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  1. I really seem to love to give myself heartache and pain. That is all.
  2. No after shows @Gingerninja, but there was good stuff all weekend. Finally seeing X was a highlight. Biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed M.I.A's set. Not sure what I expected from her but a big disco dance party wasn't it. She was fun.
  3. Spent this weekend at Riot Fest in Chicago, spending next weekend at The New England Shake Up in MA. I am not going to want to go back to an office job after this.
  4. I'm an old punk/metalhead, now more into the rockabilly scene so can you guess the one directly music related tattoo I have? Well, Marina and the Diamonds wouldn't ya know. :D Tattoo by Marina Inoue:
  5. Congress St. is where I connected with Chad for the torch. Good folks at both of those shops. Don't know about Portland but Al and Ashley at Bulletproof Tiger in Manchester do good work. But that would be another hour down the road.
  6. Marina Inoue is based out of Denver but she is on the road most of the time. If you are lucky you can catch her there.
  7. Made the jump Friday and tattooed the inner right forearm. Turned out fantastic (pic in the latest lowdown thread). I live by myself, well, I have a cat, and let me tell you trying to apply Saniderm to your fight forearm, alone, when you are right handed is an adventure. I really should have thought that one through a bit more.
  8. Nice, I've gotten close to the knee pit and that was a lot of fun. Can't imagine what the tips of those wings was like. Yowza.
  9. Just give it time a let it heal. It's not going anywhere.
  10. No, he is going to be in NH. I was talking with him at Pagoda but he was all booked. He asked where I lived and he said he was going to be in Portsmouth at the end of the month. Gonna be my first venture below the elbow.
  11. I have an appointment with Chad Koeplinger on Sunday. Pretty stoked.
  12. A tattoo is an injury to your skin. Everyone will react and heal a bit differently. Other factors can come into play too. Like I am slightly allergic to cats so if my cat rubs up against a fresh tattoo it gets a little more irritated than when I am able to keep him away from it.
  13. Good stuff. Lately I have been getting more serious about my hobby of buying and reselling things from estate sales and whatnot. After coming to the realization that i cannot continue in my career and stay sane I really had no idea what else I would do as I have no desire to go back into a kitchen or up on a roof again either. So, I made an Etsy account and I've sold some stuff through there. Done pretty well on some ebay auctions. Made some good connections and hopefully I can keep the momentum going and turn it into something that will pay the bills. I enjoy it much more than anything else I've ever done so that is something.
  14. Finally got in last night. What was supposed to be about a 5 hour drive took 8 with traffic and accidents. I think it might be the last weekend before school or something in MA, those highways were a nightmare.
  15. Indeed. Quite warm up here in NH today