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  1. met up with Greg Christian and Oliver, got a little filler from another artist there, @hooliganz_art did the sea turtle, had a good day mingling and bullshitting.
  2. Upcoming Tattoos

    cool ! where exactly ,I would love to meetup with you,I live in Sacramento.
  3. I got my greg Christian piece on my upper center back in October and IMO that was a pretty sensitive area for me.
  4. Tattoo opinion

    IMO that's just simply the artist's vision, BTW,that looks like Greg Christian, I have one from him,mine has weird green ear tips.WHY ? don't know ! but I know I like it. here is my Greg Christian piece .
  5. LST Animal Lovers

    too funny LOL, I totally did not catch that when I read it the first time. good catch ! and nice dog & cat there !
  6. LST Animal Lovers

    yep, I think her butt is super cute too. my wife and myself were married on a 55ft catamaran that we private chartered out on the water by the boat captain on Lake Tahoe,and the little town on the nevada side that the boat is kept at is called "Zephyr Cove",and our girl was 8 weeks old and on the boat and entire weekend with us,so naturally her name became "Zephyr" ! her name in greek mythology means "goddess of the warm west winds".
  7. LST Animal Lovers

    our mini Australian Shepherd,she is almost 11 yo
  8. we are not a bunch of mean ogres ! if you like it then wear it proudly and let's see it ! and welcome, sit down and stay a while :) besides ! we are more like this happy ogre !! >
  9. I've been to this one and am going again, it's a pretty cool show. this is the 15th year for it. http://centralvalleytattoo.com/
  10. Tattoo Advice!!

    I don't know dude ! that would be a lot of pics ! LOL you should relax and get what you want and not worry so much about it.as long as it's by the right artist for what you want and a good artist, then go for it. do your homework on an artist, and don't let what other people have on them shape what you want.
  11. Tattoo Advice!!

    yep ! I agree, like me, I'm a tattoo mutt, I have a mix of B&G and Color, and from American traditional to Polynesian to Japanese to misc and from very old art to very new art and everything in between, and it all melds together nicely like has been said here already, I have no theme or rhyme or reason, only what I liked at the time and I wanted on me by whom I wanted to tattoo on me, and that works just fine for me.
  12. Need advice on healing tattoo

    what method for healing did you use from the start on this tattoo ?