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  1. Not really. Did you get this from a real shop from an established tattooist? pictures.
  2. SStu


    4-6 weeks to tell what you've got.
  3. SStu

    Tattoo cloudy

    4-6 weeks for healing. gotta wait for it.
  4. SStu

    Small blowouts

    yeah - let is settle. 4-6 weeks before you'll have any real accurate idea of what you've got. And, if those are blow-outs, they're minor at worst.
  5. 4-6 weeks at least. It will lighten up. For that style I think it looks great and well applied. You're doing quite well so far!
  6. Indeed. Post a picture of what you've got and let us know what you'd like.
  7. guess that would depend on which artist(s) you were intending to visit . . .
  8. welcome! have you decided on a tattooist yet? Send a link.
  9. SStu


    Welcome, Derek. Do you have any tattoos, yet?
  10. Yeah, they seem to really well done. Get more!
  11. SStu

    New here

    Absolutely. Looks to be well applied, too.
  12. SStu

    New here

    welcome! show us your tattoos.
  13. It's going to take a month's worth of healing to see what you're really going to end up with. Just relax.
  14. Yeah, the laser application process isn't precisely uniform - so the results are going to vary by degrees. It'll also take a month or more before you see what the real progress is in any area. There will be further fading from each session even 3-4 months down the road. For what it's worth, I think the tattooist did a great job with application, line-up, etc. I don't know the impact of the particular message or local culture where you are, buit educators here in the States (or most of them) don't have to worry about minor ink showing . . . Temporary make-up wasn't an option?
  15. Had to look up Medicine Hat. Trust you are willing to travel . . . Edmonton has Sam Storey I think @bongsau is from up around there. He should be able to chime in when he visits next . . .
  16. apparently the photo has been pulled . . . geez.
  17. Or . . . go into it knowing it's going to REALLY SUCK! That way you might be pleasantly surprised. Sorry, I haven't done 2 in a row yet. Can't help in that aspect. Mike does nice bold work, tho - I hope you come back here and post the results.
  18. welcome! you could have wasted one or 10 of those posts with pictures of your current tattoos . . . 😉
  19. You're reference (that's how you should be referring to the drawing) is a nice starting point - but that's going to need to be quite a large tattoo for it to come out nice and endure decades of wear. I hope you're not planning on putting it on a bicep or pectoral or something. Lots of tattooists screw up their depictions of "space". Send us a link to your intended artist.
  20. Agreed. I don't see anything that looks like an infection or is even abnormal. Scabs are just like road rash. They get hard and you have to leave them alone and fall of by themselves. Avoid over moisturizing.
  21. He is followed by several of the tattooists I follow.