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  1. Hi. thanks for the answer. I started an advertising campaign on Facebook today, I will look for an audience there. I am glad that we are having a constructive discussion, I learn a lot of new things about the industry that will be useful in promoting our project. One more question, if I turn to you for a sketch in your style, will you sell it to me?
  2. Many talented artists, like many talented tattooers. There is a problem when I am in another part of the world and cannot make a tattoo in the style of a master who is in thousands of kilometers from me. There is an option to buy his design and make a tattoo in my city. Our mission is to reduce the distance between tattoo lovers and creators. We want to bring you all under one roof, to make the art of various cultures and nationalities available for fans, who can decorate their bodies with tattoos.
  3. why not? I drew for myself a sketch of a tattoo that I like based on the artist Jean-Baptiste Monge and made a tattoo with someone who knows how to make a tattoo. That's what came out of it Art by me, Tattoo by: Alis Tattoo Studio
  4. hi i'm not a tattoo-master, i'm an artist. This post is only to inform your community about a new project.
  5. So that you do not ask strange questions, I recommend that you first study how crowdfunding works +)
  6. hi this post is just for introducing the project.
  7. hi Nowadays, there are many tools to try to start a risk-free business. Crowdfunding is one of them. it’s strange not to use good tools it solves several problems: informing the audience and raising funds. Difficulties need to be circumvented, not fought against. Also backers do not give money to the project, but buy rewards that they like in this project. Our project has very good rewards up to 0% sales commission. This is a good contribution for a freelancer.
  8. 1. Viviana
  9. Hi. My name is Alex. I am an artist. I know how it works being a freelancer. I know what competition is. We are all talented and ambitious. We all want recognition. We do what we love, and it would be great to get appreciation for what we create. That’s why me and my friend decided to start a niche tattoo shop allowing each of you to sell your tattoo designs and find new clients. It’s more that idea already, but less than a realized plan yet. It’s just the two of us in it. Find out more about the project and get rewards: Promo-page: If you have any questions feel free to ask Thanks a lot