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  2. My uncle had a bad ass chest piece of a sancha wearing a sombrero he scored in prison. It was very similar to Danny Trejo's chest piece. I was about 4 years old, & kinda understood it was a drawing that never erased. I was intrigued. My mom never liked to talked about it, she said it was a mistake for him, but I knew he was proud of it. My uncle got caught dealing 14000 dollars worth of coke to an undercover. Betrayed by his best friend. He was than later deported back to Mexico, where I think he got another tattoo of an acoustic guitar on his upper arm.
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  4. My mom was furious, & didn't speak to me for a few months, & said she disowns me as a son. I was 21, I had gotten two tarot cards on each of my upper arms during May just hitting the 100+ degree summer. I had kept it a secret for a few weeks but she got suspicious to why I was wearing long sleeve shirts during this dead heat weather. I couldn't take it so I eventually showed her. My mother was raised in a small christian farm town in Mexico, her views were very traditional in which I can respect. She freaked out & kicked me out. Now she refuses to have me any where near her side of the family, especially back home in Mexico where my 98 y/o grandpa resides. Who I would love to explore his life and our family origins. Definitely a bummer. But that is just who she is & I accept her. There no changing her, believe me I tried. I love my mother to death like any other son would. She's the only one I got, & my father passed on when I was 3. But I imagine he wouldn't be too fond of it either considering his brother was quite upset with my tattoos.
  5. Howdy, My name is Said coming from Las Vegas. I've been having the good joy of drawing & painting for the most part of my life & am now interested in building a portfolio for the hopes of approaching an apprenticeship. I've been eyeballing around the forums for some months now & I've decided to finally join. I am honestly excited to learning the values, history, & good ethics of the craft. Really anything to build the right mindset & attitude. Overall, I look forward to interacting with you guys & absorbing as much information. I appreciate Scott Sylvia for the interview videos & the spark of this site, for its has helped shed light into the craft. Heres some of my few pieces i've had the pleasure of doing for bands. Feel free to throw in some constructive critiscism!
  6. Hope hand blasting myself is a good thing? lol
  7. This isn't the tattoo I thought I wanted when I started this thread, but... I so love it. I'm a bit beat up, we will maybe do some fully healed good pictures.
  8. Wait, you just hand blasted yourself.
  9. Just finished my first completed attempt at tattooing, on myself, of course... I have NO intentions of tattooing anyone but myself. Not perfect, for sure ... but not too bad for a first try, I think. :) What do you all think of it?
  10. So looks normal?
  11. Got an appointment with Erik Rieth when he's here in late March at War Horse Tattoo in Berkeley. Thinking something panther-related.
  12. Hummm...I always thought that you should never re-wrap a tattoo? I've also never known anyone to use Dove. I've always used a gentle antibacterial soap like Dial Gold. Me, I stick to unscented lotions like Lubriderm and Aveeno until I'm healed then go for the coconut oil. My biggest concern for you is the re-wrapping part. I'll let others chime in but that doesn't seem like it would allow your tattoo to breathe to heal. My two cents. Good luck!
  13. Hi. In preparation for my full back tattoo, I've been researching aftercare methods. Please review the aftercare method I will be using: Day 1 - I'll be finishing the session at around 5pm, getting home at 5.30pm. I'll leave the wrap/bandage on all night. If it's a bandage, I'll wrap it in cling film. I'll try to sleep on my side as much as I can - will sleeping on the tattoo really harm it that much?! Day 2 - 8am. Remove the wrap and bandage. Gently wash it with warm water until the bandage falls off. Use a lather from Dove Bar Soap and gently wash the crap off my tattoo and skin. Pat dry gently to remove excess ink, then let it air dry. Then apply a thin layer of Bepanthen, then a thin layer of coconut oil. Do not cover at this point. 3pm - repeat. Shower, soap, rinse, dry, bepanthen, coconut oil. 9pm - repeat. After the coconut oil, wrap it in cling film and seal with tape. This is to not let it touch the bed when sleeping. Repeat Day 2 until skin starts to flake. From then on, only shower twice a day (morning and night). No need to use Bepanthen. Continue to use dove bar soap and coconut oil. No need to wrap before going to bed. Any flaws in the above method? Should i continue to use Bepanthen after the skin starts to flake? I'll be discussing this with my tattoo artist, but I wanted different takes on it. Thanks!
