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  1. Artist

    Leafs suck.
  2. Artist

    If I recall correctly, @bongsau knows quite a bit about artists in that area of Canada . . .
  3. Artist

    No, my wife and I got his/hers voodoo dolls from her when she attended a convention in Houston (and we were just visiting there at the time).
  4. Artist

    Some of that work is pretty good. Edmunton isn't too far away, right? I've got work from Samantha Storey that I'm really happy with.
  5. Cover ups

    That will likely depend on the quality of the artist, how big you are willing to go, and how dark you are willing to go.
  6. Looking for advice!

    no problem with un-burnt but tanned skin while getting your tattoo. the important part is making sure the sun (and chlorine pool or other untreated water) stay off of it for at least that 1st couple of weeks after getting the tattoo.
  7. Half Sleeve to Full Sleeve

    lots of potential there. keeping the same style and/or artist can make it seemless.
  8. Hello

    If you think you might be at the end of being contagious you could always offer to wear a surgical mask, too . . .
  9. Issue with new tattoo

    Doesn't appear to be anything to worry about, but certainly won't hurt to have him take a look at it.
  10. Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    Nice start, and agreed - don't rush it. Enjoy the process. After that = mermaids? compass? sailing ship? narwhal? shark? octopus? you may need both legs to encompass all the nautical possibilities . . .
  11. Hello all!

    Welcome. Pictures?
  12. Ditch Healing

    never heard of such a thing, but the rose looks good.
  13. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Damn! I was in ROA yesterday, myself. Thomas took some healed pictures of my leg about 4pm.
  14. Not my style - but I'm sure it would ring true for some segment of the population.