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  1. So, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? [emoji12]@pidjones
  2. Give it some time! Don't over moisturize. Let it flake, scab, peel and don't pick at it. :)
  3. The same thing has happened to me with stencil placement. My artists have moved the stencils more times than me asking them to be adjusted. It's interesting, a couple of times I was initially uncomfortable with the placement but was open about my concerns or what I was feeling. Through healthy conversation with my artist(s), I ended up loving the placement. It took me a minute to process. :)
  4. I think that stencil placement is part of the collaboration process! If you don't like it, speak up and ask questions.
  5. Hey there! I would find an artist that you trust and ask them. :) They should be able to make your tattoo dreams come true.
  6. IMO, go simple and clean. The thigh isn't that big of an area!
  7. Hi.

    Welcome to the forum! More deets on your upcoming thigh piece. :)
  8. @Tornado7 I tried to take a photo of my new dragon which is definitely not cute. Still scaly AF and not healed yet. LOL.
  9. But you are soooo close! C'mon...let's hang! @suburbanxcore
  10. Agree with @Synesthesia 100%. Talk to your artist about planning out your pieces. And Matthew Houston's work is so beautiful!
  11. @SStu Balance is so elusive. I'm rocking only an outline on my left thigh (hip to knee) until August! Being a WIP is just like life, I suppose. Enjoy your destination wedding. Sounds like fun!
  12. Cool! It's a great hang. @oboogie And there's a place for breakfast that's SO DELICIOUS!
  13. On Saturday, I have an appointment to finish my hare/dragon kite! Then I'll be down to only one unfinished piece on my body. I feel so unbalanced. Isn't funny how something so unimportant in the grand scheme of things can mess with your head?