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  1. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    BTW, these are why he and Claire are in Japan!
  2. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    So excited for you! The same thing happened to me with Grez at the 2015 Pagoda show. Squee!
  3. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks for sharing, @jnin. I loving hearing these stories about the incredible kindness that people can how. It's a good way to start my Sunday. Your MRSA battle on the other hand...OMG. How terrifying. Glad that you are able to get it under control.
  4. Gingerninja

    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    @eamesian Hey - by this point, you should have it off and letting it heal. Keep it clean, and lay off the AD. Lightly moisturize with a fragrance free lotion ONLY a couple of times a day.
  5. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Ah, that's rad! @oboogie
  6. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    Ah, Mr. Sinnes…. In my head I was only getting as far as Higgs. LOL. That is outstanding! @Bearcat78
  7. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    Which Dan? @Bearcat78
  8. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    I ordered one of the prints. This year, I have purchased a bunch of originals from Ed Hardy, Horitomo and Nick Bubash. Need to stop buying art. LOL.
  9. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    Yes! I'm sure we'll all get something!
  10. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    All three of us will be stalking him. LOL. He said the same thing to me that he will make space for everyone.
  11. Gingerninja

    My Intro & Studying Tattooing as a Hobby

    I don't see how this conversation is healthy or positive. The intent of this forum doesn't support your desire to tattoo as a hobby. Why be antagonistic? You can share your tattoo and love of them here but as mentioned, the THIS forum discourages what you are doing. There are plenty of other places that will support your interest in learning how to tattoo. Share your tattoos and/or experiences but please don't be disruptive just for the sake of being disruptive.
  12. Gingerninja

    Pagoda City 2018

    Welcome @kevinb52!
  13. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Gah! So cute. @Michaelshane
  14. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks! @pidjones How's retirement going?
  15. Gingerninja

    Tapatalk login issue

    Working for me, too. Thank you!