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  1. Yep - looks like he's doing really well. Your back will feel better later 😄
  2. Yeah, as long as those pieces of paper had NO bacteria on them (?) then you should be fine.
  3. yep. typically 3-4 weeks before you can really tell what you've got.
  4. thanks for remembering to post!
  5. Tattooist's personalities vary just like the regular population, so how they might react is more known to you than us, assuming you've already had a personal consultation. More than 9 times out of 10 you're drawing isn't even started 3 weeks in advance. Go and visit the artist, if it's feasible - and express the above. E-mail should be a workable option, too.
  6. I like it! Roses would work really nice. Ferns? Sextant? Tools? Engine? Close-up of a Scarab or other bug?
  7. Most/many tattooists only work on the next idea the day before your appointment. Just like everybody else outside of tattooing, many are poor communicators and some are not all that competent. It'll be hard for us to evaluate the situation without more info, but the indication that his initial presentation doesn't include what y'all originally talked about isn't good. Do you have an actual appointment to get started? Can you post a link to his previous work?
  8. looks totally normal for a tattoo that isn't even close to being healed.
  9. send us a link to your artist in Goa
  10. definitely salvageable via someone who is proficient at white over black - but that criteria isn't all that common. Where are you located?
  11. SStu

    Is this a scar?

    honestly to me that doesn't look healed yet. a month is just a bit unusual but not unheard of, especially if was always a rough spot. easily touchupable but you'll have to wait at least another month or more, and by then it might look better anyway. looks like you're black web-eyebrows will need to little touchup, too. Go visit your artist and lay the groundwork.
  12. yeah, there's no turning that around.
  13. My advice would be to review the rules of the forum.