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  1. A lot of paths and doorways pictured there. Very nice, thanks!
  2. SStu

    Hello to all!

    Welcome - and forward a picture of what you've got so far!
  3. There are endless ideas in this genre. Try following this or similar for a while: but ultimately you should be looking for objects that resonate with you.
  4. SStu

    Never heal well

    Yep, fairly common topic that you'll find lots of historical treads about here. Everybody and how their skin reacts to products is different. There are a couple of us here who practice the "keep it clean and don't put anything on it" routine with great results.
  5. yeah, it doesn't look real saturated - but the line-work is nice
  6. Yep. Where do you live? Maybe we can steer you to a couple of quality options . . .
  7. Yeah, that's definitely still healing, too. Still quite shiny.
  8. Yeah, those are traditional subjects/objects. There are lots of ways you could proceed with additions and that mostly has to do with what you might (or might not) want to look at for the rest of your life. If you don't have strong feelings about it then my recommendation would be to back off until you do . . .
  9. That is pretty expensive, but you could be doing a LOT worse. Maybe you could have whoever is going to do the middle also tighten up the girl/puzzle?
  10. It's still healing. Quit worrying about it.
  11. It does look like bruising, but 5-6 weeks in that would normally have faded. Might just be a thing with you - it is a tender area.
  12. Jumping in with both feet. Congratulations and welcome to the worm hole!
  13. You'll not likely get an infection from well chlorinated pool water - my guess is you'd more likely get a chemical reaction with the ink itself. Color might leach out or actually change.
  14. Pretty damn clean, too. Getting on a motorcycle and cruising around would be a very decent way of mitigating this isolation and distancing times, too.