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  1. Wow. There was ink applied where that cross scar is now?! I've never seen that before. My guess is your skin will heal normal, but it's gonna take a while.
  2. as far as the wearer is concerned = tattoos don't necessarily have to mean anything to the viewer.
  3. looks ok from back here . . .
  4. Not enough info here . . . was you're tattoo healing and the scab was part of the healing tattoo, or did you have an existing tattoo that got damaged after healing? You're skin should grow back flat in any case. Pictures would help 100% in this request . . .
  5. From what you've got above - If there's something wrong with a 6 day old tattoo it would likely result from putting something on it (sunscreen) while the skin is still not fully healed. Heat from the ground isn't going to hurt it. A reasonable amount of indirect sun probably won't either. Sunscreen maybe not either - but I don't like putting anything on/in that wound for at least a couple of weeks.
  6. SStu

    New tattoo

    Yep. Patience. You can find someone who can re-work the tattoo into something more cohesive, but don't rush into it - and after you've narrowed down your prospects, post links to their work here. We'll help you vet.
  7. looks over-saturated, but not like it's otherwise unusual
  8. SStu

    First post

    missing a picture?
  9. Realism is tough because it can look great when it's just finished and look like a washed out dishrag 2 years later if the artist doesn't know how to get it in there good. Finding well finished work for your review is the best test of stamina. Filtered pictures can be misleading.
  10. Generally, we all prefer images to literal, numeric or text tattoos. Pic a scene or event that reminds just you of experiencing your grandparents and then get that instead.
  11. Sorry, but nothing like that. Minor swelling for maybe a couple of days. Drove a few hours to get home after the appointment. Walked on it from the get-go. All dry-healed. Guess I was lucky . . .
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