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  1. Don't ever get a tattoo if you already have a doubt in your mind before getting it, you may refer to my post about the tattoo regret. Think twice
  2. Thank you for all the advice guys! I am afraid I will not get any more tattoo in the near future, I will just take this as one of the life challenge to my life, hope I will grow to love and get used to it soon since it's actually part of me now! 🙂 There are so many other more important & meaningful things in my life, i shouldn't be affected by this little thing and it's not a bad work after all.
  3. Thank you for all the comment to me, i feel much better now (i guess?). @oboogie thanks for your reassurance and it really helps me to overcome my post tattoo blue! @Maynard haha I won't get any more tattoo, at least at this point of time 🙂 @Hogrider I hope i can get used to to my tattoo soon! @Moreismore How long did you take to get used to it? the whole summer? yes you are right that i think i am just in the process of going through big mental shift, hopefully i will feel more and more like it per you said! I think what i have to do now is don't be shy to always cover up my tattoo like what i did in the past week, wear single like before to build up my confidence and of course stop searching all the youtube video, blog, clinic page about the tattoo removal and try to get back to my usual life. p/s: sorry for my poor english as i am not a native english speaker 🙂
  4. I will be trying to live with it but i think it will take me awhile to get used to it
  5. i just simply not sure whether i am still not used to it since i have been watching clean body without a tattoo for 30 years and suddenly have 1 picture on my chest can i ask for your personal opinion if the tattoo looks odd on me?
  6. I jus got my first ever tattoo on my left chest (almost full) last Monday, and i feel extremely regret after getting it, i feel it's too big and so odd on my chest I am not sure if it's because of I am not used to it yet or other reason ps: the tattoo is unfinished, still need to go back to the artist to finish it next week as she still has to do some detailed on the compass and shadowing overall, i am so hesitated to go back for finishing, keep searching the information about tattoo removal and i know it's not easy to remove such a big and dark tattoo 😞 I am very anxiety and depressed in the past few days and couldn't sleep and eat well 😞
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