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  1. So, when I got done with that piece on my ribs Tuesday I walked out of the shop thinking "That was intense, that should do me for a while" But then I woke up the next day thinking "That was a pretty awesome looking mace they had drawn up hanging on the wall. I wonder if they are just waiting for someone to get that?" Turns out they had just put that on someone but I was kinda surprised that after the most painful session I have had I was ready to jump back in before it had even scabbed up. I feel like I'm about to go on a run of a bunch of tattoos in really short order.
  2. I think I found my wall at about 2 hours on the ribs. Thanks Ashley @senslessadornments
  3. I should have something for this thread tomorrow. Need to get some sleep.
  4. First rib tattoo coming up on Tuesday. Should be an experience. I've been trying to tell the people in the office that Tattoo Tuesdays would be a great morale booster but they just laugh and blow me off. Guess this will show 'em.
  5. Excited for this one. I've got a spot for a serpent, waiting........
  6. Scott Sylvia, Elm Street Tattoo Fest, Dallas, 2015
  7. Marina Inoue - 2016
  8. Just got an impromptu sparrow from Ashley at Bulletproof Tiger Tattoo here in Manchester
  9. No, it is a TARDIS, from Doctor Who.
  10. That's fantastic. I started college when I was 32. I had been sober a little over a year, had 2 kids, and had to work almost full time while taking a full load of classes. I found that I was older than a lot of my Professors (and pretty much all of the instructors) but that was good and we had a lot of respect for each other. I was always expected to lead group projects though so watch out for that. Also, when you are done you will have your schooling AND that work experience which puts you farther ahead of the game when it comes to competing for jobs.
  11. I have a spot for a serpent, just need to go get it done. Perhaps that will be my first New Hampshire tattoo.
  12. I'm about 2/3 packed. I will leave Dallas on the 23rd, visit family in Indiana for Thanksgiving, and then head to NH to start on 12-1
  13. New Hampshire here I come.