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  1. scottyg

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    nice! nice work with a distinct style. good luck, and be sure to upload pics as you go!
  2. scottyg

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Tsam you got this man!! who's your artist?
  3. scottyg

    Upcoming Tattoos

    tebori is just a different kind of pain haha
  4. scottyg

    Help with cover up ideas please

    you want to get the alien covered up? oy vey
  5. scottyg

    Is my tattoo infected or just a rash?

    I don't think that's normal, no, but yeah it sounds like the soap you used messed it up a bit. I'm pretty certain it'll heal. You could always go back to the artist to get his opinion.
  6. scottyg

    Is my tattoo infected or just a rash?

    if it's peeling that's probably good, it's the next stage very light soap and just like gently clean it with water; use regular clean towels, not paper towels and just pat dry/let air dry lightest of lotions: you want to keep it moisterized but not like damp don't rub/don't peel the flakes people tend to overdo it on the care part
  7. scottyg

    Is my tattoo infected or just a rash?

    a rash; you're probably over cleaning it/over doing it on the cleaning regime how's it looking today?
  8. scottyg

    Intro/ request for advice

    looks fine to me
  9. scottyg

    Help! Tattoo has been positioned wrong!

    I wouldn't question the placement by a master. If you're concerned with symmetry you could get the other one laser removed and then a symmetrically-placed coverup. In other words, change the surroundings to fit the traditional piece.
  10. performance art is soooo early 70s
  11. scottyg

    Advice on existing tattoo

    jesus, if I had a dollar for everyone who thought some obscure part of a tattoo looked phallic! sometimes a rose is just a rose
  12. scottyg

    Will this eventually heal okay?

    It doesn't look scarred or blown out to me. I think it's the same issue as before: best to just be patient and manage your expectations, as it's a really pleasant tattoo, and I honestly think it'll be fine.