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  1. Steve

    Tattoo issue

    Please read and obey. [=
  3. @justwood83 Please read the LST guidelines before posting further: Thanks
  4. Please read this, thanks:
  5. Welcome, and thanks for joining!
  6. Guys, let's keep it positive and friendly here please. Locking this thread to stop the violence.
  7. Hi Cody, Welcome to LST, and thank you for your support! Steve
  8. Ok, I think I have resolved this - let me know if you continue to see this on NEW posts.. or if you notice any other new wonkyness that I may have introduced w/ the changes that solve this issue. Thanks again
  9. Hmm.. I can't seem to get that error to happen on mobile or laptop. No chance you have javascript disabled or something like that? having a hard time imagining what could cause that. Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Anybody else seeing this? Thanks
  10. What OS and browser are you using? I'm on Windows 10 and Chrome.
  11. I'm not seeing them but let me know what configuration you are on if it persists. Thanks
  12. Thats correct, please click 'report post' instead of responding to them and I will ban them if deemed a spammer.
  13. Great - thanks again and sorry for the delay, I was out of town last week.