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  1. I dunno, I felt like a massive pussy taking the cream but I needed to finish up, my next one i'll still go in for with no cream. Um, generally pussies are one of the toughest things I the world. They squeeze out giant, living beings. Just sayin. @Freddie (And yes, ribs suck but you did it!)
  2. The smell concerns me. When was this done?
  3. Hey there...go get some antibiotics. Better safe that sorry if it's infected.
  4. 10 days out from a trip to Helsingor.... I may be a little excited. *squee*
  5. I guess that I'm super lucky as aftercare, for me, isn't an issue (knock on wood). I'm fanatical about wound care, so it's just about managing the area for cleanliness and no rubbing. Maybe I haven't had the 'rough spots' tattooed like hands, feet or any ditches but to date I've never had any real issues with any part of my back, ribs, spine, butt or thighs. For me, it's all about the Tegaderm. :) Great tattoo and welcome!
  6. Hey.
  7. Hey @Boiled Dove...sorry that you're not in a good place. Sounds like change is in your future! What do you hate about your job? At some level, you have to decide whether your job is a means to an end or an end to the means. Is there something else that you'd rather be doing? If so, figure out how to do it, right? I'm always in a sea of MEN in khaki pants and button downs. It doesn't bother me anymore because I know a bunch of them are misfits and freaks like me. LOL.
  8. I kinda dig the idea of some green leaves. I think it would balance it out. :)
  9. I think that the big issue is your job. Figure that out first before you get the tattoo! You can manage around healing and keeping it covered but is it really worth it? For me, forearms in the South would be a PITA to keep covered for work. :|
  10. There are a surprising number of well known, world class artists that either don't know about Tegaderm type products or never used them. For me, it's the best heal experience that I get with any tattoo. I've only dry healed a couple and the rest were healed with Tegaderm. Plus, since I travel for almost every tattoo, using it is a blessing since I don't have to worry about hotels and nasty airplanes. You find what works best for you! I leave it in for 72 hours then remove it. There's a method to getting it off with less pulling (remember that it's used in hospitals!), so if it took your skin off, hospitals most certainly wouldn't use it. @Freddie
  11. @UNCOUTHYOUTH Your torso is insane. Love it.
  12. I think the incense thing may be a holdover from the counter culture days. Plus, there are a lot of men using one bathroom.
  13. Cool idea and welcome! Sorry for your loss... Where are you located?
  14. Moron for the win. @Rikhall
  15. Hummm...I have no expertise to offer but what a conundrum. I'd talk to your artist...