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  1. scottyg

    Opinions and advice

    it really is too late now....
  2. scottyg

    Opinions and advice

    I see what you're saying but it looks like a really well done piece. I think once you live with it for a while you'll be really happy with it. My advice is to enjoy it!
  3. scottyg

    Bumps on black ink

    jesus! so is this unrelated to the tattoo? the tattoo just exacerbated it? very sorry to hear this.
  4. scottyg

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    might be worth emailing again?
  5. scottyg

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    mine is a bit different, but I got it well after she died. it's a minogame: a Japanese folk turtle with seaweed on its back, surrounded by waves and maple leaves. it represents felicity and longevity, and for me it represents my mother who liked fall and the ocean. death sucks, death sucks so much, but at least we can get nice tattoos
  6. scottyg

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    so very sorry to hear that; it's good to be able to memorialize her in this way.
  7. scottyg

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    it's just healing
  8. do NOT laser it. I think we all feel a little bummed when things don't turn out as we envision it, but that's why you have to trust your artist, and trust you made the right decision choosing your artist. kirin usually look the way you describe, with the legs sticking up at the back/in the air, and the head in the front. and they're a mythological animal, so....
  9. all my pieces are meaningful: my backpiece is the Buddhist protector of the heavenly musicians--I'm a musician. on my calf I've got a minogame in autumn with water--a minogame symbolizes long life and happiness, and for me represents my mother.
  10. scottyg


    oy, I'm not sure!
  11. scottyg


    I think you have to post a few times before you can get into other forums. cheers!
  12. scottyg

    Tattoo Year in Review

    cool idea. this year it was all backpiece all the time: we finished the background and red and started the green. this coming year I hope to finish the whole damn thing!
  13. I'm a WASP and covered in traditional Japanese!
  14. if you want to mix it up then keeping styles consistent doesn't seem so important. that's a typical American approach. it'd be up to your artist to make it work visually. cheers!