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  1. @SStuThanks for sharing! at first I was happy having this tattoo placed on the palm. but the comments that I read all over are making me feel... guilty for putting it there. Hm.
  2. @Dan what do you mean by that and why do you have that opinion? Is it bad positioning of the tattoo or? Thanks for your reply.
  3. @scottyg said that already in my head early this morning -.-' 😄
  4. Hello everyone and hope you're all doing well. Well, last Friday I got a side hand tattoo. It started to peel off but please see the attached pictures and tell me what the problem is as it doesn't look as it should in my opinion. Something doesn't seem right. I contacted the tattoo artist and he said that he warned me about the place and that's how the tattoo would turn out - but also advised after healing to go there so that he could correct it. That got me confused. After all, I don't think a tattoo should fade like this in almost a week. 1st image - Tattoo before it started peeling/healing. 2nd Image - How the tattoo looks right now. 3rd image - that corner worries me if the whole tattoo will turn out as that corner. Thanks so much and i'd gladly hear opinions or someone that has advise/experience of what to do. Have a great day.