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  1. Blowout or scabbing?

    looks fine but it's too early to tell
  2. Acne Tattooing

  3. I am Back

    congrats on the shop! my uncle used to live in Spring Texas. small world.
  4. Acne Tattooing

    and more to the point, if you're paying them and they're judging you... F*** em.
  5. Acne Tattooing

    tattoo artists worth anything have probably seen it all; I doubt they'll care other than the practicalities of tatooing a coverup on the affected areas.
  6. hello

    how about this: Fratello, stai morendo Fra te lo sta/stai ore re rendo
  7. hello

    oy vey, this is going to be hard to pull off, both as a sentence and as a tattoo. what sentence are you thinking of getting? the example you give doesn't really work on two levels. at least, I don't see how it works.... then there's the aspect of tattooing letter work. you'll need someone really good at that. lastly, what language are you thinking? Italian or English? Latin? Would that sentence work in Italian?
  8. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    oy, sorry you had a bad experience I've actually only got traditional Japanese, which is drawn on. we brainstormed for like 2 minutes for my backpiece with 3 reference pictures so I really don't know what's normal
  9. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    sounds like it wasn't the experience you wanted. you didn't get the piece did you? I would suggest not going back if you didn't get the experience you wanted.
  10. Hello

    I once had a 3 hour session with e coli--didn't know I had it of course, and would definitely not have gone through with it if I'd known. I'd say email your artist, explaining and being super apologetic. If you feel better, go for it. Your body will recover.
  11. Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    @rob323 what you're saying makes sense regarding symmetry. but for the time being I'd finish what you have. you've got plenty of time to "finish" it, right?
  12. RIP Thom Devita

    Real OG. RIP.
  13. you decide to do a backpiece and take extra jobs to pay for it over the span of a couple years, oof
  14. One day old foot tattoo concern

    this looks absolutely normal for the healing process, and yes, that's what it's going to look like. no tattoo ever looks exactly like it did when it was just applied. I think you need to adjust your expectations for what tattoos can look like. enjoy it, it looks nice!