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  1. SStu

    Sak Yant Tattoo?

    I'm not familiar with anyone specifically replicating it.
  2. I found the old thread from 2014 and was going to link it here but for some reason the photobucket pictures are now blurred out (by photobucket?), so no real point, I guess. Anyway I had about 25-30% of my whole back done in 4-5 x 30-40 minute sessions. Just lightened it enough to give the cover-up artist freedom to not make it an obvious cover-up.
  3. Yeah, there are infinite options - especially if you are open to a tattoo larger than just the scar area.
  4. It might, but you'd at least have to have a very capable artist who is skilled in single needle covers.
  5. With either of those pictures, the only way that circle is going to disappear is for the panda to be big enough for your old tattoo to fit entirely into the darkest area of the panda - and that'd be quite large and really weird overall placement.
  6. Yeah, I've had scabbing like that. You'll be fine as long as you don't end up knocking or picking them off. Don't saturate the scabs with water or ointments.
  7. and this, a bit -
  8. Some of this falls into that category of art . . .
  9. Never seen that before. Personally I'd lay off lotions/ointments and let it dry out. Not much else you can do as long as it doesn't look/feel infected.
  10. Poor application or damage during healing, as far as I know . . .
  11. USCG is relaxing some of their regulations . . .