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  1. OK folks, I was able to restore the thread, but unfortunately the most recent backup that contained it was from March, so we have lost the past 5 months or so of posts there. very sorry about that. I'm going to take measures to both prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, and improve the backup retention system. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this, I'm sure it's frustrating for those of you who had posted there recently.
  2. That does seem to be the case. Stand by while I see what I can do to restore it.
  3. Welcome - nice work!
  4. by Thomas Hooper.
  5. by Alix Gé
  6. by El Monga, guesting at Spider Murphy's
  7. Welcome to LST - this is the perfect place to ask your question. Cheers
  8. Welcome back. PM me if you'd like to merge this new one w/ your old account. Cheers
  9. I would just try it again with a new picture. The file name on that one looks really long, so maybe rename the image first.. I can upload it for you if you don't have any luck. just post the pic in this thread.
  10. Welcome and thanks for joining! Nice work, who's the artist?
  11. Welcome to LST - nice work you have there!
  12. Welcome to LST, thanks for joining. Nice looking work there!
  13. Thanks for 'reporting' this guys - I have updated the permissions for your usergroup, let me know if you still don't see it.
  14. Thanks for asking - yes, there is, see attached.
  15. Welcome to LST! Nice looking work you have there - who did it?