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  1. All’s well that ends well.. I talked w my artist and said that I was surprised at the extra time needed and asked what happened- if it ended up taking longer or what. It turns out there was a miscommunication when we consulted- 6 hours for the outline not for the whole project. She apologized for not correcting me in our emails before we started. She is willing to meet me half way and complete it within my budget which is amazing. I do think conversations are necessary if you have a feeling something is off... bc usually there is! Seeking clarity is never a bad thing- as long as you are
  2. Well I would have liked her to be up front and say “hey this is going to take me longer than usual, I am so sorry but it’s just more work than I was expecting and it will take me more time.” If she had sat me down and explained it to me I would have happily paid whatever it took to finish it. It’s not me cheaping out, it’s me being blindsided by something I wasn’t expecting at all as I am being rushed out the door. Typically artists know how long their work takes and if they truly don’t know, then they should say so. like “hey, this is a complicated rework and I don’t know how long it co
  3. It’s four hours more than agreed to, it was supposed to be 6-8hrs Max and now they are saying it will take another four hours on top of that which is significantly more. I definitely wouldn’t complain about two hours more, in fact I had planned for the Max 8 hours. so I at least want to know why this happened and why they didn’t tell me up front it would be a 12 hour process to get my shoulder re worked. the bitch of it is that I really do like the work, I think it will turn out great and I definitely don’t want to have to find another artist to finish this Frankenstein of a piece I
  4. hey guys new to this forum, hopefully someone can help me.. I am getting my upper arm re-worked currently and I was told during consult that it would take 6-8 hours total. I decided to break that up into two sessions (confirmed via email between me and my artist) and had my first 4-hour session already. When my artist took me up to the front to pay after my session, they told me that it would take an additional 8 hours. I felt totally blindsided by this... I can understand it taking maybe 1-2 hours more than expected (that is normal for any larger/complicated tattoo) which I fully accepted due
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