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  1. One of the truest statements in life, "you get what you pay for"
  2. JAC1961

    What do you moisturize with?

    I've been using Lubriderm, but maybe I'll give Aveeno a try for the next bottle.
  3. JAC1961

    New and Terrified! :)

    No one can answer that for you. You have to decide for yourself. If you need help deciding, then to me you're not ready. There's no time limit, you can wait as long as needed to be sure that you're making the right decision. If I were you I would identify the specific things that are making you anxious and unsure. Also, welcome.
  4. JAC1961

    Can an artist give out my name?

    Makes sense to me!
  5. JAC1961

    Hey to everyone

    My tattoos are as perfect as I am. 😉 Nice work and welcome.
  6. JAC1961

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I got my third tattoo last Wednesday... the tattoo I always thought would be my first, a family tribute. I asked for suggestions on it here a while back and tried to put them to good use. I stayed away from heavy on text and went with something more graphic and symbolic. We all like the Pixar movie "Up" so I used that as a theme and added my wife's, daughter's and grandkids' first initials in heart shaped balloons with their birth stone colors. It was done by Jaimi Mullholand at Broad Wing Tattoo in Bowling Green, OH. I'm super pleased with it and ready for my next.
  7. JAC1961

    Is it just me or is this sloppy line work?

    Ya, most look alright, but many of the newer ones look wonky. I don't think I'd be going to her either. There's lots of artists that do better work than that.
  8. JAC1961

    Advice on tree piece

    It's your tattoo in the end, do what you need to to make yourself happy. If everyone else in the world hates it and you love it, that's all that matters.
  9. JAC1961

    Quick Hello and a Question

    Firstly, listen to your artist. They may have not done anything like this, but I assume that they've done plenty of other tattoos and know what will work. I can see that not holding up well over time. Also I doubt there would be much you could not later to touch it up or cover it. If it were me, I'd consider doing the negative of what your pic shows... the lines being tattooed in black. It would be just as recognizable and I'd think that the lines would be able to be darkened at a later day when they fade. Just a thought. Also, welcome.
  10. JAC1961

    Helloo from Oz

    I got my first one at 56 and have no plans of stopping. When you're a little older you're less likely to be influenced by fads and other people and get things that really mean something to you. Welcome.
  11. JAC1961

    Help! Tattoo has been positioned wrong!

    It certainly wouldn't bother me enough to do anything about it. Like @Dansaid, enjoy it and start planning your next.