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  1. Introduction & a thank you!

    What a great introduction and congrats on getting an amazing back piece! Thanks for joining.
  2. Tapatalk login issue

    Thank you for reporting this - the latest forum software update required an adjustment to the tapatalk settings which I have now completed - let me know if it still doesn't work for you.
  3. How's it goin?

    Welcome to LST, thanks for joining, and for becoming a site supporter with your donation. ;)
  4. ..let me know if you find anything wonky. Thanks
  5. Thanks for reporting this. Yes, we had a glitch with the SSL certificate - I was able to sort it out relatively quickly fortunately. Please keep reporting anything strange that you encounter to be sure I'm made aware as quickly as possible.
  6. first arm piece

    Welcome! - great intro, and great tattoo.
  7. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I was able to restore posts from March through June.. unfortunately many of the images are missing and unable to be restored.
  8. OK folks, I was able to restore the thread, but unfortunately the most recent backup that contained it was from March, so we have lost the past 5 months or so of posts there. very sorry about that. I'm going to take measures to both prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, and improve the backup retention system. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this, I'm sure it's frustrating for those of you who had posted there recently.
  9. That does seem to be the case. Stand by while I see what I can do to restore it.
  10. Hey people!

    Welcome - nice work!
  11. How do I ask a question in general discussion?

    Welcome to LST - this is the perfect place to ask your question. Cheers
  12. Old new member!

    Welcome back. PM me if you'd like to merge this new one w/ your old account. Cheers
  13. Profile picture

    I would just try it again with a new picture. The file name on that one looks really long, so maybe rename the image first.. I can upload it for you if you don't have any luck. just post the pic in this thread.
  14. New guy From Philadelphia

    Welcome and thanks for joining! Nice work, who's the artist?
  15. newly initiated

    Welcome to LST - nice work you have there!