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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    looks tender and beautiful
  2. I'm in the same boat as @Gingerninja I ask for rate, ballpark time, and bring the amount of money expected of me plus some.
  3. Detail doesn't make better. Traditional is good with barebones details, its all in what you want man. Don't worry about improving it unless the artist wants to.
  4. Get the work you want the first time and do your research BEFORE not AFTER diving in. I would stick with the piece as is and respect the artists work as it is or was done. Also good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good so make your decision based on what you want not what you want to pay; save the beer money and buy the champagne I always say.
  5. Apparently Unify Tattoo out of St. Augustine and Inksmith & Rogers is putting together a little convention with some nice guests. Anyone else in the area going to show up?
  6. Upcoming Tattoos

    If you are nearby the list is pretty solid. I had to decide between Steve and Greg Christian
  7. Upcoming Tattoos

    I'm back on Horitomo's call list and Steve Byrne is coming to Jacksonville! I'm super psyched!!!! I made a deposit for Steve and am really loving the chance to get something from him without all the travel.
  8. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    They just mentioned not wanting to only see me twice a year for a few hours, thanks for understanding both sides though!
  9. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    Well I did mention that my finances hit the fan but I don't disagree with your stance, I've done 7 and am booking in 6 months after my first appointment for what looks to be another 6 hours. It sucks and its firm but I never said it was wrong, just tough. I want his work and it's just going to take me longer to finish getting it done, I'm not doing nothing about it the time is just expensive. I have admitted to him and will to you that I got on his waitlist to get my foot in the door and get my lines done so I could do the rest of it once my college was finished.
  10. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    It's certainly something, everyone seems to think he is being pretty darn tough about it and his timeline is super tight too. I'm gonna get it done hell or high water! Just going to get my ducks in a row before I try to get back in there and risk another blunder.
  11. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    I personally have some stories as to goofing this sort of thing up. I just called the shop where I'm getting my back done and found out that I was off the call list, its nothing personal against me I just goofed up. I got removed because I cancelled two appointments they said ( I only remember one) and that my artist likes to have people who get their pieces done in a timely and committed manner and not someone who can or will only visit twice a year; I've been very vocal with them telling them that I'm travelling from Florida to California, that I'm a college student finishing my last year and that takes precedence, and finally that the rate per hour PLUS the travel expenses hinder me making frequent trips but that I will try to make up for it in hours per session. I'm told I will be booking with low priority and that if I cancel or miss my next appointment I will result in a penalty of some form. So in essence find out if the time frame in your head is okay with your artist. I had some financial trouble hit me a while back that ruined the money I had saved for my back so make sure you have the money ready to go for your artist and if you don't talk to them before committing, I had some bad luck with my money but, maybe someone will learn from this.
  12. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    The sweetest heart award goes to @Gingerninja I just got done talking to a tattoo artist today that my girlfriend goes to about my piece. The planning, the travel, the lodging, the eating, the appointments themselves, its a logistical and financial nightmare for a dumb college student like myself; the last trip there was $1400 for the seven hours on the table alone plus another $600-$700 for the rest of the trip. I'm saving hard and focusing on TRYING not to get another piece in between. This forum darn near ruins my ability to be patient with all the killer work I look at.
  13. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    someone finance my back piece so i finish before four years is up
  14. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Saw that on his feed today, super happy it went on an LST member. SoG is an amazing shop.
  15. I wish I had healing slaves that did stuff for me, my parents rarely helped and my girlfriend could only help some days