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  5. Coming out of hibernation. It's been a while since I had fresh ink. A couple years. Have some nice real estate on my left arm that is crying out for a flag motiff. It took a while to get an appointment with all the virus craziness. August 28th is on the books. Waiting for my artist to get back to me on his interpretation of the Betsy Ross flag.
  6. Fortunately no sign of infection, only impatience haha. The same impatience that me rather opt to sit for 7 hrs to get the piece done instead of waiting to do it in stages. I'm team dry healing so don't really believe I've over moisturized, once a day max and that was only because it got really dry and tight. I'll cut it out though and see how it goes👍
  7. If it's not red, sore or hot you're just going to have to be patient. You don't need any moisture, so if you think you might be overdoing it then just cut it out for a couple of days . . .
  8. yep. If it's not red, hot and sore then you're just going to have to be patient.
  9. Hi ink lovers! Newbie to LST needing your insights. I have several pieces, all healed beautifully with no issues, my latest piece though (2 + weeks into healing) is doing my head in🤯 This Jezebel has a will of her own! Across her face, I'm not sure if it's over moisturized, scarring or paranoia. I know it's early days, touch ups are a thing and I'll only know for sure once it's fully healed, but would be great of you could share if you've had a similar experience. I'm reeeeeeeeally not looking forward to inking over scar tissue😫
  10. Unless you've had it more than two months you can stop worrying.
  11. The thing next to that other thing. 🙂 What part of only fooling is causing confusion?
  12. I think he's just pulling your leg. It looks great!
  13. looks normal to me, color ink can definitely heal a lot different and slower than a B&G tattoo
  14. This is my 2nd tattoo and it's not doing what my 1st one did. My first was in black and white, smooth sailing. This one has color and it's not doing the same, it has red and blue and only the blue looks funny. There are two spots that look like they could be scabs but they are little holes. Nobody can tell me what it is.
  15. This is a pretty good video to watch. I think she does a nice job of explaining placement. I think the image would work well as lower or upper arm. Just make sure he isn't upside down. Lol Really, though, it's all subjective. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that.
  16. Hi, i'm here to get some advice on tattoo placement for my first tattoo. I'm going to get it on my left arm, but not sure where. Also, I'm planning on having the artist remove the grass from the bottom. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and also, thank you for having me 🙂
  17. It's great except for that one little thing, but no one will notice it. Only fooling.
  18. 100% agree... the artists submitting different designs really is just to help me articulate what I like and don't like more effectively.
  19. I waited 2 years to get in with Hooper. It's tough being patient but the rewards last a lifetime. Having someone who's not going to do the work prepare a drawing might be entertaining but it's not likely going to impress a capable tattoo artist. The reason you go to someone with talent isn't to get them to reproduce someone else's work - it's to get them to be inspired by their own abilities and creativity. Ideally the references you bring with you on a consult are from the artist who is going to do the work.
  20. I think he's got skills. The blacks look to be well saturated and set in there. There is contrast in the shading. He's using the available space well. I like the style - but style is just a personal taste issue in any case.
  21. SStu - that looks sick.... love it!!!
  22. I am hoping to get in at Leviticus tattoo... really wanted Jess Graden but she's well over a year out. Tim Orth and Sean Crofoot both do great work but are available earlier. I also ended up doing a "contest" on DesignCrowd last night... really cool site where you describe your design and artists come up with designs with the winner being awarded the fee. It will allow me to see what 20+ different designs could look like. The first couple still feel awfully feminine... maybe I need to throw a skull or eagle in there to pull this thing off! Hah!
  23. Here's my "floral" half sleeve:
  24. Definitely tune in to the vibe you'll get from your (hopefully in-person) consults. Waiting is often a good sign of ability. Of the above references, I personally like Harry and Megan's work the best. If the black is too muted the end result has the possibility of not being clear and discernible 10 years from now. Who are you hoping to see in Minneapolis?
  25. Hi everyone I'm just back from second session, there are still two more to go as my artist said. I only wish to hear your opinion about my artist's skill and style, appreciate honest opinions.
  26. Hey, thanks for the note. Sorry for the delay - I just saw your reply. I’m looking at doing a half sleeve floral design black and gray. No deep meaning, I just think it looks cool, is relatively timeless and “organic”. My biggest concern is coming up with a design that doesn’t look too feminine. It’s not exactly easy to cover up or laser a half sleeve! I met with a local artist... her work looks good, but she really rushed me a long and just seemed annoyed with every question I had... really annoyed with the whole conversation. The design had great detail and probably would have looked good on someone - just wasn’t the style I was going for and communicating that to her would have been a very painful process, so I moved on. I also tried one of the online tattoo design sites just to have them take my concept from words to paper and further refine it. Let me tell ya, that has been a very special process and likely a quick $114 down the drain. Hah! Here are a few inspiration photos... I’m thinking more negative space and not filling the background with ink. Love shading and detail as well. I would love any thoughts or other inspiration photos that may help me along! In the meantime, I’m on a wait list waiting to get a virtual consult with an artist at the best shop in Minneapolis... will probably take at least a few weeks just to talk with him online.
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