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  1. Well, it's still a bit shiny, but I heal so slowly in my old age that it'll likely be another month of more before it finally settles down. Very pleased to have had Henry Lewis fill in a very weirdly shaped knee gap with this deconstructed, decomposing alligator skeleton -
  2. These are true. Find an image that will remind you of her memory, something that you two shared and enjoyed. You don't need to explain an image to anyone, and in a few years you probably won't want to, anyway.
  3. Yep. That new black will settle in, and more on your shoulders = of course! Maybe your back tattoo can wrap all the way over.
  4. there are some great tattooists in Germany!
  5. Art is certainly subjective, and we all have our personal style favorites - but that is just a doodle.
  6. tribal "inspired", and that's being gracious.
  7. welcome!
  8. there are a couple of extensive saniderm threads on this site for you to reference.
  9. Biomech is a good way to do a cover-up. Who's doing the work?
  10. before and afters are nice . . .
  11. Great journey, account and result. Nice job! So, what's next?
  12. Oh, no. Just one I thought was awesome.
  13. easy peazy. You could even just put something cool *behind* the key . . .