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  1. really ? you should have said hi ! we could have gotten a small loan and split a beer ! LOL
  2. I just got a little one,my wife's name,I love Em's fine line. I have a bunch more of the show I will post later.
  3. I will be there all day tomorrow(05/19), I will be at Em Scott's booth at 11am anyone else going ? http://www.bayareatattooconvention.com/
  4. I get that too, all the rash/redness will go away 100%
  5. yep ! it was a thorough spring cleaning ! LOL
  6. well,it was a good day today,I went and had the colonoscopy done and the doctor didn't find anything bad at all ! yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing,nada,zero,zilch,,, thanks for all the well wishes
  7. wear long sleeves
  8. this is a really scary thing I am doing, I have to fast all day & night today for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning, fasting F***ing sucks, I am 59 and should have had it done at 50,but I procrastinated til now. the scary thing for me that's been eating at me for a long time and even more now that I getting this done is that my father died of colon cancer, my mother died of cancer at 59 and my grandfather died from cancer. So I am anticipating the worst news tomorrow, I have not been sleeping or even thinking straight for a while now (it's been years). sorry for "too much info" but it helps to share my feelings on it.
  9. I was ok with my knees,it is that dam knee ditch and inner thighs that got me.
  10. Dan


    LOL I don't see a problem either way, it's a tiny first tattoo, leave it alone and start planning your next one.
  11. I got in with Em Scott at the Bay Area tattoo Convention this month.
  12. first thing you should do is never go back to that same scratcher.