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  1. Oh. And your tattoos definitely cute. I love the story behind it.
  2. This post reminded me of a comment my family friend made about my father in-law. He made some comment about how he didn’t like women with tattoos and she was offended (she has a couple of small ones) and said “oh so you don’t like my tattoo” and he’s like no. I don’t like tattoos on women (he can be a bit of a knob from time to time). And my response was pretty much what most people have said... “if you got it for others to look at, rather than yourself, you probably got it for the wrong reasons”. I have four personally, half sleeve, shoulder, collar bone and lower back. Two of mine are pretty decent in size and honestly, I get nice comments from people, I get snarls from others.. mostly older women that view tattoos a little differently but ALL of mine have sentimental meanings and I could give a shit less what people think because they mean something to me. At the end of the day, regardless of what anyone thinks, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin, covered in tattoos or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Thanks for clarifying that. I don’t like misinforming people however it seems it was done to me! Lol
  4. I’m assuming. Definitely not an artist myself but I know scar tissue is permanent and once it’s there, there’s never erasing it. I’ve heard laser also hurts more than having the tattoo done itself sooo I’m not sure I’d personally be keen on that 😂
  5. As mentioned, even removing it, you’d never start from scratch unfortunately, there would be scar tissue etc.. in fact I could be wrong but I think it’d be even harder for the tattoo artist to work with.
  6. I thought that too... i did a half sleeve (two 8 hourish sessions) and I sat through a previous one at 3 1/2 and figured I’d be fine. It sucked, pretty bad. I feel for you sitting through that on your chest.... lol
  7. Depends what you’re into... I can see this being turned into horns... more on the demonish side but I think it’d look sweet..
  8. I personally think it looks awesome. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. My bad. Just saw this. I haven’t had my forearm done so not sure but I know the inner section of my bicep swelled like a mofo, hurt like a mofo and I hated life for a week... it was red, hot, and sucked 😂
  10. Sometimes the heat can just be the tattoo, some places it radiates heat more than others... red is normal also, after all your skins just been pierced millions of times with a needle and it’s fighting to heal. Where is the tattoo? I found my elbow was swollen, red and radiated HUGE amounts of heat for like a week. It sucked. When I finished the rest of my sleeve, there were only sections that stayed warm for probably 3 days and then started to ease off. I used tegaderm for my sleeve (two sessions).. I had a reaction to the tegaderm with the first session, left it on for two days and had to remove it because I started getting a rash around the ink and adhesive... it’s important to remember heat, inflammation etc on tattoos is pretty normal for the first few days but if you’re concerned you’re having a reaction, remove it and make sure you wash it regularly. The second session on my sleeve, tegaderm also was applied because I hate leaking shit all over my clothes and sheets.... I removed it the day after (in the evening) and ordered a roll tegaderm and reapplied for another two days (surprise... no reaction!) I personally think the ink and extra fluid underneath the tegaderm caused my reaction the first time because it had dried up by the time I took it off and felt really tight.... I’m by no means a professional but this was my experience. Goodluck with healing!
  11. There’s a few people in Columbus and surrounding areas that (from what I’ve seen) would be amazing at this, but it’s a decent trip. LOL. And I’d have to agree with SStu, I guess it depends on what you prefer and the artist you find that fits around that. Goodluck, hope you find someone that you’re happy with.. the shits permanent after all lol.
  12. I’d take your ideas and see what he comes up with, explain your concept and what you want to cover; artists are pretty clever with incorporating ideas and putting their swing on it. I went with a general concept (compass and flowers, representing my journey to the US - my husbands from here; Certain flowers that represent birthdays and significant events) and this is what he came up with.
  13. That’s truly awful, sorry to hear that. Sorry probably came across like an insensitive asshole. My New Zealand sailor mouth gets me into trouble over here LOL. All my family and friends are back in NZ so it’s been rough being so far away with everything going on. The business I was working for was kinda small so understand their reasoning but it put me in a horrible situation because of losing my insurance and being on a greencard etc.
  14. @oboogie yeah I’m just being a 😸 currently and feeling sorry for myself lol. I’m not working atm, got laid off work because of this COVID shit so it was a good time for me to do it so I could let it heal without too much movement. I probably will get the other side done in 3-4 years, that’s usually the itch for me.