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  1. SStu

    Pet memorial tattoo

    paid in full in advance!!?? This is very unusual, and you might be in big trouble already. Post a link to the shop and/or tattooist.
  2. white on black is a thing - and can be good applied by the right artist, but the application of the cover that's there so far isn't good, so I wouldn't have any confidence that she's going to be able to fix this . . .
  3. There's also the question = Can someone else do work which is just as nice for less? There are some really talented biomech folks out there who don't charge that - so is this artist's work that much better to justify it in your eye?
  4. Yeah, honestly with what you've got there I'm highly suspect of the "artistry" in your tattooist. Let's see a link to his/her work.
  5. 4-6 weeks to know what you've got. let it settle.
  6. several laser treatments will get it back to where you can fix it. Once that's done, stop going to the cheapest alternative.
  7. Not really. Did you get this from a real shop from an established tattooist? pictures.
  8. SStu


    4-6 weeks to tell what you've got.
  9. SStu

    Tattoo cloudy

    4-6 weeks for healing. gotta wait for it.
  10. SStu

    Small blowouts

    yeah - let is settle. 4-6 weeks before you'll have any real accurate idea of what you've got. And, if those are blow-outs, they're minor at worst.
  11. 4-6 weeks at least. It will lighten up. For that style I think it looks great and well applied. You're doing quite well so far!
  12. Indeed. Post a picture of what you've got and let us know what you'd like.
  13. guess that would depend on which artist(s) you were intending to visit . . .
  14. welcome! have you decided on a tattooist yet? Send a link.