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  1. Had two indentical tattoos ( one on left arm one on right ) touched up 9 days ago. One has started scabbing but the other hasn't started at all, is this normal ?
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah the iron cross is cool, when I saw it years back I instantly thought fascism
  3. Yep thats what I meant dude, i'd hate to cause offence. Shame they adopted the logo for their regime, now I'll have to find something else
  4. Thinking of ideas for a smallish tattoo and was considering the armani logo, but after inspection it looks very similar to a fascist regime back in the 1900s. I think i'll get something which couldn't be offensive, and maybe matching tattoos with my sister 🙂 thanks By the way, the pic i posted isn't mine, its off google
  5. Thanks guys. Will give it a month then before considering a touch up
  6. I've heard you have to wait a minimum of a month, is this correct ?
  7. So its normal to look a bit faded whilst healing right ? The outline is fine atm, the shading is a bit washed out. It was in the sun for 15mins and im hoping it's ok. I'll wait until healed then get a touch up
  8. Looks like it could be touched up easily as already said
  9. Thanks guys, day before it is then. What about shaving? Can't be a good idea to use shaving foam right before the tattoo,should I just let my artist do the shaving on my arm ?
  10. Had this tattoo last week ( Thursday ) and some of it which has scabbed looks very light and faded. I know I have to wait until it's healed, but is this normal or will this need a touch up ? I moisturise and clean this tattoo just like all my others. Thanks
  11. Hi guys. Got my next tattoo soon, whenever I shave my arms I get tiny shaving rashes which clear up with cold water and some moisturiser. I won't put any moisturiser on the day before my tattoo as my artist told me that certain creams and numbing cream ( which I never use ) can affect the skin whilst he's doing the tattoo. So am I ok to moisturise up until the day of the tattoo or not ? Thanks
  12. VenomX


    Keep it clean and moisturised, it looks normal
  13. All cleared up now, thanks
  14. Hi guys Had my tattoo earlier on my arm and after it was bleeding a fair bit, now I have a few tiny red spots inside the tattooed area, im hoping this is just from the needle scratching the skin ? No pain or swelling, just some tiny red spots where my hair folicles on my arm are
  15. Just had a medium ( for me ) piece done on my right forearm and wondering when I get the left forearm done should I get the same one, or something different ? Thanks
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