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    Nearing retirement, and looking forward to Chapter 2. I have no idea what will happen, and that is exciting!
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    motorcycle riding and wrenching, evangelism
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  1. The bra line accentuates any misalignment. Either go without or find one with a lower edge of the band that runs parallel. Or grow to love it as it is.
  2. pidjones

    terrible tattoos

    I follow Karviniya's work as I like her style and talent, but something tells me this one is fodder for the laser: (from her Instagram)
  3. pidjones

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    My retirement project "the Hunley" runs! Not finished yet, but getting so close!
  4. pidjones

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Don't know if this is awesome or shitty. My last employer called last week and wants me back as a part-time consultant test engineer for about three months. Good money, but I've been having a ball in retirement working on an old motorcycle project. It will only be 20 or so hours a week, so the summer won't be shot, and I enjoyed the project they were working on. To keep this tattoo related, I stopped by to visit my artist yesterday and congratulate her on her recent engagement. Did a double-duty trip because the next block was where I had my drug screening for the temp agency.
  5. pidjones

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Haha. "Toad-frog" is the common name for them in our local "Appalachian" dialect.
  6. pidjones

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Very nice sleeve!
  7. pidjones

    Sometimes we get untattooed!

    When I was in the Navy (70's) I saw a kid having a tattoo removed from his shoulder by rock salt abrasion. They said it would take about 6 sessions, 3 months apart. Blood was pouring down his arm as the corpsman rubbed hard with gauze dipped in rock salt. THAT looked painful! I had three laser sessions on my forearm to lighten it before getting it corrected. Much shorter duration than getting a tattoo, but a bit more pain (with or without Lidocane). Now the cost of the laser treatments - that HURT!
  8. pidjones

    Relationships and tattoos

    Tornado7 hit it for me. I'd love for her to experience the interest that I have. But, it's Ok for her not to. I don't enjoy cooking or gardening (but I do enjoy eating what she grows and cooks!) We do enjoy riding the motorcycle and seeing new places together. She seemed to really enjoy the trip we recently took to Kennedy Space Center. So, if she never gets one, it's still all good!
  9. pidjones

    Upcoming Tattoos

    We stayed across the river in Algiers, took the ferry across, drawback is last run not very late. Stayed at Federal City Inn and Suites on an old Navy base. Once in NOLA you can walk or take street car (get an all-day pass cheap). Honestly, NOLA was disappointing for us, but we are old farts. Traffic in NOLA was awful. Glad we left the bike in Algiers.
  10. pidjones

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    This is great, GN! Now, I'll just pray that the rad does its job.
  11. pidjones

    New tattoo crooked? Help!

    Voice of experience here, DON'T go to the same artist! And Yes, it can be fixed - don't panic.
  12. pidjones

    Random Cell Phone pics

    We are on a short vaca to Kennedy Space Center to tour and see a launch (not Falcon Heavy - it will be a madhouse for that!) This was taken in the Apollo/Saturn V center. Lots of great exhibits and things to do @ KSC! We have spent three days there so far, and will be there tomorrow for a Falcon 9 launch.
  13. pidjones

    Random Cell Phone pics

    Apollo 14.
  14. pidjones

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Wife and I decided to try and knock an item off the bucket list, so we are in Titusville, Florida. Toured the Kennedy Space Center (three days worth), and hope to see a Falcon 9 go up on Tuesday. Won't stick around for Falcon Heavy (it's getting nuts around here already for that). Did get to see Falcon Heavy do its Static Hot Fire Test this week: (that was pretty awesome)