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  1. "Ohio mother charged after allegedly allowing 10-year-old to be tattooed by teen" "BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio - A mother is facing charges after she allegedly allowed a teen to give her 10-year-old son a tattoo inside a home in Bellefontaine, located in Logan County. Nikki J. Dickinson, 34, was charged with misdemeanor child endangering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to ABC affiliate WSYX in Columbus. In a video that went viral on Facebook and sparked outrage online, a 10-year-old boy is seen getting a tattoo by another teen inside a home. Officers told WSYX that the mom said she got "tired" of her son asking, so she allowed him to get a tattoo. Dickinson endangered her son by allowing him to get a tattoo in unsafe, unsanitary conditions, according to court documents. The 16-year-old teen in the video gives tattoos at home, according to a witness. Investigators said it's believed the teen gave a tattoo to another individual that turned into a MRSA infection, WSYX reports. The 16-year-old teen was charged with two delinquency counts of tattooing prohibitions, according to WSYX." https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/ohio-mother-charged-after-allegedly-allowing-10-year-old-to-be-tattooed-by-teen?fbclid=IwAR22fZB8JO8KtB1_RYb33diVl4eYKMyh8XoIPe71d8cqDhqC0uqPMMhNJBw
  2. Dan

    Hi there I have some questions

    unless this is a joke, personally for me, a guy doing tattoos out of an RV would be a red flag. Especially for a first tattoo,I would do some more research of artists that you would like to get work from. I would look at established busy shops.
  3. Dan

    What do you moisturize with?

    I love Palmers cocoa butter,great stuff too. I use it on a fresh tattoo when I can't use Saniderm.
  4. Dan

    What do you moisturize with?

    yep ! as soon as you try it you will see how good it is.
  5. Dan

    What do you moisturize with?

    IMO Aveeno is hands down the best, I used to use and think Lubriderm was the best, but Aveeno blows it away for an everyday moisturizer,Aveeno lasts all day. Lubriderm lasts about 25 minutes. I use Aveeno "daily Fragrance Free". (green label)
  6. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    LOL no not really,I stated "it's just a poorly done tattoo IMO."
  7. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    well, regarding the "goddess", there are many issues IMO , to go into a few, the shading on her face looks like a beard, her nose is not really there, the outline on the lips looks terrible, the lips are not even, the shading that is suppose to maybe be eye brows is different sizes and does not look like eye brows, she looks like a man, the shading under her eyes and on her forehead make no sense, where is the light source coming from ? the outlines around her nostrils ,lips, and eyes are really bad. sorry, but it's just a poorly done tattoo IMO. I just felt being honest might help you in your next tattoo.
  8. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    ok,if nobody else is going to say what we are all thinking, @Aahzz do yourself a favor and never go back to that tattooer ever again.
  9. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    here is my Halloween banger on my right knee ditch, by Brandon @ sacred owl tattoo, Penryn,Ca fun place to get tattooed ! LOL
  10. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I am headed out for a 1pm appt today for a little 3" Halloween piece on my right knee ditch.pics when I get back.
  11. Dan

    New and Terrified! :)

    so,hi and welcome 🙂 , what I can add is that I have been getting tattooed for many years and I have many tattoos,and I still get excited and anxious every time ,I plan,put down a deposit, and go to get a tattoo.IMO that's normal human stuff. Check with your doctor as to their recommendations first for sure.
  12. Dan

    First tattoo as a quote :)

  13. Dan

    Some of the worst ever.

    check this out,I love going to conventions,mingle,look,learn.You should go to it.maybe you could get some ideas and find an artist that you like,
  14. Dan

    Can an artist give out my name?

    ask her to delete it ?
  15. Dan

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    both amazing !! I love both of them. I am so into bold lines right now.