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  1. How fresh is the tattoo? To me, it does look possibly infected, but that doesn't mean it won't heal. Take a pic daily, preferably at the same time (right after cleaning it, for eg), and compare to make sure it's not getting worse. If it gets red or hot, then see a doctor right away. I've had something similar twice - once it healed perfectly well on its own, and the other, it needed antibiotics.
  2. Different strokes for different folks, and I've done it both ways (nothing for a few days then lotion, and lotion right from day 1) and all have healed similarly.
  3. Three weeks is still early in the healing process. I would continue with the lotion (non greasy, unscented), but once a day should be plenty. And make sure you use sunscreen if it's exposed to sunlight. The 'clumpy' spots look like they have heavier saturation and they will likely take longer to settle than the line work.
  4. I'm curious to know how it healed? I've had something very similar and while the ink did appear affected where the infection was really deep, it healed relatively well. You can't really tell there's any ink lost, in fact.
  5. Wow! I love it. Take it slow if you're not sure. It does look amazing though.
  6. Heya! I recently got a new tattoo, full side leg, first color piece. I found this place when looking for aftercare info and I enjoy it very much. I have a number of other tattoos dating back almost 20 years (back, upper arms, chest, thigh) and they're all black/grey. Off to read/look at amazing pics!