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  1. I can't sadly, I'm moving the month after that and have to save for all the uncertainties.
  2. Its not that weird, if you take the slot and don't show up they are getting paid, how much they think that time is worth is up to them. Dasha might have gotten burned hard before or it might just be what he believes gets people into the chair every time.
  3. I'm skeptical of shops with Tap Out specials. If you've done your research then I'll be waiting to see what you come back with!
  4. Oiocha


    Cause you’re as right as can be, to me
  5. Oiocha


    When you have a conversation again instead of getting a quote from them give them your idea and a budget. “I have a budget of X-Y and want Z tattoo on X part of my body” and start from there unless you are open to the sliding scale of price. They will navigate the conversation realistically knowing what you want and what they can deliver without anyone losing out.
  6. Just getting my two cent in here. for one appointment I had it work like this: I told them what I wanted and where, they told me the hourly rate and asked for my budget and a deposit, when I went in for the appointment the artist drew it on with the budget in mind. For my other appointment I book that many hours of their time and pay for the hours when I walk in, we work until the artist determines the time is up.
  7. Oiocha


    The way you talk about it is important, calling it your budget. " Hi I'm hoping I could get something like this for X-XX amount"
  8. Greg Christian and Kiku at the Jacksonville convention. Maaaaybe more to come if I see some more names.
  9. Can’t wait to see some updates on that @Gingerninja
  10. Anyone else going? I’ll be there Friday and Saturday at least.
  11. I always say "I'm not tough, I'm stubborn." I'm a total weenie I just already paid to sit down.
  12. Hi guys, some of you saw on instagram but I'm back from my visit with tomo and uploaded the progress pictures for my back. It was a doozy as always but I had a great time.
  13. The ride is wild as hell the whole way but I know I will only ever get to have one back piece, I'm so happy that I could wait and make it count. There isn't a single other person in my mind I could think of that I would want to do my back, at all, other than Tomo. I have the rest of the skin real estate for anyone else but the back is special. I'm saving my pennies and dimes for April/May; I'm hoping the heavy hitters show up to Jacksonville for the Imperial Tattoo Convention again and maybe if I'm lucky I can go to the Bay Area Con just once at least.
  14. Going to see Tomo next weekend and I'm ready to go. I also haven't forgotten about posting my Daruma: its perpetually got something that wont let me take a clean picture.