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  1. VenomX


    Looks good to me 🙂
  2. When mine itch I put cold water gently over it then apply my lotion
  3. VenomX

    Am I botched?

    First impressions - I thought it was a signature/autograph Personally, I think it looks good and very unique 🙂
  4. I'm no expert but you can barely see anything wrong with it
  5. Got loads of little moles on my forearms which sucks a bit! Guess i'll just have to get tats that can go around them rather than over them
  6. This is taken from my tattooists portfolio, so im sure he could to Tutankhamun
  7. Thanks dude. My current guy knows someone who does " Black and Grey " styles. After my next tattoo, i'll go and discuss it with him. I'm starting off small for now and may get a bigger one in a few months. Next one will be my star-sign.
  8. Ok I gather it's best to pay more for a tattoo to get a good job, however, would it be difficult finding an artist who could do such a tattoo and if so where would I find one ? My current tattooist does excellent script and text, but im wondering whether he could do a good job of tutankhamun
  9. Found it on instagram, any idea how much it would cost, and would it be difficult finding an artist who could pull it off like this ? I'd be interested in getting a Tutankhamun one, possibly smaller though...
  10. Same. I have three tattoos and starting from when I take the cling film off I moisturise ( lightly ) and clean it a few times daily. They have all healed nicely within about 2 weeks.
  11. It looks great except the elephant is kinda washed out, just wait until it has healed then get it touched up
  12. Got my " Peace & Love " tattoo and really happy with it. ( Three days ago ) After close inspection there's a slight stray line underneath the " P " ( Its a lot lighter than the rest of the tattoo ) It wasn't there after he had finished on the first day, it somehow appeared on the second day. Should I get it touched up ? Im thinking if I do it will look a bit uneven as it would thicken the line too much. Or am I just being a perfectionist ? Thanks
  13. VenomX

    Waiting Time

    Had my third one done on Tuesday, thats three in one month lol. Going to wait until this ones scabbed before getting my next.
  14. You can only see it in direct sunlight
  15. Is this normal, for a black tattoo ? Had the tattoo done one month ago, scabbed fine, never itched and never picked it. Moisturised and cleaned it regularly. However it still looks a bit shiny and scaly in the light, from some angles you cannot notice it at all, is this part of the healing process ?