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  1. really hopeful we can have pagoda this year to make up for the HUGE break tattooing took.
  2. oooooh do we get a name as to who is doing the commission? I also got something, from Luca Mamone
  3. State of Grace just canceled all appointments, to be rescheduled at an undetermined date.
  4. I'm doing what I can to pre-pay for sessions and buy some art.
  5. Hope it feels better soon. I take benedryll when I have a little bit of shock.
  6. I think its just a tattooer trying to get into the market of tattoo aftercare so that the other niche non-tattooer companies stop getting a cut.
  7. I use a custom compounded numbing cream before we start that has lidocaine tetracaine and some others, we use bactine during if I'm really roughed up and lastly breathing. Ask your artist some dont allow it for quality reasons. I recommend you take the time to do the digging rather than make a whole new thread next time, even just finding an advice thread where this fits instead of creating a new one.
  8. You have first hand experience with him, it was pretty ding dang bad. I'm going back for Easter and we're doing the other side of my crack and I'm already having an internal conversation about only have to do it so many times. I only have one butt and once its done its done forever is what I keep telling myself.
  9. Art is pain. We have one inner thigh and cheek left to go and it was easily harder than the ribs. We did some shading on the cat and the difference it made was beautiful. Without further adieu:
  10. Anyone have some tips for the 'derm being extra stuck to your skin? I've tried getting in the shower, using soap, using olive oil, peeling it over itself, pulling it away from itself and pushing my skin down. I'm lost and in pain, help.
  11. Under cheek is by far my worst experience. I have 1 down and 1 to go and the odds are good my healing is going to be an experience. Sitting, standing, walking, existing; I feel like a wimp.
  12. Tomo time this weekend. Damage report to follow. Keep my crack in your prayers, its time for what I assume will be the most uncomfortable part of this back.
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