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  1. Ok will do Spoke to artist too he sees my concern which i appreciate we will have a look when it heals I was trying to do a self sketch lol of what i think would be better Basically its adding a more frowning expression on the eye on the left by putting emphasis on top left corner; then right eye adding volume below right and up to match both shapes and sizes of eyes: (attached) left is current, right is my personal opinion to finish off
  2. last 2 pics - 1 hour and 24 hours It's the same artist yeah happy with stomach piece 🙂
  3. Sorry guys for lack of clarity Appreciate your responses tho so I feel bad for wording my question badly This was the original picture I found on internet Then this is the sketch artist came up with Finally he took the picture below straight after the session Finally this is the latest pic about 24 hours after tattoo was done I understand latest picture is not visible due to healing however on the third picture Im concerned by the eye unevenness/asymmetry Just wanted to check if its me or not. Ink is for whole life and id hate to regret it, so if correction needed i guess its better to do it asap If you think it will heal and be better cool The concern is: skeleton eyes seem uneven - left one is more square/round and even, as well as bigger and neutral expression. right one in my opinion is slightly smaller and seems at an angle due to less ink in top left of eye corner, making frowned look. for me i see this as disbalance and was seeking opinion if this could be an issue thanks
  4. Hello guys how are you Great to find a nice forum about same interests Not to make this topic a question but I'm joining to seek opinion on a new tattoo. I know its fresh but i thought if its visible to know before than after On my new tattoo the eyes seem to be different size shape and expression https://imgur.com/a/2AemvoK https://imgur.com/a/2s2iqcU I couldn't post in advice section but since this is the reason to join to look for any experienced opinion if possible i post it here too thanks
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