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  2. I started getting my tattoos as part of a conscious choice to acknowledge my life changing drastically from an employed member of the work force who occasionally had health issues to a mostly unemployed life where I need to find myself and on days when I'm not sick in bed, re engage with my hobbies to keep me interested in life. In the last six months I've worked on knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, beaded bracelets, rock painting, wood painting, and as of yesterday, rock carving and wood carving. It's fascinating how all those art forms overlap, especially with placement and design. I studied a lot of Instagram tattoo accounts including the design and execution. I always felt like I wasn't as good at drawing as I should be to really be an "artist", but for whatever reason watching the tattoo artists sketch and plan their art has given me more confidence and hopefully skill :) Plus I love my tattoos and being able to see them on my arm is really inspirational to me, helping me feel better about myself, having something about myself that I think is beautiful and won't be gone in the morning like a good hair day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had a reaper done on my rib area 2 months ago. The 1st session, I was fine for it. I sat like the dead for it. I took 2 prescription percocets and I was good. Same formula for the 2nd session, only this one was painful as heck, good thing it only took an hour. Funny how 2 sessions with about the same conditions and I had different reactions.
  4. I didn't really expect to learn anything from getting tattooed, or for tattoos to change me in any way. I got my first one due to an interest in the art form and out of curiosity/a desire to take a risk and experience something new. The whole process of getting tattooed (everything from planning the design to scheduling the appointment to waiting for the appointment to trusting the artist to not F*** up your skin to living with the work after it's done) has been so much more fascinating and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I think getting tattooed is a pretty intense trust exercise. You approach an artist - who's probably a stranger, describe what you have in mind, and trust that they'll be able to execute your vision and put it in the right spot and apply it with proper technique. Even after you approve the sketch, you have to trust that it will transfer well to skin, and that the color palette will match (or be better than) what you imagined. All that can be nerve-wracking, but as someone who loves to control everything she can and worries incessantly about plenty of things she can't, there's something incredibly therapeutic about relinquishing control and putting trust in a stranger to put something beautiful and permanent on your body. My tattoos have also been a great exercise in acceptance. My control-freak nature also comes with a healthy dose of perfectionism (and a propensity for not taking risks), but with my tattoos I've had to let that go. I think I have great tattoos, but of course they have their flaws, and learning to live with and accept them has been healthy for me, I think. I made a choice to get tattooed, trusted my artists, and have to accept the work as it is because it's there forever whether it turned out like I planned it or not. Lastly, I never expected getting tattooed to be so FUN. Not that I explicitly enjoy the needles-boring-into-my-skin part, but the excitement and ritual leading up to tattoo day, hanging out in shops, seeing the huge lovely flash collections on the walls, and meeting interesting people has been so delightful.
  5. I was at the scene of a car accident years back and one of the cars was on fire and upside down. Me and the only cop there were making sure nobody was left in the cars and the gas tank blew. We were sprayed with burning gasoline, luck was with us, we were on the far side of the car. I wound up with a couple of 3rd degree burns on a relatively fresh tattoo. I just let it heal. I finally had the burn covered with new work a few years ago,
  6. I had a real close brush with death last October... take THAT you F***ing heart attack...
  7. I like it as-is, A nicely done tattoo. I find that it takes a while to adjust to a new tattoo, something has been added to your body. It takes a while to sink in.
  8. I cover my tattoos at work, some people know and it is not a big deal. I never hear anything said about anyone's tattoos except for one guy had some gang-banger wanna-be tattoo on his neck.
  9. David and Evan are 2 of my favorites, and Tegan has some interesting stuff. You willing to drive to Montreal? Can we see your Stefanik piece?
  10. It looks good. At six days, mine are unwrapped, getting plain lotion, and starting to peel. Lines peel differently than fields of color for me. You may not notice it if you are keeping the area clean, it may just peel off in the shower.
  11. It's looking fine. Don't worry about peeling or scabbing, but stop re-wrapping it. Let it breathe.
  12. So, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? [emoji12]@pidjones
  13. It's been six days now for it
  14. This is it my artist did not tell me what to do and I'm not from America I'm from Guyana so know one give me any advice on what to do I follow some advice from the internet so I don't know a lot of it
  15. I chose the first day of summer to finish moving and piling the tops of a big oak that fell taking out the power line to my daughter's house last month (power is all repaired). After that I mowed her yard (really wanted to get the month-old growth from under the tree) and started ours. Then I had to replace a valve stem that got knocked off the garden tractor. Luckily had a spare in the motorcycle kit. Then back to finish the ~2.5 acres (none of it flat). Got home fro work ~3:30, ~88 degrees. Finished ~7:30, ~83 degrees. About 90% humidity. Took all of yesterday (pouring rain) to recover. Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
  16. Can't offer any advice on artists, but welcome to the forum!!
  17. My head has definitely been the worst so far, I'm 7 hours in and its been a real struggle. The crown sucked, and as it got closer to my face. Sternum and throat are in second place. Palms, shin, and knee wasn't too bad
  18. Welcome to the forum! We would really need to see a picture to make any comment about your healing process. In terms of after care, you should be following the advice of your artist....did he/she tell you to wrap it at night? Unless you have concerns about cleanliness, or you are using something like Tagiderm (which I assume you aren't because you seem to be wrapping it each night), you should be allowing your skin to breath - it needs air to heal. While some people here will advocate a dry heal with no lotion, many recommend a VERY LIGHT application of a fragrance-free moisturizer several times a day. Your tattoo should not appear wet after application.
  19. voting for the unofficial June 2017 rose tattoo contest
  20. Hey guys I got my first tattoo five days ago and I don't see any sing of peeling or scale on it is that normal or something wrong and how much night I must wrap before going to bed please someone help me out please please reply and should I rub any lotion on it while wrapping it during the sleep This is my six days old tattoo without any lotion
  21. Hey I'm from the greater Toronto area. Only got 1 tattoo, it's on my calf and done by Franz Stefanik. Looking to get a neo traditional peice in the future but I'm still looking around for an artist. So far I've been looking at Tegan rush at chronic ink, David Glantz at archive tattoo, and Evan Dowdell who seems pretty amazing but I'm pretty shit at comparing artists. Any input on who you guys would go to even if it's someone I didn't list would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be a ton of artists around and it's pretty overwhelming to narrow it down to the best. Thanks.
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  23. I use Aveeno - during healing and ever day afterward to keep my skin moist. Lots of good advice here...bottom line is that you've got it too moist at this point. Remember you are healing an open wound and your skin needs air to heal.
  24. That's what I use. :-)
  25. Like palmers cocoa butter mayb? That's what I was doing to start but folk was sayin it's bad. I'll lay off the ointment lol thanks for ur replies guys and girls 👌
  26. Barbera, you are putting way too much Bapanthen on there. I'd lay off it all together and just use an unscented lotion a couple of times a day. Leaving it alone is the best thing you can do.
  27. Give it some time! Don't over moisturize. Let it flake, scab, peel and don't pick at it. :)
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