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  1. @oboogievery nice. Robert Ryan is someone that I really like and would love to get a piece from if it wasn't such a hike.
  2. In my opinion, the rose looks very nice until the very middle and then it kinda gets wonky. The petals on the very center should still be concentric. They've got like 4 prongs or something... not sure. The two pieces really don't flow together. They almost looks like they were plopped down separately, not part of the same composition. I think what makes it look odd is the rose is 3D with lots of depth and the locket is completely flat and 2 dimensional, no shadows or depth. Sorry, not trying to tear it down or be critical, just relating what I see. I don't think I'd return to the same artist.
  3. It looks fine to me. It has to fully heal before you can be absolutely sure. A couple lines have slight wiggles, but nothing I'd worry about it. BTW, you have to have 10 posts before you can post outside of Initiation.
  4. It sure is and I'm glad I can participate this year. The last couple years I always had other commitments.
  5. I've got an appointment for my next on 6/29. It's just one hour to add a frame of nails to my first saw blade tattoo. The shop where I got my first does a Veteran's benefit each year right around July 4th. They donate ALL their time and all the money goes to the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. The last couple years they raised over $10k each year. You get a t-shirt and after care products and local restaurants bring in the eats. Really looking forward to be able to help out some folks that really deserve it.
  6. That should tell you something. I can see the little wisp of a line at the bottom of the the dot on the i. If that brothers you I'd think it be super easy to fix just by filling it into the dot.
  7. From the photo, I can't see any of what you're talking about. Looks fine to me.
  8. Great news. Really glad everything turned out ok for you. 👍
  9. JAC1961


    And we were even fairly nice! This time 😈
  10. @Danhang tough man. I'm 58 and already had 2 of them and am due for my 3rd. They're not a big deal, you're right, the fasting is the worst. My dad had colon cancer too and lived nearly 30 years after they found it. I've had a couple polyps removed and do exactly as my doc recommends. They say it is the slowest progressing and one of the most treatable forms of a shitty illness. (pun intended) Try not to worry, as it doesn't help a bit. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
  11. I agree, that's a pretty standard Asian theme. I also like it and if were mine, would not want to change a thing. I imagine after it's healed the color could be changed slightly (very) to more purplish. You'd have to consult your artist. I think the blue goes fine with the other colors... blue, red, yellow area primary colors after all.
  12. JAC1961


    Must not have liked our answers. Sorry.
  13. JAC1961


    I agree. Any slight difference at all will probably never be noticed by anyone but you. There's no getting around the fact that skin is pliable and tattoos distort as we move. You could add to it if it made you feel better, but I wouldn't worry about it. I like the way my tattoo's minor imperfections mirror my own.
  14. JAC1961


    Welcome! Great looking work. Are you stopping there or going for an entire bodysuit?