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  1. Got 2 art shows coming up later this year and have plenty of work to finish by then. 2 guest spots in GA and Bmore this summer and 1 or 2 other trips as well to SF and NY as well. Gonna start getting my back done real soon, that'll be a long time coming. Whole lotta shit going on and I'm spending too much time on the internet these days. So much so that I'm blundering into careless posts; I have curb a couple of forums for the sake of not being tempted to waste time. Not being able to post will actually be an awesome thing I'm doing. Hopefully I've been able to be a mostly positive/helpful presence here and all that. The folks here that I know or follow me, I'll be in touch when I'm in your city and/or when those 2 shows come up. Keep it up here everybody, it's been good!
  2. You're absolutely right. I posted that thoughtlessly. Pardon me. I know better than that.
  3. @Mark Bee I've tried about 20 ways to skin the cat; as a tattooer I should be familiar with as many methods as possible for the sake of relaying that to clients. Getting tattooed for the last 25 years has allowed me to try just about all of them. Yeah the worst of it was the itch; they healed great. The one I got from Ron Wells a bunch of years ago was the first one I tried it on and it looks just as good as any of my others. In fact I did it again a second time due to ease of traveling with a different one just a few months ago. I've already found what works best for me a long time ago and I never tell that one to clients because most people are dumb and don't listen.
  4. I just wanna give you the heads-up that talking about specific $ amounts here is in kind of poor taste and discouraged. I mean, how much IS a tattoo worth to you? How much is that tattooers service worth to you? A tip is a sign of appreciation for the service above and beyond the agreed upon price. When you tip your artist you are also tipping the front desk as well; that person gets tipped out by the artists at the end of the day. That person has a hard and dirty job; no matter what the hourly wage is they are still in an extemely high-risk profession. Tipping in general in the states is a bigger deal than you might think. Do you know that servers/waiters/waitresses here make WAY less than minimum wage? Employers can get away with paying one as little as $2.13 an hour. That means when you don't tip that person you really fucked up their day. I had more than a few jobs before I started tattooing and being a server was one of them for about 2 years. I know what a good tip means; that 1 person or table made all the difference that day/shift. No, your tattooer isn't in that same boat as a server but good client behavior also = good customer behavior in the outside-the-shop world as well. I haven't read much more than 1 or 2 pages in this entire thread so if all of this was said somewhere previously then you can give me the late pass. When a client gives me a tip of any amount these days I don't care how much it is, I'm just happy to see how stoked they are. Even broke-ass college students will make a point to do it. I'm glad to see that you re-considered doing it from now on. - - - Updated - - - Also wanted to say that what you got from your Smith St visits are fucking bad-ass.
  5. I tried a dry heal a couple of times and they healed up perfectly fine. Just itchy as hell for me, more so than other heals. I still prefer what I've found works best for me.
  6. That'll be a fun one for the kids to see at the water park! Last time I went I was getting a nasty look from a parent for a nekkid pinup on my leg at eye-level with their son & daughter.... This'll trump that.
  7. Yeah me too. I'm doing a guest spot in Bmore this summer so that should give me a chance to go up to NY and see that. - - - Updated - - - Skulls | California Academy of Sciences May 16th to November 30th. If any of you in SF decide not to see this I'm gonna slap you when we meet in real life. I'm gonna be making a visit later this year specifically to see this and bring a sketchbook. Tomorrow the admission is free.
  8. March 15, 2014 - September 8, 2014 Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine The Rubin Museum of Art 150 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011 The first major exhibition to present the origins, history and practice of a millennium of visual history, Bodies in Balance explores the guiding principles of the Tibetan science of healing represented in medical paintings, manuscripts, and medical instruments. A multi-media installation shows how Tibetan medicine is used today. Approximately 140 objects dating from the 9th century to the present day demonstrate the advancement of Tibetan medical knowledge as it was codified in medical texts, illustrated in art, demonstrated by medical tools, and made evident by examples of medicines compounded from natural ingredients and applied in practice.
  9. That's on you?! Damn I was just talking to Dave about that piece. Fucking awesome man. - - - Updated - - - Dave's a rad dude, good choice of image and tattooer
  10. I really don't know anything about Malaysia but it just sounds like the most humid place on Earth. I'll accept your compare/contrast of the swamp-ass factor.
  11. To be honest I think the whole fake-hair tattoo is super goofy, but then again I'm not the one losing hair. @hogg are you gonna start getting fake hair tats?
  12. Doubtful... this is on a sheet of super goofy designs including things like a watermelon dirigible.
  13. I woulda charged you out the ass also. To get me to do a tattoo that isn't a tattoo might cost you double or more.
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