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  3. No, not even a member of any tattoo FB groups. Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. For myself, I guess it would be the cameo of my wife. It came out just perfect.
  4. I don't know how to answer this without lying, sounding like a douche, or both. I have several I could choose. I'll narrow it down to the first one I got that my wife also got that is a stick figure faimly portrait I drew her for mother's day or the dragon I got at Three Tides in Tokyo- both for obvious and different reasons.
  5. That is a tough one. Each was likely my favorite when it was new. I would say the gypsy ladyhead by Marina is the most likely answer to this question. Did you ask this in a Facebook group too? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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  7. On the way home from town yesterday, we passed about 12 turkey buzzards enjoying a lunch next to the highway. They were not practicing social distancing. But, immediately thought of Anxious. That piece is going to be fantastic.
  8. If you going to be a shill, don't be so obvious. Maybe find someone who speaks English as a first language to write for you too.
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  10. MRSA isn’t spread through air, it’s physical contact with an open wound so either 1. The tattoo shop wasn’t hygienic or 2. The bacteria was on a surface you touched before changing the dressing. I’d say it was more than likely picked up from the tattoo shop and I hope you reported to it to them.
  11. MRSA isn’t spread through air, it’s physical contact with an open wound so either 1. The tattoo shop wasn’t hygienic or 2. The bacteria was on a surface you touched before changing the dressing. I’d say it was more than likely picked up from the tattoo shop and I hope you reported to it to them.
  12. You can also buy it on Amazon. i personally use tegaderm and I think I paid $25 for 50 yards or something. It’s always good to have on hand if you plan on getting more.
  13. It was wet and gross. A little green tinged, really red and hot, and super sore. I didn't expect it to go so badly so quickly, I'm a nurse and I was still surprised. It smelled bad, I should have clicked earlier.
  14. When overlapping Saniderm, do not overlap more than 1 inch so it can breathe properly. If I had any foreign objects under my Saniderm I would remove and replace. I always keep mine on for 24 hours, then change to 2nd piece(s) and change again before 40 hours as a 3rd final clean set or (piece) and Leave on for 4 days. I personally don't use Saniderm brand as it irritates me so now I use H2Ocean D-Lize Pro or Recovery Derm shield. Call a local Tattoo shop to purchase some new sheets if you can. But if leaving these current ones on, like they said pay attention to what's it doing. I keep 48 Yard rolls on me at all times. I am just a collector.
  15. Were your symptoms physically visible after 48 hrs? Any spots/blisters or anything like that, or just the redness and fluids? I'm just asking so I can have some idea of what to watch out for.
  16. I had a similar experience where the two sheets of saniderm were overlapping on a large thigh tattoo. Air got in through a gap and brewed a MRSA infection. I was in hospital for 3 weeks and was told I could have lost my leg. I only use antibacterial soap and water now. If you stick with the saniderm watch out for increased pain and redness, serous fluids, and an offensive smell. It set in for me within 48hrs.
  17. Thanks for the reassurance! My hands were clean, and the saniderm sheets had just been sitting in a plastic bag (with nothing else in it, given to me by my tattoo artist) before I put them on. So I'm hoping it's fine! If anything bad happens I'll update to warn anyone with a similar question.
  18. Yep - looks like he's doing really well. Your back will feel better later 😄
  19. Yeah, as long as those pieces of paper had NO bacteria on them (?) then you should be fine.
  20. if they are small and your hands were clean, IMO it shouldn't be an issue,
  21. Hi, I have a problem with saniderm and can't find any responses about this anywhere! So I got my tattoo yesterday, and changed out of the original saniderm today (after washing it with soap and patting dry with paper towel). I applied the new sheets of saniderm, but what happened is that my artist gave me 2 sheets to cover my tattoo since he didn't have a piece big enough to send me home with. They looked like they had been cut down previously. I think that there are 2 tiny white pieces of paper stuck under my new sheets of saniderm - from the white backing of the sheet. They just came off and got stuck under the saniderm. Is this an issue? I don't have any more sheets left, so if I take it off, I can't replace it. Will these tiny white pieces of paper be a problem for me? Is it better to take the saniderm off at this point?
  22. Just had my first session on my back piece 😍 covering up a couple little sticker tattoos while we’re at it. I’m in love. Work is being done by Travis Hulshizer at the green gazelle is KC MO. I can’t say enough good things about him. Turkey vultures are my favorite bird and I’ve been dreaming of a large scale piece with one in it. I told him the vaguest of ideas and he delivered this. I’m SO excited. Also holy shit the back hurts
  23. yep. typically 3-4 weeks before you can really tell what you've got.
  24. thanks for remembering to post!
  25. That is a healing tattoo. Just keep it clean and let it heal.
  26. Hi, so as the title says, this is my first tattoo, so I don't really have any idea if what I'm experiencing is normal or not. I've tried to capture the tattoo in as best detail as I can. As you can see, the point towards the bottom seems to be a bit patchy (and so some extent the one on the right of the image too), and the point on the left is more of a solid black. I have only had the tattoo for a few days, and know that it takes up to a few months for it to heal entirely, but I was just wondering if it looks like I need to have this redone, or if it's fine? thanks.
  27. After 7months finally the tattoo is completed, here some pictures of the final result just after completing the last line
  28. Great! I was hoping to hear this, thanks so much.
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