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  1. Welcome, glad that you found us. You can start posts in other sections after 10 posts. Feel free to ask questions here too, many people do.
  2. Very proud of myself and the family today. Our daughter and I both donated blood for first time. My wife and sister-in-law also donated for 4 units from the family. Glad my needle phobia is subsiding enough to let me help those in need.
  3. Firstly, some pics would help people understand what you're dealing with. Secondly, you're doing this to yourself. Take a deep breath and stop obsessing over it. It takes a while to get used to a big change, relax and try to just ignore it for a few weeks. It just a tattoo.
  4. JAC1961


    Welcome 👋 Feel free to ask your questions right here.
  5. Maybe you really don't 😬🤢
  6. Very nice! Not sure I'll ever be brave enough to get a elbow/knee/etc.
  7. JAC1961

    Design Ideas

    Take your time and do plenty of research. Think about it, think it over and then reconsider it all. You're talking about something very involved with a high risk of failure. Be 100% sure before you start. I can go to bed being absolutely certain which tattoo I want next and wake up the next morning and think it's the worst idea ever
  8. If you don't know what you want, it's probably not a good idea to get a tattoo. You'll be posting on here after you get it about not being happy with it and pissed at the artist for not knowing what you wanted. I don't think it's a good idea to swing for the fence on your first tattoo. For your first, get something small and generic. Learn that process and see if this artist is really all you think they are. If all goes well, then start planning the "one you've always wanted." Jumping before you're really ready is just going to result in you coming on here and asking about lasers and cover ups.
  9. JAC1961


    Yep, it's a nice looking design, but could use more contrast. Some more solid black.
  10. Welcome and howdy. Looks cool, but kinda hard to tell from those pics.
  11. Welcome. Keep us up to date with your new work.
  12. JAC1961

    Longivity ?

    I believe it has more to do with the artist than the style. Someone with good technique can do any style and make it last. Still, I would think a fine line tattoo would look aged sooner than a bold American traditional or Asian. Bold colors, thick lines, etc. And all tattoos fade eventually.
  13. JAC1961

    Muscle gain

    Blow a balloon part of the way up, write on it with a marker, then blow it up some more. 😄 I'd think muscle development would affect the outter forearm more than the inner.
  14. There are many symbols that originally meant one thing and have been bastardized over the years. The iron cross was a German military medal going back to Napoleon's time, may even have a history before that. The Nazis, white supremacists and outlaw bikers have ruined since then. I remember going to a car show with my older brother and sister in law when I was probably 6 or 7. I bought a small iron cross and thought it was the coolest thing ever.