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  1. What do you guys think of using same concept on several tattoos? I have a raven in my chest, I love Phoenix motive I saw and would like it on my back ,then I saw angel wings that would look cool on my forearm…. I’m a bit worried that it will be noticeable that im using wings everywhere on my body,I know after all it’s my body but what do you think?
  2. Thanks everyone for the opinion. Once this is done I'm looking to get a full back piecie, colour archangel to contrast /balance all that. Hopefully this is a good idea.
  3. Probably being a bit touchy about new art 😁
  4. Hi everyone I'm just back from second session, there are still two more to go as my artist said. I only wish to hear your opinion about my artist's skill and style, appreciate honest opinions.
  5. I'm a bit surprised it never happened to you guys I'll try to change brand in that case. Anyway thanks. And this is what I have found about sunscreen stains. "Sunscreen stains are mostly oily, but they can also leave orange, rust-colored stains on your clothes thanks to avobenzone, an ingredient found in sunblock that can react with iron in hard water."
  6. Hi everyone. I know that my question may seem a bit silly and that someone could say to just use my common sense. I'm still looking for an advice. Everyday we are getting more and more of sun now and everyone will be using screen protector for their tattoo. Last year when I was doing so I have found that every time sunscreen was leaving stains on the clothes. Yellow stains on white t shirts and grey greasy on colour. They are incredible difficult to get rid of and it's difficult for me to imagine that every person who's got a tattoo is struggling with this. Is there any way, remedy to avoid that? I just can't think of any and I actually feel a bit silly to come here and ask for something like this.
  7. Looking through internet and running around pictures of tattooed people that had theirs 70% body's area tattooed I have noticed that people often choose to have smaller tattoos rather than large ones.Which started to made me wonder why often people choose to have quantity instead of size. In my personal opinion one larger images are more readable while smaller tends to merge one into another. I still think it looks cool and I know that this everyone's personal taste and decision but makes me wonder why majority opts for smaller tattoos. What are yours preferences?
  8. I just like to discuss with people i did not take any offence. Well i have received an answer from my artist he said that a scar may maintain for a longer time especially if the tattoo was soon exposed to sun(which wasn't) or if you soon get yourself drunk(which I did) Well similar to my first tattoo which also been made by the end of my holiday abroad I have been drinking quiet a bit but not 24hr before or after tattoo and there are no raised outlines. On the other hand I do not expect from almost any artist to say" damn I messed up I have put needle too deep sorry dude" but as long as they are just scars well no drama.
  9. Alright if you explain me what one have to do with another then I could appreciate. No offence taken but if you are not religious and you just like gothic style then getting a satan tattoo is just as same as getting spider-man or zeus or any other. On the other hand bumps may or may not be related to health issues. Thought that people that are getting tattoos are usually open minded 😉 Just like I stated above if these are only scars then I'm not worried.
  10. Well I have just messaged my artist to see what he could say. I just thought that there are occasional events of bad work or certain sensitive body areas. Hence I asked on forum before considering an appointment. Thanks.
  11. Could this be a cause of too fast and-I don't know-"strong" use of needle? If this is just a scar then well it does not bother me too much I was only thinking about potential health complications. It may sound funny but if you don't know what they are then it leaves you with concerns.
  12. Hi I have had a tattoo done in august couple months later I could still feel bumps when I touched some of the lines. I did a research and found that it may take longer on different parts pf body to fully heal. But today six months later I'm a little bit concerned. I can still feel the lines around the pentagram,horns and eyes but not where nose s or that hair is. I tried to google out about it but mixed information comes out like allergy I couldn't find a proper answer. I think it's been healing normally there wasn't any swelling or even itching. Skin is not swollen just if I go through with finger on particular lines I can feel them unlike on other tattoos I have. Not sure if I should let my artist know. Thanks for any suggestion.
  13. I have been checking some review and got this "Numb 520 isn’t recommended for long sessions where you’ll need multiple reapplications every hour or so" I thought you may as well apply first layer later.... I have had a tattoo done on biceps and chest no relief from pain was needed(I'm not saying it didn't hurt as hell) but on my belly I just couldn't. I have read a bit how to help yourself,keep hydrated,get proper sleep,don't drink alko for 24hr,eat sweetes. Ibuprofen and aspirin thins your blood but paracetamol they say is safe to take is that true? The biggest problem is that my tattoo is done abroad during a holiday where I go only twice a year so not enduring a whole session is a big loss of time that's why I'm trying to get some advice how to help with the pain. Thanks.
  14. I would consult a particular one before an appointment not just bring any and besides one of my previous artists mentioned about numbing cream to use to ease the pain but never had one in studio so not only you avoid to give an advise but it's not exactly right what you are saying at least from my own experience. It starts to be funny really why is it so hard to answer so simply question and instead get trolled you could just answer instead of writing this^ ,okay sorry I asked.
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