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  1. Had some tattoos on my inside wrist 3 weeks ago and they are just what I wanted. However I do have some tiny tiny signs of blow outs but they're barely noticable , I heard some areas are more prone to them especially where the skin is very thin ( such as inner wrists ) Is there anything I can do in future to prevent it ?
  2. It was my first tattoo so I didn't know. I've got other text which is bigger and wider and looks 100% fine after 2 years. So the size of it must play a part too. I have seen some cover ups of black text on the internet so shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Anyone had a cover up on text before ? Or would it be best to ask a tattooist in future if it gets more blurry ?
  4. I think it looks nice and colourful but that's just me
  5. I think it looks good. Even in the picture you highlighted I can barely see anything wrong with it
  6. I have a small tattoo from 2 years ago in writing, it's about 2 inchs in length and it looks slightly blurrier than when I first had it. It's legible now but... I'd assume over the next few years it will become more blurry. Is it difficult to get a cover-up on black and grey script/text ? It looks slightly lighter in real. Got a before and after picture too. Just after it was done. I did have a touch-up on it a few weeks after it was done. That may be why the original picture looks slightly different Now
  7. The light spot seems to have disappeared now. Thanks !
  8. Hi ! Had my tattoo's about 10 days ago and really happy. Funny enough they are the same tattoos, both on my wrists however only one itched. Anyway. I seem to be coming out of the scabbing phase but one part is bothering me, it looks slightly lighter than the rest.. Is there a chance i'd need a touch up at some point ? I've circled the area with a blue bubble.
  9. I think they all look good to be honest
  10. I've had the new tattoo's on the inside, went well. Should I get the old ones touched up ASAP so they match, or can it wait a month or so ? Thanks
  11. OK so the tattoo went perfectly. We found the old design on the internet. Took a bit of adjusting the width to get it to join the old one. Did sting a fair bit more than all my others but it was enjoyable.
  12. Best way to prevent itchiness ? Cold water seems to help, just concerned I may scratch during the night. Cut my fingernails etc. I tend to use Bepanthen. I used it very lightly for all my previous tattoos and they all healed fine. It's fragrance and colour free etc.
  13. OK I'm just confused because the new tattoos will need to be smaller in size due to lack of space on my inner forearm from other tattoos ? If he traces the original tattoos they'll be too big
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