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  1. @Gingerninja Awesome! I considered going to Pgh to try and find an artist to do mine but trying to schedule and travel on top of getting my first tattoo would've been too nerve racking 😂 - I'll be up there for 2 games this year.
  2. I know this is an old thread but I'm new to this place and been exploring around the forum. I asked my artist about the show because while the drama is lame I love watching the "flash challenges" just to see creative people come up with cool stuff in a medium they're usually totally unfamiliar with. Anyway, he told me he'd applied to be on the show several times and they actually told him he'd been selected to be on season 5, which was the "Rivals" season. He was all ready to go and I guess they called and were like "hey, do you have any rivals in the industry? Like someone you real
  3. I'm actually born and raised in Cincinnati! My dad is from near Pittsburgh, and I still have a lot of family there but was raised as a fan from the beginning. My artist was a Bengals fan and grumbled throughout but did a great job!
  4. I guess a photo of said tattoo does make sense doesn't it? 😂
  5. Been a longtime tattoo admirer that finally got the stones to get my own done about a year ago. Love admiring and talking them and might have gotten the itch to get more, so thought I'd join on here.
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