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  1. Toronto is quote close, right? You might want to elaborate on why Evan may not take on such a project. Sounds like it would be right up his alley . . .
  2. There is no doubt that this is the 1st time I've ever heard those words uttered, verbally or in writing! Awesome tribute.
  3. Here's a nice link with references for Japanese mythical creatures . . .
  4. Sorry, no smoke-blowing here!
  5. @mmikaoj Super bold! So . . . are you naturally bald, or are you going to have to keep shaving it?
  6. No competent artist is going to try and abandon their style just to try and reproduce your style instead. I made this very same mistake back in the '70s and '80s. Now they are all lasered.
  7. Her style is basically just realistic, with a botanical direction. Any good realism artist should be able to reproduce whatever green object you wanted to choose or bring with you.
  8. yeah, that's gonna be fine.
  9. That would be curious. How would a $5 fee affect membership, I wonder . . . ? Would it keep serious folks from being able to post and ask questions?
  10. not so much about what kind of tree, but more about what artist has done tree tattoos that nail what you want to look at forever. Especially in that location.
  11. Starting my right half sleeve with Randy Muller this evening. Oversized chrysanthemum with a couple of extras in and around. I'm finally gonna have some balance (now there's an old thread . . . ).
  12. It'll fit just fine on your wrist. Best thread in ages, by the way.
  13. actually thinking about scheduling a vacation around this event- but for next year.
  14. certainly not impolite to call and try to touch base
  15. aside from that particular location having a fairly high probability of not lasting very long on many people . . .