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  1. First tattoo I was 15 and a friend made an anarchy symbol on my arm with a homemade machine in Lafayette IN 2nd was a guy I met camping on a beach in Ensenada Mexico in a microbus, we were in one too. Cooked him breakfast and he made a yin yang type thing on my other arm Those were the kid aged tattoos. I didn’t get tattooed again until I was in my 30s and had raised kids to the point of having disposable income. In order of their first time tattooing me: Martin Bee (Tipi man), Denver CO Jereme Galloway, Bloomington IN x3 Scott Sylvia Marina Inoue, everywhere USA x2 Joe Haasch, Dallas TX Ashley Matthias, Manchester NH x6 Chad Koplinger, Nashville TN x4 Stenvik Moström, Atlanta GA Taka Cooper, Hudson Valley Tattoo
  2. Just talked to a guy at the gas station who had his palm and fingers outlined yesterday. Outlined. He is going back for more. 😲
  3. To everyone who said the belly was awful.... ....you are correct. Holy shit did I not expect that. So, Belly, ribs, and even getting close to the knee pit would be tops for me.
  4. That is a tough one. Each was likely my favorite when it was new. I would say the gypsy ladyhead by Marina is the most likely answer to this question. Did you ask this in a Facebook group too? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. I agree, nice tattoos. good lines, shading, and all. That's a really fun area to get tattooed too.
  6. Hey all, haven't been around for a while but I did go through another shading session with Chad on the big bat that I thought I would share.
  7. Much less anxious of those than their associated ditches. But ( realizing I have one elbow ditch tattooed) Knee ditch actually scares me.
  8. You can never go wrong with more skulls.
  9. The experience is a part of the process. I've been thinking about my chest and belly for years. I finally had it boiled down in my head to about 5 people. One, while I love his work, I've not been tattooed by him and I didn't want to go into this big a project with someone I didn't know. Another. I've not been tattooed by but have met and finally decided I did not want to hang out with that person that much. the other two were eliminated by speed and location and that left me whit who was supposed to do it all along.
  10. Little outline Chad carved into me yesterday morning.
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