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  1. David and Evan are 2 of my favorites, and Tegan has some interesting stuff. You willing to drive to Montreal? Can we see your Stefanik piece?
  2. It's looking fine. Don't worry about peeling or scabbing, but stop re-wrapping it. Let it breathe.
  3. Yep. It'll be 3-4 weeks at least before it's completely healed, and even then it''ll likely still be a bit shiny (and that's without ointment, which is completely optional).
  4. Yep. More trees. Mountains. Clouds. Can you link your artist's portfolio? Seeing what he/she is capable of or comfortable with will help, too.
  5. 1st day of summer and our 1st tropical storm. Woo-hoo!
  6. Hi.

  7. Hiya, @flipcrab85 . There's no one in SE Louisiana that I'm aware of who specializes in black and grey realism, but there are a couple in this shop who are superior and might fit into what you want to end up with. Alternatively, Nate Beavers in Houston or Sean Hermann just south of Mobile might be your best bets . . . Riding out the heavy weather today?
  8. Are you willing to have a competent artist re-work what you've got or cover it all together?
  9. who's your intended artist?
  10. @kassandrac Nice, and always credit your artist!
  11. @dotcommie Jacob does great work, and now you wear one!
  12. His portrait alone, without the car and background would fit nicely on your thigh - and wouldn't be such a commitment of space/money for an ideal that may not be as important to you 20 years from now.
  13. a = not as long as the tattoo is huge. that's a lot of image, and for any detail at all - it's going to have to be massive. b = your complete back or torso c = you're friends sound homophobic. or redneck. last trick is going to find the right artist, otherwise you are going to end up wanting to hide it.
  14. Yep. Treat it like normal skin at this stage.
  15. I had finally achieved a measure of balance until I started my side-piece last month. Now I'm left heavy and starting to wonder what to do with the right side . . . We didn't finish the left side Monday like we had hoped, and I've got a destination beach wedding/vacation to attend in early July, so I couldn't schedule my 3rd and last side-piece session until early August. It's close, but poop.