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  1. Welcome. And yes - pictures, please.
  2. SStu

    Having anxiety

    Who would know? Picture pulled off inside of 24 hrs?!
  3. SStu

    Tiny tattoo

    Yep. No one's ever going to look at it as close as you are here . . .
  4. That corona is too close to the palm to ever hold ink for a long period and/or have it wear like normal skin.
  5. Pretty normal for a 5 day old tattoo. That and hand skin both heals and wears ink differently than most skin.
  6. Lots of us have unrelated and different style tattoos on the same limb. They'll look less disjointed once you get more and fill in the larger blanks and then use filler tattoos on the real small or thin spots. Just keep getting more!
  7. SStu

    Ditch Healing

    As opposed to what?
  8. Do you have any previous scarring and/or tattoos to gauge if you've personally got historically similar reactions to skin trauma?
  9. That's all normal except for the "year ago" part. Usually the shininess goes away after a month or two.
  10. Stephano at Frith Street in London does old school american traditional
  11. In a few months they shouldn't be quite as vibrant.
  12. Right. And hands are tough to draw/execute - so make sure in advance that your artist has some previous examples to show off.
  13. Alcohol. Not the type you apply - the type you ingest.
  14. SStu

    Saying Hello

    welcome - and it shouldn't make any difference at all.