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  1. It's not healed yet. It's still shiny.
  2. The ability to cover scars varies from tattooist to tattooist. That being said, blow-outs are a normal part of the process, scars or not.
  3. It'll take 4-6 weeks to know what it's going to finally look like.
  4. Sounds like you need to be patient until you've come across the idea you can't live without (forever).
  5. looks pretty normal from here. Itchy and scabby is perfectly normal.
  6. If it's red and hot to the touch you might have an infection - but just from that picture it looks fine and normal.
  7. Yeah, that tattooist didn't pull 1 straight line in that effort. I'm not an artist or tattooist, but I don't see any way of fixing it. On the other hand, and frankly - the inspiration tattoo (and design) looks pretty unprofessional, too.
  8. just looks like it's still healing. I wouldn't sweat it.
  9. Perhaps there is/was a favorite memory that resonates with you and your connection with a united and loyal family. In that memory there are images (locations, objects, actions, etc) that connect the feeling with your recollection . . .
  10. Most of us agree that tattoo images are mostly only what they mean to you - not what they're supposed to mean to the casual viewer. Whatever image resonates those properties/characteristics to you is all that matters.
  11. All ink spreads a bit over the years. Time will tell.
  12. No. Nothing wrong with that placement. On the other hand that particular font in that size might not age too well . . .
  13. do you want to stick with that style? Might be tough to do a cubism nature scene, but you could always add more animals.
  14. Schedule a consult with Herzdame. Keep in mind that getting in front of a high quality artist make take some effort and a great deal of patience. This is a good thing.