  14. With the shop I currently go to I don't see my custom designs in any form until the day of the appointment, but I've been blown away by the outcome every time. This seems like quite common practice so if I were you I'd prepare myself for it. As @Synesthesia said there's nothing stopping you walking out of the shop if you don't like the design but asking an artist to draw for you is pretty much a commitment to getting tattooed by that person. If your shop is like mine, turning the design down isn't a case of replying to an email and saying no thanks, you'd be physically walking away from the person who'd just spent time working for you, leaving him/her with an empty day and nobody to tattoo. If you love your artist's portfolio and give clear references, you can't go wrong
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  16. I'm very sorry for your loss. I think your tattoo looks great, and the size is perfect for your arm. I get the impression you feel it doesn't do your mum justice? Nothing will ever truly compare to her, after all, she was your mum :) but how about seeing your (lovely) tattoo as a starting point? Did your mum have any particular hobbies or interests, or things/people/pets that meant a lot to her? how about maybe incorporating some ideas into a sleeve and build those around your original tattoo. You could also have fun with it too, by adding little things that just you and your family would understand, but if anyone asked you could explain and then talk about the things your mum loved and enjoyed. If you take your time, I'm sure you could find a fantastic artist who could gradually bring it all together for you. I have been down the laser route, it was painful, bloody, sore and expensive, I also have a bit of scaring, and its still not gone :( I too went in head first and spent two weeks crying and obsessing over my first tattoo (mine is a genuine disaster zone , unlike yours!) I then spent the next ten years constantly wearing long sleeved shirts, even in the summer. That was it for me, longsleeves4life!... until last Wednesday when I went to a brilliant artist and he made a start on what will be a full sleeve tribute to my pets! and something will be done with that mess on my arm but I'm not sure what yet ;) It's a long story as to why I got out of my tattoo rut, but the point is, your tattoo is actually good!!! it really is, I think to laser it would be a waste, get planning on some ideas to go with it, enjoy seeing it all come together, have fun with it, research artists and turn it into everything you want it to be.
  17. NR Studio Cheltenham done by Jen Sterry =)
  18. Photo-realistic Bob Ross portrait the size of a carvery dinner plate on your belly with an inspirational quote. “There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend”
  19. LOL dude ! you need to relax,it's on there for now,it's a cool fucking tattoo, live with it,get used to it,be good with it,it's on you,chill out. own it and look at it in a brighter light.keep your head up ,smile,and plan your next tattoo. this normal feeling of "tattoo remorse" WILL go away,I have many many tattoos and still get that feeling right after a tattoo.(maybe cuz of the money) LOL
  20. There is no design nothing just writing . Its making me so angry and anxious
  21. I feel like its an unnecessary thing to have on my arm and its like im telling people that my mum died, is that me overthinking?
  22. That's not what a blowout looks like. Give it time, keep it clean, and try not to stare at it too much. Ten days is not that much time.
  23. Just kidding.Get some more tattoos.
  24. I hate it too.I don't know how you walk around with that thing.
  25. Well, I've done some poking around online and discovered that although quite rare, bad reactions between different brands of ink can indeed occur when doing a cover up. Apparently Mario Barth made mention of this in one of his seminars. Must say I'm now more than a little apprehensive about continuing my cover up. Wish I could find out what ink was used for the original ... but that shop is long gone and I don't recall the name of the tattoo artist. :( Although much better now ... I'm still battling with a 1"x1" area that keeps flaring up. I will give it extra healing time then I will shade a small area and see how it heals before doing a full shading and coloring over the area. Here's hoping it was just a fluke ...
  26. Everyone's different but I'd go with what your tattooer advises and I think you're overthinking it at this stage. If you don't have a design yet... I've found less is definitely more: less lotion than I thought I'd need, less washing, less attention. You want it to heal, so I think wrapping it might be problematic, but I definitely would not use a towel under the wrap. It won't weep that much. The towel would absorb the ink. Also, if you go that route, let the wrappings naturally slide off in the shower. Don't try to peel them off of your dry skin. Cheers!
  27. Well I plan to apply a thin layer of some unscented antibacterial cream, covering that with some clean kitchen towel (to soak up the ink, blood and plasma), then wrapping myself in cling film. Then the next morning, remove the cling film and jump into the shower, completely wet the kitchen towel and gently remove it and clean the wound as normal with some sort of non fragrant soap. Good plan? I don't even have the design back yet! XD
  28. I've come to learn, if you're a perfectionist then tattooing may not be the hobby for you :D
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