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  1. As long as it's not red and warm to the touch, I'd just keep it clean and let it heal. If it gets worse, then see your doctor.
  2. The artist that did my half sleeve Asian tiger used grey ink. It does have a different look compared to thinned black. Artists at another shop noticed right away and asked about it. To me it looks more opaque than dilute black.
  3. I'd just point them out to your artist and tell them you want them avoided. I'm sure they probably see thousands and know perfectly well what to do.
  4. I believe that mostly has to do with the artist, being "heavy handed" or not. My last tattoo never itched or peeled to speak of. Neither have the other two they did. My other tattoos, done by other artists, have itched and the skin pealed. The just wonder if the ones that are more "heavy handed" will last better because the ink is deeper.
  5. I started using A&D then switched to Aquaphor because it's easier to get a thin layer, and we'll, I don't smell like a baby's butt either. lol Use it the first 3 days then go to Aveeno or Lubriderm.
  6. Howdy and welcome. Looking forward to pics of your new work.
  7. JAC1961


    Welcome Justin. I agree with everyone else, please go about it the right way.
  8. I'd think anything that ages your skin will age your tattoos also. Maybe not significantly, but it has to have some affect over years and years.
  9. The purpose of the film or bandage is to keep dirt/germs out of your fresh wound. When you're home it's a controlled area and you can remove it and start cleaning it. My artist told me to leave the wrap on overnight when he did the shading and color on my half sleeve. It got all twisted up during the night and I removed it. When I got my inner forearm tattooed, my artist said he never wraps them... I asked for plastic wrap till I got home and he did. I've lived thru both situations.
  10. You're saying it is on you, but you don't know its meaning? Why would you let someone permanently mark you with a symbol you don't understand? To me, the time for research is long gone.
  11. JAC1961

    Hey there

    He knows that now, but not when he did it? That be the big red flag for me not to go back to him. What's he not going to know this time that he'll realize later?
  12. Good God, how's anyone to know from such a shitty photo?
  13. Pricing is very subjective. It depends a lot on your area, the coverage, the design, artist's experience and reputation, their past experience with you, their mood, etc., etc. I wouldn't have a problem asking them (very nicely and non-judgementally) to explain the price and say I thought it would be less. A decent artist shouldn't have a problem explaining that to the person paying for their service. At the end of the day, you have 2 choices. Pay their price or go to someone else. You're not shopping for a can of soup.