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  2. What's the "correct" way to do things

    Yeah, I understand that for sure, I just recognize certain styles have guideline implications. Just wanna make sure there were none associated. All kinda new to me. Appreciate the input
  3. Partial tegaderm

    I've used tegaderm on several of my tattoos. This latest tattoo is close to the first and the tegaderm won't hold. Can I partially cover a tattoo with it and just dry heal the exposed part? Wasn't sure if it would buildup dust around the edge.
  4. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    I was thinking to fill the 2 white lines curving inwards with black
  5. Hey guys

    Hey dude, welcome!
  6. Thats insane. The amazement in people responses should motivate you to finish!
  7. Hey guys

    Hey, new to the community, been lurking for a year plus and finally joined. From Minneapolis and eager to see some tuff tattoos and rad people!
  8. well,I have not ever seen it,so it's new to me.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Glad to do it. Didn't realize it's a reincarnation, but I did see some of footage was marked 2010/2011. Since becoming interested in tattoos, I've been searching for all the videos that I can find for inform/entertainment.
  11. What's the "correct" way to do things

    @SStu I object!
  12. thanks for sharing @JAC1961 ! i remember watching these when he originally posted them. he took a bunch of them down and i was kinda bummed. glad he compiled the experience into this new video!
  13. What's the "correct" way to do things

    In this world someone will always find a reason to object to almost anything. Bottom line is = there are no rules unless you are trying to impress someone specific.
  14. What's the "correct" way to do things

    In that case, work it out with your artist. Do whatever you want.
  15. What's the "correct" way to do things

    At the rate I'm going, one. Haven't found a real reason to consider using multiple
  16. when is the time to switch to lotion

    Just remember that less is more when it comes to lotion! Don't overdue it but keep your new tattoo lightly moisturized. It's still a fresh wound. :)
  17. What's the "correct" way to do things

    You can do whatever you want! Are you working with one artist or multiple people?
  18. Looking for Neo-Traditional in New England

    New Hampshire??? Definitely hobos or their sister shop Congress st tattoo in Portsmouth.
  19. ideas for existing tattoo

    @sstu thank you
  20. I'm beginning the process of wrapping my lower leg. I'm somewhat new to the tattoo scene. I do know there are no "rules" but more of a practice with certain styles. I am maintaining a fully traditional style. From the majority of what I've seen of traditional work, there is space left between each separate peace and sometimes filled in with the dots and stars. My question is. I've seen some cases where all of the tattoos overlap, leaving no vacant skin between them. Is this practice frowned upon from a traditional standpoint? Thanks in advance
  21. Last week
  22. There's new video on YouTube made and about Jeff Gogue. It's him getting his 101 hours of work on his back in Japan, but also includes his work. He talks about have to surrender to be able to get a piece like that. Some interesting thoughts. I love his works and really enjoyed the video. Jeff Gogue - Surrender
  23. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    If your artist can't figure out what to do with this, especially considering all the blank skin around it, you need a new artist.
  24. when is the time to switch to lotion

    I use the wet heal method - A&D covered by saran wrap for 2-3 days, washing and reapplying a couple of times a day. Then I use a little lotion a couple of times a day for about a week. Less is more, no need to stop using lotion if it's still itching. I try to remember to put cocoa butter on all my ink once or twice a week.
  25. when is the time to switch to lotion

    I use fragrance/color free lotion the whole time. I used to use A&D for the first few days but stopped that years ago.
  26. I have to ask, did this ever get better? Also, how was the wedding?
  27. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    Nope, I think that mine looks much more lol Any idea how to amend it? The tatto artist doesn't have
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