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  2. It was my birthday recently and my husband's present was a "certificate" (he made it himself, it was adorable) for a new tattoo. Decided to not procrastinate like I seem to do with most certificates, so called yesterday and booked a spot for 8/28 with the artist who did my first tattoo. In an elevator today I was complemented on my stunning tattoo, so clearly I made the right choice to go back for more :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry, old thought here, but where are you finding them? I wanted a couple and the only ones that weren't ragged cut-offs on Amazon were two-month lead time cheapies from China. I went to Walmart and bought a long-sleeve black Wrangler shirt and carefully cut the sleeves off, but I'd like to find some twill shirts made purposely that way. Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
  4. I just plan to be a voyeur. Really hoping the wife will join me. Seeing the joy and enthusiasm kind of gives a new perspective on it. Maybe she will understand my ink desire a little better then. Let see that a church elder can have fun, too. Sent from my Le Pan TC802A using Tapatalk
  5. or enough to cover up with tiny pieces pne by one
  6. how light can this be made? i dont mind the treatments u sure it cant be done over a very very longperiod of time with best laser technology
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  8. a tattoo like that even after MANY painful and expensive laser procedures will never be gone 100%,the best you can expect with laser is to lighten the old one up enough to cover it up with a better/different tattoo. the right artist can sometimes "re-work" a tattoo to make it look better.
  9. cant start my own thread either.. is this dark red mixed with orange snake removable with laser??
  10. I have a 13 day old tattoo that looks the same way even with a little lotion. :) All normal...
  11. looks like it wants some Aveeno,but other wise for 11 days it looks perfectly normal,remember tattoos take several months to fully heal. that hazy milky look and flakiness will go away. in 6 months after it's healed see then if it needs any touchups. PS,stop looking at it with a magnifying glass.
  12. Hi all sorry for jumping on someone's post but I can not seem to start my own thread lol. Anyways got my thigh tattoo 11 days ago and it's healing differently then my 8 others ever have just curious if this is relatively normal for a thigh healing process? I know one part I scraped while camping on the weekend and it got a slight infection that has dried up now so I'm guessing that will be messed up once fully healed, but there's these other spots that look white/pale throughout the tattoo and I'm curious if these spots mean ill need lots of touch ups
  13. Woppy - I don't want to make the smokey stuff more defined but I think you're right - maybe add some flowers? I emailed my tattoo artist that did this to see what he suggests as well. Thanks!!
  14. Maybe add something around the butterflys. Plants? Flowers? Make the Smokey stuff more well defined? I'd add flowers around them but it's up to you.
  15. Did you go see the doctor? I'm guessing there are very few people in here qualified to give you proper medical advice. And since I'm norwegian I'm curious to what the swedish phrase is? :)
  16. Any input is appreciated.
  17. I had this tattoo done this summer and the artist decide to add "swooshes" which I was unaware of - but it looks horrible - I have to cover it up with makeup - how do you think you would fix / add to this to hide them? Thanks :)
  18. is this dark red mixed with orange snake completely removable??
  19. Last week
  20. I'd just let your artist do his thing at this point! Nice!
  21. I live in Windsor Ontario. I had it done at a tattoo shop called advanced tattoo and the artists name is Arron. And ty ty for the compliments! The whole half sleeve cost about 800$
  22. Sounds like a great time. Do you have anything scheduled or are you just going to hang out?
  23. Looks good...who is your artist?
  24. Looks amazing, congrats! I'm not that into colors, and I love the fact that you're doing a japanese themed piece in black and grey. Sure it's gonna be epic :)
  25. Wow, I love it! Looks perfect to me, especially the lower part! I don't know, after 20-25 tattoos I fell in love with bright colored ones but this one looks awesome in black and white with all the small parts
  26. Oh, and by the way the dragon on my left leg is something I wanna do at any cost so that's already decided ahah I want it in a Japanese or (better) Chinese style, I'm in love with the one posted in this thread even if it's not colored yet! That's the kind of design I want!
  27. Yeah, definitely! I'm from San Marino, so I can easily reach all of Central Europe.. although I have only 2 tattoos (if I remember well ) made by non-Sammarinese/Italian tattoo artists! :) San Marino has a population of 33.000 and only two tattoo studios in the whole nation ahah but yeah there's plenty of them in Northern Italy. Plus, I love to have different styles on my body.. my two "long-term" tattooists are a guy from the '60s and a girl from the '80s so two very different styles just to give an example.. but I love to try new artists for a touch-and-go tattoo sometimes :) Maybe I'll get suggestions here :)
  28. This is my new tattoo that I just got done yesterday. It's not complete yet. I still need another 30 minutes to finish the top left corner. What do you guys think about this piece overall? Anything I could suggest to my artist when I finish it up next month?
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