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  1. Neither has a whole lot of geometric stuff on their instragrams, but both do illustrative blackwork real well and lean in the direction you're looking for, I think. Check out Kelly Severtson and Jacob Kearney, both in Chicago.
  2. Nice work. Welcome.
  3. blowouts can happen anywhere. I'm not sure about frequency/elbow.
  4. white ink doesn't react the same on everybody. neither do hand and/or finger tattoos.
  5. I'm not sure that that camera angle is giving us an accurate view to determine, but it's also not something that I would particularly worry about either, if it was on me . . .
  6. Yo!
  7. Yep. The closer you get to the sole the more it's likely to wear down quickly. Feet also take a bit longer to heal on most people, so be prepared to go shoeless for a while and/or have a pattern that permits flip-flops or sandals that don't rub.
  8. Oh, there's a bunch over there. Matt Black, Jondix, Matt Chahal, Scott Move, Nick Whybrow, Jack Peppiette, Dale Sarok, Deryn Stephensen and Chris Bint - just to name a few of my favorites.
  9. Jeff Rassier does the best little fillers
  10. 1. Yes, your e-mail will likely be ignored until they are willing to book new appointments. If proximity permits, drop by and visit the shop, the manager and/or artist to build a rapport and feel for the shop and how it works. 2. No. Collecting from numerous artists is very common. More the norm. 3. No. That is why it's important to know what style you want and ensure your artist is a master of that style. It is also not uncommon for drawings to be tweeked upon presentation and review by the customer. 4. Not if that artist already has a history of doing that type of work. Don't try and assume that an artist good with one style can do great in another. That would be like expecting Justin Beiber to perform like James Brown. 5. If you're hesitant about stepping out, why not choose a more hidden spot?
  11. Most artists accustomed to doing larger pieces will be able to show you full stomach tattoos. Also full front torso (with our without incorporating the boobs).
  12. looks to be solid @markdeerhunter
  13. You're going to wear the result forever. Don't be in a hurry. Save up some $. Go up to Marquette (and/or a couple others) and visit the shop(s). See if they want to tackle such a project and what your options might be. If that were mine, I'd be willing to make 5-10 road trips to make it right. Anything less then a stellar tattooist is likely going to leave you with a bigger problem.
  14. Is Marquette close enough?
  15. Yeow. There is a fair amount of full black areas on those, so re-working and/or covering options will be limited. We might be able to point you in a decent direction. Do you want to hang with that same style? and where are you located?