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  1. "head" and "penis" ? LOL actually it looks like a rocket to me,or maybe a starfish,no,no wait,it looks a lot like an arm ! that's it ! it's a Fuckin' arm ! well,no,not a Fuckin' arm,maybe it's just an arm.HOLD ON ! it's an arm AND a leg ! mmmm,maybe a couch ? maybe it's a baby's arm holding an apple !? it could be infected, I turned my head to the left,but I think I broke it,and I can't fuckin' do it upside down, F*** it,I'm not sure dude.
  2. I have waited a 11 months before,it's the norm these days for many artists. I know of people waiting longer than that too.
  3. Hi

    looks normal for what it is IMO. there will be peeling,flaking,and various other weird shit that will happen. if it gets red and swollen and generally looking fucked up,it could be infected. but from your not that great pics,it looks fine IMO. and remember to not keep looking at it with a microscope.
  4. that first cold beer after a tattoo is the best one ! and............ LOL
  5. I can add that all I use is a dermal film like tegaderm or saniderm,I personally use saniderm,but they all basically work the same,(I like the 10 inch X 2 yd personal roll that Saniderm has for $16.95,it's great for large pieces) I have been using it on all my tattoos for about 5 years now and love it, the healing is easy,like @Gingerninja said flying & sleeping is a piece of cake ,easy showers,no fuss no mess,I can work with it,and clothing over it no problem. I put it on about 15 hours or so after the initial application of the tattoo,then leave it on for 4 or 5 days and BAM! it's already peeling. I even got it to work on my hand and fingers earlier this year ! LOL
  6. LOL , I don't see anyone bullying anyone here. remember you only get back what you put out. Maybe if you had started out here with a more friendly vibe,you would have gotten that back in return.
  7. it's called blowout,and it probably won't go away.not much can be done about it now. probably better off leaving this tattoo alone,trying to fix it will just make it worse looking,kind of a just live with it thing. it can happen to anyone anywhere on the body by any tattooer. it's just a luck of the draw,mostly from pushing to hard with the tattoo machine,sometimes it's older skin like mine,many factors can contribute to blowout.
  8. nice ! and welcome,there is a lot of good discussion about tattoos here,not sure what "tats" are.
  9. thou shall not be a dick.
  10. try these https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/t/7707-tattoo-regret-or-is-it-just-new/ . https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/search/
  11. yes,it's a perfectly normal and common feeling IMO, I have too many tattoos to count,and I still get that every time. relax,enjoy it,plan your next one. that feeling will go away.
  12. @Youngjason you are really way over thinking all this,if you want a touch up or re-work or change or whatever,just go get it done !