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  1. Yeah, it's crazy! Hope that you are healing better, too. My knee is crazy jacked up. I am sure that I will need a touch up eventually!
  2. Enjoy! Have a great day. Once again, I am on the wrong coast. Actually, I'm not even on a coast but you get my drift.
  3. Agreed with @Dan. I get this too every once in a while. Goes away in a couple of days!
  4. OMG. I don't know how you have lived with that train wreck? Maybe just cut off your arm? *kidding* I suggest taking a giant deep breath. You are going to make yourself crazy! The imperfections are what makes it real. 🙂
  5. Mike was like "Hey, why don't we do a video?". And there I was 5 minutes later with my shorts hiked up standing on the main street in Massapequa letting Sonic video my leg. @SStu
  6. I think that the tegaderm was loose on the side of my knee and the friction from my LOOSE jeans rubbed it. FUDGE. @SStu It's the size of a dime, too. All I can do it get it to heal and have Mike touch it up. If you want to see my the tattoo (and my very swollen knee) check out the Kings Ave IG page.
  7. GAH! I have a giant blister on my fresh tattoo. It popped. It's ugly and I am so pissed.
  8. Great news! And you are all cleaned out for Spring. @Dan
  9. @Dan Breathe, friend. It's terrifying to be sure butt (pun intended), the waiting is the hardest part. You got this, try to not to make yourself sick from worry. I will be sending positive vibes your way!
  10. Yep, it will dry out. Just keep it sealed!
  11. Vice versa for me! Inner thigh and knee ditch were absolutely a tolerable. 🙂 @Dan
  12. @Dan Nice. I'd love to have something from her!
  13. @AtomicMagpye I had my right knee colored in last Thursday (the line work was done last October). At this point, my left knee cap can stay empty forever!
  14. I say focus on your overall health. Eat super clean. Take your vitamins. Go get a checkup. Also, make a contingency plan. What if you aren't healed? You really want to put a backpack on your fresh backpiece? I say go find a beach and sit under an umbrella. Why risk messing up a fresh tattoo with a backpack? Think of all the sweat and friction on a fresh tattoo....