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  1. I found the old thread from 2014 and was going to link it here but for some reason the photobucket pictures are now blurred out (by photobucket?), so no real point, I guess. Anyway I had about 25-30% of my whole back done in 4-5 x 30-40 minute sessions. Just lightened it enough to give the cover-up artist freedom to not make it an obvious cover-up.
  2. Yeah, there are infinite options - especially if you are open to a tattoo larger than just the scar area.
  3. It might, but you'd at least have to have a very capable artist who is skilled in single needle covers.
  4. With either of those pictures, the only way that circle is going to disappear is for the panda to be big enough for your old tattoo to fit entirely into the darkest area of the panda - and that'd be quite large and really weird overall placement.
  5. Yeah, I've had scabbing like that. You'll be fine as long as you don't end up knocking or picking them off. Don't saturate the scabs with water or ointments.
  6. and this, a bit -
  7. Some of this falls into that category of art . . .
  8. Never seen that before. Personally I'd lay off lotions/ointments and let it dry out. Not much else you can do as long as it doesn't look/feel infected.
  9. Poor application or damage during healing, as far as I know . . .
  10. USCG is relaxing some of their regulations . . .
  11. The center doesn't look reasonably flat. Almost like a tiny crater, which would be similar on an infection if it was red/swollen. It can still look normal, later on. It often takes 4-6 weeks before you know what you're ending up with.
  12. Yeah, it doesn't look 100% normal, but it also doesn't look red/hot either. If it does get red and hot then it's infected and you should see a doctor immediately. Otherwise all you can do is wait 4-6 weeks to see how it comes out.
  13. Have you tried calling the shop he's working out of? If nothing else, they should be able to tell you when he's expected to re-open his books.
  14. I had to look him up - but you're right, his work is amazing. Super fine detail, mostly in small scale. Are you looking for portraiture or small/detail stuff?
  15. @Gingerninja - did you set up your next appointment with Mike?
  16. Yeah - it could be a red ink reaction, and you'll find at least a couple of historical threads that dive into that subject. Nevertheless if it's painful even 2 weeks after it's applied I'd be having a doctor make sure there's no infection.
  17. SStu

    Tattoo Ink

    I can honestly say I've never seen that before. I've also probably never seen that much white being used, either - but I've never heard about anyone having a reaction to white ink.
  18. Holy crap. That's a lot of money for a small and simple tattoo. Any case you're not going to know what you've got for another month or more.
  19. Yep, that's easily coverable. The larger you go the more options you'll have on hidability. Your trick will be to find a truly capable artist.