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  1. Looks cool! Now I have to ask: What's the first? 🙂
  2. SJP0tato

    Hello Again!

    To me this is the most fun part of the process: It sounds like your artist knows what they're doing and has skills. You sound like you've got some ideas on what direction to take things, but nothing super specific yet. What I do (the fun part) is come up with a list of wants: "It needs to have a woman, and I want it to be a portrait or full body or whatever", "I want her to be sitting/standing/holding something". And then things I don't want: "I don't want her to appear angry/happy/smiling", "I don't want her to be in a forest" Usually you can draw a lot of inspiration by looking up other tattoos, and including the things you like/dislike about them into your own ideas. Trim the lists down to something reasonable for your artist, and then let them implement it in a way they think is best. It's usually a total surprise until you get to the studio, but if you did a good job defining what you want, the artist should encompass a good portion of it in their own style in a way that they know will work. Showing up day of and seeing what they've come up with is the best part.
  3. Sounds like a good thing to talk over with your artist during the consultation: A pocket watch seems like a pretty neutral object: with gears and mechanical touches it could be interpreted potentially more "masculine", with flowers/hearts maybe more "feminine", but at the end of the day who cares: Let the artist know what you want, some ideas/guidelines, and let them do their magic. No matter what happens there'll be people who love it, hate it, and everything in-between. The only opinion that matters is your own!
  4. Looks cool! Be sure to post up your ink when it's all finished. Get a good meal a few hours beforehand and enjoy the process. It's all about the journey!
  5. Looks like a couple of the lighter ones are healed (or at least partially healed). They'll always appear super dark initially, but mellow once healed.
  6. Maybe as part of the design you can ask him to make sure to keep yours lighter and have the best of all worlds. As long as you let him know upfront your preferences, he should be able to accommodate to achieve what you're looking for I bet. Good luck, let us know how it goes!
  7. Agree with SStu 100% here: The "best" artists that I like to follow will take subject material I never would normally consider (Hori Benny is first to mind for me here), and make me go "yeah okay, I'd totally get that". If you're leaning towards this artist because they're the only one that's gone along with your idea, maybe you just need to further clarify or present it in a different manner. It won't always be the case the artists will be super excited (after all they're doing nothing but tattooing random ideas day in & out), but if they can apply their creativity to bring your idea to life is the most important aspect.
  8. Hah, good question: We sort of drifted apart after highschool, but do talk every once in awhile. I sent him a pic on social media, but no real response yet. 🙂 Thanks! This one was done by Brian Savage at Black Lotus in Gilbert, Az. Very talented guy whose style I really like. Nice guy in-person too!
  9. I guess I'm not really a newbie anymore, but it's still fun to read & share here: I went in for #2 this week: This one's a throwback to a conversation my best friend and I had in the late 80's/early 90's: "One day when we're 18, you should get a tattoo of Hobbes, and I'll get Calvin". I guess I decided it was finally time. 🙂
  10. Last session is done... not sure how common it is to spend so many sessions on a single/first piece like this, but I'm having a lot of fun with the process so I guess it's all good! Again really appreciate all the info contributed on this site over the years (so if you're reading this: thank you!), it's helped my experience more than I can say. One more touch-up session scheduled in a month or so (artist wants to add a little more color to a few areas), but first tattoo down, now to figure out which of the dozens of ideas to have done next! Dang things really are addictive after all... 🙂
  11. Dan's right: It's too early to tell, full healing will take 6-8 weeks. There's nothing you can really do besides take care of it as best as possible in all circumstances until that time is up. Take good care of it using whichever method your artist recommended and enjoy it for what it is.
  12. Not sure what you mean by this. The design/style/layout is all your artist and you. Go with what feels best.
  13. Sounds like you've got a good idea around what you want, just not the absolute specifics. This can actually be more beneficial: Find an artist in your area whose style/portfolio you like (traditional, neo-traditional, photo-realistic, etc). Once you find one, schedule a consult, bring in your sketch, ideas, and any other example images you can find that have aspects you enjoy and talk with the artist. They'll work with you to help implement a design that will look good in tattoo form (some images on paper/screen don't translate exactly the same into tattoo form well), take your deposit, and present you a stencil of the design the day of your scheduled tattoo. You can make any final alterations then if needed, then you're ready to go! Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
  14. Session #3 done, I'm really happy with how things are shaping up! Looks like one more session to add in a few more fine details, and then fill in a bit of background/border. I still need to come up with something for the background, I think something relatively simple so it doesn't detract from the main subjects is probably best (any ideas or suggestions would be awesome too).
  15. I agree with you here 100%. Then again maybe the client trying to take the reins is a side-effect of not feeling comfortable with the artist, which then gets worse/amplified as things go along. Hard to say which is which, but I'm sure there's a good match for almost anyone out there. It sounds like her initial experience wasn't a good match, but there'll be someone who hopefully is.