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  1. My favorite is a rose & hoju morph from Grez. Indeed i have amazing memories but, yeah, it's my favorite.
  2. No photos to share right now, but we finally finished my leg sleeve last Saturday. Yeah!!!
  3. If you do your homework and find a great artist, then you will end up with a great tattoo but probably not the one you wanted. Something to possibly consider is lasering it to be lighter. Laser is a long process, painful and expensive but something to consider to maybe lighten it up for a coverup.
  4. I use Tegaderm all the time. Sometimes I don't scab/peel; sometimes I do. Just keep it clean, very lightly moisturized (I don't dry heal) and don't muck with it. 🙂
  5. MDK - hey. I strongly suggest finding another artist.
  6. If it peels and gets itchy, that's 100% normal. You can use unscented Lubriderm or Aveeno but VERY sparingly.
  7. Hey there - you are using WAY TOO MUCH ointment. Clean your tattoo gently with antibacterial soap, pat GENTLY with a paper towel or let air dry then use a rice sized dab of ointment. You are smothering your tattoo! When did you get it? Is that your first tattoo? @Marciyah D
  8. Just get "Twin Peaks" in Gangster font tattooed on your stomach. *sorted* 🙂
  9. Garver to continue on my arm and Rubendall to finally finish my leg! I had appointments in April for both then you know, the Corona. I am a little twitchy about flying to NYC for Garver, TBH. I plan to drive to LI for Mike.