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  1. SStu

    Image ideas for text.

    send us a link to your artist
  2. SStu

    Image ideas for text.

    Yeah, there is alot of historical threads on same/similar topic - but if you're set on text then the real question is are you capable of picking a serious artist. Who've you got? The standard response to the image part of the question = It's not about expressing to strangers what your thought or emotion is - it's about picking an image that resonates with YOU.
  3. Got to watch Robert Ryan last night. Wish I'd have had all that background before getting tattooed by him . . .
  4. The utilization of blood instead of ink isn't so much of a stretch for me as me not understanding the motivation behind her need to replicate and wear some ancient person's unknown markings. I can't relate, but in any case - that's her choice, so I respect that.
  5. SStu

    Is your tattoo infected and aftercare FAQ

    That 2nd picture looks a little suspect for infection, but the others not so much. Application looks to be done by someone without extensive training/experience which probably accounts for scabbing still after a week or more.
  6. SStu

    Pagoda City 2018

    looking forward to those, pictures, @Bearcat78!
  7. SStu

    Advice on existing tattoo

    Tell her you had it drawn like that just for her!
  8. SStu

    Tattoo healing process

    Try not looking at it for a month.
  9. SStu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Gingerninja HERO.
  10. SStu

    Pagoda City 2018

    Yeow! He got a lot of work done in 4 hours = AND on a soft spot. Nice sitting.
  11. SStu

    Washing tattoo out of clothing

    Nothing 100%. I've had sleeping contact t-shirts, sheets and pillows where it just came out in the normal wash, and I've got shorts that only got splattered and that ink is never coming out.
  12. SStu

    Bruising or blowout?

    Nope. Color very regularly covers black line blowouts, but color blowouts are rather rare.
  13. SStu

    Advice please? I’m scaring myself ..

    Even taking the tattoo out of the equation I'd be going to see a doctor . . .
  14. SStu

    Is it really that bad?

    Nothing wrong with the execution of that tattoo. If "perfection" is what you're looking for in tattoos then you probably shouldn't be getting any.
  15. SStu

    Bruising or blowout?

    ^this. and it could still just be bruising, too. Relax and wait another month.