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  1. LST Animal Lovers

    They are a large part of her charm.
  2. LST Animal Lovers

    Here's our girl Dixie. Never when I've thought about what kind of dog we might like to own, did a bloodhound ever cross the radar. We wanted to adopt (we're big on rescuing instead of buying) a gentle dog that would be good with the grandkids. Wanted a golden retriever or lab, but was getting frustrated as so many want to adopt them. A google search led us to bloodhounds and then to a rescue based in Ontario Canada. You just couldn't ask for a sillier, happier family dog. Not a day goes by that we don't chuckle about something she does or 'tells' us.
  3. New here & to tattoos

    Hey, hey, glad to see I'm not the only one that started/continued at an older age. I'd like to think that I'm past the point where I'll regret it later in life. lol Here's a pic of my first. Never have taken the time to get a good one.
  4. Tipping Question

    Just to throw a little something else in. I don't know how tattoo artists and their shop handle the reporting of tips as income, but when I got my tattoo, I handed the artist cash for a tip before leaving their room. I was paying with a card and knew I could add the tip on there, but figured there's no need to have it on the books. Anybody asks, I didn't give nobody nuttin'.
  5. New here & to tattoos

    Hey all. I just got my first tattoo in August... at the ripe old age of 56. I've always doubted the 'once you get one, you'll want more', until I got one. It's true, I'm already planning my next. Thought it be nice to join up to be able to ask questions and enjoy everyone else's work. John