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  1. SStu

    Worst tattoo

    You'd have to talk to a laser technician that might recognize what's going on there. Sure couldn't hurt to talk with one or three.
  2. SStu

    Worst tattoo

    2 years old? Probably allergic to red ink, and not much you can do about that but avoid it for later.
  3. SStu

    Blowout? New tattoo

    Yep. Take the magnifying glass off of it.
  4. Well, with respect to semantics - you can HIDE a blowout, but you can't remove it. If the design allows for it, a blowout can be covered with shading, or coloring, etc.
  5. It probably will go back to looking closer to it's original self. You've got to wait 4-6 weeks to see what you're actually going to get.
  6. Let's see a link to the artist's work!
  7. Looks pretty normal for heavy work 4 weeks in. Assuming those areas are not "hot" or painful (indicating infection) then you're on a normal path for 4-8 weeks healing time. Hard to tell where that is on your arm, but any area that gets stretched or bumped a lot is prone to extra time for healing and potential touch-ups. That's a lot of solid black for a 1st tattoo. Would love to see what you're working on, there. More pictures?
  8. The landscape certainly could wrap around. Incorporating additionally other objects is an easy option, too. Find an artist whose work you admire and set up a consultation. Bring as many ideas and references as you can - especially theirs.
  9. SStu

    Healing red

    Yep. Red reacts funny with some folk. On the other hand, you've still got a month or more's healing expected.
  10. Yep. I got both my legs and feet done after I was beyond 50. The farther away you get from the heart and basic muscle the tougher it is to get to the healed stage. If your doctor says it looks ok and your blood pressure is normal for you you're just going to have to tough it out.
  11. SStu


    Standard answer. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to completely heal. Don't over moisturize.
  12. You can't prevent blow-outs and they don't develop over time. That tattoo looks fine. You're expecting too much.
  13. looks fine. itching is itching. gotta tolerate it.
  14. find someone who does great photo realism tattoos, I guess.
  15. Yeah, you're gonna have to wait another 3-4 weeks to know what you've really got. That area gets lots of stretching and bumping, too. It may be just fine.
  16. Sounds like it's still healing. Give it another 3-4 weeks.
  17. SoCal has about a Zillion, in any style at all!
  18. Welcome! Always good to have active industry folk providing insight. For good order's sake - check out the rules:
  19. I'll third those responses. It should settle in with your brain just fine, as it's pretty cool. I like it.
  20. Yeah, being "impared" might work for specific personalities, but a fair number of drunks lose the ability to make wise decisions or control their physical body (including their mouth). Same for being f*cked up. I've never known a tattooist who wants someone like that in their chair. Many simply won't tolerate it.
  21. Looks to be a good idea, to me. The artist looks to be quite capable and has done some pretty damn good portraits, too.
  22. That is correct. Certainly a small amount of lotion is preferred by many recipients - but I've never use any at all.