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    Posting to just 1 thread is enough . . .
  2. SStu

    Tattoo Opinions/Advice

    That's not a bad tattoo, and it's symmetrical plenty enough. Just get more around it.
  3. SStu

    Tattoo blowout advice

    You could try a laser, but personally I wouldn't worry about it. As far as being "precise" that depends on the operator - but worst case is you might have to do a touch-up (that hopefully doesn't have another blowout).
  4. Most artists only charge for the actual time they start inking until when they set the machine down for the last time. Every tattooist has their own personality and interpretation of time - but the main thing is that you come away with a great tattoo you get to wear forever.
  5. You've gotta go pretty far to ramp up the shock value, these days.
  6. Wow. I've seen the ear lobe reconstruction results before but the removal procedure is a new one for me. *shudder* Nipple removal, too.
  7. SStu

    Upside down mistake

    Yep. Get 3 more ampersands in a pattern so you've got them facing all directions.
  8. SStu

    Got my first tattoo! But..

    right. You'll end up doing your entire shoulder eventually. You can tie it all together then.
  9. That's not looking so good - but at least part of the result is because the "tattooist" didn't know what he/she was doing, and you were the guinea pig. If its red and sore you might have an infection going on under there. I'd recommend going to see a doctor if you haven't already done so.
  10. SStu

    Hustle Butter?

    Primary word here is "hustle".
  11. SStu


    let it set for awhile. 10 days is too early to tell or get a touch-up.
  12. SStu

    Mixing styles?

    I like her work - but it seems more traditional than your reference photo above.
  13. SStu

    Mixing styles?

    Yep. both look pretty good. Of the 2 I prefer Noabn.
  14. Yeah, like @Gingerninja I put tagaderm on the next morning after unwrapping the cellophane, bacterial soap cleaning and drying. That eliminates the ooze pooling and provides the opportunity for it to stay on for 3-4 days. That being said, the 1st time I used it it went on 20 minutes after the tattoo was finished and that ooze pool stayed there for the duration. No problems experienced.
  15. Also, I've never had liquid leakage after 2 days. Did the saniderm go on immediately after the tattoo was finished (in which case initial leakage had just been being held there and it took 2 days for it to reach the edge of the saniderm)?
  16. This is greatly influenced by the style and complexity of the artist and the work itself. Geometric and/or dotwork can easily be half the application time of photo realism, and some artists are much quicker than others - so it all depends on what you're getting and who is doing it.
  17. SStu

    Shading looks red

    or more, depending on how far from your heart it is.
  18. Topics of and/or subject matter for something as major as a sleeve shouldn't get much input from strangers . . . 🤐
  19. SStu

    Mixing styles?

    @Decay Do you mean to say you put it on immediately after getting tattooed and the cover caught the normal ooze, or are you saying you put it on the next day and the tattoo is still oozing 12-24 hours later?
  20. SStu

    First tatto- I’m a little nervous.

    Yep. Getting it wet isn't a problem but you don't want to soak a new tattoo in anything. Water or ointment.
  21. SStu

    Hi im new here

    Me Likey. 👍
  22. SStu

    Hi im new here

    Welcome, and yes - this^