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  1. Hey @Oiocha When is your appointment with Horitomo?
  2. It will pass in a another couple of days. Keep it clean and lightly moisturize with a gentle, fragrance free lotion. You'll be good to soon. Note that it will take a solid 4-6 weeks to heal...don't shave it! @G_stef
  3. Icing is okay in small amounts (like don't keep it iced all need the blood flow). @G_stef How big is the area? Color or black and grey? If it gets crazy, you can take a Benadryl, just don't pick at it or scratch it!
  4. @Boiled Dove This! I remember calling my husband as I left the shop after having my right ribs done (four hours). I told him to remind me of that moment if I EVER said that I was doing my left ribs. Well, that lasted about 48 hours until I was planning to get the left side done. :) Congrats! Enjoy your bender!
  5. Hey! There are so many great artists in San Fran. Start checking out some of these shops...see what resonates with you. IMO, yes, it's not cool to work with a tattoo artist then not get something from them. Again, in my mind, you are pumping them for information, using their time and not paying for it. I suggest going to shops, looking at their books and flash and getting a general vibe from the shop. Look at the different styles, see what resonates with you. Instagram will be your friend in doing your research! These are four that popped into my head at 6:15 this morning. There are a bunch more shops.. Black Heart: (Scott Sylvia started this forum!) Tattoo City: Idle Hands: Spider Murphys:
  6. @Hands On Bahhaaa! Glad that I could provide today's earworm for you. Hilarious!
  7. Since it's Tattoo Tuesday, here's a sneak peek at a WIP by Grez. The outline is done for the entire piece but only got to finish the dragon kite. In June, we'll finish the rabbit, her kimono, the moon and the background. I know that everyone thinks that their tattoos are cool but I really do think this is super amazing! Grez took my random concept and executed it to perfection. The kite is so freakin' awesome. Love this guy!
  8. Mark, spot on... @Devious6 Bob, there are some very wise people here (like Mark). Take your time as you move through your process. You'll know when the time is right and the design is right. I echo the thought of finding a symbol instead of the signature but again, the decision is yours. Very sorry for your loss.
  9. I had my spine done a few years ago. Four hour session. Very manageable. The only place that sucked was at the very top. Total average suck factor on a 1-5 scale was about a 2.75 with the top hitting a 3.5. :)
  10. Hey there...why do you think that you need the lidocaine? Where are you getting tattooed and how long will you be sitting?
  11. I don't even want to think about the inner thigh. Tender bits!
  12. Yep, I still think the butt hurts. Mad, mad respect for folks that have their entire butt cheeks covered. Thinking about how much the butt/thigh intersection would hurt makes me wince.
  13. Great tattoo! Enjoy the heal and let it settle in. You'll know what to do eventually. In a few months, hit up your artist to see if they have any suggestions.