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  1. JAC1961


    I don't think I can go on until I see it. 🤪
  2. Screw what people think about your tattoos. That's one of the biggest reasons that I started getting tattooed, I put up my entire life listening to people judge me and I decided that I was done with. Accept me tattoos and all or go F yourself.
  3. At this point you're really just wasting your time and ours.
  4. Besides, it's tacky for your first post on a forum to be asking for $.
  5. It looks fine as is, don't worry about it. Every tattoo deforms as the skin moves, not much you can do about it. I think artists do what they can to compensate for it, but you can't make it perfect in every position. Enjoy it and start planning your next one.
  6. I understand what you're saying about being shy and starting here isn't a bad idea, but you're going to have to talk to artists (def. more than one). You'll have to pick someone with past experience and doesn't just sugar coat things to get the work. If you don't you'll just end up with an even bigger mess.
  7. JAC1961


    Probably 10 to 15 hours, but there's so many different things that can affect it. Best to find an artist who's work you like and has a good reputation, go for a consult and go with their estimate. Don't price shop. It's tacky and never results in the best quality tattoo.
  8. Yay, if you want to tattoo, do it the right and get an apprenticeship. If not, just get tattooed.
  9. JAC1961

    new guy

    My recommendation is to not start with a major piece. Pick out the artist you like and get a small/medium size piece. That way you learn the process and find out if the artist is all you wanted. Better to be disappointed with that than a huge one that you really want.
  10. Tattoos are just like people, they fade from the moment they're created. It looks fine. Enjoy it and plan your next one.
  11. Go read the forum rules. This is not a place to teach people how to tattoo.
  12. Yes, it is a common phenomenon. It's a common question here. Take a breath and relax, it will pass.
  13. I follow quite a few local shops on social media along with others that I'd some day like to travel to and in the last week I'm seeing a reoccurring theme. The lock down of tattoo shops in many states is quickly causing financial problems for the shop owners and tattooers. Many are selling merch and paintings or prints and offering to do commissioned artwork. The shop that I've gone to the most is selling gift cards to carry them thru this lean times. I realize many collectors are also laid off or facing reduced hours, but if you are in a position to help consider throwing a little something their way. It'd be a shame to lose a bunch of good shops and artists that we'll be wanting and needing when this whole nightmare is over.
  14. And it seems to me since you questioned the artist multiple times, you must have already known that you shouldn't do it. That puts at least 50% of the responsibility on you.
  15. Funny thing is, I'd feel safer going to any tattoo shop that I've ever been to compared to the vast majority of restaurants or stores.