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  1. 10 days is too early to tell. Might just be bruising. Aside from blow-outs (which occur during the tattooing application) ink does not migrate once it's been applied.
  2. It hurts quite a bit more than the actual tattooing . . . but if she's willing to do it for free then it's only your pain tolerance that's a stake.
  3. That's the situation that often produces heavier scabs.
  4. no difference in mine either way, once healed.
  5. I don't remember now what it looked like.
  6. SStu

    Hi! I

    There are a few tattooists who specialize in cosmetic work, but I haven't personally kept a list of such - and don't know what the realistic prospects might be.
  7. Sorry, @pidjones. Rough times, indeed.
  8. Don't be so harsh on it. I've seen tattoos WAY worse than that - most of which came out just fine. I don't think you have a "problem" at all.
  9. Just looks rougher than normal, but should be just fine eventually. Where on your body is this? Down by your ankle or something will take extra time, too.
  10. Soap won't cause a scar, and especially on a 3 month old tattoo.
  11. Not familiar with keloid development. I'd just keep an occasional eye on them.
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