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  1. Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    Finding someone that you "vibe" with is critical. I've had artists that LOVE to collaborate while other's have a specific vision that they are set on (which I liked). For me, trust is a huge part of the experience. The folks that I go to I trust implicitly. Most often, they know better than me so I let them have at it. I've never seen a drawing in advance, either. Maybe he was just having an off day but I would most likely go elsewhere...and don't rush into anything!
  2. Viva

    And what is Viva? :)
  3. Red Ink reaction or something else?

    Have you contacted your artist? I recently had a few spots that didn't settle completely in for four months. All good now but I did talk to my artist.
  4. Hello

    I've been sick with a nasty head cold during a four hour rib session. It was zero fun but I had traveled for the tattoo and wasn't going to reschedule. I tried to keep my cooties to myself! Being sick sucked all the joy out that session but I healed great. :) Good luck!
  5. Issue with new tattoo

    I'd give Yoni a shout. I get contact dermatitis frequently but I'd check in with him!
  6. Day 5

    Wash it a couple of times a day with something gentle/fragrance free (I use Gold Dial soap). Pat or let air dry. Lightly moisturize (again fragrance free) a few time a day. Emphasis on lightly. No swimming, hot tubs or the like for at least 14 days. Don't pick at *any* skin or scabs. :)
  7. Help!!!

    You should be all good. Follow your aftercare! Looks completely normal. :)
  8. Tattoo cloudy

    You are welcome. Tattoos are imperfect, just like us. @megan0809 :)
  9. Tattoo cloudy

    It's healing. Listen to your artist! You need at least a month before you know how it will settle in. Also, blowouts can happen to any artist, so it's not necessarily their fault. Breathe and let it settle in.
  10. Hello all!

    I have *a lot* of flowers intermingled with fiercer elements. :) @Meeshka
  11. Upcoming Tattoos

    June cannot come quickly enough!!
  12. Beautiful work but it's triggering a massive vertigo attack for me.
  13. Hello all!

    You can never go wrong with tigers!!
  14. Ditch Healing

    Make sure that you are drinking your water and keeping hydrated. Have you called your artist?