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  1. Dan

    New tattoo

  2. Dan

    New tattoo

    there are tons of good tattooers that do amazing traditional, maybe you could find some tattooers that you like and see if they do conventions near you,follow as many tattooers that do the style you want on instagram , IG is a great place to do research and contact tattooers. and this tattooer in Argentina, does he travel to conventions ?
  3. this is a thing for me,I believe face, neck, and hand tattoos are earned after being heavily tattooed on other parts of the body.
  4. IMO that's a very much possible cover up, there are plenty of good tattooers that specialize in cover ups,you just haven't found the right one yet.
  5. my wife and myself have back to back appointments with Oliver Peck at the Feather Falls convention at the end of February. we have been on an "american traditional" binge lately, and we have been tattooed at conventions with back to back appointments a few times now and I totally love doing that with her. I am getting a horse shoe with a couple flowers on my left knee ditch,and my wife is getting a sea turtle to add to the octopus and mermaid Oliver did on her leg.
  6. very nice ! I am running out of room and have been considering my feet.
  7. check out https://www.instagram.com/tracydtattoos/?hl=en or any of the other artists at modern classic tattoo
  8. I have several pieces form Greg Christian, https://www.instagram.com/gregchristian4130/?hl=en he travels a lot to conventions, and I totally love his bold line work and saturated colors. here is one he just did for me. or any number of other artists,there are tons that do AT, where do you live ? I like going to conventions the most.
  9. Dan

    Post tattoo anxiety

    yes,those feelings are 100% normal and will go away, and also,that's a badass tattoo,very nice !
  10. hi, most all of my tattoos have no "meaning" ,they have mostly been classic tattoos, cool art, or just to get something from a particular artist, deep meanings behind tattoos make great reality TV, but not for me. I look at that tattoo as a design, I don't care what it means if I like it, I get it. (or a variation of it)
  11. Hi and welcome, you won't find any discussions here on tattooing technique and methods, but feel free to show off your work !
  12. 100 % normal and that feeling will go away,