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  1. by Henry Lewis
  2. by Henry Lewis
  3. by Randy Muller
  4. sorry, but I don't see any little white flakes or bleeding. how long ago after the tattoo was done was the picture taken?
  5. but you saved so much money!
  6. 2 weeks is too early to tell. Gonna have to be patient.
  7. You don't want to fit in all of those ideas onto just your forearm. I'd be reluctant to try and get all of that onto just a half sleeve. Artist seems to be capable. What kind of reference are you going to present?
  8. An all or mostly black watercolor tattoo would be a new item to me. "Watercolor tattoos" don't necessarily fade any faster than more traditional styles. The broader discussion about how they will wear over time is the "issue", and has mostly centered around how over time all tattoo ink spreads or "bleeds" in the skin over time - and how the lack of a black outline may result in that eventual spreading making a watercolor styled piece become indiscernable. This is discussion is mute if the "artist" isn't capable of or just doesn't get the ink where it belongs, in which case it's going to fade anyway. I'd sure like to see an example of what you're describing. Can you post a link to the artist's work, or do you have a picture of her drawing for you?
  9. Nice work!
  10. 'sup?
  11. The original picture looks like a bruise, but not the 2nd. The 2nd doesn't look like any blow-out I've ever seen, but I can't imagine bruising lasting 5-6 months. On the other hand, I am neither a tattooist nor in the medical profession . . .
  12. never seen anything like that before, so I can't offer an opinion on the darker area underneath the design. You might want to find a reputable shop/artist to offer an opinion on expanding the tattoo to cover it?
  13. I like it. Close enough, and trying to "fix" it could easily make it even less even.
  14. I like it fine - but (and forgive me if I've missed the name) did this artist actually have a history of work in the realism style?
  15. I guess that would depend on just how abstract the artist gets with it. Just like all tattoos, the ink is going to "bleed" or spread out over the decades, no matter how much you keep it out of the sun.