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  2. Of note..... In ancient times Jock liddell Dennis Cockell More recently: Ben Dunning El Harper (born El Tragico). .
  3. Unless you live in the UK where all it does is rain and the darkness is your friend.... And even then they fade... As do we all. Happy Thursday.
  4. Nope. They all fade. It will never stay that brand new black they are when fresh.
  5. Impatience is a recipe for disaster. I’ve seen more schitty tattoos and coverups than I can count because someone couldn’t wait to get it done right. They usually go from bad to worse to disastrous and then expect someone to make it look like new.
  6. Thank you everyone for the advice! Also it’s a symbol from a mahou shoujo graphic novel!
  7. Last week
  8. Oh. I understand. I thought I was not doing something right and only in my case there is no black color. However, are there any creams that will keep the color longer?
  9. Thanks, it really helped. No he is not friend like that, only a work friend. I nerver knew that people write qk instead of "kuk" in Sweden so it was quite a shock to me. But you guys are all right, it means something to me and the majority won't read it as a word and I have to stop thinking about what he said. The thing was that my mom and dad have not seen the tattoo so I was worried that they may missread it too.
  10. What part monkeying with it will make it worse is confusing you? Educate yourself on laser removal. There is no guarantee, or expectation, that the entire tattoo will fade at the exact same rate. You will find someone that will claim they can do what you want, even though they can’t, and then you’ll be back here asking how to fix the mess you caused. Quit obsessing over this and just enjoy your nice tattoo.
  11. Black tattoos fade. That's just how it works.
  12. Hello. Please excuse me but I do not speak English very well. I have 4 tattoos on my hands. My question is: After 2 months after the first 3 heals (the last one is done 2 weeks ago), the black color looks like gray. During the healing period I followed all the suggestions of the one who tattooed me. I washed twice a day with antibacterial soap, dried, then gave cream. After a month has passed, tattoos have turned gray. Why? The last tattoo is still black because it heals, but will it still be gray? I’m waiting for some answers, thank you very much.
  13. Leave it be. Remember, laser isn't like an eraser. Doesn't work like that...let it heal and it will settle.
  14. Whomever said that to you was a jerk. First, the tattoo was for your mom and dad - it's yours and you got it for all the right reasons. Second, I don't know if it was a "friend" that said this to you. Regardless, the comment was inappropriate. If you have a chance, you should tell them how much the comment upset you. THEN, get on with enjoying your new tattoo.
  15. I was considering getting laser before the cover up but changed my mind. Thank you! 🙏 I’m looking forward to see how it heals, but I’m impatient if you can’t tell!
  16. Thanks! Haha I’ve got a bit of tan at the moment, so maybe once that fades the white will look like my skin tone soon 😂🙏
  17. so stop having anxiety over it,the tattoo looks very legible to me,and tell your colleague to shut the hell up, that's a pretty cool tattoo IMO. love it,embrace it,wear it with pride, and don't worry about what other people think of it.
  18. Wow, I can't see having any stress over that. Don't worry what others think/say, if it means something to you and/or your family, enjoy it and don't worry! I'm betting that in 95% of your interactions with others it will be covered anyway. Adopt an old man's attitude... screw 'em!
  19. Hi! I just got myself a new tattoo for my mom and dad and I loved it until a colleague misread the tattoo. If you read it as a text and pronounce q and k together(qk, some people write like this when they dont want to write "kuk") it sounds like dick(kuk) in my language(swedish) and now i cant stop thinking about it. I have been having a lot of anxiety over this and now I am already thinking of doing a coverup if possible or remove it. Anyone else who have had a similar experience when someone misread your tattoo in a bad way?
  20. Just remove the Tegaderm, and keep the tattoo clean. The adhesive breaks me out, too.
  21. NO. It will fade as you wear it. They don't stay that black EVER. Quit worrying about it. Please. And maybe don't get anymore tattoos if you are this obsessive. 😉
  22. Update. I followed Dan's advice and removed the original bandage. Then I cleaned thoroughly with Dial Gold. I let air dry for about 20 minutes, then I put a fresh Tegaderm on. I think I may be allergic to these bandages. I have attached a pic. Does this look like an allergic reaction to the bandage or could it be something more serious with the tattoo? There is a much smaller amount of fluid, but now I have developed this cluster of red spots. They look like small splotches/bruises. The swelling is still present a bit, but the area isn't hot and I don't have a fever. The new one has been on for about 14 hours. I also did wear a long sleeve shirt to work today over it, but it was tight and it was made out of cotton. Recommendations on next steps appreciated.
  23. Don‘t you think lasering it one time to make it a little lighter would make it better? I‘ll have to wait for it to heal anyways, if I don‘t like it completely after a month or so I‘ll think about that, but maybe until than I need to get used to it! thank you!
  24. Just own it. It's fine. Trying to laser that is going to lead to heartache.
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