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  1. I would probably take it up to 7 days just to be super safety sure, but if the redness completely vanishes before then you should be okay 🙂 Also try to avoid adhesives where you can help it, second skin may not be for you!
  2. I was nursing in a busy inpatient ward at the time, so it's likely I picked it up from my workplace 🙂 edited to add: Sorry, I didn't mean the MRSA travelled through air, I meant the air and fluids mixed to create the best environment for MRSA to thrive
  3. It looks to me (nurse) that you might be allergic to adhesive tape/second skin I would be gently washing 2-3x per day with warm water and a scent free/antibacterial soap for sensitive skin, and using a tattoo cream/bepanthen If it starts to blister or the redness begins spreading I would go back to the tattooist or to a GP nurse to check it out for you, particularly if it smells or weeps as you may need antibiotics. It looks okay at the moment though!
  4. It was wet and gross. A little green tinged, really red and hot, and super sore. I didn't expect it to go so badly so quickly, I'm a nurse and I was still surprised. It smelled bad, I should have clicked earlier.
  5. I had a similar experience where the two sheets of saniderm were overlapping on a large thigh tattoo. Air got in through a gap and brewed a MRSA infection. I was in hospital for 3 weeks and was told I could have lost my leg. I only use antibacterial soap and water now. If you stick with the saniderm watch out for increased pain and redness, serous fluids, and an offensive smell. It set in for me within 48hrs.
  6. After being in hospital last December for 2 weeks with cellulitis that was caused by an infection brewing under tegiderm (that had sprung air pockets I had patched over), I will never use the damn stuff again. It was a large area (whole front of thigh) and I could have lost my leg. The infection brewed within 48hrs and became MRSA positive. Back to soap and hot water for me, always did the trick before!
  7. A maneki-neko (lucky cat)
  8. An origami bunny with sakura design
  9. Zillah


    A karakasa-obake and a chōchin-obake playing in maple leaves
  10. I've got a few new ones over the last 2 months... Very stoked. Have a cool Japanese yokai tattoo booked for Saturday...
  11. Zillah

    Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn by Jarod (IG @animephd) at Kingsland Ink, Auckland, NZ
  12. Zillah

    Chrysanthemum Cat

    Chrisanthemum Cat by Keith Lin at Kingsland Ink, Auckland, New Zealand
  13. Zillah

    Totoro with sakura

    Totoro with sakura by Keith Lin at Kingsland Ink, Auckland, New Zealand
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