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  1. suburbanxcore

    Price estimation

    Oh, then it shouldn't be too expensive.
  2. suburbanxcore

    Penis tattoo advice

    Well, hopefully the trolling doesn't continue to a "Is my blacked out penis tattoo healing ok?" thread.
  3. suburbanxcore

    Price estimation

    How big is your back?
  4. suburbanxcore

    Advice on existing tattoo

    This is all I can figure. I don't see a penis in there, and I work with middle schoolers who draw dicks on EVERRRRRYTHING.
  5. suburbanxcore

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Just booked with Grez on November 30. I'm actually starting to think I may go a touch bigger, so may try and get in a few days in January or February.
  6. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Haha, man. Watching @Bearcat78 get after it was truly something. After I got my stomach done, I was cringing at the thought of getting tattooed again. Impressive, sir.
  7. suburbanxcore

    Will this eventually heal okay?

    I think it looks fine in both threads and to both questions. It's never going to be perfect, and any tattoo ever will have imperfections if you overanalyze it. Enjoy it and live with it for a while. It will become part of you and normal soon enough. But if you don't like it, just put a panther over it and let's call it a day here.
  8. I wish. Have fun! Can't go wrong with anyone there!
  9. suburbanxcore

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Also posted in the Pagoda City thread, but he's my one-shot Pharoah's Cats from Scott Sylvia.
  10. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Pharoah's Cats by Scott Sylvia. Four hour one shot
  11. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Haha, @Bearcat78 messaged me about that Dan tattoo, but I left pretty early Saturday morning. That tattoo is sooooooo sick! I got a Pharoah's Cats from Scott Sylvia on my stomach. Nice to see and meet a whole bunch of people from here this weekend!
  12. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    His painting/original collection at the shop is so insane. He put a small rose filler on me from an original Rollo sheet that I absolutely love. Said he'd never done anything from it, so I had to ask...haha.
  13. suburbanxcore

    Pagoda City 2018

    Grez always squeezes in as many people as he can, even if he tattoos in his hotel room before or after. That's great that you got in. I can't even count how many Grez talons I have at this point, and it was always a Portlandia reference between me and my best friend that we'd tag things "#putabirdfootonit." Can't wait to see how yours turns out! Also, will add you on IG. I'm on there as andrew.f.white.
  14. suburbanxcore

    Dr. Martens Tattoo Collection

    I absolute love the designs on the Grez ones, but I just don't know I'd ever wear em. Not quite my style. I haaaaaate the layout of the designs on the t shirt.
  15. suburbanxcore

    Tattoo age on VBS

    All of the episodes have been great so far. 22 minutes feels a little limited compared to some of the older ones on Youtube, but whatever. And yeah, @Hands On....King of the Road is awesome. All of the seasons have been killer.