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  1. Dan


    you need 10 constructive posts to have access to all the features here https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/guidelines/
  2. maybe a zoom or skype consult would work ? or maybe go to somebody else ?
  3. no I can't say that I have, pre-tattoo consultations have always been an important part of the process IMO, and yes, I for feel a consultation is a very necessary parts of the process, for the us customers AND the tattooer that's going to do the work. I think you paid all the proper respects already in what you said in your post here. ". I made it clear that I didn’t want to guide the process or throw in a laundry list or requests, rather just want to spend a few minutes hearing the artist’s view for the piece" that's perfect IMO
  4. I don't see how that would be a problem for the tattoo
  5. our tattoos are a roadmap of our lives,the good and the bad, actually that's what makes us who we are,so it's important IMO to remember the good and the bad and all the lessons learned form life experiences and relationships we have all had.so wear it with pride and don't worry about what all the judgmental a s sholes think of you and your tattoo.
  6. LOL that's my point ! asking for handouts from other people and their money is risk free for you, not them ! wouldn't work for me,but whatever floats your boat.
  7. sorry but I don't like it when people ask for handouts to start a business,do it the right way,get a loan,save your money,earn it, work for it.
  8. are you putting cocoa butter or aveeno on it ? I just healed my other knee ditch and it healed just fine,not as good as a flat skin spot,it just takes a little extra TLC. but maybe the difference also was that I use Saniderm, and that helped a lot on a tough spot like a knee or elbow ditch.
  9. how is this tattoo news ?
  10. leave it alone, it looks fine, you are having a little tattoo remorse,it's normal to feel that way,especially with a first tattoo, that feeling will go away, you will learn to like it. start planning your next one.
  11. Dan

    Saniderm question

    well yes, normally I do leave it on for 4 or 5 days, but I don't put it on until about 24 hours after the tattoo application, that gives it a chance for all the liquids to seep out, then I wash it once more and apply the saniderm to clean dry skin and leave it on for several days, I don't like to leave the liquid in it like in your pic. also it is perfectly good for a tattoo to wash it with warm water and anti-microbial soap.
  12. Dan

    Saniderm question

    take it off,wash it with anti-microbial soap, re-apply some more saniderm,or just keep it clean and lotion it a couple times a day. I personally would not let that liquid sit on it like that. I usually apply saniderm about 24 hours after the tattoo work.
  13. sure ! I guess if you have eczema, I like this simple stuff.