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  1. Gingerninja

    Shading looks red

    It will settle in a week or so.
  2. Gingerninja

    Asking for multiple sketches (any artists here to answer?)

    Well, you can do whatever you'd like, right? I got stuck on the Three Year Rule. <grin> I think that asking for two designs is a bit much (okay, a lot too much). If your legs aren't done, save one the concepts for your leg. To me, it's like asking a chef to plan two menus complete with a tasting menu before you decide but only paying for one menu. The other thing is to ask your artist, conceptually, which idea would make a better sleeve.
  3. Gingerninja

    Asking for multiple sketches (any artists here to answer?)

    There is so much here to unpack that I don't know where to start. šŸ™‚
  4. Gingerninja

    RIP Bill Salmon :(

    It's been beautiful seeing the wonderful, heartfelt outpouring of love for him. *sniff*
  5. Gingerninja

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    Let it heal. Breathe!
  6. This!! I would never laser a part of a tattoo in order to fix it. Did you talk to your artist about it?
  7. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I would be the person staring and asking questions, just so you know. šŸ™‚ @bongsau
  8. Gingerninja

    Is your tattoo infected and aftercare FAQ

    @tmbelknap When did you get it? Is it warm to the touch? Sore? We aren't doctors, so if you are concerned go get it checked out. Have you contacted your artist?
  9. Gingerninja

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Your layers are so are one of the few people that I have ever seen where the layers look so freakin good. @bongsau
  10. Gingerninja

    anyone have a high quality old tattoo?

    Hey there. How have your existing tattoos aged? There are so many variables on how tattoo's age.
  11. Gingerninja

    What happened and how can it be fixed?

    Don't rush into anything!
  12. @Hogrider This is where we disagree. You are way more tattooed than me but I still have 150+ hours of needle time, so I feel like my perspective is at least educated. I think there is a time and place for numbing creams. If tattoos always hurt you and you can't stand it, then maybe tattoos aren't for you. If you always rely on something to kill the pain, that's not what I am saying is a use case, IMO. However, in situations where someone has traveled to get a tattoo in a multi-hour session, and the pain becomes unbearable, then why not? What if the artist suggests it? Some tattoos just hurt more than others, too. If the artist is okay with it, numbing allows him to do his work, and the client is obviously in extreme pain, why not?
  13. Gingerninja

    Mixing styles?

    What @Dan and @JAC1961 say...get what you want! All of those choices will blend beautifully.
  14. Gingerninja

    Hello! New Here! Couple of Questions!

    Hey - good for you! I don't have any ideas BUT I say go big or go home. šŸ™‚