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  1. I can't imagine. Happy healing! @oboogie
  2. OMG - I LOVE it! @oboogie You are a warrior. How long did that take?
  3. And...? What's the scoop? Did you get a lil something? @SStu
  4. Hi! My first recommendation is to take Oicha's advice. Depending upon what you want, NY is loaded with amazing artists. I am especially fond of the folks at Kings Avenue (Grez, Rose Hardy, Becca Genne-Bacon, Matt Adamson, Chris Fernandez). Todd Noble at Redemption is great as well. What are you looking to get?
  5. +1 on what everyone else has said. Please wait!
  6. There are some massively good tattoos being shared. So inspiring!!
  7. My first session with Theo was great! We got the basic outline done of a full mermaid that runs down my left leg from my hip to my knee. We'll finish it up somewhere, sometime this year (maybe at Pagoda). I'll post a photo when I'm all healed up. Spider Murphys is a magical place.
  8. update on theo tatttoo ?

    1. Gingerninja


      It was good! We got the outline done. It's so cool!

  9. Well done @iowagirl! What's next for your training?
  10. @Devious6 Mark, your photos are awesome. Don't mess with momma! Too funny. We're homebasing out of Fisherman's Wharf, so you are a great (and psychic) tour guide.
  11. Nice! Welcome to the board. You have some very cool, pretty and unique pieces. Well done indeed.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Cool sleeve.
  13. Thank you so much @zetroc! I'm going to print off the list for my travel book. I've heard of a few of these places but you've listed a bunch that weren't on my radar. Gracias!!
  14. Ah, one week to go until we leave for a week in San Francisco. I've been to SF a bunch for work and some fun but never a week of full-on tourist stuff. We are going to eat, drink and be very merry. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.
  15. @oboogie I think that you are right! Going for the backpiece as a first tattoo. Boom. I recently met a guy who did a gorgeous sleeve as his first tattoo. We laughed...go big or go home. All I know is that for me, tegaderm is my savior!