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  2. I have been looking to get sleeve work done in black and grey realism by a quality artist and found an artist who I like but I am not sure if I have a good eye for quality artists yet as I am still new to this. (first tattoo) The artist: https://www.instagram.com/michaelperryart/ Where would on artist like this fall into in terms of quality? - Please be brutally honest as I am looking for top notch quality artists to get this sleeve done (dont care about price)
  3. Last week
  4. I think you need 10 comments on other people’s threads first.
  5. im sorry but it's really bad no way i would want that on my body
  6. Hi it's time to introduce myself, my name is Derek Optyk Tattoo, from Poland. My favorite style is optical tattoo (optical illusions, asymmetry, deformation of shape, size and length)
  7. Nobody is going to fall for your shitty scam.
  8. We have a locker with several 22, a 410, a 12 gauge, and a 30-06. All long guns. Although a firm 2nd amendment supporter, I don't carry. I appreciate those that do. I was never any good with a hand gun and don't trust my own judgement in a situation where one might be useful. My tattoo artist carries, and I told her on first visit that it was appreciated and helped customers feel safer (unless they are snowflakes worried about the presence of firearms). If ever called on for national defense, I feel the old Springfield (being a retired military weapon) is best suited.
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  10. I’ve been waiting for COVID to die down, but want to get my conceal carry permit this year. Without getting into politics, the divide between the two sides and the growing extremism has me to the point where I bought a handgun after 10 years being gunless. I hope I never need it!
  11. so I am into guns and 2nd amendment support, going to the range, getting ongoing training, etc, etc the awesome thing is I have had my conceal carry permit for a year now, I love carrying.
  12. Generally, we all prefer images to literal, numeric or text tattoos. Pic a scene or event that reminds just you of experiencing your grandparents and then get that instead.
  13. Thanks for the replies, if you all are still around. it doesn’t look bad. 2 years later lol
  14. Hey everyone! I’m looking to get something new in memory of my grandparents. My grandfather passed 7/1/15 and my grandma passed 1/7/20. I was looking to do something incorporating the months and day (7 and 1). And was wondering if you all had any ideas. I have 2 tats total-a small ankh on my right collar bone and a medium cherry blossom outline inside my left wrist. 🙂
  15. Don’t even explain your F***ing nonsense, just go away.
  16. There is no such thing as a tattoo reduction. What are you even talking about? This appears to be pure spam. Go away.
  17. Just a portion of the awesome >35 year-old bikes on display yesterday. I believe the oldest was a 1929 Henderson.
  18. I had a similar experience...I used cocoa butter for 2 or 3 weeks on my elbow and ditch before they were tattooed and the initial couple days of healing were definitely easier. Good insight!
  19. Take your shitty flash drawing somewhere else. This isn't eBay.
  20. Dan

    Hey guys!

    what is it anyway ? I can't even tell what it's supposed to be.
  21. It looks like a grade school artist drew it. That’s just really bad. Go online, look at some good art and see the difference. If you want to learn to draw, take a class; it’s not intuitive for everyone, myself included.
  22. Hogrider

    Hey guys!

    Wherever you got that, don’t go back. That is really rough. I’m not saying that to be mean, but you really need to make better choices. That looks like they went in with a jackhammer and the lines are shaky, uneven, just really bad. You are ruining your skin.
  23. 0xNet

    Hey guys!

    I just got my tattoo 7 days ago, it's currently on my forearm and have plans on wrapping it with tattoo soon! Also I noticed that, the scabs are peeling of already - https://imgur.com/a/qnDzmi9 Is it way too early? Did I just ruined my tattoo?
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