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    Coffee spiller, haircut enthusiast, pulp reader.
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  1. Oh yeah!! Thanks for reminding me on another form of social media to pick up one of these!
  2. Let me know when it's available dude!
  3. I can back this! Tried it last time I got tattooed (about 2 and a half hours) on the belly. I pretty much felt everything but I noticed I could relax a little and my muscles weren't clenching as much. Definitely doing this every session!!
  4. Hey fuck you, white trash troll motherfucker. What kitchen wizard are you going to for your next shitty tattoo?

  5. This was great! And only took about 15 minutes. Everyone should do this so [MENTION=5780]Fala[/MENTION] can develop some magic herbal remedy to make your body freak out less after getting brutalized. [MENTION=194]hogg[/MENTION] [MENTION=675]Iwar[/MENTION] [MENTION=1457]slayer9019[/MENTION] do it!
  6. gougetheeyes


  7. Hey! Thanks for the link. I'll definitely watch :)

  8. Hey Kahlan, have you watched the Vice Tattoo Age series? They did a great job and knowing what little I do about your background(/ambitions) thought they'd be a great watch for ya.. Check 'em out, here's the first episode of three they did with Valerie but they're all on there: | VICE United States

  9. The problem of an attitude of entitlement seems rampant everywhere.. Nobody wants to work for it, everyone wants shortcuts. It's nice you responded to her but I do hope that she is in for a rude awakening. Don't let it make you nuts, Deb! Just keep on doing what you're doing.
  10. Forgot this was on you! Stumbled across it again today.. so nice.
  11. Yes! Scott's roses are so good.
  12. More of this! Matt, I follow you on instagram, too -- along with your parents -- and I'm consistently amazed at the world you've come up in, like you said, what's surrounded you since birth. Between the DeVita episode and your burst of positivity, I can feel the good vibes radiating all over the place. Glad ya posted this!
  13. Cut out dagger from Pete Triolo
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