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  1. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    ya,I got the mom/heart/banner while she was still alive but very sick with cancer,so she saw it and loved it, I got the RIP & date after she passed of course.
  2. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    sorry for your loss, here is mine from 24 years ago.
  3. Dan

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    I don't need you or anyone to speak for me,I said exactly what I F***ing meant.
  4. Dan


    what the F*** are you talking about ? and why are you trolling me ?
  5. Dan

    RIP Bill Salmon :(

    http://diamondclubtattoo.com/artists/bill-salmon/ another legend gone 😞
  6. Dan

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    LOL let it F***ing heal for a couple months first before you HATE it ! you can't tell any F***ing thing in a week !
  7. I am not seeing it anymore, thanks for taking care of that Steve,
  8. I love the person you are @oboogie !!!!
  9. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I totally agree, I think this is a big issue, I love stopping strangers and starting a conversation about tattoos, but I don't always get a friendly response. oh well, I will always keep trying.
  10. LOL who cares ?!?!? it's going to look like a nicely settled 20 yo tattoo. maybe you shouldn't be getting tattoos if that is a serious concern of yours. here is one of my 24 yo tattoos (never touched up)
  11. Dan

    Mixing styles?

    I just always keep a roll or 2 of saniderm at home. you never know when a tattoo opportunity comes along.
  12. Dan

    Mixing styles?

    so buy some yourself and bring it with you,Saniderm ships to many countries. https://saniderm.com/ . . I always get this one https://saniderm.com/product/personal-size-10-2-in-x-2-yd-roll/
  13. large knee piece(Bill Loika art), tattoo from Dave Gibson, and many small flash pieces from "California Ralph" & "Charlie" at "world Famous Emporium of Tattoo" in Van Nuys California in the early 80's.
  14. Dan

    Mixing styles?

    welcome I have many different styles and I have color and B&G tattoos, and I am perfectly fine with that. there are no rules, whatever you like on your body.
  15. Dan

    Newbie to Forum and tattoos

    hello and welcome !