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    let's see what you're coming up with!
  2. That piece doesn't really fit into any particular style aside from neo-traditional, which is a broad term used when any artist's personal style is varied off of one or more other styles. There is a lot of Japanese in there, but the artist has taken it off into a new direction. You're going to have to find an artist whose style you like and let them do their own interpretation.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out.
  4. As long as we're not talking about a new tattoo (healed at least 4-6 weeks), sunscreen is how I go.
  5. I'm not familiar with any Japanese specialists in Minneapolis or West Coast Fla. There used to be a couple in the Miami area and Chicago probably does, too . . . are you willing to travel?
  6. This'll probably revive the thread "what's worse - lining or shading?"
  7. Yes, that's not abnormal for work that's less than 4-6 weeks.
  8. No - I'm just talking about how the ink will tone down from bright black to flat, dark grey.
  9. Pleased to report I was able to retire this past fall . . and that meant feeling comfortable about FINALLY getting my forearms done. Fully healed now so here they are: Artist: Randy Muller, Eye Candy - New Orleans
  10. Yep, healing is 4-6 weeks and it'll be months before the ink fully settles in and the blacks aren't quite so dark and bold. Everything will tone down a bit.
  11. a few laser sessions on the initials would open up more possibilities . . .
  12. SStu


    all of the satanic references that I know regarding stars are those encased in circles.
  13. 66 here. Also, the farther away from your heart usually means longer healing. My ankles and feet took several weeks.
  14. And my 1st experience was like that, and the bubble of ooze just shrunk and dried. After 4-5 days I just carefully removed the cover and it all washed away nicely.
  15. Yeah, I leave the artist's wrap on for the 1st night. Unwrap the next morning and clean with anti-bacterial soap. Let it dry for 30-45 minutes and then saniderm it. 4 days later I peel it off!
  16. or just cover your body in tattoos, in which case minor imperfections are basically not ever scritinized! 🙂
  17. sternum is the worst. and some of that could be bruising, too.
  18. only a minor sparingly amount, if any. Air dry is how I'd do it. And it's going to remind you it's there, too. Every time the skin stretches in that spot.
  19. yeah, that tattooist is pushing off his heavy handedness on you. Pure bullshit.
  20. only 6 days in? doesn't look abnormal. let us know how it's doing in 3 more weeks.
  21. SStu

    Finished sleeve

    Nice work. I like surrealism.
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