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  1. JAC1961

    Quick Hello and a Question

    Firstly, listen to your artist. They may have not done anything like this, but I assume that they've done plenty of other tattoos and know what will work. I can see that not holding up well over time. Also I doubt there would be much you could not later to touch it up or cover it. If it were me, I'd consider doing the negative of what your pic shows... the lines being tattooed in black. It would be just as recognizable and I'd think that the lines would be able to be darkened at a later day when they fade. Just a thought. Also, welcome.
  2. JAC1961

    Helloo from Oz

    I got my first one at 56 and have no plans of stopping. When you're a little older you're less likely to be influenced by fads and other people and get things that really mean something to you. Welcome.
  3. JAC1961

    Help! Tattoo has been positioned wrong!

    It certainly wouldn't bother me enough to do anything about it. Like @Dansaid, enjoy it and start planning your next.
  4. JAC1961

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Holy shit! Those are mind-blowingly beautiful!
  5. I can see it if you were really into archeology and it sounded like maybe she is, but the use of her blood didn't make sense to me. It looked to me like any pigment in the blood had been mostly absorbed leaving scarification. The iceman had black tattoos so if you wanted to be accurate... IDK.
  6. Changed... sorry about that.
  7. Sorry @Gingerninja, that was probably a poor choice on my part. I'll try to change it later. The link should go the video on YouTube though.
  8. This video just popped up in my Youtube feed. Take a look and see what you think. Link to Inked Youtube video
  9. JAC1961

    Price estimation

    Why'd you give up on the black-out on your member? I was really hoping to hear how that went.
  10. JAC1961

    Penis tattoo advice

  11. JAC1961

    Penis tattoo advice

    I've got an idea... stab it a couple times with a sharp object and see if it's as great as you think it will be. 😵
  12. JAC1961

    Is it really that bad?

    Ya, it's fine. We're always more critical that others. No one else would ever see the things that you are. Take a break and get used to it, it'll grow on you.
  13. JAC1961


    I can understand it not being exactly what you wanted/expected, but it's not bad at all. Well done and fits with the other work on your arm. I'd mark it up to life, enjoy it as is and if you still want one like your reference, find a different artist and have it put someplace else. Nothing wrong with double dragons.
  14. JAC1961

    Dr. Martens Tattoo Collection

    The price on the boots seems reasonable to me... the t-shirts seem pricey. Just me.
  15. JAC1961

    Tattoo regret

    I agree with everyone else, that's a wicked cool tattoo. I can understand it taking awhile to get over that big of a change. I'd be happy just to be that fit! lol