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  2. I bought a black compression sleeve to wear on my forearm while my sleeve is healing. I wore it for about a week, and now I’ve been just using a lotion that has sunscreen in it.
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  4. Dan


    it's not as bold in the linework and saturation as I would want,but it's not a bad tattoo.
  5. no,it won't harm it in that short time while moving,the sun really won't hurt the tattoo at all, the main thing is it hurts to be in the sun is all. but it doesn't really damage the tattoo,I wouldn't sit and sun tan for hours LOL you'll be fine with shorts on.
  6. Samray


    Just after some professional feedback and constructive criticism. Taking into account it's still a bit raw being fresh
  7. I know excessive sun exposure to a new tattoo is bad, but I am starting class tomorrow and we have an open campus so I'll be walking around in direct sunlight with some shade from trees. It's hot af where I live; around 90s, so would wearing shorts with a new leg sleeve tattoo be a bad idea. I tried denim, but my tattoo didn't react well with it and wearing sweatpants in August seems like a bad idea, because I wouldn't want to excessively sweat were my new tattoo is. I just got my tattoo on friday. Would a little bit of sun exposure be okay, just walking from class to class, since it wouldn't be a super long period of time in the sun? About 5-8 mins from class to class. Thanks😬
  8. more scenery. more skulls.
  9. How would you extend it downward? Got any idea? I'm planning on joining them two.
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  11. well yes,you do need to get creative with the saniderm pieces, and like @Gingerninja and the saniderm instructions say it's ok and good to overlap the pieces, and any clothing that blocks the sun is fine,not sure about sweats in august,but whatever I would just stay out of the sun for any long periods,
  12. Welcome and howdy. Looks cool, but kinda hard to tell from those pics.
  13. I used the personal roll, guess just gotta cut it to the shape of my leg. Also so wanted to ask what would be good to wear to keep tattoo out of sun while healing. Would sweatpants be a good option?
  14. thanks hope you ll like it here i ll get the tattoo done (still need the opposite forearm done) then ill probably ask someone with more experience to do the next one, i m very pleased with his work but i think it could be better
  15. Well, there isn't much right or wrong on how you proceed - but ultimately it's only you you have to satisfy every morning when you approach the mirror. In my case and over the years I've evolved into a black/grey guy. I can't tell if you're intending for your stomach to include color or not, but if it was me I'd keep that black/grey and when the top was getting re-worked I have that artist extend the chest tattoo downward.
  16. did you use the sheets or the personal roll ? I use the "personal roll",works pretty good on larger pieces,
  17. You try cutting it to size and overlapping the pieces a little bit.
  18. Do you think that putting colours like flames around the horns and top head is a good idea to join them two first one is so much black. It's the best idea I could come up with to "save " this design .
  19. Any suggestion of how to put in on a leg sleeve, wrapped all the way around from below the knee to above the ankle
  20. Thanks for replying:) I thought pulling it off of a fresh tattoo would ruin the ink somehow. Tried to put it on my leg sleeve, but the shape of the leg is kinda awkward
  21. no ,pulling off the saniderm will not harm the tattoo.
  22. I tried to put saniderm on my new leg sleeve, but the size I cut was wrong and I peeled it off. Would this have ruined my ink; pull out ink? Parts of it were already attached to the tattoo, but since the siZe was wrong, I peeled it off right after trying to apply it. I am actually really worried would it affect the healing
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  24. Hey bro, lookin good I’m not into tribal art on myself but I like looking at others work. You sure went all in for your first tattoo and didn’t go wrong with art or artist I’d say. Others have answered your question, but I would’ve definitely told you to stay with that artist if you were happy, changing in the middle of a project would probably not deliver the outcome you wanted. One artist one style .. i have 8 tattoos plus my left arm sleeve and I was worried like you were in the beginning, but I don’t even think about it until around 3 weeks for a truer finished product. I just use a lotion with a skin protective active ingredient like lotion from hospital, keep it moist but not overly as that can bring out the ink from my experience. I normally use lotion twice a day until the peeling is almost done then once a day after showering then when needed once peeling is done. Also shaving the hair off will give you the true look oppose to having a slightly distorted look from hair being over it. I shave my arms only after it’s healed about once every 2 weeks so they look the best. Good luck to you
  25. New to the online tattoo world and getting tattoos for the most part. I’ve had one small piece for years and recently started getting more and more tattoos since the woman I’m with now likes ink oppose to my last wife that didn’t approve. I am into monochrome for some reason, I don’t dislike color tattoos I just haven’t seen anything I would like on me and I am very pleased with black ink. My most recent endeavor started as upper arm hourglass, lower arm sword/rock , then all the background fill in. I hooked up with an artist that freehand so I showed him what i liked and let him put his own look into it from starting to the 98% I’m at now. The idea from the start was full sleeve so he knew what was going to go where when it was time. The background is a mountain, sunset with clouds and some stars. It looks good to me so hopefully I’ll get some good feedback from here about it. I only lack on inside upper bicep right at the arm pit and some touch up. The hourglass gets some more detail to make it pop more and it was the first ink so it’s not as dark now. Well anyway, look forward to talking to you all. Also I forgot to mention the stairway, the date on the first step is the date the woman I love and myself will be married!! The puzzle piece was a his and hers tattoo the girl and me got after we figured why the hell not, lol so he had to work it into the sleeve. sorry the pics aren’t very good, hard to pose right and get good pics selfie style
  26. Hey bro, i hear ya on the sensitive skin areas. My left arm has been a free hand sleeve project broken into 2 main tattoos and then fill in sessions. Well let’s say after the first fill in session I didn’t wait long enough to try and finish and damn that arm was just painful from the start. I’m 98% done now and had to pull the cord during 2nd fill in session. On the inside of bicep right at the arm pit lit me on fire, lol. Well my point was; try vasocaine lidocaine spray. After you get going on your ink and have broken skin all over, best after outlines, spray the areas and wait 5 minutes and mostly will be numb except in the most sensitive areas. It also helped with swelling, bleeding, and helped afterward not be so sore. And no I’m not pitching the product, it just really works.
  27. SStu

    Hello Everyone!1

    Yep. Some of us have been there.
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