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  1. Yeah but you got a killer new piece! @Dan
  2. Great shots. Thanks for posting these. I was in the shop the day that Mike started that shishi on the gentleman. The stencil was a big as me!
  3. Lurker now posting, first tattoo, tebori half-sleeve

    Congrats! It is awesome and well done on being committed on the travel.
  4. Tipping Question

    Per this: "I'm not expecting a red carpet, but in the art industry, people just aren't thankful"...I have never had this experience. I've once had once experience where I didn't 'click' with the artist but I got an amazing tattoo and it was still good in the end.
  5. Hello, + a quick question about motives

    Multiple roses, daggers, skulls, flowers...get what you love!
  6. Upcoming Tattoos

    That's exciting! @Mr_Spaghetti I'll be in the city next week. Can't wait.
  7. Hello, Finally Joined

  8. Upcoming Tattoos

    Do I need to officially swoon over your legs? So amazing. Who's doing them? To be clear, mine will both be one shot type of deals. I was able to get four hours with someone on the 27th and have an existing appointment on 11/4. The 11/4 appointment was going to be for something else but I'm pivoting. :) @Hogrider
  9. Upcoming Tattoos

    And now I'm planning on my left calf a week after my right. *face palm* (but pretty excited)
  10. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Viezure - Amazing tattoo!
  11. Hello! (And a question - possible blowout)

    Hey @el twe said, let it settle in. Blowout can happen to anyone not matter how many years experience they have. Happy healing! I have some does fade a bit.
  12. What’s wrong with my tattoo?

    How have you had it?
  13. Tipping Question

    I sit well. I tip well. I don’t bring drama. You know what that gets me? Back in! I’ve had artists come in hours before the shop opens, stay late and fit me into their otherwise insanely booked schedules. I’m basically commissioning a piece of art from them for every tattoo. I am more than happy to tip!
  14. Just got my first tattoo!

    Per the Tegaderm: I, too, use Tegaderm BUT in normal circumstances, put it on 8-12 hours after the tattoo has been applied. Only in extreme circumstances have I applied the Tegaderm immediately (i.e., nasty convention or weird travel circumstances). The net - keep it clean, lightly moisturized and don't submerge it.