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  1. Those tattoos are gorgeous, as always. Penny you have such great taste and your ideas always look like they come right out of the artists classic playbook, even when its an original idea.
  2. There are still nothing but heavy hitters at Absolute Art, the indomitable Brian Bruno to name one.
  3. isn't Absolute Art in Richmond? Go there. Marina Inoue is in town.
  4. A lot of my experiences have been with people who are heads down and quiet. I can take the lacking conversation in exchange for wearing a better piece of art for the rest of my life time. Kiku is the only person I had a good time with and got a good tattoo from, we took a lot longer to do the tattoo but came away having much more fun. I always book with the end product in mind, I can't form an interesting conversation during the experience anyways, I'm concentrating on not dying.
  5. Ed Hardy’s new book at his Museum and Afterlife Volume 2 are out. The timing is terrible and my wallet hates me but, I ordered Afterlife and got a friend to go pick up a copy of Ed’s book.
  6. Rotaries are a thing now, and needle/tube combos that aren't much bigger than the end of your pinky and snap right on the end of some of the new wand style rotaries. Inks are definitely improved Eric Perfect talked about there being recipes with listerine in the ink mixture when someone first told them one of their recipes.
  7. I got 1 tattoo at Imperial the first year, then I saved up and got 2 the following year, maybe you end up getting a large scale piece started?? 1 guy at imperial is chipping away at a chest piece with Tony Huhndal every year. Another guy started a back piece with Kiku
  8. My ass hurts, my tailbone hurts, every pair of pants is now "too itchy". I should not have done this to myself.
  9. And thus the photos have been posted, it has now officially happened. My butt has been tattooed. I didn't like it and I don't like the healing either. I also was super bummed that I didn't get to go to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum
  10. I did both my shoulders at Imperial this year, I didn't travel but I did saniderm them and work out the following week, do it. Also unless you are super weak and super dirty stuff doesn't get infected that easily, do it. I get my back tattooed over 2 days and get on a plane for an entire day, do it. If the subliminal messaging hasnt worked yet, you should do it. Shave your whole damn leg, get tattooed three times, throw saniderm over that stuff and maybe get a 4th walk-up.
  11. I survived. I’m glad I only have to get one back tattoo. Every spot below the waistline was pretty rough. I have about 1 more visit to finish the background shading: inner thighs and inner booty area. Pics will follow.
  12. I can't sadly, I'm moving the month after that and have to save for all the uncertainties.
  13. Its not that weird, if you take the slot and don't show up they are getting paid, how much they think that time is worth is up to them. Dasha might have gotten burned hard before or it might just be what he believes gets people into the chair every time.