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  1. more scenery. more skulls.
  2. Well, there isn't much right or wrong on how you proceed - but ultimately it's only you you have to satisfy every morning when you approach the mirror. In my case and over the years I've evolved into a black/grey guy. I can't tell if you're intending for your stomach to include color or not, but if it was me I'd keep that black/grey and when the top was getting re-worked I have that artist extend the chest tattoo downward.
  3. SStu

    Hello Everyone!1

    Yep. Some of us have been there.
  4. SStu


    That's good to know, thanks. With just a little research under my belt so far I've got Billy Hays at Bath Street on the top of my wish list.
  5. SStu

    Hello Everyone!1

    welcome! let's see what you've already got . . .
  6. SStu


    all the above plus it takes at least 4-6 weeks to see what it's finally going to look like.
  7. I like the new guy's style, too. Highlights and some outlining added to the top might help it, applied by the right person. Print out a photo and have him show you what he's intending. I don't know about the Tylenol question, but I doubt it'd help much. It's just a sensitive area and it's gonna suck.
  8. Well, it's been almost a year so now I'm excited to have booked my next piece while on vacation in Austin a month from now! I'm in with Jon Sproul at Moon Tattoo and he's going to be filling in the last remaining spot on my leg, so (once reasonably healed) I'll be posting in both the Latest Tattoo Lowdown and the Squidpants threads.
  9. You don't need to worry once it's mostly healed.
  10. SStu


    Welcome back, Holly! So, as a potential tourist who has never been to Scotland before and wants to see awesome sights without standing in tourist lines - should we elect to spend 2-3 days in which = Glasgow or Edinburgh?
  11. SStu

    Longivity ?

    Yeah. Let's see links to specific artist's work, instead. That'll be a much better measure of lastability or not.
  12. The bubbles are perfectly fine and normal. You are capturing normal body fluids and keeping foreign material from getting into where those fluids are emanating from . . . except when you pop bubbles WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT DO!