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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    That's great. I thought about getting one, but couldn't find anyone that was doing it locally.
  2. How??

    I believe that you have to have 10 posts before you can post in other sections. Probably has something to do with control spam, etc. Old one bad apple thing.
  3. Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    I dig narwhals. And I could watch this everyday. I think what you've got so far looks great.
  4. Hello all!

    Amazing improvement! Reminds me of a fairy tale illustration. Can hardly wait to get my tiger finished a week from today!
  5. Relationships and tattoos

    I've got one on my right shoulder and just have color yet to do on my my Japanese half sleeve on my left arm. My wife doesn't have any currently, but is getting a small one on her foot in honor of the family, the day after I finish my 1/2 sleeve. I might be able to talk her into another small one, but I think that would be it. I on the other hand, have been bitten. She may have to hide the checkbook from me.
  6. What an excellent post! Really glad that you shared your experience. I think it's an outstanding tattoo. From the pics, I'd say that it completely covers the old. Love the dragon! Us 56 year old, old guys gotta stick together!!!
  7. Interesting images, but I'd think that they're too complex to use as tattoos. Be interested to see what others think. Welcome.
  8. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @viezuregreat tattoo! Love black work. I'm the same way, I like a bunch of different styles. I don't know that I'll designate certain areas on my body for each style. I don't have a problem putting them right next to each other if I want them that way.
  9. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I had another session on my Asian tiger half sleeve last Friday to do the shading. Still really happy with it and my choice of artist. I also determined from that appointment that 4 hours at a time is as much as I want to do. Really looking forward to adding the color and finishing up in 3 weeks.
  10. Just someone's 5 minutes of fame. I'm afraid things like this don't do any good for the impression of tattooing in minds of the haters.
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Really, really nice.
  12. A new Jeff Gogue video showed up in my Youtube feed, so I thought that I'd share. Continually amazed by his work. Jeff Gogue/Daniel Miller bodysuit
  13. Your First Tattoo Story

    I grew up as a kid that was bullied and did all I could to not stand out or be notice as to not bring down more hurtful things upon myself. I also had a mom that as good as she was, was a child of the depression and wasn't at all accepting of things she wasn't familiar with. Add to that, I spent my adult life working in a profession that no matter how open minded they claimed to be, didn't want any nonconformists. I just admired tattoos and don't really consider them a possibility. I had one coworker with tattoos and occasionally talked to him about getting one. I was fortunate enough to retire early. It took a month or so, but it dawned me that I no longer had any of those restraints and could do as I damn well pleased. First I got my ears pierced and then my first tattoo. It's been very liberating to kinda give the world the bird, lol. I'm currently part way thru a half sleeve and spend most nights cruise the net dreaming of future work and artists.
  14. Crossing International Borders for a Tattoo

    My answer to any question would be... this thing? Nah, I've had it for years! But I did eat a really expensive meal while I was there.
  15. Mystery tattoo machine??

    I'm far, far, far from an expert on the subject, but it doesn't look like any I've seen. Maybe try a different approach, assume it's not a tattoo machine and try to determine what it is. I know there's lots of antique tool collectors and probably nearly as many websites and forums, maybe try them. If you find out what it is, I hope you let us know. I love old stuff and learning about it. Good luck!