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  1. I have multiple lyrics and song titles tattooed on me. I wouldn’t say I regret the ones that are a little longer and harder to read, but I think if I’d gotten them now, I’d do it differently. But in more recent years, I’ve opted for shorter two or three word phrases incorporated into an image and I’ve been happier with the outcome. I also don’t regret any of the song or lyric choices over the years.
  2. Upcoming Tattoos

    Been gone for a minute and haven't gotten tattooed since summer, but lookin at making a an appointment or two for the later winter/early spring. We'll see.
  3. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Everyone's stuff lately is killer, but very cool to see that backpiece @breakthischain. I've gotten tattooed at Kadillac MTA, but not by Eric. Very cool shop, and nice to see the Hatboro one just open too.
  4. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @Mr_Spaghetti never a bad Grez eagle.
  5. Stomach tattoos

    At least with Scott, he's fast as hell. I've been weighing the options for two of my favorite artists that I've had work on me a lot and it's tough. Scott - Heavier handed, but fast as hell. Grez - Very gentle, but very meticulous and much slower. I've been kicking it around for almost two years and keep doing other things because I can't decide how to approach the unfun nature of this...I got my chest done when I was about 22, so it's been a while. It definitely sucked, but over the time, the memory of it has dulled a bit. Not looking forward to stomach. and also, @wildcat, Bailey Moffatt recently posted an Instagram pic of her front (while walking her dog), and it is awesome.
  6. Pagoda 2017!

    Glad to see that those that went had a good time. It was nice to watch all the posts on IG from artists, friends, and the convention account. Good stuff, everyone. Bummed that I've missed the last two years after going the first two. Here's hoping for next year!
  7. New Tattoo Advice

    Also, Matt Adamson posted a freakin killer peony on July 24. He's at KA, but may have a bit less of a wait than some of the other people there.
  8. New Tattoo Advice

    Rose kills it. Always fun to watch the stuff she puts out up there. She's also insanely nice and puts up with so much crap from Grez with a smile. Haha.
  9. I'm always jealous of this convention. Some year I'll get there.
  10. New Tattoo Advice

    Welcome! Matt is killer for Japanese style work at Kings Ave, and yeah, pretty much anyone at Invisible. RG is great, and I think Damien Rodriguez is criminally underrated.
  11. Pagoda 2017!

    If you want to get in with Grez, I would email or call the Manhattan Kings Ave shop. He generally books his conventions wall to wall, sometimes even doing tattoos in his hotel room before or after the convention hours. Dude is an absolute workhorse. I've seen a handful of people get walk ups from Scott at conventions, too. He's so fast and he doesn't always book as solidly as others, so he's left with some free time. You can likely get something from him. Can't wait to see what you get from Marina. I really like a lot of her stuff.
  12. Love these tats!

    At the risk of derailing my second thread of the day, the discussion of "tats" is interesting. I don't really care one way or the other if someone uses it, but it's not a term I'd use. But there's just something funny about the way Oliver uses it over and over and over in his LST interview that you can tell it's just him and his terminology. Something about it works. It reminds me of the discussion of Freddy Corbin and "bro" in his Tattoo Age video. It's sort of a gross word that Freddy makes his own. Of course, I used to use bro jokingly and ironically, and now it's worked it's way into my regular vernacular... Regardless, welcome to the forum!
  13. Pagoda 2017!

    At the risk of derailing, the idea of Riot Fest just seems like a nightmare to me, but goddamn do I really wanna see Jawbreaker.
  14. Bras and rib cage tattoos

    Not sure, but this thread may be able to give some help. Welcome.
  15. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    I haven't checked this thread in a minute and holy crap is there some insane stuff going down. Well done, everyone.