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  1. SStu

    Glad to be here and I have an artist problem

    Dave Koenig is in Omaha . . .
  2. SStu

    Greetings from Serbia

  3. Now you're talking. Artistry and application look really good.
  4. @Gingerninja selectivity can be your silver lining!
  5. SStu

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    pictures or it didn't happen!
  6. SStu

    Glad to be here and I have an artist problem

    You've got the entire world of Chicago at your fingertips . . . Pictures of what you've got so far?
  7. SStu

    Glad to be here and I have an artist problem

    Yep. You're just going to have to find other artists with a similar style and keep asking until someone is interested.
  8. SStu


    looks pretty normal for 1 week, to me.
  9. SStu

    Need some ideas for a filler

    Overlapping is not a problem from my side, but let your artist weigh in on it, too.
  10. This guy's work seems to be a bit better . . .
  11. Yesterday morning I removed my tagaderm "sock" that I made Saturday morning (after Friday night's session). Too convenient.
  12. Not in my opinion - and that's assuming that the space between will also end up with additional neo-traditional.
  13. SStu

    Machine Suggestions

    sorry, no technical advise is permitted on this forum . . .
  14. SStu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Closer to the South Lamar studios (like Rock of Ages, etc) is the best ramen on earth = Tatsu Ya. Truly spectacular.