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  1. You try cutting it to size and overlapping the pieces a little bit.
  2. Gingerninja


    You need to let it heal!! I had a tattoo that looked great when he finished, then look blown out but after several months, it looks just fine.
  3. Hahahah @SteelByDesign I love it! I live in Pittsburgh. 🙂
  4. Nice! Are you Pittsburgher or bleed black and gold?
  5. BTW, Zanctuary is a site of temporary tattoos. Most cost $14.00. My advice - research real tattoos and plan to spend a lot more than $14.00.
  6. That design is awful to begin with. There are plenty of amazing b/g Japanese style artists and tattoos that will age beautifully.
  7. Gingerninja


    Welcome! Atlas Tattoo in Portland has amazing artists.
  8. Hey - have you contacted the artist? I'd check in with him/her. I don'y know about the neosporin - is it infected or just really scabbed?
  9. I try to be as non-name dropper as possible. That being said, I'll let them know if one or more of their friends have tattooed me for context, not like I deserve to get in with them. @SStu The way I got i with Valerie was another hardcore collector vouched for me to the shop manager.
  10. @LemonDrop As long as the seal is good, it sounds normal to me. The goop will dry out under the 'derm.
  11. @JAC1961 Thanks - I am excited. It took a minute to get in with her!
  12. On Friday, Rubendall is going to finish the background on my right leg sleeve. Lots of swirly bits. We will still have to finish up the crane but I'll get that done next year. On Sunday, in with Valerie for a geisha!