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  1. I have a 13 day old tattoo that looks the same way even with a little lotion. :) All normal...
  2. I'd just let your artist do his thing at this point! Nice!
  3. Sounds like a great time. Do you have anything scheduled or are you just going to hang out?
  4. Looks good...who is your artist?
  5. @Hel7 Where in Europe do you live? There are so many amazing artists...
  6. Happy healing @Mr_Spaghetti. Rad tattoo!
  7. I'd find an artist and talk to them about what would look best. They should be able to give you direction!
  8. Welcome! What type of tattoos do you have? I'd love to see some of your work. Congrats on your PhD!
  9. Agreed...shading would help. @Hogrider said it great (and the others as well!).
  10. If you are willing to travel to Columbus, Ohio then I'd hit up Dino Nemec.
  11. Looks great! Are you happy?
  12. I failed. I was either at my volunteer table or getting tattooed.
  13. Hi! Welcome to the forum. I love your city!
  14. Doctor and to them!
  15. Congratulations, Dan! Sounds like your world fell into harmony after a lot of hard work. Kudos to you and yours.