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  1. that's not from taking the film off to early, that's something else, how old is the tattoo ? is that scabbing ? does it hurt to touch it ? did that rash start after the tattoo was applied ? wash it with warm water and some anti-bacterial soap with the clean palm of your hand, pat it dry with a clean paper towel and put a very light coat of a good lotion like aveeno or maybe go to a doctor to see if it's infected.
  2. for your next tattoo, the best way IMO is to use a product called saniderm,it's a medical film that you put on the tattoo after it's done and leave it on for 4 or 5 days,then take it off and it is pretty much healed,it's sanitary and holds up very well to clothing,showers,etc,etc really great stuff. this is the one I use,just make sure you have some before your next tattoo. https://saniderm.com/product/personal-size-10-2-in-x-2-yd-roll/ here are a few of the many times I have used it.these 3 all have it on in the pics.
  3. first thing to do is DON'T GET ANYMORE TATTOOS ! and ,well,secondly,relax and wait until it's ACTUALLY HEALED ! maybe try some ibuprofen,and ice it. if that doesn't work, maybe it has NOTHING to do with the tattoo !
  4. here is another music inspired piece of mine, small but I like it.
  5. Dan

    Shaded rose tattoo

    I love rose tattoos,but there is no deep meaning behind a rose,a rose is just a rose, unless you put a RIP and/or name associated with it.
  6. Dan

    Blown out ?

    this for sure 100% /\
  7. Dan

    Blown out ?

    does he work in a shop ? and there is nothing you can do about the blow out now, the best thing to do is research artists and find a good one that does whatever style you want next time. just my humble opinion, but don't go back to the person that did that tattoo.
  8. yep,it looks fine, stop freaking out and relax and enjoy it, as you start planning your next awesome tattoo.
  9. hi,you have "tattoo remorse", it's very common,it will go away, your tattoo is a nice tattoo, don't get any laser done, it will fade and lighten naturally over time, now,put a tank top on and show it with pride,nobody is going to think less of you,and if they do that's their problem.
  10. LOL so you knew you shouldn't be swimming a week after getting a tattoo ? that's on you, let it heal more, a little shiny and flaky sound normal to me, muscle aches not typically from infection
  11. no,as long as you are up to it, like you feel good,eat well,sleep well,pre-hydrate,etc,etc the day & night before & day of. most important is to mentally prepare.
  12. on touchups I might do $30-$60 range, depends on how much they end up doing, gloves, needles, ink, ink pots, saran,paper towels, etc etc , if you think about it they are using a lot of supplies. plus their time.
  13. call and make an appointment to go see the artist that did it and let that person know your thoughts. most good artists that I know will happily do a touch-up, for free, if they do,be sure and tip them.(for cost of supplies)