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  1. Dan


    if it is blowout then there is nothing you can do about it, so get over it, if it is blowout it will not go away, just let it heal ,that will take several more weeks,like 2 months to fully heal, blowout can happen to the best artists on anyone, it mostly depends on where on the body it is,some spots blowout every time some don't, stop looking at it with a microscope and plan your next badass tattoo.
  2. Tylenol is not a blood thinner, it should be fine to take before the tattoo, the best things you can do before a tattoo is mentally prepare for it, put yourself in a pleasant place in your head, perhydrate the day and night before and get a good nights sleep, eat a really good healthy meal right before the tattoo, bring sugary candy and water with you to the tattoo, I bring skittles and M&M's, I also bring a banana to eat half way through, eat a little candy throughout the tattoo, it will make you feel better. don't forget to turn the sounds off on your phone during the tattoo,like the ringer and text alerts, it's the polite thing to do.
  3. Dan

    Longivity ?

    this example (in a real tattoo) would not wear well,it will be a muddled black blob in 2 years, "bold will hold" like this on my thigh and on the back of my neck, bold well saturated colors and blacks,and solid well defined bold outlines, that's what has longevity.
  4. wait,what the hell ? LOL other than road rash form a motorcycle accident, I have to disagree 100% with this "friction can affect a tattoo overtime", the sun and age are the only things that affect a tattoo after it's healed, "friction" on a tattoo will NEVER affect a tattoo IMO, palm and bottom of feet tattoos fallout because of the type of skin it is,NOT from friction,
  5. looks like normal healing to me, the milkiness will go away, it's basically an injury to your skin and so it needs time to heal, a week is very fresh,it will look better in 4 to 6 weeks, tattoos take months to heal 100%, keep a very light coat of Aveeno on a couple times a day.
  6. Dan


    welcome !
  7. I have this,I call it a surfer cross,it is representative of the surfing/skateboarding lifestyle I grew up in during the 60's in southern California. if it's offensive to someone then oh well,as @Hogrider said,there will always be somebody offended by something. nobody has ever commented on it in a negative way, actually a few people have thought it was a religious cross.
  8. Dan

    New Tat Question

    so let's see a pic of the initials. doubtful that anyone would figure out who it is by some initials.
  9. @LemonDrop if it was me,I would take off the film,wash it good,dry it good,and put on another piece for 3 or 4 more days, or take it off,wash it a few times a day and keep some cocoa butter or A&D on it for a couple days then go to Aveeno. either way no big deal.
  10. this is what I came up with being a marley fan,and some traditional designs too
  11. no just leave it alone if all the edges are down good,take it off in 3 or 4 days and wash it and put some aveeno on it. or if you have enough saniderm left,take it off,wash it with a anti-microbial wash and pat dry it really good with a clean paper towel,and re-apply a new sheet of derm ,start with one edge and run your finger back and forth while putting down the derm trying to not get bubbles.
  12. tattoo remorse is very common,what you are feeling ,we have all felt,I am heavily tattooed and I still get that, it will pass,you will love your tattoo,and before you know it you will be planning your next tattoo, but for now,let it heal,embrace it, keep it out of the sun use some aveeno lotion on it daily, and show it off with pride.
  13. it was probably my reply,it was maybe too extreme, after a few beers I tend to be a little hard on the newbies.