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  1. Listen to Dan. And welcome.
  2. JAC1961


    That's exactly the thing that I'd do, making them more ridiculous based on who asked. Since they are something that mean a lot to you, that's probably not the thing to do. Possibly put them on your thigh. More room to make them a decent size and would be covered the majority of the time.
  3. JAC1961


    I completely get you wanting it as a tribute, but if it where me, I'd put it out of plain view. Tattoos of Asian characters having become a running joke as of late because of so many of them being... well, enormous. Hope they come out well for you no matter what you decide.
  4. JAC1961


    Joe, being new I don't think that you'll be able to post there until you have a certain amount of posts. If you go ahead and post it here people will respond. Also, welcome!
  5. Totally amazing! That's better than most the "tattoo models". 👍💪👏
  6. Thursday finally arrived and I got my 4th tattoo. Really happy it and already thinking what might be next. Many thanks to Mike Schlicher at Lake Erie Studio.
  7. Welcome Nikki. I'm nextdoor in Ohio.
  8. If you can't find it, why not just message him and ask. He probably has an assistant that would answer. Worth a shot.
  9. Geeking so hard about my next tattoo that I had to put a countdown widget on my phone. Come on Thursday.
  10. Yeah, I can't see how the 2 could be in anyway associated. I'm sure that there are whack jobs out there that might try, but we can't let those few ruin things we enjoy.
  11. JAC1961


    Sorry I missed it. I'm sure that they're be another any time now. 🙄
  12. A closer, more detailed pic might help everyone see what's going on. It looks like a dark theme and that should be easy to expand depending on your taste. Are you going to the same artist that did that piece? Have you asked their opinion? Welcome too!
  13. @DanGreat work, tender spot. Her work is really clean.