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  1. swelling is totally normal, keep it elevated,ice it up a little,treat it like an injury,
  2. if you are "quite happy with it",then the artist is doing a good job. it looks fine,
  3. yes,any good artist will notice them and not tattoo over them. if they don't notice them then you went to the wrong artist
  4. I have some very old flames and fire from the 80's,,,,,traditional, probably not what you are looking for
  5. some of mine itch and some don't our skin varies from place to place on our bodies and so will healing
  6. Dan


    I use Palmer's cocoa butter as soon as I take off the saniderm, or right away if I don't use saniderm
  7. I can't go ,but you should check out Greg Christians Jerry paintings on driftwood he has for sale
  8. Dan


    keep in mind laser tattoo removal is not that, it's really just tattoo lightening , and if you want to be a tattoo artist, please don't just dabble with a Chinese eBay kit, go get some art education and then maybe if you are lucky enough to get an apprenticeship and proper training at a reputable shop, then in 3 or 4 years you might get a job as a tattooer.
  9. IMO on fully healed tattoos especially with protective gloves and clothing, the heat shouldn't have any effect on your tattoos, or skin, other than being a little irritating from the heat. and as far as aging !?!?! you and your body are going to heal in their own way. the sun,smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol have more effect on aging and looking aged than baking or heat or anything to do with tattoos.
  10. yep ! you need to pre-hydrate and the best thing to do when feeling light headed is to eat some candy, of course eating a good meal before getting tattooed is a no brainer. that little tattoo should be an easy one,
  11. if you can't take a week off now,then IMO yes,wait
  12. if it was me I would just leave it alone. trying to change it will just F*** it up.
  13. Dan

    Hey there

    all you can do now is wait and let it heal, keep washing it like you did, use a light coat of Aveeno daily. stressing on it won't do any good.