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  2. auto reply kicking in . . . NOW. It'll take 4-6 weeks for your tattoo to completely heal and for you to know what it's finally going to look like. Looks like it aughta be good. Stop stressing.
  3. Yeah. Something like that would probably be the shop minimum. $75-100 depending on what shop you end up in. Look at portfolios when you're shopping for the tattooist. Learn to see the ability to be creative with their drawing along with having good saturation in the application.
  4. That's really great!
  5. Hello! I have been searching the web for a couple days and can’t find something similar to my situation right now. I will admit first off I am pretty paranoid due to my anxiety, BUT I have never dealt with a tattoo healing this way and it’s scaring me it won’t heal correctly! I got my first thigh piece on the 5th so a little over a week ago. I started seeing some redness on I’d say the third and was worried about it being infected even though it didn’t hurt or wasn’t warm to the touch. Even to now it doesn’t hurt or is warm to the touch. The red has faded quite a bit and was all over the place red in random spots and now it’s just pink in certain spots and has calmed down a lot BUT I’m now seeing it’s starting to get pink spots in places it wasn’t before?! WHAT?! I have done everything. I was washing it two-three times a day (2 for work days) and applied lotion each time. I have seen my artist about this and she said it could be just irritated from clothes rubbing on it (the first two days it did get rubbed on a lot) I do work at Ulta so I am on feet constantly and moving up and down and running around so maybe my clothes are causing it? I was using a tattoo goo kit but my artist recommended to switch back to antibacterial dial handsoap (I’ve always used this with no problems) because it shouldn’t be as abrasive and gave me hustle butter. I’m now seeing those new pink spots after using the hustle butter so could my skin not like the ingredients which hustle butter had similar ingredients to what my tattoo artist used to “oil” up the skin for the tattoo. I’m really worried how it is healing ruined this piece as well and I know you usually can’t tell until it’s almost fully healed through it’s stages but it’s still worrying me. I’m trying to figure out everything and retrace to calm it down. Any advice is appreciated and I’m so sorry for how long this is and my ramblings. I will be attaching in order 1. When it was first done 2. Where it was red and irritated (you can see barely irritation in the carrot tops) 3. How it looks now (more mild pink irritation in the carrot tops as well as other places)
  6. You should be able to post or reply to other threads/topics from the start. According to,, I think you need 10 posts to start new topics/threads outside of the Initiation Forum. Hope that helps!
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  8. You’ll have to go to an artist for pricing anyone here would just be guessing. The person doing the tattoo will probably draw it up as close as possible to the mold and you can decide if it’s good enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi, I’m 19 from California looking into getting my first tattoo. My cat, passed away this year and i wanted to get his paw print tattooed. I don’t have a ink stamped print, i have a clay paw pressed mold. Would they still be able to do it since I don’t have a ink print? Thinking about getting it on my back shoulder area or my bicep area. Not sure how big but bigger than a inch, can anyone make a educated guess for a price / session time it would take to get it done?
  10. Sorry idk how this site works. have you see this reaction before? Have you seen a reaction like this before?
  11. Have you seen a reaction like this before?
  12. I like the antihistamine/benzo/muscle relaxer idea. I was sober for mine and it sucked, but it is what it is. Ya just get through it. I did silently cry through the armpit shading though. 😭
  13. Hello! When are you able to create a post in another forum after your initiation post?
  14. I don't know if this is helpful, but I've often thought I have an allergy to ink. My sleeve is 10 years old and it still raises and gets itchy every now and again. Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. Thanks! Here's the majority of it! I have another one on my right arm that I will be seeking advice on and another one that can't be shown.
  16. welcome. pictures of what ya got.
  17. Hello tattoo community! I'm looking to have great conversation with fellow tattoo fanatics and get and give advice on current/future tattoos. Cheers! 🤘
  18. could be too much aquafor or it could be a red ink allergy, either way it will go away. unless it hurts and it is warm to the touch I wouldn't worry about it. don't put aquafor on it, try some Aveeno lightly
  19. I also have heard it could be that I put too much aquaphor on it and I clogged my pores. Not sure what to think
  20. Help! I got this tattoo 3 weeks ago and as of 4 days ago I’ve gotten this rash. It doesn’t hurt, but it is itchy. Not sure if that’s from healing. Anyone have advice or have ever had this happen?! Not sure what to do. I have other tatts but this never has happened.
  21. Thanks! It's interesting how some artists suggest keeping showers minimal or not using direct spray at all and other suggest blasting the new tattoo with hot water for 5-10 mins. I've even heard of taking a hot bath immediately after. I believe it's a traditional Japanese method?
  22. Here's what we tell our clients: Tattoo Care Instructions: 1) Remove the bandage after one hour All wounds need to breathe in order to heal properly. 2) Washing the tattoo Use your fingertips or hand only. Use a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Take care to remove all traces of blood to prevent scabbing. Do not scrub the tattoo with a washcloth during the two week healing time. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel, or just let it air dry. 3) Aftercare Apply a thin coat of ointment at least 3 times a day Just enough to make it shine. A little goes a long way. Aquaphor is our recommended ointment. There is no need to re-bandage your tattoo, just keep a very thin layer of ointment on top keep it moist and prevent scabs. 4) Keeping your Tattoo clean Avoid long showers or baths for 2 weeks. Also, avoid prolonged soaking so no swimming, hot tubs, or saunas. Keep showers to under 10 minutes. 5) Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo To relieve itching, tap lightly with your hand. 6) The sun can be bad for your tattoo Sunburn on tattoos can cause many problems. Please wait for your tattoo to heal completely before going into the sun or a tanning bed. Make sure to use a high quality sun block (not sunscreen) do not apply sunblock while a tattoo is in the healing process. Over time, the sun will cause any tattoo to fade. Any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at Sacred Raven Tattoo.
  23. You're fine, it's all part of the tattoo healing aftercare process. Tattoo looks great!
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    Hello from CR

    Huh, I knew that somebody could come up with that idea already. Started trading five years ago taking Ildar Sharipov - - as a source of inspiration, now thinking of making a thematic tattoo.
  26. Trying to add stuff to 2 separate tattoos in an attempt to unify it and make you feel better about it is probably not gonna help. Once you add, you can't take away. If you hate it afterwards, the only solution left would be a HUGE coverup. Sometimes, tattoos just take some time to grow on you. If it doesn't, you can also try to link the tattoos together in your mind by assigning some form of significance to the combination. Elsewise, do some research, work with an artist and find a design that can incorporate both tattoos and which you can live with. If all else fails, do what @oboogie said and just drown them in a sea of tattoos.
  27. I agree I am too paranoid for the process I think, If I ever do get another it will be a minute.
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