

    hi, do some research to find a tattooer that does the style you want this tattoo in and have them draw it up.
  5. older red inks used to to do that on some people, but modern good quality reds these days hardly do it, I have not had a reaction in 35 years, and I have gotten lots of red since then with no reaction, and if you do get a red ink reaction that's pretty much all it is, maybe scab a little, not an infection. I wouldn't worry about it, if the tattooer you have chosen has a clean shop and clean practice, go get the tattoo .
  6. well, you already have a lot of tattoos you said, if it's something you want then why worry about what other people think !?!
  7. so get the F***ing tattoo you want, I'm not religious, maybe questions like this is why I'm not.
  8. Dan

    Is this normal?

    yes, no, and yes and , "colors" ? it looks like a black & gray tattoo to me
  9. it does not look infected IMO and peeling is a perfectly normal part of tattoo healing.
  10. I don't think it's weird , I think it's a really nice tattoo.
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