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  1. You don't need to worry once it's mostly healed.
  2. SStu


    Welcome back, Holly! So, as a potential tourist who has never been to Scotland before and wants to see awesome sights without standing in tourist lines - should we elect to spend 2-3 days in which = Glasgow or Edinburgh?
  3. SStu

    Longivity ?

    Yeah. Let's see links to specific artist's work, instead. That'll be a much better measure of lastability or not.
  4. The bubbles are perfectly fine and normal. You are capturing normal body fluids and keeping foreign material from getting into where those fluids are emanating from . . . except when you pop bubbles WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT DO!
  5. SStu


    welcome! Portland is full of talent. Check out: or, take a day trip down to Grant's Pass: Also = let's see pictures of your collection so far . . .
  6. Indeed, @Dan. That symbol was used a lot in the car culture back then, too.
  7. Yeah, the amount of scabbing does not necessarily relate to the need for or quantity of touchups. I've had some deep scabbing that came out just fine.
  8. If you're intending to make everything hang around the gothic/roman theme then I'm not sure how you'd tie the wolf into the mix, but if you're gonna gravitate toward the black/grey photorealism theme then in this case I'd have someone who specializes in that genre to just re-work the wolf - darken it up a bit and sharpen the lines.
  9. So, @Gingerninja, I'm curious about other collector's strategies in this endeavor = when you're trying to get in front of new sought-after artists, do you name drop on the other artists you've already collected from? Let them know they'll be in good company?
  10. Yep. Might just need to pack some more color in there.
  11. It'll take a while before you know for sure, but it could just be an application problem. It's not necessarily what you are or aren't doing.
  12. It won't hurt to take it off - it just reduces the benefit a little bit. Just be extra careful about keeping it clean and dry like you would a fresh tattoo.
  13. This one took me a couple of minutes to find . . .
  14. Welcome - and nice work!
  15. SStu

    Tattoo blowout??

    might not be tattoo related . . .
  16. The ditch is always the worst healing and touch-ups there are totally normal. That being said I'd avoid anything more than very minor lotion (or nothing at all) - and if it gets red and/or hot and/or puss-ey you should seek medical attention immediately . . .
  17. SStu

    New Tat Question

    That's pretty rare. I'd think an artist's style and execution should be recognizable enough. Does his portfolio of previous work have the same?
  18. He does epic large work, and seems to be a truly great guy, too. You'll be able to find dozens of YouTube videos about his travels, his perspective and relationship with Japan and Shige .
  19. He does nice work! Family tattoo? How about a battle royale? 🤣
  20. Scabbing can be normal. I can be but isn't necessarily the cause of being overworked. Also, cracking and opening at joints like elbows and knees is totally normal. On the other hand, going over the same spot 3-5+ times shouldn't be necessary at all. Here's the question = How is the outcome? After healing and possibly minor touch-ups are you ending up with a quality application?
  21. I wouldn't wait that long myself. Once it was dry well I'd just make sure I had a clean t-shirt covering it and I wouldn't do any exercise that was strenuous enough to bust it open.
  22. I wouldn't feel guilty about having that tattoo placement. Just have your expectations in the right place . . . 😉
  23. tattoos don't just fade. they also spread out or migrate a little, especially near the palms and fingers. Down the road you can certainly get it reworked but it will then need to have thicker lines - and then those will in time fade and spread out a bit more . . .
  24. Yep. Add more and then fill up the spaces inbetween with stars and dots or similar.