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  1. @Dani2304 You acknowledge that it's too early to tell what it's eventually going to look like and in the meantime you persist in micro-analyzing what you worry might be potential imperfections in an art form with plenty of room for perceived "imperfections". Honestly, I wouldn't recommend proceeding with getting any further and/or larger pieces done anytime in the near future . . .
  2. Here's a couple who a fully capable:
  3. Yep. Some are skilled in both - but certainly not necessary. Colorado has TONS of great artists. What city specifically?
  4. The sun isn't going to cause an infection, but as @Gingerninja says, if you've got unusual pain and/or localized heat you should see a doctor.
  5. SStu


    Doin' good and welcome!
  6. In my mind you've already got the acceptable limit = "inspiration". If you take that picture some a willing tattooist and say "I want this EXACTLY as this is" and they trace it out then it's just reproduced artwork, like a cartoon character. If you take that picture to a qualified artist and say I'd like a goat's head and raven similar to this then you're likely to get an original piece of art.
  7. Not real familiar with WI but Solid State in Milwaukee looks decent. Also lots of world class options in Chicago and a couple in Minneapolis, too.
  8. SStu


    What's a Lego Tattoo Parlor? You mean you've recreated at tattoo parlor out of lego pieces?
  9. You'll find several historical threads here regarding lasering. It shouldn't leave actual scar tissue and tattooing over it isn't a problem - it's actually the goal for most lasering. That being said, it's NO fun and quite expensive. Cover options are usually the better route depending on what you're starting with.
  10. That doesn't sound like a bad idea. A full day (6-8 hours?) on your chest is gonna suck.
  11. @Lefteye where are you located? Let us help find you the right person . . .
  12. I agree with @Hogrider. If your artist doesn't know where to take this then you need to find someone with some inspiration. Are you prepared to pay a qualified tattooist?
  13. Personally I've had it on for 4 days - and it was gross slush inside but it's all natural and "clean" - and everything came our perfect. Others have changed it after a day because they weren't comfortable with the slush. Those came out fine, too - as long as you're impeccable with keeping it clean in between.