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  1. Yep. looks like a cover done by a non professional.
  2. 4-6 weeks to completely heal. I wouldn't get any touch-ups before then, even if needed.
  3. Agreed it looks unfinished. Is that the artist's normal style? Definitely going to need to proceed with caution . . .
  4. 1st I've heard regarding saline removal was last week. You'd think that if it worked really well and had been around for more than 10 years that there'd be more hype and discussion about it already . . .
  5. SStu

    Am I botched?

    Yeah, it's a nice abstract design - but you're going to spend the next several decades telling people what it says.
  6. Normal stuff for a ditch. Very common re-touch area, just try to keep it clean.
  7. more like sized black/grey pieces on the inside of that half sleeve
  8. Quite a bit of that is pretty light. I think the need for lasering (or not) would highly depend on the artist's abilities/style/vision and how forgiving you want to be about some stray lines that might be in the background and mostly noticed only by you. Where do you live?
  9. SStu

    Tattoo cloudy

    It'll be 4-6 weeks before it's done healing.
  10. SStu


    Yeah, I'm seeing enough room for at least 3 more small-medium sized pieces. Personally, I'd stick with the American traditional theme . . .
  11. Once/day with anti-bacterial, then I just keep it clean. No lotions.
  12. Stop putting lotion on it for a while. Let it dry out. It'll take 4-6 weeks before you know what you've really got.
  13. SStu

    hii from India

    Welcome, Weir. Cheap is not our purpose here.
  14. Wow. That'd be a game changer if it really works . . .
  15. Ouch. Agreed = don't put anything on it. Let is heal dry. Curious to hear what your doctor thinks.
  16. Every time I've used it the leaking has stopped after the 1st 24 hrs. If you're still producing sludge after 3 days I'd personally be inclined to unwrap it, let it dry out and get a better visual of what's going on.
  17. Yeah. Most tattooists will just go around them. They usually blend in unless you're looking for them.
  18. Yep. You gotta trust he's not going to get hit by a bus or something, too.
  19. SStu

    Blowout on leg

    You can always add more ink . . ! 😏