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  1. Put the 3rd GoldWing on the road today. A '79 that I plan to use as my daily driver in hot weather as it is neked. Still need to upgrade the shocks and put a lower set of handlebars on it, but it is running great!
  2. Well, playoffs and finals are over. I was kind of hoping Cousins would have a chance to redeem himself for a good contract next year, but that didn't happen. Then all the trades changed the leaque without even considering in the new recruits. I prefer college ball, anyway. I doubt you will get a great tattoo from an artist or atmosphere you don't like. Even if it were to turn out as great art, the experience would be so hard to wipe out. I had one bad piece and the artist was either rude, talking to others (a friend of his came in and talked with him for 15 minutes while he was working on me), yelling at an apprentice, or silent. The shop was clean, but the receptionist only spoke to me once and went back to her magazine (even though I had complimented a recent piece she had on a shoulder). The apprentice did seem friendly when i took a break to pee. He was copying flash in the hallway. I ended up getting a tattoo there that I disliked soo much that I had it lasered down to where another artist could do it right. Even if the ink had been perfect, the experience tainted it in my mind.
  3. Anyone going? I may try to go one night. I have a bike show on Saturday, but it will be over by 3 pm giving me time to get the bike home, unloaded, and back in town by about 6. Sunday afternoon might be good. Looks like they are trying to add things on Sunday to entice folks to hang around.
  4. Your body usually is not perfect mirror-image. Keep that in mind. Just the way you stand, etc. will cause differences. Give this one (at least) a year. Then think about it again.
  5. Comments about having them or not really don't bother me. Comments about quality or design would, but that usually only happens on another forum where they have a couple members that delight in nit-picking and panning any tattoo with the slightest flaw.
  6. Monday, I took a 600+ mile round trip and picked up my next "project". A 1979 GoldWing that I plan to restore to showroom stock. It will probably take the next two winters, which is Ok because it will keep me occupied. I'll post up some photos once I can pull it outside.
  7. Looks nice, Dan. So, is this in preparation for some awesome trips?
  8. Nice bikes. Whenever any of you decide to ride "the Tail of the Dragon", give me a shout. I live about 45 minutes from it, and about 15 minutes from "the Devil's Triangle" (which I hope to ride later this week when things dry out).
  9. Just got home yesterday from a 13 day 4200 mile motorcycle trip with the wife. Took US70 from Tennessee to its Western terminus in Arizona, then back roads to Williams, train to the Grand Canyon, returned via US60 with a side trip to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. Also a stop to stand on a corner when a hot girl in a truck pulled up.
  10. Well now, isn't that minty fresh?! Love it!
  11. Nice looking lid! Is it modular? If so, Arai has done a great job of smoothing the joint! Nice CB, too. I'm still trying to find a way to further quiet the Emgo shorties on my GL1000. It eats fiberglass wrap in 20 miles. May try SS pads next.
  12. It only takes me a couple days to forget the pain. Your new art looks great!