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  1. That sounds lovely! @Nikki
  2. Welcome, Nikki! What part of the world are you from?
  3. Philly peeps. Should be rad! 4/26 and 4/27. Fishtown, PA
  4. @Vanessa Rae No one said it was a bad tattoo! I am very curious to know how it held up. It's looks very well applied. Have a great day!
  5. I have a 14" dagger-rose tattoo on my spine. The only thing ever said to me was "backstabber"! LOL. Get the tattoo.
  6. Oh, that doesn't look nearly as bad as the initial description! Still, if by Monday you don't feel quite right, go to the doc.
  7. Gingerninja


    Hey @Mia We may have different ideas on what haggling is but if you told him your budget was 300-400 then you want it for 300, that's haggling to me. Maybe we are simply misunderstanding each other! I am still not understanding the ask to draw up the tattoo if you DON'T want to see it before hand? Sorry, it's been a long couple of days.
  8. Gingerninja


    @Mia Hey there, yeah, that's called haggling. Don't do it. 🙂 He’s a very good artist and I know he wouldn’t take advantage. I was just unsure of how artists feel about complying to a budget. He said he would be between 300-400, so trust him. And if it was rude to ask him to draw up something that would be worth what my budget was and let him do it to we’re it would be worth that much to him. I don't follow. ? Remember, cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap. MOST artists are not going to draw something up and give it to you in advance.
  9. Nice! I saw that Tattoo and Blues was this weekend as well. It looks like the venue was a school or something? The scoreboard threw me a little. 🙂 @Dan
  10. Amazing @tacifone! I bet that felt good. Chris nailed your piece. Congrats!
  11. No photos to share but I started my left arm sleeve last week with Grez. A lot more to go before it's done but I'm so excited. 🙂