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  1. I wish I had healing slaves that did stuff for me, my parents rarely helped and my girlfriend could only help some days
  2. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    you are tough as nails man, I love the piece!
  3. So I'm here to revive this thread and talk about my first experience with back tattoos. I have never in my life felt so much sharp pain for such a long period of time. The back will be the hardest tattoo I ever finish and not just for the pain levels. The way muscles contract, certain spots have this anxious bad "tickle" to them, how adrenaline will betray you and run out not before your butt is done butt right in the middle of getting it done. If I ever see the other side of this tattoo experience while this forum is up I will complain on this forum all the up to and including the day I finish healing from my final session Things that happened: going into mild bodily shock, shivering and teeth chattering for no reason, having stretch marks put in me from tattoo artist fighting muscle tightening, adrenaline running out while my butt is being tattooed, adrenaline running out after 2 hours during a 5 hour session, flying home on hot thighs overnight from the other coast. Things that didn't happen: quitting, having a good time, smiling about any of it, any variety of talking with my artist
  4. Upcoming Tattoos

    7 days away from Horitomo! I'm so excited, if anyone wants to come see a big wuss getting a big puss on his back come say hey. I also picked up two October dates days after the Bay Area Convention for a solid 10 hours. My first 20 hours will be over in no time it looks like.
  5. Does this tattoo look like a penis

    because you said something i saw it.
  6. Upcoming Tattoos

    I have the drawing and its better than anything I had thought up in my head, I'm booked and ready to go the first weekend of August. I've got just 7 hours booked: 2 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday everyone's telling me thats enough for a good start.
  7. Upcoming Tattoos

    Kiku is within the top 3 of my list of next artists to get tattooed by right next to Greg Whitehead. So so envious. My hometown Inksmith & Rogers will be up there too.
  8. Upcoming Tattoos

    Cash and Bourbon in Kentucky, that seems like telling people you like eating and breathing, its obvious.
  9. Upcoming Tattoos

    THREE YEARS THATS NUTS!!!! For which waiting list though? He has three lists: One shot/Small stuff, Sleeves/Multi-session, Back pieces.
  10. Upcoming Tattoos

    The piece is from my shoulders to the bottom of my thighs, all 7 hours will be for lining I assume, I'm not very confident in my ability to guess how fast he goes versus the size of my back or how much we have to line versus shade and color, its all new territory for me. A year and a half into the waitlist for Horitomo? Which waiting list are you on and how big is it when you got on it?
  11. Upcoming Tattoos

    I don't have one yet, he told me he wont contact me until he is done or almost done to start making arrangements. I anticipate August will be when I go to get started. Edit: They called 30 minutes later asking me to set an appointment date, I'm in for August 5th for 2 hours and August 6th for 5 hours.
  12. Upcoming Tattoos

    Horitomo's newest instagram post is the start of the drawing for my tattoo. I'm so excited, just knowing its approaching faster and faster!
  13. nah, just hope your massage therapist loves dead skin