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  1. eh, not much more that a week or so. it's an open wound, and the new layer of skin needs to grow over it.
  2. scottyg

    My first tattoo

    that's what healing tattoos look like
  3. scottyg

    Ego Death

    In Buddhist traditions I could see an enso (though you'd need someone really good) or the character for mu. It's a problem though: I mean, how do you pictorially represent nothing?
  4. scottyg


    first thing I thought when I got home after lining my backpiece was, oh my god, I've got some DUDE on my back! then I was like, eh, it's a god, and cool as hell.
  5. yeah, that's why I'd go with huge black and grey angel and devil, one on each side. so it won't like work with the outline but instead cover over everything. but that's thousands of dollars.... so while you're limited on funds now, maybe it's a matter of saving up. isn't there a guy in the south that does cover ups on tattoos from former gang members? or am I thinking of white power shit? good luck man!
  6. that's a tough cover up, dude. might be best to get like an angel on one side and a demon on the other or something. really big. just blast over each letter.
  7. welcome. whataya thinking about getting?
  8. scottyg

    Longivity ?

    That "Japanese style" looks very unreadable and I don't think would age well, but I think that'd be more down to the specific style and artist than traditional Japanese tattooing generally. But, yeah, what @JAC1961 said.
  9. Yeah, no point in risking. I've got a NYHC tattoo in Fraktur. Needless to say that doesn't always go over well....
  10. I mean, I'm getting a Japanese traditional backpiece, where they sign it, which is the most traditional way. that's what I wanted. But if we're talking any other piece I'd flip shit.
  11. I'd lose my shit....
  12. 900 clams for a 6 in tattoo seems reasonable, but your top priority in this should be choosing an artist whose portfolio you love. If you love the artist's whose work costs you 190x4 hrs and you trust them, then you go with that person. I can't imagine getting a sleeve for in the 900-1500 range; that's insane: insanely low and would be insanely low quality.
  13. Another way to look at it: shit happens.
  14. scottyg


    best to attach pictures