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  1. She did a fortune teller on my right calf, gonna balance it out with something on the left
  2. So, this is a 5 hour drive for me. I will likely leave work around lunchtime on Friday and head down. Realizing I should be looking for a room. My appointment with Marina is Saturday evening so I'm hoping I have some cash and can find someone with open time. I would love to get something from Grez but I doubt that would be possible. I was able to walk up and get tattooed by Scott Sylvia in Dallas a couple years ago and I wouldn't have expected that to happen so you never know.
  3. That is fantastic, never would have thought of that.
  4. I agree with @Gingerninja RF is put together and usually has a really good layout.
  5. I am a convert @Gingerninja I'm thinking I might as just buy a roll and take it with me to appointments. Then I will be all super tattoo client. I'm not sure how well I would be able to tolerate it on the next big rib piece I'm planning though.
  6. Just had a little bat made on my shin. My first experience with saniderm as well. My shin did not swell up like the other one did a month or two ago. I will post a pic when I get one.
  7. Open category of tattoos people have gotten in the last month, or few, with a tattoo only eligible to be entered once.
  8. RF is a blast. I've always wanted to make it out to PRB but it seems like these days I'm more into Rockabilly weekenders.
  9. Cool. Do you do Riot Fest in Chicago? I seem to recall talking to a group very similar if they were not you.
  10. I will be there!! Just booked time with Marina Inoue to do my other calf. That is Sat evening, might have to do something else as well. We should have some LST meetup times, even though I've not been on here much lately.
  11. I said a similar thing on here about a year ago when my boss at the time made some comment about me being 'pretty heavily tattooed'. Sure, compared to him and other people in the office I had a lot of tattoos. But compared to people here or people I hung out with I was still pretty green. Now I've gotten something on my ribs and that was a personal landmark. May sound weird but now I feel like I've graduated a level in being tattooed. Soon I too will go below the elbows. For some reason I felt that I needed to have some torso work done before I did that though.
  12. Thanks man, appreciate it. Not my first merry go round. I never liked what I do all that much but I found myself with a family to support and it paid the bills. Marriage had been in rough shape for a even before I took the job in TX. I had given up but was supporting everyone while my wife and daughters were in school. Everyone just graduated and now she wants to try to pull it together again. She accepted a great job out near SF. I don't know if I have the energy to try to keep trying anymore. I thought I would avoid that mid life crisis thing by being wild when I was in my 20s and what not. Guess it all caught up with me anyway.
  13. Lol, thanks @Gingerninja. I was texting with a friend in Dallas while I was there and she said "You are loaded and unhappy. I am destitute and having the time of my life. There's got to be an in between." Gotta figure something else out. That conference was in Atlanta. It was warm, I wore shorts the second day. That was fun.
  14. Man, I was going to post in here about how much I dislike where i'm at right now. I have a job/career that lots of people dream about and I hate it. Went to a conference yesterday and realized I was surrounded by an ocean of khaki pants and button down shirts and wondered how I got to this place. Took a job in NH and I just haven't been able to find people up here. Just kinda suckin' right now. Been living away from my wife for about 18 months now and a part of me thinks it is time to throw in the towel on that relationship. F***. Not in a good place,
  15. So, I'm in Atlanta for a software conference and it let out earlier than I expected and I found myself with an afternoon with nothing to do. Browsed the interwebs for shops close by and didn't see anything promising. Just as I was about to give up and found one that looked good and ran over and got this done. It is a really bad pic but you get the idea. It wraps a bit so I doubt I will ever rally get a good shot. Tattoo by Stenvik Moström @stenviking_libertytat2