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  1. So? An update on this? Hi! If you look at his IG from 8/13, you will see my arm!
  2. Two weeks away from finally finishing my sleeve with Garver. Yeah!
  3. @HogriderRight? 🙂 I found this antibacterial, no rinse soap that they use in hospitals. It *should* work.
  4. Hey folks, I am having major surgery a week after getting tattooed. I plan to Tegaderm for 3-4 days but I will still be very much healing while in the hospital for a few days. My primary concern is infection since hospitals are full of nasty infectious things. Ideas on cleaning my arm and chest while in the hospital? I wont be able to get out of bed to wash it off with antibacterial soap. Unscented, alcohol free baby wipes? Antibacterial wipes? Thoughts?
  5. @oboogie Your tattoo makes me ridiculously happy.
  6. Are you seeing a dermatologist? At this point, I'd be seeing a derm not a regular doctor.
  7. LTC is no more which is a bummer but life goes on. Miki and Marcus did one helluva job putting on an amazing show for 15 years. It's crazy to think that the only time I attended was the last year of the show.
  8. Rest, eat, hydrate...prepare your mind and body. You will be fine!
  9. Tattoos look amazing. Be easy on yourself. Give it time.
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