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  1. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Dan Sinnes is an absolute wild man. A friend got tattooed by him last year. Can't wait to see what people come away with this year. @Gingerninja what's the plan from Grez?
  2. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Jesus Christ, you are goin for it, @Bearcat78. I love how many of use are getting tattooed by Scott.
  3. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Nice. I'm in a similar boat. Both times he's tattooed me he's just drawn it on anyway, so I'm not too worried about it. I sent him three ideas I've been kicking around and then ended with "I don't know, or you can just do some big ass animals fighting?" We'll see what we both end up with!! Excited to see what ya get, @Synesthesia!
  4. suburbanxcore

    Regino Gonzales?

    I wish I had experience getting tattooed by Regino. His shit is bulletproof.
  5. suburbanxcore

    Tattoo age on VBS

    He definitely seems super fun. He was hilarious in the Denning episode, too.
  6. suburbanxcore

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I'm actually amazed, but I was able to get decent runs in after getting my knees tattooed. The other day I did a 15 miler the morning after getting my thigh tattooed. I was pleasantly surprised. But if it's sore, definitely makes sense to err on the side of caution.
  7. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Awesome! When? Whatcha gettin?
  8. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Definitely makes total sense. If you’re there, it’d be great to catch up. Haven’t seen you in forever! I know a few other people mentioned they’d be there.
  9. August 3-5 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading, PA You know the deal at this point. Let's get a semi-official list of who will be there and when. Maybe who's tattooing you if you know already. Potential hangs? Me - will be there Friday and possibly Saturday. Scott Sylvia appointment late Friday.
  10. suburbanxcore

    Mermaid Tattoos

    My daughter looooooves mermaids, and somehow I still don't have one yet. That may be happening fairly soon. In my case, I'd probably be goin breasts covered. Nothing opposed to uncovered, but I don't think that's a discussion I feel like potentially having regularly.
  11. suburbanxcore

    Hand Tattoos

    I always say that I'll be getting my hands done the day I retire. Only 22 years to go...
  12. suburbanxcore

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Book with Scott Sylvia to one shot my stomach at Pagoda City. Last appointment of the day on Friday, "so we don't have to rush." Have a few ideas for what I want him to do, but still have to settle that.
  13. suburbanxcore

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Follow up: Emailed Scott about my stomach and he replied with "I'm totally in." He hasn't started booking yet, but we'll figure that out in the very near future. Hopefully a few of us can meet up! @Gingerninja - What kinda chaos do you have lined up for that weekend? yet. @Bearcat78 daaaaamn. Goin for it! @Boiled Dove I had a few free weekends not long ago and wanted to drive down to Absolute while Marina was there, but she was only doing weekdays. Hopefully you can get something!
  14. suburbanxcore

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Called an artist who had been on my bucket list for a while and left multiple voicemails to no reply, so putting a pin in that one for a while. Shot an email to Scott hoping to get my stomach started/done at Pagoda City now that I was able to free that weekend up. Didn't realize the BlackHeart crew was in Hawaii until after I sent it though, so waiting on a reply. Fingers crossed. Been too long since he's tattooed me!
  15. suburbanxcore

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @cibo their loss is your gain! @piccalilli that crushes. So awesome.