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  1. SStu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    😎 I hope you ate'em.
  2. SStu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @AverageJer Great crawfish tattoo!! You're up North, right? Why a crawfish?
  3. SStu

    Going clubbing with new tattoo

    Yeah, try and keep it covered - at 3 days old you don't want to get it dragging through someone else's dance floor sweat.
  4. SStu

    Please improve my new tattoo!!

    Yeah, I can't open up your link, but find someone who already has proven themselves in the style you're wanting and then see if they realistically feel they can amend/adjust.
  5. SStu

    Advice on a badly executed tattoo

    A cover is possible, but would highly depend on how large and dark a piece you'd be expecting . . .
  6. SStu

    Looking for ideas really

    King and Queen heads
  7. SStu

    6 month tattoo reaction

    Not as far as I'm concerned. I don't use them ever at all . . .
  8. SStu

    6 month tattoo reaction

    I certainly don't know about specific case long-term reactions, but while my feet were almost 100% covered in 3 layers of colors a couple of weeks ago my local go-to guy asked me an interesting question that might pertain to this subject, that being: "Are you or do you know if you're allergic to Sharpies?" Seems he has seen and discussed with other tattooists regarding occasional tattoos that take 6-7 months to heal completely - all of which seems to revolve around Sharpie hand drawn pieces. He wasn't aware of any eventual tattoo or ink failures, just exceptionally prolonged complete healing.
  9. SStu

    Upcoming Tattoos

    @Gingerninja Don't fret too much. My knees were more weird than painful.
  10. SStu

    Advice on tree piece

    You're going to want a custom oriented shop to work up something like that. In the effort of you not ending up with a hot mess I'd recommend you link us the portfolio of whatever artist you're leaning towards.
  11. SStu

    Newbie with extreme tattoo regret

    Tattoos certainly don't have to have deep meaning. If the curious ask you what they mean just tell them "It means I like tattoos".
  12. SStu

    Newbie with extreme tattoo regret

    I disagree. They all look good from here.
  13. SStu

    My Tattoo Collection need input

    cover-up. expansion. re-work. semantics. @tertia is right on, there
  14. SStu

    My Tattoo Collection need input

    Welcome! Frankly, your artist seems hot and cold. To me, the side and ankle pieces are way more inspired than the others. The shoulder piece isn't very large or dark, so it would be easy to cover. Personally I'd be looking elsewhere to get it done. We can provide some recommendations if want to let us know where you live.