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  1. Yeah man nothing is really permanent. Glad to see you got two amazing pieces that flow well together. Your artist is talented.
  2. They lighten up bc a layer of skin grows over it. U can make them pop more with some hustle butter.
  3. i really love this tattoo. congrats and enjoy!
  4. the blowout should fade a bit but will still be noticeable. i have some minor blowout but nothing major. some people stated that laser removal can fix some blowout but i have never seen a legit post of after pics from someone
  5. was the blowout noticeable at time of the tattoo or much later?
  6. Congrats on both! Tattoo looks amazing
  7. sleeve looking great jdub! saw that tiger on br’s insta!
  8. Wow that came out amazing! I want st by BR next time he’s down in SoCal. Ur stoked!
  9. Saniderm: Also peel that stuff off slow slow slow in the shower. I tore a gash of skin off with it and now have a scar. Tattoo healed amazing with it. Colors super vibrant. next time I would use sanibalm on it first before applying. Can’t wait to see what u get
  10. Some ppl are just clueless. It looks amazing.
  11. tylenol might be a good option since it can cut down the swelling and won't thin ur blood? Curious about ibuprofin too and also what the artist would rec
  12. looks really good! show em off! tattoo is better than no tattoo! btw, the car looks pretty darn cool imho.
  13. even for socal, i've seen on the higher end $200. even some of the big names when traveling are $200 an hr for first 3-4 hrs and $300 an hr for extra time over that in a single session. but things are different now it seems.
  14. u won't know what it will look like for 4-6+ weeks after fully healing. the re-work looks pretty good imho.
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