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  1. JAC1961

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    I really don't think anyone was purposely being rude to you. I think they were taking time out of their personal lives and applying their knowledge of tattoos to try to help you. If you stick around awhile you'll see that the same question gets asked time after time and it's difficult not to occasionally get frustrated by people's impatience.
  2. JAC1961

    New to Last Sparrow, hello!

    Howdy and welcome.
  3. JAC1961

    Mixing styles?

    Do what makes you happy and don't worry about having to justify your choices.
  4. If you're an artist that's thinking about starting a relationship with a studio, maybe these are questions that you should run by an attorney. Things differ from state to state and it'd probably be worth investing in professional advice on something that could a major impact on your financial future. And welcome.
  5. That's a great idea! What's MJ's doc doing these days?
  6. JAC1961

    Anxiety aftermath

    No need to get upset. Just try to put it out of your mind for a week or so and think of other things. Take pride in doing something many want, but aren't brave enough to do. Concentrate on liking it and try to avoid the "what-ifs". If worse came to worse, you could have it covered with a design you like better or have it removed. Relax and breath, it'll be fine. Welcome btw.
  7. JAC1961

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Wow, @Acediathat is really well done. Congrats!
  8. JAC1961

    Tattoo Year in Review

    @Danlovin' yours man, especially the devil and pumpkin! @GingerninjaI suggest we change your name to pinchusion 😉🤣 This was only my second year of getting tattooed, but I was very happy with what I got. The beginning of 2018 was 3 sessions to get this: Fall of 2018 was a family tribute that may not be the very best tattoo in the world, but makes me smile every time I look at it. For the coming year, I already have an email in requesting a consult for a traditional mom/dad tribute piece. Looking forward to that and more!
  9. JAC1961

    New user from CA

    Very nice!
  10. JAC1961

    First one done!!!

    Looks awesome! Congrats!
  11. JAC1961

    Happy Festivus everyone !

    For the rest of US!!!
  12. JAC1961

    Getting my first tattoo, have a few questions

    I got a 14 hour 1/2 sleeve on my upper arm in 3 sessions, a month between each. The timing was my artist's choice, not mine and I'm glad. 4 hours at at time was enough for me. Not entirely the pain involved, sitting/laying for long periods, being tensed, etc. I just find it to be more enjoyable to do shorter sittings, I have nothing to prove. Also, some tattooers have a heavier hand than others. Couple things that I'd add to Dan's list. No ibuprofen, aspirin or other blood thinners before (of course unless it's something very necessary and then I'd run it by you doc and/or let your artist know.) If you're traveling very far right after, I'd suggest stopping for a quick meal. Even with a snack during the tattoo I felt much better refueling before the drive home. Best of luck and let us see how it turns out.
  13. JAC1961

    Newbie!! Hello! :)

    Howdy and welcome! I've only been tattooed on the arms so far, but have been amazed how much difference in pain there can be between the top and underside of the arm... and difference in artists.
  14. @otiscVery cool, look forward to seeing it finished.
  15. JAC1961

    Tattoo artists' tips

    Thanks. His wife and son stopped by the shop while I was there. Got a kick outta watching him play with them. 😊