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  1. Thats right, I like it I dont care if people say its not beautiful or that 'I shouldve done flowers... not that!' or if there is rules that you should be having sleeves before getting hands done. But I do agree with originality. And the only thing we changed about the dice is the number of dots, that was the most imortant thing to me at the time! Maybe its different enough then... 🤔 I see it is freaking annoying. I should wrap it up.
  2. Dont you dare tell me Im not the person to get tattoos! 😆 Well I get it, at the end of the day its not the most important thing in life, even if its on your skin forever it is not. Yeah its ok to make mistakes, you cant control the outcome of every decision you make, and you are allowed to freak out. And I see, maybe it has become annoying here. I just wached so many videos on YouTube people saying how horrible it is to copy someones work, although its probably not about simple dice.
  3. What? How dare you! Now I am over thinking before getting one, so the final decision is 'bulletproof' to negative thoughts. I have planned a list of tattoos years ago. And a moment of stupid anxiety will not stop me from doing what I love. I just needed a f*cking help to get over it.
  4. I know, I feel like an idiot worrying about this s*it, as I look at it I even can't decide if it looks the same, or different 'enough' not to worry about it. Yeah, I have seen similar posts here about ppl worrying about their tattoos. For me it's just how my mind works, I worry about every little thing.
  5. I know generally it's wise to finish the sleeve with hand tattoo but... 🙂 I wanted tattoos for long time and decided to go first with the simple ones I guess, like I remember wanting a dice tattoo on my hand thats it, I also wanted to cover the scars on it.
  6. What a dramatic name for the title. It happens all the time, but I didn't expect to *uck this up myself. I did a bunch of small tattoos last year, been wanting a dice tattoo on my hand for very ling time, but didn't put thought to it when it was time for me like actually doing it. Feel pretty bad about it. Should I be thinking of changing it somehow or let it be, because it's like flash you know? Although its the only thing I hate about it, its stressing me out. First photo is the one from Google, then mine - fresh, and healed
  7. Im usually sure about my ideas, but im stuck with that one, 98% of me thinks its cool, but this 2%... just torturing me and I dont understand whats wrong. So I've always liked the rose and dagger motive, but last year I started really thinking about it, and the Idea of scissors cutting through it really appealed to me. I think the shape of it looks cool on my forearm. But I cant convince myself that it makes sence,and I cant stop thinking about it niether! A little about myself, I really like fashion, and I do enjoy creating clothes myself, also I work at a fabric store, so I guess thats why this tool appeals more to me personally than a dagger, and I already have a safety pin tatooed on my forearm(which I loooove , and I expect to love the next tattoo as much! Or more!). But I dont want just scissors on my arm, I think its going to be more fun if its cutting through something. I love roses, but just one rose is not fun for me too. So I combined the two together. I hope the sketch I made is not that bad, I may just attach it here
  8. Thanks! Its great if the artist likes the idea too, thats a good start. If someone which opinion I really appretiate thinks its cool - I'm fine. Annoying questions and even plain insults dont bother me then, but still its nice to hear compliments regardless your tattoo, not that BS you know.
  9. Um.... So my thread is all over the place now... XD anyway, my idea is... I want a rose and dagger, but instead of a dagger its scissors. Does it make sence? I know its stupid to think about what people would think, I personally like this idea, but I am asking myself the same annoying questions that people usually ask, like 'what Does it mean?' and I just think its original take on the traditional design.
  10. I love tattoos, started getting small ones last year, planing to continue with larger pieces this year and really need an opinion on my ideas...Because I really dont have tattoo fans like myself around..
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