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  4. very nice, I like it a lot, I need more skulls.
  5. Fancied a skull on my foot 🤷‍♂️left head space to make connect into a leg sleeve most likely
  6. You’re fine. No tattoo is as bright 6 weeks later as the day it was done.
  7. So I have several tattoos. My most recent one was 6 weeks ago. I used Aquaphor for the first 5 days and switched to Lubriderm. I just realized that the Lubriderm I've been using for the last 5 weeks was scented. I was always under the impression that all Lubridem was unscented, but I guess I was wrong. Did I cause any harm to my tattoo? It does look a bit faded overall, but I figured that was just part of the healing process. The first pic is my tattoo a day after I got it. The 2nd pic is my tattoo today.
  8. I agree with @oboogie. Nothing looks infected. Infected tattoos are generally hot, very painful, extremely red, oozing, or smelly.
  9. Just keep it clean and let it heal.
  10. Definitely! Funds were the reason I didn't wnd up covered years ago. I chatted to Kyle about my elbow yesterday too. Because I work in a school, during the school term I'm limited to Saturday bookings, so we're going to try a weekday next holidays which is the end of April. Gives me time to psych myself up for an elbow smashing too😆
  11. nice ! the addiction is real 😁
  12. Back at the shop again today! Two tattoos from Binger; a flaming skull from his flash and a reverse mermaid that he drew for me. I was meant to get this last year but the universe was against me. These are both on my right leg- lower calf and outside ankle. So bloody happy with them both! He also touched up the axe and swallow for me . March is my birthday month, so it would be rude not to pay him another visit then😁.
  13. Hello I need some help here. If you look closely, some parts of her face is ripped open and you can see the red flesh. It’s not hot to the touch, no fever no chills, but it was dry at some point and feel as if I ripped the skin apart. Could this also be dried blood that’s scabbing ?
  14. Bruce Bart is the godfather for me. He is one that really helped to build a solid tattoo community in South Florida and upstate NY for decades. Friends with and tattooed along side many famous artists. An older artist now retired. But wow, the pictures this man has!
  15. Thanks! I'm amused by the colour progression in the bruising today. It's not sore, but looks like it definitely should be! I have also inquired about a couple specific dates for my elbow, as I've realised I'll be in town for some professional development. Will see if it's enough time or if I just have to wait for a Saturday to come free. Been looking at more aquatic themed ideas for the elbow. Otherwise it will be a flower.
  16. So Kyle had a cancellation at 2pm.... ended up going in for an impromptu elbow ditch pearl in a clam shell! from stencil to walking out, 1hr total! I expected it to be horrible but it was actually fine. I just can't bend real well well at the moment 🤣
  17. Right leg has stars and dots as filler. Left doesn't.
  18. My elbows weren't the worst, but it still hurt. Hahaha. Prepare yourself. 😂
  19. Even if it hurts, it's a small body part, so it doesn't take a long time to tattoo.
  20. Thanks, hopefully I'm one of the ones that it isn't too bad for. Either way, I won't be avoiding it as I want them done. My sternum was easy, but the front of my thigh was shit- so who knows! I filled out a booking form and requested March, so we will see how we go!
  21. Let it heal. Get a new artist.
  22. You won't get a refund. I hope you find a tattoo artist who can fix it for you.
  23. True. Different people react differently. I hear how bad the back is, but I almost fell asleep several times when I had my back done.
  24. at least for me, my elbows were not too bad.Don't over think it, you might be surprised how it's not that bad.
  25. Nice! Are you continuing the dots n stars? Or is that in a particular area?
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