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  1. Thank you so much @zetroc! I'm going to print off the list for my travel book. I've heard of a few of these places but you've listed a bunch that weren't on my radar. Gracias!!
  2. Ah, one week to go until we leave for a week in San Francisco. I've been to SF a bunch for work and some fun but never a week of full-on tourist stuff. We are going to eat, drink and be very merry. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.
  3. @oboogie I think that you are right! Going for the backpiece as a first tattoo. Boom. I recently met a guy who did a gorgeous sleeve as his first tattoo. We laughed...go big or go home. All I know is that for me, tegaderm is my savior!
  4. I do the hot water method as well (or as hot as I can tolerate).
  5. Theo in two weeks...OMG.
  6. Tigress by Chris O'Donnell. There's no way that this photo does it justice! It wraps all the way around my thigh both front and back then up to my butt (and OMG, I love the tiger tail on my butt!). The photo looks a little distorted due to my inability to take a photo of it myself. Way up high, he tied in my existing peony with rocks and fngerwaves. It looks sweet.
  7. Wow - Tim is killing it! You have to be over the moon. @Baboom
  8. @Baboom Your photos look so freaking good. How's the healing going?
  9. You have so many great choices in the UK. If you're not in a big rush, hit up the London Tattoo Convention in later this year.
  10. Welcome! Dig your art.
  11. Toss up: what part of the world do you live in?
  12. @Ciel How have you care for your other tattoos? Agree with @Howie - talk to you artist. IMO, no to antibacterial ointment AND coconut oil on a fresh tattoo with a re-wrap. Your tattoo needs to heal and breathe. Tegaderm is fantastic for this type is scenario!
  13. Hummm...I always thought that you should never re-wrap a tattoo? I've also never known anyone to use Dove. I've always used a gentle antibacterial soap like Dial Gold. Me, I stick to unscented lotions like Lubriderm and Aveeno until I'm healed then go for the coconut oil. My biggest concern for you is the re-wrapping part. I'll let others chime in but that doesn't seem like it would allow your tattoo to breathe to heal. My two cents. Good luck!
  14. No one will notice, really! I'd bet that the vast majority of the people have certain spots on tattoo's that aren't exactly perfect (including me). Your tattoo is great. Own it. :)
  15. @erikazzed Like Dan said, don't worry about it. You should be just fine. I've typically had more plasma gunk when 1) the tegaderm was applied either immediately (this happened twice) or 2) I had a lot of color applied (generally wait at least 5 hours before applying but still had some gunk). I've also had exactly no gunk a few times after waiting 5 hours to apply the dermal film. Happy Healing!