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  2. Well, the knee isn’t fun, but if you got through ribs, you’ll be fine.
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  4. Just let it dry heal. Keep it clean and don't put anything on it. Slap it if it itches.
  5. I just got my knee done a week ago, I have no right to say what other people’s pain tolerance is but for my personal experience I hyped it up for myself before the tattoo and it hurt far less than I had anticipated. Though I will admit my ink has no color, it was line work and then dot work for shading.
  6. I only have 3, but my most painful was the one covering my kneecap. Overall it wasn’t as bad as expected though, sat like a statue for 2 hours for it.
  7. Thank you, confirms my suspicions. I actually use very little lotion but live in an area experiencing a heat wave and I think combined with sweat, this is what happened.
  8. Looks like what happens when you use too much lotion. Too little is better than too much.
  9. Alright bear with me, I’m just a paranoid kinda gal. I’ve already also contacted my artist who gave me a recommendation that is seeming to work, my question is: has anyone ever seen this? I have small bumps under the line work, no fluid, no pus, no redness or heat, no pain, only the normal second week itching, and I cannot find a single reference on the internet to anyone having ever had something like this. Part of that might be because of how minor it is? When I look up typical Google searches for similar symptoms I’m hit with every post with a horrible infection or bad blisters. W
  10. Oboogie, I agree with you. They certainly do.
  11. Not judging you. Nurse or not, people pick at tattoos all the time.
  12. The other scab is just fine and I think that area will turn out okay.
  13. Oboogie, scab came off. I think because it is in the crease every time I bend my arm the skin was separating. Again, I’m a nurse I definitely know better than to mess with scabs on wounds.
  14. Did you remove the scab, or did it actually fall off?
  15. Had my doc hubby look at it and he said it’s down to the dermis. I am a nurse so I know how to take care of wounds so, I don’t think it was anything I did.
  16. SStu yep. This morning the scab came off completely and it took off a few layers of skin.
  17. That's the situation that often produces heavier scabs.
  18. This isn't a forum for scratchers.
  19. https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/guidelines/
  20. One of my first machines, when I had very little knowledge about tattooing. Anyway I never achieved my goal of a full time tattoo artist and have not been in it for some years now ( life got in the way). Back to the topic, somehow I got this machine out of tune, and recently I got my gear out to do some fake skins for relaxation and pleasure, but it has been bugging me and I have been playing around and finally tuned this beast. Does anyone have any idea at what voltage this machine runs sweet, because the one which I have is only running well at 15 volts, yes 15 volts, all my other machines a
  21. Thanks you guys. Yes, I was thinking that as well. Just letting those to areas dry heal and deal with the fallout later.
  22. As @oboogie said, if it's not hot to the touch and there's no pus, you're probably OK. Not much you can do at this point except wait for it to heal. Scabs that thick will likely take a couple of months, so pour a drink, light a bowl and relax. Your skin is shiny, and that usually means there is too much lotion. If I had scabs like that I'd probably let it dry heal.
  23. I think he was definitely heavy handed in these areas too.
  24. Hogrider, I got it 3 days ago. This last Saturday. I have never had scabbing like this. The rest has slight scabbing that just started to scab.
  25. Oboogie, That’s the thing. I am barely putting any on it. I don’t think it is infected but I did notice that this area oozed a lot the first day. I have had several tattoos before but never had this happen. Out of the entire colored portions those sections are the only 2 that look this way. I am careful when washing because that part only gets soft again. Also, the one in my elbow crease may take longer to heal I guess.
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