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  1. any new ink will blend just fine, it will look brighter at first, but after a few months it will all look the same, relax,it will be fine,
  2. very nice ! that's the best "go big or go home" I have ever seen.
  3. you can't fix the guitar playing hand thing. love it, show it off with pride, and plan your next tattoo.
  4. that's how I feel about my Dave Gibson ship
  5. how long ago did you have it done ? if it's less than 6 weeks, then it's still healing. it looks pretty fresh, so let it heal.
  6. Dan


    that's an easy cover up by the right tattooer , do some research for artists in your area that like doing coverups and do whatever style new tattoo that you want to get.
  7. it looks 100% normal for a 3 week old tattoo
  8. check out this lady's work, https://www.instagram.com/tinedefiore/ she is a B&G specialist and she keeps it simple.
  9. hi, I think it looks fine the way it is, very feminine and in a beautiful spot on you.
  10. yes, it looks normal for a 3 day old tattoo