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  1. My very first tattoo was 5 hours worth of script spanning the left side of my calf. I know it’s a different spot and I’ve heard it can be sensitive, but in my opinion you’d be surprised what you can handle unless you already know your pain tolerance is pretty low. If that’s not the issue, if the issue is commitment, I really wouldn’t get anything at all unless you’re committed to it. and just ask. I was over thinking asking about a change when really the only way to get an answer is to actually ask your artist. I think most will at least discuss options w you. As for what they will
  2. Hey, thank you! It went great! She was fabulous to work w and I think I was pretty okay too - I was twitching a bit by the end, but no complaining and a good tip! thanks for the insight 🙂
  3. No worries - there’s such a difference between stealing personal art and having something that’s universal so other people have it too. And man I’ve got a neck tattoo and a hand tattoo but no sleeves or big bad chest piece - just small pieces scattered. Apparently that’s a big no no! But oh well (; anyway I get where you’re coming from!!
  4. You’re absolutely right. I’m all for asking politely, but even if I’m respectful about it I don’t want to cause any headaches w my requests. Although I really do think you’re right in that it’ll probably be just fine - I’m likely overthinking a simple question. Oh, well that’s very good to know. Thanks 🙂
  5. Well thank you 🙂 ah, okay. That sounds good. I don’t mind being told no, it’s just that I haven’t worked w her before and I don’t want her to not want to work with me in the future because I ask for too much. I do trust her though, she’s been nice and honest so far and her lettering looks good to me! I’m glad I’m not alone! They’re a good ice breaker that’s for sure lol
  6. I do agree that you’re worrying too much! Honestly, if you like it you don’t need to mess w it. my favorite and most well done tattoos are song lyrics that are actually slightly incorrect (because I got them wrong) and a flower that happens to be a logo lol but I cherish them because they are mine, they’re pretty and I like them - not because they are perfect or completely original. I also have a couple very poorly done tattoos - one of which I’m covering tomorrow, one I’m gonna try to get fixed up and one I’m leaving just the way it is. They just are what they are and hone
  7. I had a question, but this is the only forum I could post to. Can’t find anything about what this ‘initiation’ is exactly, but I’m guessing I’m supposed to introduce myself? Hi, I’m Rebecca. I have several shotty tattoos, but I love and admire tattoos so much. Thanks for having me! I also have a question about etiquette. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get a bad tattoo covered with a black band. I want to have my daughters name and birthdate added above it, would it be okay to ask to do it all at once or should I have it added another time? For me it would be better to have that sp
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